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DPPt/HGSS Rate/Advise my Team

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by GenjyoSanzo, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. I've made what I believe to be the ultimate non-Legendary Lv100 Team, but I still feel that any advice is good to make it better. Every Pokemon on the Team was hand-raised, and maxed-out on Stat Mods (Carbos, Calcium, etc.), with Moves adhering to each of their dual-Types. Help me out, Rate if you'd like to, it's all appreciated ;D

    Charizard: Sasuke [Flame Plate]

    Attack List:

    Blast Burn (PP Maxed)
    Air Slash


    Lucario: Sagat [Fist Plate]

    Attack List:

    Dark Pulse
    Aura Sphere (PP Maxed)
    Flash Cannon
    Close Combat (PP Maxed)


    Tyranitar: Doom [Dread Plate]

    Attack List:

    Stone Edge (PP Maxed)


    Claydol: Draydle [Earth Plate]

    Attack List:

    Power Trick
    Shadow Ball


    Kingdra: Ultros [Draco Plate]

    Attack List:

    Dragon Pulse (PP Maxed)
    Draco Meteor


    Abomasnow: Frostie [Icicle Plate]

    Attack List:

    Ice Beam
    Energy Ball
    Wood Hammer

    ^ That's them, 12 different Types on one Team, made to deal with all 17 Types my opponent might throw at me. Any advice to better them is most welcome, thanks in advance.
  2. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Your team needs a lot of work before it comes anything close to "ultimate." This thread should tell you all the reasons why:


    As for the specifics:

    - Posting Natures, EVs and Abilities for the Pokemon in your team will help, especially for Kingdra, since Rain Dance will be almost mandatory if it has the Swift Swim ability.

    - Be aware of just what your Abilities can do. Tyranitar and Abomasnow will end up causing unavoidable Sandstorms and Hail respectively, which will for the most part damage both you and your opponent. Also, Abomasnow makes it constantly Hail upon being sent out, and Blizzard never misses in Hail. I shouldn't have to explain what I'm getting at here.

    There's not a lot more I can do for you than this until you change your movesets according to what I've told you and what the thread I've posted tells you as well. Again, Natures and Abilities will help too, since they can affect the choice of moves.
  3. Thank you, I'd forgotten that Hail and Blizzard worked like Rain Dance and Thunder.. My bad.

    Mild Nature
    Swift Swim


    Gentle Nature


    Serious Nature
    Sand Stream


    Lonely Nature
    Inner Focus


    Quiet Nature
    Snow Warning


    Impish Nature


    Those are their Natures/Abilities, I apologize for not posting them before. Again, thank you for the advice, I'll go gather those TM's/etc. and work harder on them.
  4. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    OK, that's better. Firstly, not all of your Natures are good - Charizard's Nature is poor, Tyranitar's does absolutely nothing, Abomasnow's isn't the best but it can work, and Claydol could be better, could be worse as well. I suggest re-breeding 'Zard and T-Tar to get better Natures for them - those Natures will depend on what exactly you want them to do for you.

    Moving on:

    Kingdra @ Life Orb
    Swift Swim

    - Surf/Hydro Pump
    - Dragon Pulse/Draco Meteor
    - Hidden Power Electric/Waterfall
    - Rain Dance

    Kingdra suffers from having a pretty limited movepool unfortunately, but the raw power this thing can dish out with Rain Dance and Life Orb boosts combined with the near-unbeatable Speed this thing will have in the rain more than makes up for it. Surf/Hydro Pump for STAB - pick depending on whether you prefer power or accuracy, although I myself would go for Hydro Pump. The second STAB move depends somewhat on what you'd go for in the third slot - Draco Meteor hits with incredible force, but puts a huge dent in your Sp.Attack. Waterfall comes in handy here since its damage isn't affected at all by your Sp.Attack stat - this is a scenario where running two attacks of the same type will work, since it is designed to work around Draco Meteor. If you have the right Hidden Power type though, in this case Electric, you could run that and Dragon Pulse instead. There's several routes Kingdra can take here.

    Lucario @ Liechi Berry/Muscle Band/Focus Sash
    Inner Focus

    - Close Combat
    - ExtremeSpeed
    - Shadow Claw/Crunch
    - Swords Dance

    Lonely boosts your Attack stat, so a physical set is optimal here. Close Combat with STAB hits insanely hard, although be wary of what you use it on since the defense drops can screw you over if you're careless. ExtremeSpeed with Swords Dance is pretty evil, being an 80 Power, first-strike move and all, and Shadow Claw/Crunch is there to punish Ghost-types, since they can't be hit by Close Combat or ExtremeSpeed. A simple stat-up and sweep set, really.

    Claydol @ Leftovers

    - Psychic
    - Earth Power/Explosion
    - Rapid Spin/Calm Mind
    - Stealth Rock/Rest

    Something like that. Claydol suffers from a lack of disabling moves, but makes up for it by being able to do a large number of other things. In effect, this thing can work as a lead, setting up Stealth Rock to harass the opponent, it can use Rapid Spin to clear opponent's entry hazards, can make for a suicide lead with Explosion, or use Calm Mind to stall away whilst inflicting damage to the opponent's team. Rest is a viable option to help with stalling, but watch out for opponents switching in and stat-boosting whilst you're asleep. Claydol can do a lot of things - it's up to you what you'd like it to do for you.

    Abomasnow @ Choice Scarf/Choice Specs
    Snow Warning

    - Blizzard
    - Energy Ball
    - Shadow Ball
    - Focus Blast/Water Pulse

    Choice Item Abomasnow, designed for sweeping. STAB'ed never-miss Blizzard with a Sp.Attack boosting Nature will hurt a fair bit. Energy Ball provides double STAB which is always handy, Shadow Ball provides extra coverage as does Focus Blast. Water Pulse is a sneaky option to take out Fire-types switching in, although Focus Blast provides more power and better coverage at the cost of accuracy. The Choice Specs will give your attacks a much harder kick to them, but the Choice Scarf will help overcome Abomasnow's poor Speed whilst giving him the ability to inflict revenge-killing sneak attacks against opponents.

    As for Charizard and Tyranitar, you'll first have to decide whether you're willing to re-breed them to get better Natures or not before I can make any suggestions for them.
  5. I like the new moveset for those four, I actually see where it's going.. As for Charizard and Tyranitar, those were both hand-raised to Lv100 on my FireRed version, so re-breeding them would take too long for me if I Trained them under the usual methods. I'll probably stick with their current Natures, as their Stats were Maxed with those same Stat-boosters to try and make up for what they generally lacked.

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