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Ranking Ash's pokemon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Lord Feraligatr, Apr 12, 2009.

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  1. Basically I'd like to see how people ranked Ash's Pokemon within their respected types, in terms of there strength and battling abilities.
    Here is how i rank them.

    1. Snorlax - Powerhouse as well as most amount of battles
    2. Tauros
    3. Swellow
    4. Staraptor
    5. Aipom - Traded away
    6. Pigeot
    7. Noctowl
    8.(Raticate) - Traded away

    1. Charizard - Ash's big powerhouse
    2. Chimchar
    3. Cyndaquil
    4. Torkoal

    1. Kingler- Most amount of battles, improved lots since evolving
    2. Squirtle - Ash's oldest water Pokemon
    3. Buizel - Similar nature to that of squirtle
    4. Lapras
    5. Corpish
    6. Totodile - My favourite of Ash's Pokemon however he has rarely been used.

    1. Pikachu - one and only

    1. Sceptile - became a powerhouse for Ash
    2. Bulbasaur
    3. Bayleef
    4. Grotle

    1. Glalie- Most amount of battles, improved lots since evolving
    2. Lapras

    1. Heracross- Most amount of battles
    2. Primape

    1. Muk - Bit more of a powerhouse in comparison to bulbasaur
    2. Bulbasaur- Most amount of battles
    3. Haunter
    4. Beedrill - Traded away

    1. Donphan - Most amount of battles, improved lots since evolving
    2. Gilscor
    3. (Lavitar)

    1. Charizard - Most amount of battles
    2. Staraptor
    3. Swellow
    4. Gliscor
    5. Pigeot
    6. Noctowl
    7. Butterfree


    1. Heracross - Had the most battles
    2. Butterfree
    3. Beedrill - Traded away

    1.(Lavitar) - one and only, even if he didn't really capture it

    1. (Haunter)- one and only, even if he didn't really capture it




    How will you rank them ?
  2. This is an interesting thread, methinks.

    I don't follow the Anime too closely, but I have a few things.

    Normal types, Aipom should clearly be first, and anything else should be #50, at best.

    My next disagreement comes in at Water. Lapras should be first, followed by Squirtle, then Totodile. Lapras got them around the entire Orange Island Archipelago. Squirtle is just that, Squirtle, one of Ash's most awesome Pokemon to date, and clearly deserves bonus points for that. Not to mention, the dudes got shades. And Totodile...dances. Therefore, Totodile is made of win.

    Also, in Grass. I think Bulbasaur should be before Grotle. Bulbasaur has much more experience, not to mention, does a hecukuva lot more.

    For Flying, I don't think Charizard should count, and number one should instead be Pidgeot, with number two as Noctowl. Pidgeot was such epic win, carried through the entiere area of Kanto, and released at the end. It was one of the goodbyes of Pokemon that actually got to me. Noctowl was Ash's only first (and only, if I'm not mistaken) Flying Pokemon. It was incredibly versatile as well.

    My rankings are based largely on ability, not so much the outcome of battles. My Johto-Fanboy shines through in this post.
  3. Thank you for replying to this thread.

    Aipom has clearly improved since being traded to Dawn and evolving into ambipom however i still stand by my decision at making snorlax number 1.

    Lapras did get them around the entire Orange Island Archipelago but that was its primary use it did get a few battles in but still lacks in experience to that of squirtle.

    As far as the bulbasaur and grotle thing goes it was a tough decision were to put these two bulbasaur spent a long time with Ash however grotle has shown lots of promise in the short space of time that it has been with Ash and looks to become a powerhouse in Ash's arsenal.

    At the end of the day Charizard is a duel fire/flying type. both noctowl and pigeot spent most of there time as search and rescue Pokemon and not as battling Pokemon, which i know is a shame.
  4. All you people have it wrong. Swellow is his best Flying-Pokémon. Hands down. It obviously has had more battle than Charizard, Snorlax, and others as well.

    Remember, Charizard didn't listen to Ash for quite some time. And Charizard has been used mostly in Battle Frontier matches. Swellow on the other hand was used in Gym battles, Frontier matches, and regular day in, day out dealing with Team Rocket. The thing saying Charizard and Snorlax having the most battles isn't true. Swellow has had the longest show time of any of his Normal Pokémon.

    Kingler also hasn't had a lot of battles. Squirtle has had a ton more. Buizel too. Actually, I think all of his Water-Pokémon have had more battle than Kingler.

    So really, Swellow is more or less his best Flying and Normal Pokémon. And Kingler should be dropped down the list, to like last.
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  5. Even though I can't say no to what Jet's saying, since it is too true, I can still say that Jet is pointing that out as propaganda for his cause

    And yeah, Snorlax. I actually only seen Snorlax do any battling at the Silver Conference and at the Battle Frontier, so he would have to at least be dropped at least below Swellow. Same goes to Tauros (which Tauros though? He has an entire herd of them).

    And I have no clue what to say about Pigeot, after all, Ash only had a Pigeot in 1 episode right before releasing it, maybe I'd agree with a Pigeotto, but not too sure about the evolution.

    Like Cody said, Tottering-Toed Totodile and Sexy-Shade Squirtle should be at the top of the list, though I'm not too sure about Lapras, since it's pretty unmatched as a living ferry, since it's the only one big enough.

    And come to think of it, Ash has too many Grass, Fire, and Flying types. He definatly needs a Gible or Bagon.
  6. Hey. That wasn't supposed to be said out loud. Wait...actually, forget what I said earlier about saying that out loud.

    Looking at this more, Ash does need more variety when it comes to Pokémon types. He always has a Flying-type, a Grass-type, a Water-type, and a Normal-type.

    Dark or Psychic would be a nice change, but something other than the usual lets have Water, Grass and Fire on the same team would be a nice change. You know, get away from the normal.
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  7. The only problem with that is that dark in Japanese is called evil and Ash, our hero can not have a evil Pokemon, now can he ? That's why corphish never evolved. However i do agree Ash needs to increase his the amount of Pokemon types he has at his disposal. I don't see Ash with either a psychic or dragon Pokemon just yet however it would be nice to see him with a steel Pokemon. seeing as how Brock already has two.

    No one (expect for the writers) know if Ash is using one or more Tauros, so I'm taking it as he is only using the one. I went with Snorlax, however maybe change that around depending on what other people think.
  8. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    lolz, so true. But like Brendan, I also agree with Jet on the Flying-type front. Swellow was carried through a full region and a spin-off series and was involved in hordes of tough battles. To date - can't speak for episodes to come obviously - it's the only one of Ash's 'early bird' Pokemon that seemed more like a stable part of the team verses the "help find TR!" air support. Don't get me wrong - Noctowl had its moments too, Swellow just had way more and seemed overall much more impressive. And someone else said it, but I can't really speak on Pidgeot because it was only used once (I'm biased towards it anyways). Pidgeotto was good, but Noctowl was better. As for Staravia, I'd place it last for now but that could easily change...

    It seems there's a bit of debate for Ash's Water-types, but I feel Squirtle is his strongest one. If it came down to Squirtle vs Buizel, I think Squirtle would easily win. Buizel might have the badass, never-say-die attitude, but Squirtle gets it done. After all its battling and training - both with Ash and Jenny & the Squirtle Squad - its accuracy in battle is amazing and probably the best of ANY of Ash's Pokemon. It's just reliable and has years of experience to back it. After Buizel would be Corphish, then Lapras, then Totodile. Totodile is the obvious weakest link imo. It just never really stood out beyond comic relief.

    Grass-types... Guess I gotta give it to Sceptile. Bulbasaur has proven it can stand up against tough opponents (even better than Bayleef), but Sceptile has both power and agility to back it in battle.
    So, yeah. I'd say Sceptile > Bulbasaur > Bayleef > Grotle. Grotle I place last because I really haven't seen anything too impressive out of it yet - not compared to the others. Turtwig was awesome speed-wise, but I still think Bulba/Bayleef could've taken it.

    When I think about it, Sceptile is probably Ash's 2nd/3rd strongest Pokemon in general - Pikachu/Charizard being the first & second. Can never be sure with Pikachu really... One second it's haxing all over the place, the next it's getting tossed around like a rag doll >>;

    Anyways, I think it goes without saying that Charizard trumps all his other Fire-type Pokemon. Then I'd place Chimchar as second for all its guts and determination. Next would be Cyndaquil, and last would be Torkoal. Torkoal being last is a no brainer... Could've been decent, but instead all we got was a big crybaby >>;

    What else... Normal-types? Snorlax > Aipom > Tauros. Aipom is an awesome battler, but I doubt it could stand up to Snorlax's power. Snorlax might not have been used a whole lot, but the times it was always counted for a lot. It was able to take down the types of opponents Ash's smaller Pokemon couldn't.

    Heracross > Primeape. Primeape was made out to be a real gutsy fighter, but it really didn't do that much. Heracross has proven to be able to hold its own. As for Donphan vs Gliscor... Donphan would take first place for now, but that could easily change over time.

    Not sure there's much else worth speaking on. I can't really look at Heracross and Butterfree as being in the same category because they use totally different battling styles. Butterfree was kinda one on its own, like Muk, Glalie, and Pikachu.
  9. Hmm, as far as Ash's Pokemon by type...

    Snorlax wins it for the normal types because it's just a major powerhouse.

    Charizard definitely. I believe it's much more powerful than Pikachu because of reasons Katie listed (hax one moment, getting pwn'd another)

    Squirtle for the water type. We've seen him in action many times and know what he can do. As much as I adore Lapras and Totodile, they haven't been shown to be better than Squirtle. Since I don't want the anime anymore, I don't really know how Buizel is, but it most certainly isn't better than Squirtle (or even Kingler for that matter). Kingler rocks as well, and I would consider it his second most powerful water type.

    Sceptile for the grass types for reasons I don't even need to say.

    Hm, it's a toss up between Lapras and Glalie, but Glalie wins because it was used more in battle and was pretty powerful too.

    Heracross is another of Ash's great battlers (and I still love that battle it had against that Scizor)

    Muk wins it for the poison types just going on the battles it's been in.

    Ground types: Hmm: Donphan wins by default. The thing was pretty much powerful right out of the egg. Grotle is not a ground type yet, so I'm not judging it and I sometimes forget Ash's Gliscor exists.

    Going to give Swellow the win for the flying types since I already picked Charizard. Swellow is also one of the best battlers Ash has ever had, though Staravia (or is it Staraptor now?) could develop more and have it beat. Swellow will never take the place of Pidgeot in my heart though, no matter how good it is. Noctowl is still cool though.

    I find it a shame that none of the current heroes get Dark types. But then again, none of them is cool enough to so much as even touch a dark type so yeah. Yes, I am biased toward dark types so nyahh.
  10. As you can now see I've modified the rankngs to what other people views where. Therefore is this now ow people view and rank Ash's pokemon ? Or is there more changes to be done to the list ?
  11. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Kingler isn't stronger than Squirtle - not by a long shot. If it came down to it, Squirtle would beat it down before Kingler could do much at all. Evolution does not equal the stronger battler.

    I'd also still be willing to debate Tauros being up there so high, because even it had the raw power and endurance... it didn't really have a big variety of moves - not like Swellow/Aipom/Staraptor. The birds also have the aid of flight, and Aipom had speed/moves like Double Team and Swift. To me, they're just more reliable Pokemon.

    But honestly, I think we could debate this quite a bit and never have rankings everyone agrees on, so it's all good. xD
  12. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    I'd say the strongest of all Ash's Pokemon is Charizard - overall it has performed well on a much more consistent level than Pikachu has, which was shown when Pikachu beat Brandon's Regice and then was forced to a draw against Paul's Elekid shortly afterward - realistically (a relative term here, I know) if Pikachu can't beat Elekid, how on earth can it beat Regice? 'Zard on the other hand has beaten Gary's Blastoise, defeated Blaine's Magmar (which Pikachu got murdered by,) and defeated Noland's Articuno as well, showing that it has been able to consistently take on all comers with the exception of a few, occasional losses (Brandon's Dusclops.) 'Zard's win:loss ratio definitely beats Pikachu's.

    I'd say Ash's best "bird" right now is Swellow, but since Staraptor hasn't been around for long yet, Staraptor could seize the top spot out of the Normal/Flying-types Ash loves so much. I disagree entirely with Kingler being No.1 Water-type - I only ever remember it battling once, which is no way No.1 especially since Squirtle battled all the time when it travelled with Ash, plus Squirtle seized some impressive victories itself (Rudy's Starmie.)

    As for other Pokemon Ash could get, I'd personally like to see either him or Dawn get a Gible, and possibly evolve it into Gabite (not Garchomp, Cynthia already has that.) The line hasn't seen much exposure besides Garchomp yet, plus it'd be an interesting addition to either team.
  13. Whatever happened to old Larvitar? I remember he evolved into Pupitar, but then what happened?

    The one thing I didn't like about Ash is he hardly ever tried to catch Pokemon and the one's he did catch, most of them just decided to go with him rather than him actually catching them. And to make matters worse he let half of them go.

    I also never liked how the writers made him start over with almost every new region and then just catch skin altered versions of what he left behind, e.g. basic flying Pokemon, three starters, and random other, etc.
  14. While I know this is also completely off topic:

    @GodlessM- either you quit watching the anime too soon or you're getting Ash and Richie mixed up, because Ash never ever had a Pupitar. He had a Larvitar that had been poached whom he returned to its mother, but it was Richie who had the Pupitar.
  15. Anybody got any other ideas or views on the ranking list ?
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