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DPPt/HGSS Rate my PKMN Party

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Saint, May 26, 2007.

  1. I got my dream party complete in Diamond, and I was wondering if you could help me. Plz Rate and tell me if I should make any changes in attacks or what items i should give them,THX...
    Mewtwo:psychic,Aura Sphere,Future Sight,Psycho Cut
    Lugia:Sky Attack,Hydro Pump,Aero Blast,Extrasensory
    Jirachi:Double Edge,Doom Desire,Psychic,Wish
    Lucario:Close Combat,Dragon Pulse,Aura Sphere,Extreme Speed
    Eevee:Last Resort,Take Down,Bite,Quick Attack
    Ditto:Transform[Duh!] :p
  2. NonAnalogue

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    Double-posting is a no-no, as stated in the rules, and hence, you're getting an official warning for it. Chill, man, this topic isn't going anywhere. Someone will reply soon enough.

    At any rate, I'd replace Take Down on Eevee with something like Return or Body Slam. Jirachi's ability is too good not to abuse, so give it some moves to take advantage of it, like Thunderbolt and Water Pulse. Sky Attack sucks, and I would personally use Psychic over Extrasensory, although that's not a big deal. Mewtwo doesn't need both Psychic and Psycho Cut, use one or the other based on which attack stat is higher.

    Also, props for using Ditto; I love the thing but never get around to using one.
  3. Thanx and BTW sry for double-posting, im new and just needed that info
  4. NonAnalogue

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    Just make sure you've read the rules, eh?
  5. OK...and for eevee should i get rid of take down for return or iron tail? and should i get rid of lugia's hydro pump for surf?
  6. I think your party is pretty ballenced.I sugest you change ditto because relying on transform is not a very good idea. If you still eant transform you should add mew to your party it can learn Transform and a lot of other things.
  7. Thx for the advice but one question...Where Am I Gonna Get MEW... ??? ::) :p :o
  8. in my opinion i dont really like ur team..
    u have 3 legendaries..
    u should take them off...
    bcause if u go into a tournament they wont let u use those 3
    also the battle tower doesnt accpet them...
    take off ditto..
    u cant rely very much on transform bro....
    u should evolve eeve into umbreon...and
    lucario is fine...
    nice pokemon tho...
    like ur jirachi...
    i have lugia 2
  9. Thanx 4 the suggestions, but like I said, this is my MAIN team, but i'll probably make a seperate team 4 tortaments and crap like that. But in the long run how is this team. for like trainers and elite 4 and stuff... ???
  10. yeah its really good...
    since u have all those legendaries u could wipe the floor easily wit the elite four...
    i like ur team....but if its goin 2 b ur official team...
    evolve eeve and take ditto out...
    other than dat its great..
    raise em rite..
    and you will b a great trainer...
    im trainin my lucario now..
    he's lvl. 86
    all others r lvl. 100
    wat bout ur pokemon?
  11. NonAnalogue

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    Actually, if this is your in-game team, it really doesn't matter specifically what you use. If you raise it to a high enough level and give it good moves, you can pretty much sweep any in-game trainer with anything. With that in mind, go ahead and keep Eevee and Ditto if you want.

    In regards to your question, I'd use Return over Iron Tail because it gets STAB and is more accurate. Surf over Hydro Pump is a tricky decision. If it's for souble battles, keep Hydro Pump; otherwise use Surf.
  12. OK, right now my party is now as follows...

    Mewtwo:Earthquake, Psychic, Future Sight, Psycho Cut
    Lugia:Sky Attack, Hydro Pump, Aero Blast, Fly
    Jirachi:Thunder, Doom Desire, Psychic, Wish
    Lucario:Close Combat, Dragon Pulse, Aura Sphere, Extreme Speed
    Eevee:Last Resort, Bite, Quick Attack, Return
    *Bold attacks are new additions*
  13. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Well lets take a look here shall we?

    Mewtwo is a Special-Attacker. So Earthquake and Psycho Cut are off. You don't need two Psychic-type attacks anyway.

    -Shadow Ball
    -Aura Sphere
    -Calm Mind/Ice Beam/Thunderbolt/Flamethrower/Energy Ball

    Psychic is there for obvious reasons.

    Shadow Ball is for use against Ghost-types and other Psychic-types.

    Aura Sphere will protect you from Dark-types.

    And the last attack is a filler. Calm Mind could work, but if you're only a fan of attacking moves than chose one of the others. Basically chose a move who's type you're lacking. Like Ice Beam, Flamethrower, and Energy Ball for example.

    -Psychic/Dragon Pulse/Ancient Power/Ice Beam
    -Water Pulse/Brine

    Again, first move depends on what your team needs.

    Aeroblast is there because its powerful, and it'll get a further boost from STAB.

    EQ is there to prevent any Electric types from taking Lugia out.

    Water Pulse or Brine, your choice. I'd choose them over Hydro Pump since Hydro Pump lack accuracy and PP.

    -Flash Cannon
    -Thunderbolt/Energy Ball
    -Water Pulse

    Psychic and Flash Cannon are for STAB.

    Thunderbolt or Energy Ball, your choice again.

    Water Pulse will take care of any pesky Fire-types.

    -Aura Sphere
    -Flash Cannon
    -Water Pulse

    Aura Sphere and Flash Cannon for STAB

    Water Pulse for Fire-types

    Psychic for other Fighting-types.

    -Iron Tail

    Return is powerful and it will get a STAB boost.

    Eevee's move-pool is pretty limited. Bite and Iron Tail would be among the best moves it could learn.

    Attract will hinder your opponent and keep Eevee alive longer.
  14. Sem if i may say here

    Mewtwo,while being the best in special attack,STILL HAS HIGH ATTACK.A good thing in pokemon is to have unpredictable movesets.While he may not one shot all enemies.Think of what happens if the enemy brings in a special tank and Mewtwo has earthquake.

    Having a couple moves of other attack types is very useful when your enemy is expecting the norm.Also i see psycho cut,which is even better i think from the STAB bonus,and since it'll work on any possible flying threats as well.The high crit chance is another plus

    I like your ideas for other movesets though,very well rounded.Mewtwos isnt bad either but i like what he had going too

    You either go to an event,or buy action replay.

    Personally i'd just go for action replay.I dont see anything wrong with it since not all people can even get to a nintendo event (as long as,of course...u dont lame mew up with super stats).Personally i just made a level 5 mew with a nickname,started off with pound,then since my team was high level exp shared till Mew could hold its own
  15. thanks 4 the suggestions you two..ill play with the ideas a little and show u what i got. also about the mew, i wanna try and get a fair one without going to an event
    EDIT: OK, here is my new attack build...
    Mewtwo:Earthquake, Psychic, Ice Beam, Psycho Cut
    Lugia:Earthquake, Surf, Aero Blast, Fly
    Jirachi:Thunderbolt, Doom Desire, Psychic, Water Pulse+
    Lucario:Close Combat, Water Pulse, Aura Sphere, Psychic
    Eevee:Attract, Bite, Quick Attack, Return
  16. If u wanna be fair,just use action replay to get the item that lets u go to mews island to catch it.You can probably find its name on some site
  17. not a half bad idea...if i can ill try to get one
  18. $30.is it worth it 4 one thing? ???
  19. Acually its 24.99 at EBGames and it doesn't just give cheats 4 pkmn, but a whole lot of others as well. But i might not need to get one if i can find my gameshark. Then i can just find the code online and enter it  :p Anyway, lets try to get back on topic...
  20. oh,nvm.i thought you were talking about gameshark.
  21. It was for me,i love Mew.I've wanted to get one ever since pokemon red.I pretty much just got a level 5 one with pound and leveled it from there.Not as good as going to Mew's island i guess but i believe thats the level you got for pokemon red's Mew wasnt it?Pretty much the only reason i got the thing.
  22. I found my gameshark and i got mew, deoxys, lugia, and ho-oh!!! YAY ME! ;D
  23. Congradulations,i've only caught Deoxsys normally myself.Was quite fun i'll probably catch the others when i have the opportunity

    have fun with your new Mew :)
  24. Thank you, and thanks 4 the idea as well! me and mew are gonna have fun together. Might even nickname after u... :-[
  25. Please dont!Theres enough Goemons in the world to mix my account name up as is! XD

    My Mew is Kaitaime ^^
  26. I like that name...it reminds me of sushi :p lol
    Also before i forget, i have some new pokemon YAY!!! i have lugia, ho-oh, deoxys, mew, jirachi, and celebi...all fair and the real thing ;D
  27. Congradulations,you should make an all legendary team XD (i'm making an all "kid" pokemon team after i finish leveling mine XD)

    and now another goemon to be mixed up with!....at least this one is neat
  28. lol, i don't think i'll make an all legendary team, but good suggestion. Also, thanks for the Goemon Mew compliment :p

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