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DPPt/HGSS rate my team and give suggestions,please!!!(mostly suggestions)

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Johnnyboy25, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. Yes, i know having moves of the same type is bad ,that's why i have you. ;D Also i know having a legendary on your team is unfair but, i don't know what to replace Dialga with. This team has been good with me so far but, i want to have a more balanced team when i vs people on wi-fi in PBR(Pokemon battle revolution).Also if you recommend a different pokemon please tell me.For some reason most of my pokemon have a hasty nature.I would also like advice on which nature is best suited for which pokemon. One more thing, give me real advice not things like-don't use legendary or this team suks or my team would beat the crap out of your team,thanks!

    Torterra lvl 81 HP-271
    item-meadow plate
    sp. def.-158
    Move set-Leech Seed, Wood Hammer, Crunch, Earthquake

    Infernape lvl 85 HP-241
    item-Flame plate
    Move set-Brick Break, Grass Knot, Flare Blitz, Stone Edge

    Empoleon lvl 81 HP-253
    Item-Splash plate
    Move set-Rain Dance, Surf, Ice Beam, Flash Cannon or Drill Peck

    Sparton/Luxray lvl 70 HP-209 (My older brother nick named it since he caught it)
    Item-Zap plate
    Move set-Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, T-wave,Crunch

    Shadow/Staraptor lvl 70 HP-210 (Meh,I nick named it, I thought it sounded cool)
    Item-Sky Plate
    Move set-Endeavor,Steel Wing, Close Combat, Aerial Ace

    Gardevoir lvl 81 HP-244
    Item-Mind Plate
    Move set-Psychic, Shadow ball, Reflect, T-bolt

    Edit- Yes, i know i posted before i was done, i went to go to make a new line and i accidentaly posted it. Buuuuut, now it's done. ;D

    Edit # 2- If anyone has a good Move set for Torterra or Empoleon please tell me.Also if anyone thinks i should change the nature for Torterra or Empoleon tell me what you think would suit it best.

    Edit # 3-I gave Shadow and Sparton lots of vitamins so the stats the would normally be low are high.
  2. Im not an expert but here are my suggestions


    Close Combat
    Flare Blitz
    Shadow Claw
    poison Jab

    Flash Cannon
    Ice Beam
    Rain Dance

    Giga Impact

    Close Combat
    Aerial Ace

    Dialga: (level up to 80)
    Earth Power
    Dragon Pulse
    Roar of Time
    Flash Cannon


    In some official tournaments its not allowed to use legendaries or more than one starter pokemon. And people dislike to battle against legendaries becuase they are broken(too powerful).

    Luxray is NOT a good electric type IMO, Jolteon is way better.

    Your team is kind of predictable and ICE pokemon can be a trouble.
  3. My team suffers more from ground than ice and for Luxray i don't think i would put thunderbolt since it's attack is higher than it's sp. atk. Luxray can be good if you know how to use him. I found a good moveset for Luxray but i'm basically making a whole new team but the same pokemon with better move sets and better natures, since I can't change Dialga's nature I was thinking of using a different pokemon but I don't know what to switch it to.I don't plan on going to a tornament I just want to have a kick ass team. I need more info about natures. I was thinking about natures that boost atk and lower sp. atk for Staraptor and Luxray does that sound good ??? ???
  4. Carmen Lopez

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    I feel I need to make a case for Luxray. Jolteon is in no way, shape, or form much better than Luxray. They both have strengths and weakness. They are both great Pokemon that are both more than worthy of use. Stat wise, Jolteon has better special attack, special defense and speed. That's it. Luxray has better HP, attack, and defense. And Luxray isn't that far behind Jolteon in Special Attack. However Luxray's attack is significantly higher than it's special attack and it is higher than both Jolteon's attack and special attack. Just because Luxray can't use Thunderbolt as well as other Electric types or isn't as fast doesn't make it a bad electric type.

    All that said:
    Thunder Fang or Spark
    Ice Fang
    Thunder Wave

    Thunder Fang is there for STAB and compliment's Luxray's attack power. You can also use Spark if you don't like the accuracy of Thunder Fang. Thunder Wave is to slow down foes so that Luxray has a chance of striking first. Ice Fang can help against ground and dragon types it could be up against. Crucnh is another physical attack that can help in major way. This moveset was suggested by the people right here at Pokecharms and it works.
  5. Looks like a great move set for Luxray just one thing, where do I find TM thunder wave? Also my Floatzel and shinx don't like each other much does that mean they won't have an egg?
  6. Carmen Lopez

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    The Thunder Wave TM can be found in the Battle Park for 32 bp. That was one of my reasons for going to Battle tower. If you can't get the TM you could replace it with Swagger or Iron Tail. And as long as it doesn't say something like "the two would rather play with other Pokemon than each other" then you'll get an egg. It may take a little longer but it'll happen.

    I forgot to ask. Is this before or after the Elite Four? And are you just using 4th Generation Pokemon? I was about to suggest Gardevoir or Gallade...
  7. I beat the Elite four already so do you think i should switch Dialga for Gardevoir? Gallade is pretty cool and has high attack but, i already have Infernape.
  8. Carmen Lopez

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    You could. And the moveset I suggest is:

    Reflect or Light Screen
    Shadow Ball or Safeguard
  9. Just want to clear things up. When i send out Gardevoir on the first turn use Reflect? And then when ever it runs out use it again? ???
  10. Carmen Lopez

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    Use it any time you feel there is a threat from physical attacks. Gardevoir's defense is its lowest stat. It last five turns (longer if it is holding Light Clay). The effect persists even if the Pokemon using Reflect is withdrawn or knocked out from battle. Note that Reflect and Light Screen can be shattered with Brick Break.
  11. Carmen do you think you could make a move set for Staraptor? I'm lvling him up and i'm not sure what moves i should keep and which ones to get rid of.
  12. Oh nice. I see what you mean. Ice Fang and Crunch really give Luxray an edge. Any way I prefere my Jolteon.

    Hidden Power (water)
    Double Kick
  13. Carmen Lopez

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    hmm... Staraptor

    Close Combat
    Aerial Ace
    Roost or Endeavor
    Steel Wing

    This was a moveset I was thinking about. I'm not sure if I'll use it though. Anywho. This moveset compliments Staraptor's high attack. Close Combat and Steel Wing can help cover weakness to Rock and Ice types. Aerial Ace is a good solid Flying type move. Roost recovers HP but it also makes it open to ground type moves. I battled Winona with a Swellow that knew Endeavor. I did very well considering Swellow was several levels lower than her Pokemon. I think I either severely weakened or knocked out her Skarmory. So you could pick Endeavor over Roost. You could also consider Brave Bird. It's a flying type Double Edge. I don't recommend it on the same moveset with Close Combat though.
  14. For Empoleon i was thinking something like this:
    Flash Cannon
    Ice Beam
    Drill peck
    This good? :o And then for Torterra I'm going to replace razor leaf but, i don't know what to replace it with. Any ideas?
  15. Carmen Lopez

    Friend Code:
    I agree with Chantymalo's moveset for both Empoleon and Torterra. But what's better: Empoleon's attack or special attack or are they pretty equal. Drill Peck and Rain Dance sound like good options. As far as Torterra goes, Crunch is good. It could help in a sticky situation.
  16. Since Staraptor has pretty good speed, and I'm biased towards the move for some reason, may I suggest U-Turn?

    Staraptor @ Adamant
    Close Combat
    Steel Wing
    Brave Bird.

    Close Combat is there simply because it's a great attack for sweeping, and compliments Staraptors attack.
    U-Turn is a personal favorite move because of it's ability to let you attack AND switch out on the same turn. Giving you the upper hand by letting you counter your opponents type.
    Steel Wing for versatility, I guess.
    Brave Bird is a very good flying move, and is good for sweeping.

    Don't take my advice though, my PokePhD is forged.
  17. I'm baaack!! My Empoleon's sp. atk is higher than it's attack. So I'm going with this-

    Wood Hammer
    Leech Seed
    Earthquake I didn't put Giga Drain in because my Torterra's Sp.atk sucks.

    Empoleon I'm not sure to have drill peck or Flash cannon, drill peck is good when i come across a fighting type. I'm not taking out
    Surf Ice Beam, just in case i run into a dragon type. Which one Drill peck or Flash Cannon??!?!
    Ice Beam
    Flash Cannon or Drill Peck
    Rain Dance
  18. Your team is AWESOME! I'd just continue raising their stats. (Sorry if I'm reviving a "dead" topic, but it died like a week ago)

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