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Ranger Diaries - A Retelling of the Ranger Games

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Brendan Savem, Jan 25, 2011.


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  18. Spirit the Misdreavus

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  19. Talon the Sneasel

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  20. Chan the Machop

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  21. Psycho the Mime Jr.

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  22. Toxic the Croagunk

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  23. Bulldozer the Cranidos

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  24. Ironhead the Shieldon

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  25. Sandy the Hippopotas

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  26. Xylo the Krickitot

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  27. Winter the Snover

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  28. Shell the Turtwig

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  29. Coal the Chimchar

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  30. Pingu the Piplup

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  31. Aerial the Starly

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  32. Chowder the Munchlax

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  33. Sparks the Pachirisu

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  34. Snaptrap the Gible

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  1. Two years since I posted anything on this board, I now return with a project that has been on-and-off for me for two months now. I hope that I will actually make it past the third episode in this, since that would be a record. Please note that spoilers for Shadows of Almia will become apparent as the story progresses. If you have plans to play the games and you don't want to know what happens in them beforehand, then I don't recommend reading this RP. Also it is unlikely that subsequent chapters will be as huge as this one.

    [shadow=green,left]Ranger Diaries[/shadow]​
    Episode 1: A New Arrival / Ranger School! Enter Kale!

    Welcome to the Ranger Academy: a facility of education here in the region of Almia. It is here that people, young and old, big and small, come to learn from the best. Our claim to fame however is the Ranger program; a yearlong program which teaches our students the art of becoming Pokémon Rangers, Operators, and Mechanics. Though these three fields differ vastly, they all have one goal, the protection of humans and Pokémon worldwide. All students are given their own capture styler, and engage in daily activities to learn how to operate their stylers on the field, how to direct the rangers in the HQ, how to repair equipment in the garage, and physical training to give them all the energy necessary for these professions. Most importantly however, it teaches that the secret to becoming any of these is the ability to use your surroundings to further their cause. Learn this vital skill, and anything can be accomplished.

    * * * * * *​

    Is this stuff necessary to be a ranger?

    That question ached through Keith’s mind as Ms. April droned on about the resolves of a Pokémon ranger. Ms. April was the class teacher, a beautiful teacher in a green shirt and a white skirt, with flowing brown hair that would be the jealousy of many girls. However, she was a serious teacher, and went into great depth in her lessons. Keith’s mind however was more on the tiny rolled up piece of paper between his fingers. He was playing a game of finger football, gently flicking the tiny ball around his table. Most of the class was hanging on Ms. April’s every world, others however had dozed off a long time ago; Keith was slowly on his way to join them. The door behind them noisily slid open, as it always does.

    “Ms. April, our newest recruit has come. The indestructible Team School is now larger, and closer to ruling the world.” A man in a uniform consisting of a blue waistcoat, pants, boots, and a blue cap announced. All heads turned towards him and the teenager beside him.

    “Oh please Mr. Kaplan.” Ms. April replied, “You’re going to scare off my class with that silly performance.”

    “Sorry, the timing was just too perfect to miss.” Mr. Kaplan answered, before gently pushing the teenager beside him into the classroom. “I think you’re going to like this one Ms. April, he passed the entrance exam with flying colors.” He said, and then quickly disappeared, leaving the young student behind to face the eyes of the class.

    “Well, why don’t you come up and introduce yourself to the class.” Ms. April asked. The new student walked steadily up to the front of the room, on the right side of the line between nervousness and excitement. He stopped in front of the desk and turned back towards the class so that everyone could see him clearly. He was dressed in the school uniform, like all the other students; a blue jumpsuit under a green short-jacket, a yellow tie, and brown boots. The student had thick brown hair, azure eyes, and thin eyebrows that moved whenever his expression or his look changed.

    “Hey y’all, the name’s Kale. A ranger-in-training just like everyone else here. Glad to meet’cha” He greeted; the Western accent in his voice was light but clear.

    “Well we are glad to meet you too Kale, why don’t you have a seat over there, between Rhythmi and Keith.” Ms. April suggested, pointing towards the empty table in the second row. Kale strode over and collapsed in the seat. Ms. April continued the lesson almost forgetting that he hadn’t heard anything before he came in

    “Now, back to the subject, a ranger must always-“ Ms. April said, and then was cut off by the ringing of a large bell. “Okay, classes for today are officially over, be sure to go to dinner and bed on time. And would someone please give Kale a tour of the school.” Ms. April asked.

    “I’ll be happy to do it.” A young girl next to Kale answered.

    “Thank you very much Rhythmi, I’ll be in the staff room if you need me. Bye students!” Ms. April finished, and then walked through the classroom and out the door. The rest of the class followed suit, leaving Kale, Rhythmi, and the boy on the opposite side of Kale in the room.

    “What took you so long? We’ve all been here for a week already, did you take that long to capture that Pikachu?” a male about a year older than Kale asked. He had dark brown eyes and spiky red hair and a cocky smirk on his face.

    “Keith! Don’t say that sort of thing!” Rhythmi, a girl the same age as Keith with curly blond hair and coal-colored eyes shouted in defense of Kale. “Just ignore him Kale, Keith’s just a no-good show-off. Just because he has the fastest capture time out of all of us.” She explained to Kale, and then extended her hand, “I’m Rhythmi, and I have dreams to become an operator, pleasure to meet you.” Kale took her hand and shook it gently.

    “Great to meetcha’ too, but just relax, I can handle myself here.” Kale said, then turned towards Keith. “I’m actually late because I came from Fiore, I had to do some transfer papers and all that before I could come to Almia, I actually got here just now.” He explained,

    “Well just remember who’s the top ranger around here. I’ll show you just what the kind of skill a ranger needs soon enough. See you around, um, whatever your name is.” Keith vowed, then left the room himself.

    “At least make the effort to learn his name Keith!” Rhythmi shouted as Keith disappeared. “I’m so looking forward to becoming an operator, then I get to boss hotheads like him around like my servants.” Rhythmi muttered.

    “Rhythmi, when about would Keith be checkin’ the capture times?” Kale asked,

    “Probably right now, he’s always trying to improve his capture time, why?” Rhythmi asked,

    “Well, he just ain’t going to be too happy when he sees the rankings.” Kale explained,

    “Wait, you mean you beat his time? On your entrance exam?!” Rhythmi exclaimed,

    “I-I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, it was just launch the disk, twirl it ‘round, and click. It was hardly any different from a pokéball.” Kale pulled out the school styler to help show what he was saying. The capture styler was a green handheld object that looked like a miniature walkie-talkie with the white spinning-top known as the capture disk fixed on the backside. And an interface screen on the front underneath a flap in the device, which had the school’s logo of a capture disk labeled on it.

    “This is perfect. The boisterous Keith has met his match!” Rhythmi announced to the empty room, before calming down again, “Well, we can focus on Keith later. I better give you a tour of the school first.” She said, and then began almost right away. “This is our home classroom, all students in the ranger program are put in this classroom, where Ms. April teaches everyone about working for the Pokémon Rangers. We’ll be having most of our classes in here, so we’ll be in here often.” She explained, and then led Kale out of the classroom and on a full on tour of the school building, starting with the room on the opposite side of the hall.

    “This here is Mr. Kincaid’s classroom.” Rhythmi explained, opening the door to show the room within. It was almost a perfect replica of the room they only just left, four rows of six tables with chairs pushed underneath, the teacher’s desk at the front, the only noticeable differences was, firstly, that the chair was occupied by a man in his late forties, with bleached hair that curled in one direction, attired with a cream shirt, a red waistcoat, and a purple tie. And the other: a strong smell that clogged the room, and nearly caused Kale to gag at the unfamiliar smell. Rhythmi quickly laid a hand across his mouth to prevent those events from conspiring.

    “Mr. Kincaid’s extra-hold hairspray.” She explained,

    “Yes, do you have anything to say about my hairspray Ms?” The man at the desk questioned, looking up from the papers he was writing.

    “N-no sir, none at all.” Rhythmi stammered, obviously this teacher gave her shivers.

    “And how about you, young man.” Mr. Kincaid asked, turning his question over to Kale.

    “No sir,” Kale replied, his voice in better shape than Rhythmi’s. “I’m just ain’t used to the smell, we all ‘ave our unfamiliar scents. I’ll get used to it.” Kale explained.

    “Well, you should. And might I if there’s anything you two require.” He continued to question,

    “I’m-I’m just giving Kale here a-a tour of the school. That’s all” Rhythmi continued to stammer,

    “Well make sure Kale learns our rules, especially mine-“ Mr. Kincaid instructed,

    “No running in the halls, yes sir.” Rhythmi interrupted, already familiar with the teacher’s famous No.1 rule

    “Excellent. Carry on with your tour then.” The two students turned to go, “but first. Kale,” he leaned in closer from his table. “I hope we get to know each other better over the course of the year. That is all.” Kincaid finished, the two students quickly left.

    “He’s a creepy teacher isn’t he?’ Rhythmi asked,

    “After that suggestive comment, I ‘ave to agree.” Kale admitted,

    “We only have class with him only once a week thankfully.” Rhythmi informed, “Well, we better get on with our tour.” Then led Kale through the school, pointing to each of the classrooms that were for the students that were part of the main school program, the dormitories, and of course, the restricted rooms.

    “That is the main school building then, in a nutshell.” Rhythmi concluded, Kale responded with a half-hearted smile, hiding how tiring that tour was. If that were her idea of a nutshell, then he wouldn’t want to get the full tour. “I better show you the school grounds, there should still be time to see some of it before dinner.” Rhythmi explained, and then dragged Kale onto what was hopefully the conclusion of the tour.

    “We’re usually allowed on the school grounds in between classes, it’s a natural habitat for Pokémon, so we have opportunities to practice using our capture stylers. And there’s also the-“

    “NO! Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh dear!” A voice suddenly shouted, Rhythmi and Kale looked over at the field in front of the door to see a swarm of Bidoof scatter, running off in all possible directions, a middle-aged woman was left panicking in the spot where the Bidoof were before.

    “Janice! What happened?” Rhythmi shouted, running towards the woman.

    “I was just feeding the Bidoof, when I accidentally trod on one of their little tails and now the entire group has gone off running! Oh they must be so agitated now, I’m worried someone could get hurt. Bidoof have strong teeth you know.” Janice explained.

    “Then we all know what comes next.” A voice proclaimed, Kale turned to see Keith approach, a grin on his face and a few beads of sweat running down his face. He apparently just came from a shed on the far side of the field, which was where Kale performed his entrance exam. “You… uh whatever your name was, I say we ourselves have a capture race. The person who captures the most Bidoof wins.”

    “Keith! Are you treating this like some sort of sport? And you could at least remember the name of your own classmate!” Rhythmi shouted into Keith’s face.

    “It’s alright, I can handle this” Kale said, lightly pushing Rhythmi out of the way, so that Kale could see Keith eye to eye. “Sure, if you wanna a competition, then I’m game. On your Go then.” Kale accepted, both rangers-in-training pulled out their stylers and braced themselves to sprint.

    “3… 2… 1… GO!” Keith counted, and then the two of them bolted in two different directions, pursuing the running Bidoof. Keith got lucky and managed to get three in one place and capture them all at once, taking him far into the lead. Kale wasn’t going to give up though, as his captures were noticeably faster than Keith’s, taking only four seconds to complete a capture, while Keith took six. After five minutes of running and capturing both of them returned to the center of the field panting, with their captured Bidoof in tow.

    “Alright… I caught six, and you have… five so… victory is mine!” Keith proclaimed, jumping into the air with his styler in hand, somersaulting… and falling on his face.

    “Real smooth Ranger Pose there, Keith.” Rhythmi gloated,

    “Mock my pose if you will, but you must still accept that I’m still the best ranger here.” Keith proclaimed,

    “Is all this competition all there is to being a ranger for you Keith!? You’re forgetting the most important thing here!” Rhythmi argued,

    “Lay off Rhythmi! Keith won, so let him have his gloat.” Kale interrupted,

    “Actually, no he hasn’t.” Janice cut in, this got all the heads to turn to her as she explained, “Twelve Bidoof ran off, and there are only eleven here. Where’s the last one?”

    “Ms. Janice! Ms. Janice!” a voice suddenly shouted, a young boy in the main-school’s uniform, which was a green shirt and pants under a blue blazer; more or less an invert of the colors the three ranger students had on. “Some seniors are being mean to a Bidoof, over by the cliff!”

    “It must be Jasper and Boris again! Can’t those two boys stop?” Janice groaned, the whole group followed the child around the Eastern side of the school, where the rolling grass ended with a rock face that led to the ocean below, a two-and-a-half-meter brick wall being the obstacle between a person and a drop into the sea. The boy led them towards a part in the wall in which a small hole existed, small enough that only a Pokémon could fit. Next to it, there was a neat pile of bricks and stones against the wall, forming a mound that a person could stand on to be able to reach the top of the wall and climb over.

    “They chased it through here! I don’t know what they’ll do to it!” the child cried.

    “No telling what those scoundrels could do now, no doubt they’ll hurt the poor Bidoof.” Rhythmi said, putting across that she’s familiar with the actions of the two bullies.

    “Hey, don’t ‘cha worry.” Kale said, putting an arm reassuringly on the young child’s shoulder. “They won’t be harmin’ a hair on that lil’ Bidoof, or any Pokémon for that matter, while I’m around.” Then he ran towards the wall, placed his foot on the brick pile, hoisted himself up high enough to get a firm grip of the wall, and then the rest of his body followed.

    “You guys better go get Ms. April and Principal Lamont, quickly. We’ll break this up before anything happens.” Keith instructed, and then followed Kale over the wall. Rhythmi was dumbfounded by what just happened.

    “They… they’re almost the exact same…” she stammered, noticing the similarities between the two.

    “We really should go and get the teachers now.” Janice suggested, pulling Rhythmi with her to call for help.

    On the other side of the wall, there was a small field, dotted with flowers. There were four Budew here, small bud-like Pokémon with leaves curling around themselves on their heads and small yellow faces, no arms, and stump-like feet. However, they all were huddled against the wall in fear of what was transpiring on the far side of it. Two boys, in the main-school uniform were closing in on a terrified brown Pokémon with a short, fluffy tail, a round nose, and huge teeth.

    “C’mon you little rat. You don’t want tha ‘ungry Hippowdon ta eat ya, do ya?” the taller of the two coaxed, a lean teenager with a bony face, long nose, piercing eyes, and a heavy accent. The other, a short and round teenager with a pudgy face was making menacing noises that were meant to sound like a Hippowdon, but barely came close. The Bidoof was still downright terrified, backing back so far that it’s back feet were only centimeters away from the edge of the cliff.

    “Hey! You leave that Bidoof alone!” Keith shouted, capturing the attention of the two bullies.

    “Oh no Boris!” the taller one gasped mockingly, “Tha rangers are here ta’ stop us! Whatever shall we do?” making a theatrical performance out of his words.

    “Let’s send this Bidoof at them and show it how to attack nosy little people like them.” Boris suggested, making a grab for the Bidoof. The tiny mouse pokemon took a step backwards to try and avoid Boris’s thick hands. Unfortunately, the Bidoof ran out of room, and tumbled over the edge.

    “NO!” Kale shouted as the Bidoof disappeared from view.

    “Whoopsidaisies!” Jasper said, “looks like you’ve got nothing left ta’ rescue now.”

    “Actually Jasper, it’s still there, hanging on to a little branch down there.” Boris explained, pointing down the cliff. Sure enough, the Bidoof was hanging on to a root just below by its enormous teeth.

    “Bah, shut it Boris! One step atta’ time, let’s send these rangers down there ta’ ‘rescue’ tha Bidoof first.” Jasper cackled menacingly, then stepped towards Keith and Kale. Then reached into his pocket. “We were savin’ this for tha Bidoof’s second lesson. But I’m sure it won’t mind us teachin’ these intruders some lessons first.” Jasper pulled out a small red and white pokéball, then pressed the button that sat on the line that separated the two colors, the ball enlarged until it occupied the entire space of his palm.

    “Alright ol’ frogger! Time ta’ get smashin’!” he shouted, tossing the pokéball at the space between him and the two ranger students. In a flash of light, a Pokémon emerged. A blue pokémon a foot tall with small feet, small arms that ended in large white gloves, two eyes that sat on the top of its head, and a swirl pattern on its belly that would appear to rotate to those that stared at it for long enough. The Poliwhirl looked just as cruel and menacing as its trainer.

    “What shall we do with ‘em, Boris? Shall we beat ‘em, spray ‘em, or hypnotize ‘em to walk off tha cliff themselves?” Jasper asked. Looking away from the two rangers,

    “Well, we haven’t tried hypnotizing anybody to do something that crazy, so we should give it a try!” Boris suggested,

    “Atta’ boy Boris! Frogger, you know what ta do! Hyp-” Jasper said, turning back towards the two rangers, only to see what they did when his back was turned. The Budew that were once huddled against the wall were now forming a line in front of the rangers, the two rangers still having their stylers active. What happened in the small space of time that the two troublemakers had their backs turned was the two rangers capturing the Budew, knowing full well what to do with them.

    “Budew! Use Absorb!” Keith shouted, the two Budew that he captured jumped at the Poliwhirl, opening their head buds as the closed in. They then clamped their buds on the amphibian skin of the tadpole Pokémon, instantly beginning to suck nutrients from its moist skin. The Poliwhirl tried to swat them off, but it wasn’t as strong as it acted, it quickly became dizzy, exhausted, and then collapsed. The two Budew released their grip as soon as the Pokémon lost consciousness.

    “Budew! Use Stun Spore!” Kale shouted to his own pair of Bud Pokémon, the two pokemon slowly unraveled their head buds, to display a different effect. Both Budew ejected a thick cloud of yellow powder that billowed out and caught the wind, blowing through the two boys before they could react. The miniature spores, which although could grow into small mushrooms or play a part in the species reproduction cycle, also had a nasty side affect to those that inhaled it. The two boys instantly fell forward, falling into a small seizure before passing out. It wouldn’t have kept a Pokémon out for more than ten seconds, but humans are a different story. The duo moved past the two crooked students to lean over the cliff. The bidoof was still clinging on for dear life, but probably not for much longer.

    “It’s too far down. I can’t reach it!” Keith shouted, trying desperately to grab the Bidoof in his hands.

    “Keith,” Kale said, prompting the hot-headed ranger student to turn around to see the other with his hand extended, as if in a handshake. “I can count on ya’, right?”

    “Um… yeah I… guess so?” Keith responded, unsure on what this person was trying to do. Kale grabbed his hand and tightened his grip.

    “Then don’t let go.” Kale said, then fell sideways and went over the cliff. Keith’s knees buckled and he fell onto them. The rest of his body locked up and kept him from falling forward and over the cliff. His hand went over the edge and linked with Kale’s who was now perched by his feet on the face of the cliff. His lowest foot was now just ten centimeters short of reaching the branch the Bidoof was clinging onto. Kale waited, then moved his foot a little to catch the endangered pokémon’s attention. It looked up with terrified eyes, Kale looked back with gentle eyes, trying to convey his intentions to the Bidoof. “trust me” he mouthed, to try and convince the Bidoof to cooperate. The branch below made a creak and suddenly the Bidoof sprang into action, making a desperate leap to grab for the lifeline.

    “I got ‘im!” Kale shouted, Keith quickly tugged hard and pulled the student and the pokémon back over the edge. Keith fell backwards and panted heavily. Kale laid on his back and relaxed, Keith finally looked over and saw Kale’s empty hands.

    “You said you had him!” Keith almost screamed, trying to push himself back up to his feet. Kale responded by lifting his leg. It was the first time anyone would be relieved to see a thick patch of fur clinging to someone’s leg.

    “So that’s what happened.” Keith finished explaining, the two were now in the staff room. Rhythmi, Ms. Janice, and an assorted group of staff including Ms. April and Mr. Kincaid were behind the two. While in front of them was a fairly short man with large spectacles, a brown suit, and thick grey hair and a matching moustache that was neatly combed. This was Principal Lamont, the head of the Ranger Academy.

    “This act is not uncommon for Jasper and Boris, that pair has a reputation for taunting students as well as Pokémon in such a way. The two have already been suspended and will be taking a few months off in Pueltown until they can continue their final year of education.” He explained. “As for you two, although I admit that your cause was just, I must condemn you for your actions-”

    “-They saved the Bidoof though-” Rhythmi interrupted,

    “At great personal risk.” Lamont finished, and then focused his words on Kale. “That stunt you pulled was incredibly dangerous, not just did you endanger your own life, but also Keith’s. What would have happened if Keith couldn’t hold on to you like that? What if he fell forward and you both plummeted over the cliff? Did you take that into account?” Kale bowed his head, but remained silent. Ten seconds went by and nobody spoke, Keith shifted uncomfortably in his place. Lamont inhaled deeply, and then spoke again.

    “Allow me to reword that, what was going through your mind when you decided to go over the cliff?” Kale inhaled slowly, collecting his thoughts, before he finally replied.

    “Family… My grandpa always taught me that you got to stick up for your family, however costly it is. My parents run a ranch in Fiore, see, so I spent a lot of time looking after Pokémon, growing up with them, helping them and being helped when I needed it most. And that’s what a family does, so in a sense, Pokémon are my family. That was why I wanted to be a ranger, and endangered myself to save the Bidoof; to protect my family.”

    “Family…?” Lamont repeated, then stroked his moustache gently, in deep thought. The silence made almost everyone in the room nervous. Finally, Lamont smiled to himself, then looked back up at the two students in front of him.

    “You may go now, don’t allow yourselves to fall into such dangerous situations again please.” He finished. The room almost emptied out in seconds. Ms. April was the only person that remained with the Principal.

    “Are you sure about letting him go, there’s no telling if it’s going to happen again?” She asked, unsure about Lamont’s decision.

    “I’m sure… Kale has a young, spirited, and caring heart beating within him. We need more rangers like him in these growing times.”

    Kale, Keith, and Rhythmi walked silently across the halls, it was getting late, and the corridors were emptied as all the other students have already retired to their dorms, none of them were sure what to say, whether to be proud, cheerful, or angry with each other. When they finally reached the dorms that the rangers were going to sleep in. Keith finally broke the silence.

    “You know what Kale,” He said, breaking his face into a smile, “you’re going to fit in here just fine. Come on, I better introduce you to the rest of the boys in the dorm.” Kale looked over, then his face too brightened up.

    “They all as competitive as you?” Kale asked,

    “Nah, they know their place. You… will learn yours eventually.” Keith answered mysteriously. The two of them chuckled as they walked towards the male dorms. Rhythmi stopped behind them, just before the turning that separated the girl dorms from the boys. She looked at the two of them, joking and smiling as if they were old friends. Who would have thought it started out as what was about to become a fierce rivalry. Suddenly, her thoughts stopped at one final point. As she realized this, she started to seethe with rage.

    “You knew his name the whole time, didn’t you!?” She shouted, waking just about everyone on that and the two adjacent floors.

    It was going to be a long year.

    Phew, going to start on the second episode now, read and comment while you wait for it
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  2. Lol, the failed Ranger Pose was quite funny. I guess it does give a reference to how they evolved.

    I have to say, this sounds interesting. I have always liked to read video game novelizations for an extended look at backgrounds and such.
  3. I'll just post this episode with one note, this chapter was a pain to write. The only thing that kept me on it until the end was the tibbit I slipped in that I'm sure you will recognize. Enjoy your reading, and stay tuned for episode 3

    [shadow=green,left]Ranger Diaries[/shadow]​
    Episode 2: Scare or Dare / Rhythmi’s Challenge! Keith’s Trauma Night!

    “Okay… I dare you to… pat your head and rub your belly at the same time.” A seventeen-year-old girl with light brown hair tied in a ponytail instructed.

    “Honestly Vatona, your dares suck.” Keith complained, then stood up and performed the dare, patting his belly and rubbing his head. Everyone grinned, but said nothing. Keith then noticed his mistake and corrected himself, only to start patting his belly again. He gave up and sat down quietly. The group was sitting in the recreational hall of the Academy, a large room on the third floor that was about the size of four classrooms. Students from both the ranger program and the mainstream school program gathered here to socialize and complete homework, especially on stormy early-autumn days like this. It has been three weeks since the beginning of the year, and two weeks since the Bidoof incident. And Kale, Rhythmi, and Keith, as well as newcomers to the gang; Nage, Vatona, and Ponte, were letting the last hour of the day go by with a game of Truth or Dare.

    “Okay, my turn now. Kale! Truth or Dare?” Keith asked, turning his attention to his rival of skill.

    “I’ll take a dare Keith.” Kale earnestly replied,

    “Okay, let’s pick something original, hmm…” Keith said, and then scanned the room around him, looking for something, or someone. “There!” Keith suddenly said, pointing towards what he was looking for. Everyone looked over to see whom Keith was pointing at. In the corner of the room, a young person in the Ranger Program Uniform was sitting alone, reading an enormous book he borrowed from the library. He was maybe sixteen, roughly the same as Kale, he had a pale complexion, dark green eyes, and blonde hair that was neatly trimmed in a mushroom haircut at a length just above his eyebrows.

    “Ya’ mean that quiet one who sits at the back of the class with a book all the time?” Kale asked.

    “Didn’t Keith tell you about Isaac already?” Nage, another seventeen-year old that looked like a twin of Sandra with his hair in a buzz-cut. This made sense with the two of them being siblings.

    “No; he wasn’t there when Keith was introducin’ everyone.” Kale explained,

    “Isaac is like some sort of super-brain,” a timid sounding voice said, all heads turned to Ponte, a short person with eyes so deep blue they almost became purple, and green, dirty-looking hair that spurted out in all directions. This bizarre look, combined with his strange and often random interjections, made him famously known as “The Awkward One”.

    “What Ponte is trying to say,” Nage resumed, “Is that Isaac is really intelligent, apparently has an IQ of 163. He pretty much knows everything, he graduated from the mainstream academy three years ago, at only thirteen, but came back now to take part in the Ranger Program.”

    “But he’s even too smart for that now.” Rhythmi continued, “he already knows what we’re learning about now, so he usually rents out a book to read, or does work assigned by Mr. Kincaid to keep him busy most of the time.”

    “Let’s spare Kale the details.” Keith cut in, before someone decided to start a biography. “Basically, Kale, you have to go over and ask him what he’s reading. Get him to talk, you know.”

    “What’s the catch in that?” Kale asked,

    “Because it’s funny to watch you talk to a brick wall.” Keith answered,

    “Keith!” Rhythmi almost shouted.

    “He’s right though, whenever anybody tries to talk to Isaac, he either ignores you or gives a short answer and says nothing more.” Vatona explained,

    “Well, you did kind of insult him on the first day.” Nage interjected,

    “Did not!” Vatona argued, “You were the one who nearly tripped him up on the first day.”

    “Stop bickering!” Rhythmi interrupted, before it turned into a full-on sibling scuffle. “Basically Kale, you’re going to have a hard time getting more than ten words out of him.”

    “Well you better start counting, he’s already gone over.” Keith said, Kale’s place was empty, and he was now walking confidently over to the loner brainiac, with five pairs of eyes staring down his back.

    “Hey, uhm, Isaac.” Kale started, “I don’t think I had the chance to meetcha yet, did I?”

    “No, it’s okay though.” Isaac replied. Just as the twins said, quick and straight to the point. Kale’s not off to a good start.

    “So, what’cha reading? Looks pretty complicated.” Kale wished he actually had a clue what any of the text in the book means, maybe then he would have something worthwhile to say.

    “Hypnosis theories, Mr. Kincaid assigned it, it’s interesting.” Isaac replied bluntly. Kale wasn’t sure what to say next.

    “A super genius, huh? How what made ya so smart?” Kale asked,

    “Genetics, it seems.” Isaac answered. Kale felt beat, he looked over and saw Keith giving a thumbs-up and flashing all his fingers, signaling that he had gone beyond ten words. Kale wasn’t ready to pull out yet though. He was intrigued, enticed, hooked. Somehow, he felt compelled to press on, to break this mute’s thick outer shell and get to know what this person was like on the inside.

    Isaac turned the page in his book, and for just a moment, Kale saw a badge stitched on his blue jumpsuit underneath the green jacket. About the size of three fingers put together, the badge showed a green playing field and showed a Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, and Hitmontop in a triangle formation. The Hitmonlee in the front was kicking a ball into Kale’s face. Kale knew where he saw this before.

    “Hey, ain’t that the Team Badge for the Almian Hitmons?” Kale blurted out. Isaac looked up from his book; suddenly his attention was brought away from his book, and onto Kale.

    “You watch soccer?” he asked,

    “Yeah, well I used to anyway. My unc’ played for the Rattata Scorers, a local team in Fiore. He had dreams to move to the big leagues, so watched the games every night to get better.”

    “Really? What happened with that?”

    “He went broke something in his leg and wasn’t able to play for seven months. Broke his heart.”

    “You mean a tendon or ligament, or just his leg?”

    “Yeah, one of those two.”

    “How in the blazes did he do that?” Nage asked back over where the group was sitting. Kale and Isaac continued to talk about various soccer-related topics.

    “Must have hit a good spot or something.” Vatona suggested,

    “Well, Kale is better at making friends than you guys.” Rhythmi pointed out, Nage and Vatona felt guilty; Keith still wanted to defend himself.

    “Hey! He ignored you too!” Keith argued,

    “Well that was right after your stunt to hypnotize him with my pocket notebook on a string!” Rhythmi pointed out, their voices were starting to escalate, and heads were turning towards them.

    “Oh that was rich! You took the string from me when he looked up and thought you were the one that did it.” Keith giggled, the first-week stunt still made him laugh.

    “Keith you insensitive, arrogant, insolent-“ Rhythmi shouted, completely losing her cool, and probably resorting to foul words if she hadn’t been interrupted.

    “That’s enough Rhythmi! There is no need to humiliate yourself.” Mr. Kincaid interrupted, he had only just entered the room when Rhythmi flipped out, so his strong odor only just began to spread out within the room, causing heads to turn and noses to pinch as the scent of hair spray crawled through the air. Rhythmi stopped and sat down, frustrated and defeated. Keith sat down opposite of her with a proud grin, this was something he wasn’t going to let her live down so easily. Mr. Kincaid left them and went straight over to Kale and Isaac.

    “Isaac, will you please come to my office immediately, the new equipment I told you about have arrived.” Mr. Kincaid explained, and then departed as quickly as he entered. Isaac stood up and closed his book.

    “New Equipment?” Kale asked,

    “Mr. Kincaid wanted to take my advanced learning beyond books, so he got various types of equipment to have me work on over the year. Including some work with capture stylers.” Isaac explained,

    “Well, don’t wanna keep ya’ busy, so go on. I’ll see ya’ later tonight or something.” Kale waved, and Isaac followed Mr. Kincaid out of the room. Kale stood up himself and returned to the group.

    “Nicely done Kale,” Keith commented, giving him a high-five as he scooted over to allow Kale to rejoin them.

    “You must have a farmer’s charm or something.” Nage suggested,

    “Or Isaac has a farmer fetish or something.” Ponte put in.

    “Mr. Kincaid wasn’t raised in a barn though, was he?” Keith objected in disagreement, referring to the only other person Isaac was known to continually interact with.

    “Guys, you know he didn’t want to have anything to do with us.” Rhythmi pointed out, going straight to the cold hard truth.

    “Or just one of us.” Keith corrected. Rhythmi did not like that at all.

    “So you think I scare Isaac off, do you?” Rhythmi asked. She had anger in her tone, but she was trying, very hard, to keep her voice low.

    “What? No, I never said that you were a horrible monster that crawled from the depths of the earth, did I?” Keith asked innocently, she didn’t like that at all either, especially the way he backhanded it.

    “Alright, if that’s how you want it…” Rhythmi said, rising from her chair…

    And then she threw off her outer disguise to show the horrible monstrosity underneath, a evil green creature with an enormous green body, a large head with three blood-red eyes that struck fear into the hearts of men. It had a swollen abdomen that was beaded with sweat, or whatever vile fluid was excreted from the skin of this demon. It had no arms or legs, but a mass of appendages of various sizes, most of which were jerking around aimlessly, causing many of them to collide with each other. To the horror of all, the monster then wrapped its tentacles around almost every living being in the room, crushing them all until nothing but a drizzle of blood was left, in mere seconds. Everyone run, run while you can, the old ones have risen again and the end of all existence was at hand…

    At least, that’s what Ponte believed would happen.

    “EEP!” he squeaked in a very high pitched voice. He ducked under the table and curled up in fear. Everyone else looked at him with bewildered expressions.

    “I wonder what goes through his mind when he does that?” Vatona puzzled,

    “As, I was saying… Keith, I dare you to take on the Ranger Dark Night Bravery Challenge!” Rhythmi challenged, pointing her finger dramatically at him.

    “But it’s Kale’s turn!” Nage objected,

    “Did I ask you?” Rhythmi demanded, getting into Nage's face so that he could see the roaring fires of hell in her eyes. Nage joined Ponte under the blanket of security, or the table.

    “Dark Night Bravery Challenge?” Kale asked,

    “It’s this game that apparently was played by Student Rangers in previous years.” Rhythmi explained, “Four people have to leave their stylers in various places around the school building, but not purposely hide them. A fifth person has to then sneak around the school after dark to collect the stylers, and turn them in the next morning. Get all four in without getting caught, and you win.”

    “Sounds like fun.” Kale commented, being familiar with these dare-games, well enough to even anticipate the scare-factor-catch.

    “Although,” Rhythmi continued, her tone becoming more daunting and dramatic “They stopped playing after one person failed under mysterious circumstances, he disappeared that night, and when he came back in the following morning, he could no longer speak, and dropped out of the Academy, nobody heard from him again. What did he find in the dark halls of the Academy that night? None left can tell…” Rhythmi finished, and then paused to add to the effect. “So Keith, are you game?”

    Keith eyes averted as he pondered his choice. A very occasional thing for him to do, he was more known for jumping right into things like this. Kale narrowed his eyes and tried to figure out what he was thinking, clearly something was bugging him about the story. Finally though, he responded,

    “I’m in.” At that moment, the bell rang, signaling the call for bed. “We can discuss victory prizes tomorrow, when I return triumphant.”

    “Okay, Vatona, Nage, Ponte, and I will leave our stylers around the building on our way up. Kale, make sure he doesn’t see where we leave our stylers.” Rhythmi ordered,

    “He’ll be blind as a Zubat.” Kale promised.

    “Okay, let’s go!” Rhythmi ordered. There was a five second pause. “Nage, Ponte, we need you.” She spoke to the table,

    “We… we’re comfortable here.” Ponte explained,

    “Yeah, we’ll be out in a sec, don’t wait for us.” Nage said,

    “Suit yourselves.” Rhythmi sighed, and then left. Five seconds later, when they were sure that she was gone, they burst from under the table faster than a sprinting Rapidash.

    “I should really make her scariness official now, remind me to do that tomorrow.” Keith sighed. Nage coughed up a dust ball in response.

    Kale awoke to a creak in the bed above his. To the side, a pair of feet dropped down from above and dangled there for a second, then dropped again and the rest of the body followed.

    “Ya headin’ out Keith?” Kale whispered, almost causing Keith to jump.

    “Ye-Yeah, its 11:45, shouldn’t be anyone else out now.” Keith whispered back,

    “Alright, I’ll stay ‘ere and cover ya if anybody notices ya outta’ the room. Should at least have that covered.” Kale said,

    “Thanks… I guess,” Keith sighed, then crept out of the room. Kale frowned; Keith was definitely not himself. He was tense, edgy, anxious, and possibly even scared. Did Rhythmi’s story get to him? What sort of late-night horror could possibly traumatize a person enough to force him to drop out?

    Each step he took was another step to completing this challenge. Keith breathed in, counted to ten, and found himself at the end of the corridor, a good start. His heart was racing, his breathing was shallow, and every creak he made alerted him. Oh, he was scared. That story Rhythmi told, he heard it all before. The person in the story was the cousin of one of his childhood friends. He didn’t just drop out of the school; he was driven mad and sent to a mental alyssum. He was doomed to spend the rest of his life gibbering about shadows, sounds, bone-chilling eyes, and experiences of dying and being brought back for torture.

    “NO!” Keith screamed into his head. He couldn’t think like this, he had to do this. He needed to prove himself worthy to be a ranger, any ranger should be able to shrug off a few ghost stories to brave the unknown and complete his mission, he should be able to as well. If he quit now, Rhythmi would never let him live it down, no doubt she would probably make him confess this sort of thing to the entire school. Besides, that was the only time it happened, it wouldn’t happen again, would it? Might as well do this quickly so that he wouldn’t find out. Keith rounded the corner and saw the stairs down, on the first step; Keith smiled to himself, the first styler. Keith checked the monitor on it to guarantee it was one of the ones he was looking for. Sure enough, it was Ponti’s styler. Either caring or clumsy of him, Keith pocketed the styler; one down, three to go. Suddenly, a shadow appeared on the stairs, Keith didn’t notice it at first, but he did when it moved.

    “AAH-ghhrmmp!” Keith shouted, covering his mouth right away to try and muffle his noise.

    “Bido!” a voice screamed back, then the shadow scampered away. Keith collapsed on the stairs, breathing heavily, cold sweat trickling down his back. After a minute of shock, he finally was able to relax himself.

    “It was just a bidoof,” Keith repeatedly told himself, “it was just a bidoof.” Finally, he rose to his feet. “I can do this, just need to do it quickly.” He then set off to find the remaining stylers.

    “Just one more…” Keith told himself, “then it will all be over.” Keith wasn’t sure how long he was searching, possibly an hour, but the fact that two more of the stylers, namely Sandra’s and Max’s, made it all worth it. That just left the prime one of the lot, no doubt Rhythmi would put it in a very tough place. If she weren’t constrained by the rules to make the stylers in plain view and not in a drawer that could take the challenger days to find, she probably would have put it in a safe. Plainly in sight, in the school building only, and only where the person can reach it. Being the rule follower she is, she would still be restrained by them. Keith absentmindedly opened the next door, and getting the scent of a smell he came to know so well, Keith immediately realized whose room this was.

    Mr. Kincaid’s room was almost an exact replica of Ms. April’s, the main difference being the smell. Tonight however, there was a lot more in the room. The tables were loaded with large boxes filled with all sorts of technological components that Keith could never make sense of if he tried. Keith noticed that the boxes had some sort of emblem on their sides, though it was impossible to see properly in the darkness. Keith’s eyes trailed to the teacher desk, and his eyes widened with joy. Sitting right in the middle of it, was a Student Styler; the last one! Keith has beaten the challenge! He could have cheered just then. However, the faint scent in the room began to grow stronger, Keith tuned his ears and heard the sound of approaching footsteps. No way he could be caught out like this! Thinking quickly, Keith ducked and crawled between two boxes that were mounted together amongst the others, forming a small fort that kept him hidden from obvious angles. The room then illuminated as someone turned the lights on. Peeking through a crack between a pair of boxes stocked on each other, Keith saw that Mr. Kincaid was this person. Moving briskly, he picked up one of the boxes, and checked through its contents, then closed it up and picked it up in his arms. He then went over to the teacher desk to go through the drawers. Keith saw him unlock one of the drawers and take some sort of black object out of it and put it into his shirt pocket, a stone or something like that. He then left the room, turning off the light on the way out. Keith breathed a sigh of relief, thankful for his narrow escape. Then saw the desk and swore; Mr. Kincaid took the styler with him!

    What was he supposed to do now? He needed the stylers to win the challenge, but how was he supposed to get the last one out of Mr. Kincaid’s hands? Maybe it was a good excuse, he could pull out now and explain that it was impossible to finish in the morning. Rhythmi would never let that pass though. He didn’t have any other choice. Keith emerged from his hiding space, left the room, and pursued Mr. Kincaid down the hall. Keeping tabs on his own speed and noise, Keith tried to keep Mr. Kincaid in his sights while keeping his distance in the darkened halls. Mr. Kincaid didn’t pause, he moved briskly through the halls, oblivious to his unwanted tail. Mr. Kincaid moved toward the stairwell, and disappeared into the darkness below. Keith followed steadily, aware of the amount of noise he could make on the stairs, but unaware of where he was heading, descending beyond the now unlocked door, and into the basement.

    The change from the ground floor to the basement was quite dramatic. The flooring and walls were of a more basic style than the elaborate traditional and modern sliding doors and walls that the rest of the building had. Pipes were visible on the ceiling, and the hall had one naked light bulb in the middle of it, and then it curved to the right at the far end. Boxes, tools, papers, and various things were scattered across the edges of the There was a doors every ten feet, with small windows that opened up a view into the old boxes and shelves within. Mr. Kincaid disappeared down that path, of course, with Keith following close behind. The wooden boards creaked easily underneath his feet, each sound ringing through the hall like a dull groan. Keith took in the sight of the basement; it didn’t look like it belonged in the school, with an architecture that had no relation to the floors upstairs. It was as if someone else dug this basement underneath the school and just left it there to rot. Keith kept pushing down the hall, ignoring the trash and stuff scattered across the hall. Ignoring the unsettling sound of the pipes above, and ignoring the two creepy portraits with the unsettlingly large, menacing eyes set on the floor near the end of the hall. Ignoring the eyes when they flicked towards him and almost smiled. Taking the turn to the right, Keith found that the hallway continued on to a dead end. On one side of the hall however, there was a door that was completely different from the rest; a green metal door with a square window on the top. Call it a guess, but Keith was fairly sure that this was the one that Mr. Kincaid went down. He approached, and his eyes turned towards a small pile of boxes just next to it that were a lot cleaner, and newer, than the others he saw in the hall. The box on the top was just the one that he saw Mr. Kincaid carry just now. On top of that, Keith saw the green device sitting there, the styler!

    Keith happily put the styler with the others, glad that it was that easy. There was still one more thing he needed to do though. Without thinking, he carefully stood up to peek through the window and into the room. The tinted glass made it impossible to see clearly, he was able to make out shapes though. A tall figure with a curly outcrop at the top was definitely Kincaid. He had his back to the door, blocking half the room from view. At his side however, there was a rather stout object that looked like a suspiciously fat rocket. Mr. Kincaid was pressing buttons on the side. The door made it impossible to hear, but Keith could swear he was talking to someone. There was some sort of noise though, a sort of ominous pulse, accompanied by random clicking noises. What was making that noise, the odd object? Keith always knew something was off with Mr. Kincaid, but this was bigger than he imagined. He was so excited that he had exposed such a big secret, he could feel his own sweat trickling up his neck, like a tongue or something was pushing it up- Keith’s mind went completely blank. This was physical. Keith slowly turned around, his eyes widening as they faced another pair of eyes. Huge ones with pinprick pupils that stuck needles into Keith. Underneath the eyes, there was a wide-grinned mouth with fangs in the corners and a large, moist tongue that hung out and weakly flailed, like it had a mind of its own.

    “ah…” Keith stammered, trying to push out a scream. “aaaahhh!” He tried again, with limited success. Finally, he gave up and just bolted. He ran down the corridor to try to escape, but the menacing eyes were glued in his mind, even when he turned away, they were still there, taunting him, mocking him as the corridor stretched longer and longer, dragging him further away from the bend. His feet grew sluggish and his legs began to feel like jelly. Struggling to keep running, Keith finally overwhelmed himself and collapsed. He rolled over onto his back and tried to crawl away, watching the tailing eyes in fear. The eyes took their time to float towards him, knowing full well that they had Keith in their accursed spell. The eyes blinked, then separated into four pairs of eyes, taking their time to close in on Keith.

    “B-ba-back… Back!” Keith struggled to shout, pulling out the first thing he could curl his fingers around; his styler. “Back! I’m warning you!” Keith shouted as the eyes drew closer. He pointed the styler at them, hoping that by some bizarre chance, they don’t like being befriended. “Back!” He shouted, and then squeezed the trigger launched the capture disk. The small spinning top flew towards the eyes and began to encircle them. “BACKBACKBACKBACKBACK!!” Keith shouted, waving his arm wildly, something between the motions for a capture and pointless swatting. The motions worked however, as the disk continued to encircle them, leaving behind a trail of white light that formed a ring around them. Then the ring closed in on them and then disappeared.

    Keith finally ran out of energy and dropped his hand, the capture disk landed wobbled back towards him then stopped. The eyes halted their advance. Keith awaited certain doom… but it didn’t come. He opened his eyes to see the eyes were no longer just eyes, but small black bodies emitting a purple smoke. Keith realized that the ‘ghosts’ of the Ranger Academy were nothing more than a group of Gastly. Though there was something not quite right. The Gastly were looking dazed, confused even, as if they didn’t even know what happened. What was that all about? Did they have no clue of what they were doing? Could it have been because of that-.

    “WHO’S THERE!?” a voice suddenly shouted. The Gastly whirled around, and Keith looked past them, and they all saw Mr. Kincaid standing in the hallway, having just burst from the room he was just in. Keith quickly got to his feet, taking everything he had with him, and ran. The Gastly quickly disappeared into the walls, leaving the hall almost completely empty. Mr. Kincaid sighed, and returned to the room.

    “It was just some Gastly causing a ruckus. Never mind, it’s time to call it a night anyway.” Mr. Kincaid said.

    Kale had trouble sleeping with Keith still out and about, so he tried to write a post letter in the almost complete darkness. He didn’t know what his writing looked like, but it was probably a mess. Then Keith almost sprinted in and Kale was sure that he made a mess of the paper.

    “Keith? What in the name of-?” Kale asked, as Keith leaned on the bed gasping for breath.

    “I nearly… got caught by… Mr. Kincaid.” Keith tried to explain, “He was… doing some crazy thing… with-“

    “Keith, calm ya’self. Do you have the stylers?”

    “Yeah… right here.”

    “Alright good, ya better into bed before he comes looking, tell me all ‘bout it later.” Kale instructed. Keith clambered up into his top bunk, and almost immediately, Kale heard him snoring away. Whatever got him riled up, Kale would be sure to ask him about it later. Kale then allowed himself to close his own eyes, so he too could fall asleep when the dormitory door opened once again. Kale moved his head to see the figure in the hallway, expecting to see Mr. Kincaid, it wasn’t.

    “Isaac?” Kale blurted out, the figure turned to Kale in surprise.

    “You’re still up?” Isaac asked, keeping his tone hushed before the entire dorm woke up.

    “Yeah, just gettin’ sleepy now, though I’d better be askin’ ya the same thing.” Kale explained,

    “I was with Mr. Kincaid for this special project he was showing me, then I was trying to find my styler, I swear I left it in his office.”

    “It’ll probably turn up tomorrow, you must be half-dead.” Kale suggested,

    “Yeah, Mr. Kincaid wants to do some other late-night-projects next week, so he said to-“ Isaac paused to yawn, “-take some time out get some rest.”

    “Okay, get some rest. You’ll need it.” Kale instructed, Isaac moved to his bed at the far side of the room, and Kale presumed he fell asleep. Finally, Kale gave a long yawn and allowed sleep to embrace him once more.

    “I’m telling you guys! Mr. Kincaid is a crazy-mad-scientist teacher!” Keith argued, the sun shining through the trees behind him. He and the group had retreated to the shelter of a few trees near the main gate for an early morning breakfast and to hear Keith's tall tale.

    “Look, with all the wacko things you’ve been going through last night, chances are you were imagining half of it.” Nage suggested, taking a bite out of his sandwich

    “Come on! Mr. Kincaid was making Gastly go crazy! That had to be what happened the last time as well!”

    “I don’t know, Mr. Kincaid is strange, but he wouldn’t try to scare you out of the school, or anyone for that matter.” Vatona pointed out,

    “He’s obviously just crazy, like the last guy. He probably already has his drop-out slip written out.” Rhythmi sneered, taking full enjoyment of the crazy things Keith just told them about his experience.

    “Was it that lemonade from yesterday? Because that gave me scary dreams too.” Ponte suggested,

    “Come on guys! Doesn’t anyone believe me? Kale! You believe me don’t you?” Keith continued to try to get people to see his point.

    “I wish I could Keith…” Kale replied, “I mean I believe you about the Gastly. However, that thing ya described reminds me of one of those coffeemakers. How can I take the rest of ya story seriously when all I can think of is late-night coffee?” Kale paused, “though you did manage to pass the challenge, right?”

    “Fine! If that’s all you care about, and not my awesomely big discovery, then fine! Here are your stylers!” Keith shouted, pulling the four stylers he collected last night and handing them out.

    “I guess this means you won Keith,” Nage congratulated, “I didn’t really believe your hard head would fail you.”

    “Great job Keith, maybe ya could also find Isaac’s styler as well.” Kale complimented.

    “I guess I could be a Good Samaritan and give him a ha-“

    “Hold it!” Rhythmi interrupted, everyone turned to Rhythmi in surprise, “The rules said to find our four stylers, not just anybody’s styler.” She explained, and then showed the monitor on the styler Keith gave her as everyone crowded around to look at the styler. As it turns out, instead of Rhythmi’s styler, Keith had brought Isaac’s styler.

    “Aw man! I forgot to check the monitor last night!” Keith realized, finding that he was rapidly sinking into defeat, but still he tried to defend himself. “I looked everywhere for it though, you must have put it in a safe or something!” he accused,

    “I put it right in the middle of the hall,” Rhythmi answered, “of course, I was considerate enough to give you a challenge.” Almost as if in response, a Bidoof suddenly ran through the trees, Keith recognized it almost immediately; it was the Bidoof that nearly made him scream after finding Ponte’s styler. Hang on, why was a Bidoof even in the hallways in the first place?

    “Bidoof!” it screamed as it tackled into Rhythmi, she giggled and worked her hand around its side and pulled on a strap. And as everyone watched, Keith realized that the styler attached to the Bidoof. Why didn’t he think of that at the time?

    “Well, this clears all doubt of your failure, and insanity.” Rhythmi gloated, brushing off the Bidoof and glaring at Keith, her eyes reminded him of his experience with the deadly grasp of the Gastly’s Mean Look, “I think your penalty will be very fitting.” Keith sighed in defeat, and resigned himself to his fate.

    You however, won't know what it is. Muahahahahaaaa.

    Stay tuned, for a 100% original and educational episode ;3
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  4. Wow! That's really entertaining! I just love this game and this fanfic is so neat! Can't wait for more!
  5. Awesome Cthulu reference, Brendan. I hope to see more Ponte action later.
  6. You will Secad, I've already got his next comedy act written up, to be posted when I finish episode 3.

    I'm just posting now to mention a quick update. To keep in line with the anime-style flow of this fiction, I've added titles that are similar to the titles given to the original Japanese Pokemon Episodes. Go to the start of each episode to see what those titles are, and try pretending that this is an anime :3
  7. No wonder the titles were so weird, at least for my western tastes. :p Thank you for explaining, Bren.
  8. ... I'm adding this to my 'Stalk This Thread' list. Okay? Okay. I already loved the game and the storyline and now I love it even more and GAH, look what you've done! (Oh wait, you can't, I'm never posting it.) You've made me start on typing up MY Ranger fanfiction! DX

    ... I loves how you did the titles. Yep, anime titles alright!
  9. And the adventure continues! Glad to see such positive feedback so far, it's pushing me along with this story. I plan to make this a little interactive later on, just to add a small bit of spice, and so that I don't have to stress over choices. Check back in a month or two, and perhaps I will have reached that point. A second note is that my two original characters, the siblings Max and Sandra, are no longer as original as I realized that they were too similar to already existing characters for their own good, so I decided to merge them. So the siblings Max and Sandra are now known as Nage and Vatona respectively (unless I made a mistake in who's who, then I think I made a terrible mistake). In the meantime, here's a new dollop of Ranger Diaries. This one is mostly about how the man made a mistake evolving from the monkey. :3

    [shadow=green,left]Ranger Diaries[/shadow]​
    Episode 3: Soothing Rage / Capture Class! A Mysterious Call?

    “So, give me a report.”

    “I think we have our genius. He goes beyond all expectations, I have faith in him for the project.”

    “And the package?”

    “Still working on it, but we are far ahead of schedule. However, he still doesn’t seem its potential, he still believes it to be merely a communication device.”

    “So bright, but naïve? Interesting…”

    “Do you believe he can make this project happen? I can give him the full view and we-“

    “No! Do not rush anything, in fact, slow down if you can. We might never find such genius again in our entire lifetime. We cannot let that go to waste if he doesn’t cooperate.”

    “… Understood… so we are still aiming for the deadline.”

    “Oh yes, that won’t change, the time is coming closer with each passing day. It will happen on that day. Keep doing your job, and we’ll take care of the next steps. Goodbye”

    “Capture, on!” Kale shouted, squeezing the trigger on his Capture Styler, the capture disk was launched and began to move at high speed, a trail of white light following behind it. A glowing blue antenna emerged from a small hole in his styler and immediately began transmitting to the capture disk. Kale swung his arm in an arc movement, and the disk changed direction, curving around a full two-hundred-and-seventy arc, forming a half-a-foot long circle that surrounded the Pikachu in the middle. The moment the light trail crossed over itself, the circle was complete, transforming into a ring around the Pikachu. Kale continued to make swinging motions with his styler, to keep the disk from moving off in the wrong direction. The Pikachu, as usual, lounged around a little, not doing much. After five seconds, the ring began to constrict around the Pikachu, until it disappeared into the Pikachu. The Mouse Pokémon jumped to its feet and scampered over to Kale’s feet, showing its trust in the ranger thanks to the power of the styler. The disk homed back in onto Kale, who caught it in his hand and reattached it to his styler. “Capture Complete.” Kale finished.

    “Our previous time was 6:204 seconds, set by Kale, which has just been beaten by Kale’s new time of 5:539 seconds, Congratulations Kale!” Mr. Kaplan announced, there was the sound of clapping from Kale’s classmates on the stands around the capture arena. Kale stroked the Pikachu, whispered a few words, then returned to the stands and sat down between Keith and Rhythmi.

    “I was so close to getting my title back, and you just had to steal it away from me. Way to bring me down.” Keith complained.

    “You’ll get the chance Keith; the year’s still long.” Kale encouraged, the two conversed as the remaining people stood up to make a capture, nobody however drew close to Kale’s record.

    “Alright, now that we had that review,” Mr. Kaplan started, hushing all the students on the stands, “I’m going to come out clean and admit it. The last few weeks, you have done nothing but the easiest of capture scenarios, it is now time to kick things up and put your stylers to the test.” Mr. Kaplan explained, the Pikachu in the middle started doing its own thing, rolling cutely on the floor and scratching behind its ears. “We’re going to introduce a new Pokémon to you for capturing, this Pokémon is going to be a lot tougher to capture, your task, is to capture this fierce fighter. Bend this fiery spirit to your will! Now, will Ponte Abaln take to the field?” Ponte nervously rose up and walked over to the arena, the Pikachu curled up and began to nap. Mr. Kaplan walked over to a control panel. “Time to release… Charcoal!”

    Mr. Kaplan pressed the button and a trap door opened up on the arena floor, almost immediately, an orange and tan creature leapt out from it, it was a two-feet-tall monkey with blue markings on its face that made it look like it was wearing a mask. Its arms were long and thick while its legs were thin and flexible. I had a long tail that was ablaze on the end; a half-a-foot long flame that glowed a light orange. The Monferno howled, hammering its fists against its chest, the flame seemed to intensify, becoming a darker shade of orange, and the flames flickered taller, making the flame much larger.

    “Alright Ponte, your mission starts, whenever you are ready.” Mr. Kaplan encouraged, well aware of Ponte’s anxiousness.

    “Okay…” Ponte said, looking to the stands for encouragement.

    “Go for it Ponte!” several people, including Kale, Keith, and the others, cheered, inspiring him and boosting his confidence. Ponte pulled out his styler,

    “Capture… ON!” Ponte shouted, pushing the trigger and releasing his capture disk. It couldn’t have been too different from any other capture they’ve done before, right?

    But no, this was far different than before. The Monferno eyed the disk as it curved towards it. And then, in one swift stroke, it swatted the disk away, sending it flying and rolling back to Ponte, where it landed a foot short of him. Ponte looked over to Mr. Kaplan.

    “Go on, pick it up and try again.” He ordered. Max stepped over and crouched down to pick up his capture disk. He looked up again and saw the Monferno up close, its coal-black eyes so close Ponte could almost see fires within. It took three seconds for Ponte to realize what happened, and four for the pain to become real. Ponte crumpled to the ground writhing in pain, his hands cupping the epicenter of the pain, making a weak cry that sounded like a cross between an animal whimper and a girl squeal, this was what set off the laughter, a roaring thunder of roaring of giggles and howls over the poor suffering of Ponte.

    “Ferno…” The Monferno smugly withdrew his paw and dusted it off, then glared at the stands, daring the others to follow Ponte’s example, all laughing immediately ceased. Mr. Kaplan took this opportunity to run over, scoop up Ponte, and carry him back over to the stands.

    “Do you need some ice for that? Do you need to sit the rest of the class out?” He asked, genuinely concerned about Ponte’s wellbeing.

    “I… just need to lie down…” Ponte managed to squeak, slumping over onto the stands and closing his eyes.

    “As long as you’re in one piece… Right, now who’s next?” Mr. Kaplan asked, pulling out the register. People shifted nervously in their seats, these were the people who’s last names also were early on in the alphabet, the ones that would have to face the Monferno next, with the entire class and the Pikachu there as a spectator.

    “Alright, can Raphael Allen come to the stage?” Mr. Kaplan asked, the man who was almost in his twenties advanced with confidence and believed he could break through Ponte’s spell. He took his place and released his styler, taking more care to try and keep his distance around the Monferno. After a feeling of hope, after finally completing the circle around the Monferno, it stole away his false hope by quickly leaping towards the ring and smashing through it. The light of light shattered and the capture disk was left trying to re-circle an empty area. Raphael, still with the momentum, redirected the disk and tried to envelop the Monferno again, but making the mistake of getting the capture disk too close. The Monferno once again knocked it away with a single swat. Raphael immediately ran towards the disk to catch it quickly. As soon as he had it though he fell forward and felt one of his legs being lifted upwards. Before he had the chance to struggle, the Monferno tugged hard and dragged Raphael across the floor, it whirled around several times, picking up its own momentum and causing Raphael to rise from the ground.

    “Monfer… NO!” it shouted, and then it released and threw Raphael like a throwing hammer. He flew into the back wall and smashed into it with his shoulder, he then dropped to the ground head first, and then fell backwards, he groaned, lifted himself from the ground, and stumbled his way back to the stands.

    “Do you want to try again?” Mr. Kaplan asked,

    “When… everything stops spinning…” Raphael responded, people were not too joyful to watch him submit, after putting up such a fight.

    “Alright, then let’s have Rachel Belkin go next.” And thus the cycle continued once again. For every person came to the field to try to capture the vicious monkey, another person got beaten into submission, one way or another. Mr. Kaplan went through the register one by one, each person risking injury at the hands of the Monferno. Rhythmi got punched in the stomach, Vatona got thrown in a similar way to Raphael, except she grazed her arm on the arena floor instead of slamming a wall, and Nage took a flamethrower to the face, he walked back to the stands with soot on his face and a small blaze in his hair, extinguished by courtesy of Kale.

    “Okay, our next one will be Kale-“ Mr. Kaplan started to say, but the lunch bell chose this precise moment ring throughout the school. “… After lunch. Hopefully there is someone who can break through the iron will of this Monferno.” Mr. Kaplan finished. The Monferno quickly returned to the hole from which it came, the Pikachu too took off for its own den in one of the doors on the far side of the room. All of the students stood up and evacuated out of the field building and returned to the main building for the midday meal.

    “What is he trying to do, kill us?!” Nage complained, wiping off the last of the soot on his face with a napkin. “I mean, seriously, what is that Monferno’s problem?”

    “I’m surprised the school would even be allowed to keep such a thing. Let alone use it in a class.” Vatona agreed, rubbing her graze with a wet-wipe.

    “Come’on, Mr. Kaplan wouldn’t put us in any real danger.” Kale insisted,

    “You haven’t… had your specials… smashed yet” Ponte insisted, his voice still a few notes higher than it should be.

    “Exactly, you still have to get cooked out on the arena.” Nage pointed out,

    “Look, I know Monferno’s tough, but it’s obvious that there’s a catch.” Rhythmi suggested,

    “It keeps moving or attacking the capture disk though. You’d have to tie that thing up to even stand a chance.” Vatona mused.

    “That thing is too dangerous to even get close to, what is there to pin it down with?” Max argued.

    “Is something happening in the class?” a voice asked, all heads turned to see Isaac sitting on the opposite side of Kale, he slightly shrunk away from their gazes.

    “Yeah, this strong Monferno ‘as been cookin’ everyone out on the arena floor, and we gotta’ capture it some’ow.” Kale explained, acting quick before an awkward silence could take place. Nage, Vatona, and Ponte were still surprised to see Isaac there, and looked amongst each other. Rhythmi looked at Kale, and saw the look in his eyes; he was staging this to bring Isaac into their fold.

    “We think there’s a technique or trick to doing it, but we’re not able to figure out what it is. Do you have an idea Isaac?” Rhythmi explained,

    “Well, Monferno is a fast and powerful Pokémon.” Isaac explained, delving into the archives that are within his head. “It is known to naturally be very territorial, attacking any unwanted intruders within the radii of its territory. It rarely does any serious harm though, Monferno would rather throw the intruder out with an injury to remind the unwanted individual to stay out.”

    “It did that rather well with me…” Ponte muttered.

    “Now, like all angered Pokémon, a territorial Monferno would not react well to the capture disk, they would see it as a threat and try to avoid or attack it.”

    “Sounds like our Monferno.” Nage commented,

    “Even if you could prevent it from that, the capture still wouldn’t work. Because the Pokémon is resisting the styler, it is able to put up a mental wall that resists it from the effects of the styler, thus rendering it almost useless.”

    “Hey! That’s exactly what Ms. April was talking about yesterday.” Rhythmi recalled,

    “That helps nothing!” Nage exclaimed, “If our stylers don’t work at all, then there’s no way to capture that Monferno!”

    “I said almost, meaning it is still very possible. You just have to bring down its defenses.”

    “Sure, don’t mind me over here.” A voice interrupted, Keith was sitting on the opposite side of the table, a tray of food and a newspaper in his hands.

    “How long were you sitting there?” Vatona asked, not noticing Keith just opposite of her until now.

    “About a year, give or take.” Keith answered sarcastically, “anyway, just got the newest weekly edition of the Almia Times, and check out the cover story.” Keith opened up the paper and tossed it into the middle of the table. Rhythmi shifted the paper towards her and began to read it out loud.

    “A Clean Energy to Replace Oil for Almia’s Future” Rhythmi announced, pausing before moving on to the body article,

    “Yesterday, on the Blake Hall of Altru Incorporated made an announcement in Pueltown that the company was now working on a new, clean, cheap, and bountiful energy to replace oil, which has been Almia and Altru’s major export for more than eighty years.
    “This new source of energy has always been amongst us,” Blake said in his speech, “We’ve just never realized what we could use it for.”
    Blake Hall is the third leader of the family-run business, succeeding his father, Brighton Hall after his disappearance 25 years ago. Altru’s wealth increased greatly, and Blake continued to expand the company, opening several branches across the globe, including the newly discovered well in the Orre Region. This announcement has received much public approval, although environmentalists that have opposed Altru for many years are still skeptical,
    “Blake’s promises are incredible, impossible even.” A representative from the Green Globe environmental movement said in an interview after the speech, “He claims he can solve all of our issues with one single source of energy we’ve never seen before. However, without proof of even the existence of such an energy, Blake’s claims still very hard to believe.”
    “His new energy is very much true,” Conner Wheeler, a representative of Altru Inc also spoke in an interview, “This energy is a difficult energy to handle, but it can be used. The research into the uses of this energy will be time consuming, but it can be done. We have a goal to open this energy to the public in three years time, on the 100th anniversary of Altru Incorporated.”
    No comment was received from the nearby Ranger Union, Headquarters of the Pokémon Rangers, who is rumored to still be in a feud with Altru after an oil spill in the Puel Sea that threatened Pokémon habitats and caused the death of several Remoraid three years ago. Altru cultivated Altru Park in front of their own building to show their consideration for the well being of Pokémon after this incident, though the Rangers were reluctant to forgive. If Altru Inc can truly harness an energy to replace oil altogether, then Almia will never be the same again.”

    “Yep, that’s definitely big.” Nage commented,

    “What sort of energy could be so powerful to replace oil? It sounds quite powerful.” Ponte questioned,

    “It could be a scam; get us riled up an’ excited, then say it’s solar power or somethin’” Kale commented,

    “That’s a little cold to Altru don’t you think Kale? You’re going to make Blake cry.” Keith joked,

    “You really don’t like Altru?” Rhythmi asked, Kale averted his gaze and shifted uncomfortably but didn’t reply. Somehow, Rhythmi knew this was a touchy subject, and decided to leave it.

    “So, what have you guys been doing without me?” Keith asked,

    “Trying to figure out how to capture that Monferno, so far we just made it worse.” Nage complained,

    “Isaac said that we ‘ad to take down its mental blocks or somethin’.” Kale explained, Keith raised an eyebrow and cocked his head.

    “Really Kale?” Keith asked, with a heavy sarcastic tone, “you really have forgotten?”

    “Forgotten what?” Kale asked, a bit surprised that Keith would be the one to remember a class that even Rhythmi didn’t recall.

    “I showed you, remember?” Keith said, but nothing more escaped his mouth as the bell then rang once again, and they all were sent back to the capture arena.

    “I hope you’re fueled and ready.” Mr. Kaplan began as everyone settled back in on the stands, “Because there are still plenty of you to face the power of the savage Monferno, and all of you seem very eager to succeed” They were all actually terrified. “Now I believe Kale was to go right before we stopped, so lets see if he can tame the beast, or die trying.” Mr. Kaplan joked, then pressed the button on the control panel. Almost immediately, the Monferno leapt out from the trapdoor, then exhaled a large burst of flames from its mouth, causing a large fireball to form right above it, with streams of fire streaking down to the ground in an impressive display. It then glared at Kale and exhaled smoke from its nostrils. In a less thrilling entrance, the Pikachu scampered out and hopped to the edge of the arena.

    “Whenever you’re ready Kale… though I wouldn’t suggest keeping Charcoal waiting too long” Mr. Kaplan said, waiting patiently for Kale to make his move. Kale hesitated, he still had Isaac’s explanation in mind, but it didn’t help much, since he was interrupted by Keith’s entrance. The Monferno looked at him with a devilish grin, probably thinking of a new way to send Kale back to the stands in disgrace. Kale shifted his eyes to the Pikachu, who was curling up on the edge of the arena. Why was it sent up to the field too? Come to think of it, the Pikachu was always there, watching each person get hopelessly beaten by the fury of this fire-fighting monkey; why, was it needed for this?

    “I showed you, remember?” Keith’s words echoed through Kale’s head, Kale thought back to the first day, just over a month ago now, when Keith used two Budew to take down a Poliwhirl, that probably would have doomed them given the chance. Kale put that situation into this one, could it really be the same? It was worth the shot.

    “Capture, on!” Kale shouted, aiming his styler and shooting it just as he did that morning. The disk landed on the ground and began to gain speed as it tore down its path towards the two Pokémon, Monferno moved away from it as it usually did, but Kale wasn’t aiming for the monkey. The disk instead made its circle around the Pikachu, whose head shot up as it saw the disk curve around it. The look on its face however as the disk’s ring began to close in on it was not one of surprise, it was one of anticipation. Mr. Kaplan himself smiled as he saw Kale making the change in targets. This was all the information Kale needed; he knew he was on the right track now. The ring finally disappeared into Pikachu, completing the capture, and the disk shot back to Kale who caught with his foot. “Capture complete.” Kale then turned his attention to the Monferno, who was already making its attack. Its right paw began to glow a burning orange, with a heat haze streaming off of its curled fist: the Monferno was going to hit Kale with a fire punch. Without giving Kale a chance to move, it dashed up to him, and jumped up so that it was only a foot away from his face, ready to rearrange it with its flaming fingers. Before it could make contact however, a third figure entered the scene. Coming between Kale and Monferno, the Pikachu quickly swung its bolt-shaped tail and whacked Monferno’s fist aside with its Tail Whip. Both Pokémon spiraled away from the young Ranger and stopped two meters apart from each other, staring each other down. Monferno raised its fists and adopted a fighting stance, Pikachu crouched low on all fours, and let a few electric sparks fly from its red cheek pouches. The crowd of students only now realized what Kale was doing, apart from Keith and Isaac of course. The capture had turned into a traditional Pokémon battle.

    Kale took this pause in the combat to think about what moves Pikachu had, recalling a trainer who once left a Pikachu in his care back in the ranch. Kale assumed that this Pikachu wasn’t a top-class battler, so it most likely had the generic moves a Pikachu in the wild would usually have. That included moves like Thundershock, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, or…

    “Pikachu! Use Slam!” Kale ordered, the Pikachu made dash for the Monferno, driving its shoulder into the Monferno’s chest in a full-body tackle. The Monferno quickly stood up after the impact and inhaled deeply, exhaling with a sharp stream of orange flames. “Dodge, an’ follow up with a Quick Attack!” The Pikachu dived and rolled out of the way of the flames. As soon as it was back on its feet, it began to sprint in a full circle around the arena, dodging flames from Monferno’s attacks as it went. By the time it nearly completed a lap around the arena, it was going so fast, it could change its path in a blink of an eye. Using this speed to its advantage, it suddenly changed course and ran head on into Monferno, hitting him in the same spot as before. Pikachu jumped backwards and landed on its feet
    “Now use Thundershock!” Kale shouted,

    “Pika…” the Pikachu murmured, the sparks from its pouches began to crackle intensely, sending bolts coursing through its yellow fur. “CHUUUUUUUUU!” It shouted, as it unleashed its electricity in a single, massive bolt that arced and struck the Monferno. It jerked uncontrollably in seizure as the volts coursed through its body. Finally, when the Mouse Pokémon stopped sending the voltage, the Monkey Pokémon collapsed and was struggling to get up.

    “Pi! Pikachu!” it shouted to Kale: there was only one thing it could be saying at this point. Monferno was weakened, and it was no longer in a condition to resist Kale’s attempts to capture, it was time to finish this capture challenge.

    “Capture, on!” Kale shouted, launching his capture disk once more. This time, it had the Monferno in its ring. Monferno could do nothing to stop Kale; it was barely able to push itself up, let alone move faster than the ring could. All it could do now was give in and allow Kale to complete the capture.

    “Capture complete.” Kale finished, grabbing the disk in mid-spin with his palm.

    “And wehave a new champion!” Mr. Kaplan applauded. Everyone else on the stands did the same and cheered for Kale’s success. As far as Kale could see, the only person who wasn’t absolutely happy was Keith. Though then again, Kale did steal the thunder from him, when he knew what to do the whole time. Better make sure he gets recognition later. A tug on his trousers caused Kale to look down, Charcoal the Monferno was there, apparently already recovered from its injuries, and extended a hand up towards Kale. Kale took the monkey’s paw and shook it firmly, a friendly gesture. Charcoal then turned to the Pikachu and the two also had a handshake, the air around them told that they were long-time rivals.

    “Now, allow me to explain the principals of this now that Kale has been able to show you first hand.” Mr. Kaplan began as Kale returned to the stands. “What we have just seen was an agitated Pokémon. Usually, a styler can work to maximum potential to capture a Pokémon that is not focused on the Ranger. However, in many cases in Ranger missions, or even anywhere on the field, the Pokémon can act viciously towards the intruding ranger, blocking off its mind to the effects of the styler, and actively fighting against the Ranger. When this happens, and you need to capture the Pokémon for treatment or similar reasons, then that is when you have to resort to subduing the Pokémon for its own good. Pokémon battle in the wild all the time, so it would be no cruelty to call on the help of other Pokémon in the area, or even your own Pokémon, to battle the dangerous Pokémon to weaken it, allowing for a capture to be made much easier, nonetheless safer, for the Ranger. Of course, you don’t want to faint them, unless the situation called for it.” Mr. Kaplan finished explaining, then paused slightly before continuing. “For now though, let’s just work with what we have, so lets have Gabriel Narctus take the field.”

    The next few rounds went by without as much incident as that morning, the next batch of people that went completed it with little incident, now that they knew the trick. Each time, a small battle occurred between Charcoal and the Pikachu, it was starting to become apparent that the battle was partially staged, as Charcoal went down fairly easy and the Pikachu didn’t seem to be attacking that hard. Understandable if they’ve been trained to do this every year.

    “And now, Keith looks eager to go, so time for him to get his turn.”

    “Finally! Time to capture some monkey!” Keith shouted as he bolted towards his place with his styler ready. Mr. Kaplan and Charcoal looked each other, an exchange of looks and a small smile being their conversation.

    “I bet you’ve been eager to do this all day Keith, well your moment has come. So now let’s kick things up a notch, Charcoal’s done with being easy.” Mr. Kaplan said. Right away, the Monferno’s tail began to blaze brightly, and he rolled forward, the tail-flame continued to grow and form a rapidly growing ring of fire as the Monferno charged Keith with its Flame Wheel.

    “That was easy!?” Ponte shouted, those were the last words Keith heard before he was blown away by the impact, slipping slowly into unconsciousness.
  10. Now this is interesting. Your lessons acknowledge the fact that battling is natural, implying Pokeballs are not. I think this is very interesting. Now, on the limit of friend Pokemon with a Ranger, is this imposed by a rule, skill level, or something else?
  11. Sooo sorry for the delay on this one. I had SAT and other exam-related stuff this month. So I had to cut off on all my story related works until I was done with it. Now that the exams are done, I was able to dedicate the last week to finishing up with a new chapter. Originally, this was going to be just the first half of one chapter, but then I realized that what would have been only the half-point of a chapter took up the space of a chapter. So I decided to separate them and present them as two different chapters, with direct relation to one another. I'll see to getting the other chapter done ASAP, hopefully before the end-of-June deadline, then I'll be back on track with my pattern, and might even have time to use the Summer to speed up my progress. Until then, just enjoy this new shiny chapter of...

    [shadow=green,left]Ranger Diaries[/shadow]​
    Episode 4: A Friend in Need is a Ranger Indeed / The Morning Mile! Crawford’s Visitors!

    A fierce storm blew around Keith as he gazed upon what was looming in the distance. A huge machine with sparks of power siphoning off all around. Men with blue pirate bandanas looked ants swarming the machine as they guarded it from any attacker, human and Pokémon alike. Keith stood on the edge of a huge cliff, overlooking the huge menace that was about to destroy half of the planet. All around him, Pokémon were fleeing on the wind, sea, and land in hopes of escaping the impending doom. A fierce roar of a Pokémon from within the huge machine told Keith that the Kyogre was in pain within, and his cries caused the rain to pelt down harder, causing the heavy drumming of raindrops to splash harder.

    Keith had his thoughts interrupted by the beep of the communicator on his fine styler, repetitively beeping its small jingle. He brought the wrist-bound styler to his face, and pressed a button to begin the communication.

    “Union to Keith, Union to Keith, come in Keith” the voice of the female operator called, Keith could barely hear the voice over the sounds of the roaring waves as they echoed from far below and clung to his ears.

    “This is Top Ranger Keith, I hear you Rhythmi.” Keith spoke into the communicator. ”I found Team Aqua’s device, Kyogre is definitely inside, and we’re going to be in very hot water if we can’ get him out. How’s Kale doing?”

    “Kale’s just been captured, they discovered him undercover and now he’s being held hostage. We can’t send in any more help or they’ll kill him. They don’t know you’re there however, so we still have a chance. Keith… it’s all up to you.”

    “Don’t worry Rhythmi, I got this.” Keith replied, cutting the communication. On cue, a fierce roar echoed throughout the cove and beyond. From the skies above, a huge green snaked its way down from the skies. The Rayquaza spiraled downwards as it drew closer to the machine, it made a pass and came close to where Keith was; now was his chance.

    “Capture on!” Keith shouted as he launched his capture disk at the giant dragon. The disk hovered as it flew around Rayquaza’s head and formed the capture ring. Almost instantly, the ring closed around the dragon, completing the capture.

    “Capture complete” Keith finished, catching the capture disk in mid-air with his hand. He then made a running jump and landed on the back of the fierce dragon, some distance away from the creature’s head. Keith yelled out to make sure that the Rayquaza was listening to him,

    “We need to get close to that machine and shut it down, you think you can handle it?” Keith shouted, the Rayquaza roared in response, and made a dive towards the ground. From a low altitude, the Rayquaza swerved and raced towards the machine, casting a shadow over the few Pokémon left on the beach. The Team Aqua guards saw the huge beast approaching, and took quick measures to stop it. They called out a giant swarm of perhaps hundreds of Golbats that formed a thick cloud in front of them. The Bat Pokémon swarm began to draw closer, with wings beating with the strength of bass strums, fangs at the ready to try and stop this threat in its tracks. Without needing orders, the Rayquaza curved upwards into the sky, with the Golbat hot on his tail. As it climbed, the Rayquaza growled and opened its maw. An orange orb of energy formed and expanded in its jaws. Turning sharply, the Rayquaza aimed its jaws at the swarm and roared. The orb exploded into a massive hyper beam with a deafening sound like a heavy guitar, that cut through the Golbat and forced them to scatter, leaving the path to the machine base open. The beam continued its destructive path however, and like a meteor from the sky, crashed into the base, causing a gaping hole to appear that exposed hallways within

    The perfect infiltration point.

    Keith watched people moving through the exposed halls began to increase in size as Rayquaza drew closer. A man with a black suit and blue pirate bandana was leading a trio of his pirate minions who in turn were dragging an unconscious boy down the hall. They paused for a minute while the man in front, a ruthless fanatic Keith knew to be Archie of Team Aqua, berated the guards a bit, and then grabbed the captive by the chin, shouting something into his face. Keith then saw Kale’s badly beaten face on the captive. This was his chance to take the leader in and save Kale.

    “Get as close as you can Rayquaza!” Keith yelled, barely audible as the storm around them worsened sounding like the heavy beating of drums Rayquaza heard him just fine though, and responded with a sharpened plunge, going headfirst into the base. At the last second however, his head slowed and curved, and the rest of his body followed, the large dragon slowed to almost a complete stop in less than a second, giving Keith an easy jump down through the gap. Keith did just that; pushing himself off the back of the Rayquaza, and plummeting through the fierce crescendo shout of winds and towards the –

    “OOF!” Kale shouted as Keith’s sleeping mass rolled off the bed and crashed down on his head.

    “Wa-wha?” Keith groaned, as his dream faded and was replaced by the slowly returning reality of the dormitories.

    “Keith… so it was you jus’ then” Kale muttered as he realized what had come crashing down on top of him.

    “Great… that was such a cool dream too…” Keith complained to himself, as he realized that the entire mission was nothing but a dream.

    “Keith, I though’ ya left already.” Kale said from under Keith’s back. Keith rolled over and released Kale from his weight.

    “Left? Me? Of course not, I already made it clear I wouldn’t quit, how could you possibly say that?” Keith demanded, completely missing the point of Kale’s comment.

    “Not the school Keith,” Kale corrected, “On the mornin’ run. Ever’body else already left.” Keith suddenly remembered the previous day,

    “I thought you were going to wake me!” Keith shouted, scrambling to the small wardrobe the two of them shared to get his uniform.

    “I thought ya were the one who ‘as goin’ to wake me!” Kale answered back, resuming in getting himself dressed.

    “Well now we’re both late, so I say it’s your fault, because you know that Ms. Claire doesn’t like me at all.”

    “But didn’t ya say to leave it to ya?” Kale asked, Keith looked back at Kale in shock,

    “You-you saw my dream?” Keith stammered,

    “Heard it, kinda. I thought it was Raphael’s music player; sounded a bit like that ‘eavy metal song he was playin’ last night.” Kale explained. Keith fell silent as he slowly counted the number of song references that showed up in his dream. Suddenly, the dream wasn’t so cool after that.

    “Great, the class is probably miles ahead now.” Rhythmi vented. It was early dawn, and the sky was a light shade of purple as the sun slowly rose, hidden from the group by the trees around them. Dawn fog hung lazily near the ground, like congealed water. Rhythmi, Nage, Vatona, Isaac, and Ponte were all gathered on the beaten forest path; having long lost the rest of the class after Ponte tripped and forced them to stay behind. The class pushed on ahead without them, completely unaware to their calls for help, what a considerate group of classmates they had.

    “Sorry… this is my fault.” Ponte admitted, clutching his knee in pain from the small gash that tore part of his knee open.

    “Don’t blame yourself, the same thing would have happened if I tripped.” Isaac comforted,

    “Well it’s too late to catch them up now, we should just take it slow, we have an excuse if we’re late after all.” Vatona said,

    “Still, how could even Keith and Kale run off on us like that!? Of all people!” Rhythmi shouted,

    “Who’s run off on you? We can run him down bring him back if you want?” Keith asked, coming up from behind and giving Rhythmi a fright.

    “Keith! What the? Didn’t you run off ahead ages ago?” Rhythmi shouted, not at all happy to see Keith’s huge grin.

    “We ‘ere sleepin’ the whole time” Kale explained as he and Keith rejoined the group, “Didn’t anybody notice?”

    “Ms. Claire assumed you guys ran off ahead early. So did we.” Nage explained,

    “And ya didn’t bother to check?” Kale asked,

    “… not really.” Ponte admitted.

    “It can’t be helped. Hey Ponte, can you stand or do you need a hand?” Keith asked, grabbing Ponte’s arm and slinging it over his shoulder then began dragging him along.

    “That’s not exactly going to help him much.” Rhythmi said, Keith ignored her and continued down the path with Ponte floating along beside him. Nage went over and picked up a pile of large books in both of his hands, promptly dropping one of them immediately. Kale picked it up and studied the title.

    “Styler Engineering… I didn’t know you ‘ere interested in bein’ a mechanic” Kale said,

    “I’m just testing the waters really,” Nage explained, taking the book back from Kale and placing it snugly under his armpit, “I never really decided if I wanted to be a ranger, operator, or mechanic after this… I already ruled the operator out.”

    “And ya need to take five giant books out on a ten-mile run why?” Kale asked,

    “Oh the other ones? Those are Vatona’s, she was studying them in the library all night” Nage explained, Kale looked over to see Vatona start running, carrying nothing at all.

    “Ya take a lot ‘a punishment Nage, ya know that.” Kale commented,

    “Ponte takes worse, that’s enough to make me feel better.” Nage started to run, but dropped two books right away. Kale picked them up and ran ahead before Nage could object.

    The cross-country went on. The group followed the beaten path through the forest for nearly an hour. The sun slowly rose and turned the dark sky into a continually lighter blue. The early morning fog was thick around them, and made it hard to see far in front of them.

    “How much further guys, you sure this is just fifteen miles?” Keith panted, still carrying the brunt of Ponte’s weight over his shoulder. It was aching heavily now, so Keith stopped to swap shoulders.

    “Actually, it’s meant to be a thirty mile run.” Ponte said, Keith snapped his head and glared.

    “Twenty miles,” Vatona saved, protecting Ponte from the consequences of mishearing. Keith relaxed a bit, but not much.

    “We’ve been carrying Ponte for probably only four miles, we haven’t exactly been going very fast at all.” Rhythmi admitted, Isaac inhaled, took a second to calculate in his head, then spoke,

    “We’ve been going at 4 miles an hour, the rest of the class was going at about 7 miles an hour before we were separated, that’s probably dropped before long from the majority reaching exhaustion to about 5 miles an hour, which means-“

    “We’re never going to catch up at this rate, they” Keith finished, dropping Ponte on the floor, leaving him whimpering as he curled up and cradled his leg, The sound of leaves rustling were hidden unknowingly by his cries.

    “It ain’t that bad, Ponte ‘ad an accident, we slowed down for ‘im, it should all be A-OK.” Kale encouraged,

    “Ms. Claire isn’t exactly one for sympathy, remember what she did when Rachel faked a broken wrist on the obstacle course?” Nage pointed out, “She made Rachel do the entire course three times without a break. That nearly did break her wrist.” Everyone looked over to Ponte, more specifically, his knee, where the wound sat hidden by his trousers. To be honest, it didn’t look that bad at all, despite Ponte’s protests. Ms. Claire wasn’t one for sympathy of the mildly wounded, they all knew that.

    “Okay, that’s out the window. And the more we hang around, the faster we have to run to catch up in time.” Keith pointed out,

    “We might be able to, but Ponte ‘ould never be able to keep up,” Kale said,

    “I hope you’re not planning to ditch him,” Nage cut in,

    “No, course not. “ Kale answered, pausing to look into further options, “how about we try findin’ a shortcut?”

    “Now you’re finally putting your heads together, you kids deserve a medal,” a foreign voice shouted around the group.

    “Who was that?” Keith shouted, looking all around him, trying to find the source of the voice.

    “Right up here Rook Rangers!” the voice called, everyone looked up to see a figure jump from one of the trees above them. The pale man was in his late twenties and sported a thick, brown, fuzzy mass of hair on his head. “The name’s Crawford. And I’m the sheriff in this neighborhood.” He stood up straight and everyone was now able to see how tall he was, towering above them all at just under seven feet, above that when his afro was included. He wore hiking boots with a white, red, and black color scheme, black gloves, black trousers that were rolled up to his calves to show the yellow fabric underneath, black and white t-shirt with a red waistcoat, and a red belt that fastened the shirt and pants together, and also held the clip for the red and white pouch that anybody with a good head on their shoulders would know to hold a Ranger’s Capture Styler.

    “A Pokémon ranger!” Keith gasped, still trying to register exactly what was happening,

    “Please, please, hold back the applause, there’s plenty enough of Crawford to go around.” The ranger assured,

    “You’re one of the rangers from Vientown!” Isaac said, recognizing the ranger immediately,

    “Would you look at that: Isaac, The resident genius of Puel Town” Crawford said back, recognizing the blonde mushroom upon laying eyes upon it.

    “Ya must be on patrol then,” Kale said,

    “That’s true, I drew the dawn patrol today, and I’m not getting mercy from it.” Crawford said, “And you must be on the dawn marathon, the rest of your class passed by here about half an hour ago.”

    “That’s actually not as far as Isaac calculated,” Vatona said to herself,

    “Though you may be lucky for now, if I know Ms. Claire well, then she’ll whip the whole class back in line and have them sprinting until they’re beyond dead.” Crawford continued, “And Lady Luck took sympathy and decided to send me, of all people, your way. Because I have a history of manipulating this event.”

    “You went to the Ranger School then?” Nage asked,

    “Several years ago, yes I did, and I know all the shortcuts on this course. For example,” Crawford turned and pointed down the path they just ran down, “If you head back up that path, you’ll reach a fork in the road, which I’m sure you passed five minutes ago, if you take a sharp right and cut through the trees there, you’ll eventually come out on the running path and shave off a good four miles.”

    “Shortcut! Yes!” Ponte shouted, leaping to his feet and forgetting about the pain in his knee, for a second at least. Ponte refused to give in to the pain though, and lifted his leg up to his chest, and began hopping on his way.

    “Persistence…” Isaac said, and then helped support Ponte before he could fall over.

    “Are we really going to play dirty and…” Rhythmi tried to reason, “… never mind” she caved, and then followed the duo,

    “Thanks for the help Ranger,” Kale said,

    “My humble pleasure. Just don’t tell anyone, about our encounter or the shortcut or anything, especially Ms. April or Ms Claire. That place has been a hidden shortcut for years and it has the right to stay that way-” Keith immediately took Crawford’s hand and shook it violently,

    “YessirRangersir!” Keith said so quickly that the words made almost no sense, “Ipromisethatwhateverhappensnothingwilleverhappens!NotMs.AprilnotMs.Clairenotanyo-“

    “Excellent! Now use some of that endless energy and get your legs moving!” Crawford barked,

    “Yessir Ranger Sir!” Keith drilled, then tore off down the path,

    “Your friend has a lot of energy, you should tie him to a hamster wheel and put Altru out of business.” Crawford commented,

    “Believe me, some have tried,” Nage said, recalling a particular event of the past.

    “You guys better get moving too, otherwise you’ll be late anyway.”

    “Alright, thank you! Bye,” Kale, Nage, and Vatona said, before following the rest of them back down the path.

    “We’ll meet again soon, that I guarantee…” Crawford whispered to himself, as he continued his patrol.

    “This must be it.” Nage said, pushing through the shrubbery at the spot Crawford indicated.

    “Just cut through here and we’ll be able to catch up.” Vatona said, going first into the forest and started to walk down the narrow path created by dirt, everyone followed in single file.

    “That was so COOL! A real ranger! Right out of the blue!” Keith squealed, “Oh man! I should have gotten his autograph! Or maybe a signed photo! Or even-“

    “He’s not a Top Ranger or anything Keith!” Rhythmi interrupted, punching a hole into Keith’s train of thought,

    “Besides, he’s not the only ranger that patrols here,” Isaac explained, “he’s part of a four-man team stationed at Vientown; largest number in one place apart from the Union itself.”

    “Still, what are the odds of one popping up like that?” Keith asked, “and even giving us this shortcut?”

    “Given his history, not that surprising,” Nage admitted,

    “He’s still a Ranger, one who passed the challenges ‘head of us.” Kale pointed out,

    “Or cut corners around them,” Ponte suggested, “I still like him though.”

    “Looks like this is where the path resumes,” Vatona announced, stepping out back onto the large path that paved their run. It didn’t look very different at all from the path they just left.

    “Do you think we’re closer to the group now?” Nage asked,

    “Gotta be, we ‘eren’t too far before, they must ‘ave passed through ‘ere.” Kale replied,

    “Could they have taken a different path, or could we actually be ahead?” Ponte questioned, on the verge of worry of being lost

    “Hold your Ponytas Ponte,” Keith hushed, the sound of footsteps began to echo through the autumn fog around them, “Because we have company,” two figures began to emerge from the fog on the path ahead of them,

    “Ms. Claire just noticed you were missing, you owe some of us for keeping that hidden for so long.” Gabriel grunted, the grown man wasn’t overly fond of the young group.

    “She just sent us to round you kids up and haul you back up.” Joanne; a fit young woman with a rough attitude and generally wasn’t liked by, well, anyone.

    “Just?” Rhythmi repeated, “Did you just start searching?”

    “Yeah,” Gabriel answered, turning to lead the group back down the path he came from, “The group stopped just around the next bend.”

    “Well you didn’t take long at all. Where did you find these young ones?” Ms. Claire asked, her voice curling on the verge of a demand. The Physical Education Teacher was standing firm as the rest of the class flopped down and relaxed on the edges of the trail, many of which were injured one way or another, and each had their own way of expressing their wounds

    “They were right behind us actually, we could have waited and they would have gotten here in no time,” Gabriel admitted,

    “Yeah, exactly, did you really think we would have slacked off on that?” Keith demanded,

    “Interesting Keith, because I was told that you and Kale ran off ahead of us, and yet here you are at the back of the pack all of a sudden, how might that have happened?”

    “Well… we were actually-“ Keith started to explain, about to throw in one of his exaggerated excuses.

    “Ow,” Ponte cringed, falling to cradle his knee as he began to notice the pain of his injury once again.

    “Great… did a Buneary trip you up too? Well sorry, it was scared off ages ago!”

    “Hey! Ponte tripped over a tree root miles back.” Isaac defended,

    “Yeah, but he bit back and kep’ runnin’, he ain’t forgivin’ ‘imself for slowin’ us down for a second.” Kale backed, Ponte’s cheeks reddened from the support. Without saying anything, Ms. Claire suddenly pushed Ponte backwards, so that he rolled off his feet and onto his bottom, she then practically tore off his trouser leg to see the scar on Ponte’s leg. Sitting just under the knee, the wound had healed slightly, and a dark-red scab had formed over where his blood had leaked prior. She paused there, hidden from everyone else, a small smile forming on her lips. She then stood up and yanked Ponte up with her.

    “It probably wasn’t convincing enough,” Keith whispered,

    “She isn’t about to humiliate him in front of everyone like she did with Rachel, is she?” Isaac asked, nobody needed to answer, as Ms. Claire’s voice suddenly boomed all around, bringing all attention to her and the rose-faced Ponte trapped in her arm.

    “Class, I want you to listen to me, and listen well! Because we are already falling behind schedule because of you couldn’t handle a Buneary hopping around your feet.”

    “I told her it was a root,” Isaac muttered,

    “Wait, somehow I don’t think that’s it.” Rhythmi whispered,

    “I’m going to come clean and say it, that is pathetic you. I’ve seen people like you tripping each other up for fun, and you get all serious on me when a rabbit about a fifth your size plays the same game and accidentally breaks a fingernail? That’s just pathetic. In fact, the only reason I didn’t throw the towel on you runts is because there is still hope for some of you yet! Like Ponte here.”

    “Waitwha-?” Keith blurted out, everybody looked at each other with surprised gazes, suddenly seeing the announcement taking an unexpected turn. Ponte was already a deep shade of red, a change from humiliation to shock, and slowly to embarrassing flattery.

    “Look at Ponte’s knee. A proper injury that is more worth stopping for than your broken fingernails or brush-grazes. And he didn’t whine one bit about it. He just got back up and kept on running, like a real fighter would! This is the sort of physical determination a Ranger needs to last even two days out on a field, so you better learn by Ponte’s example pretty soon. Or you won’t be lasting much longer in my class!” Ms. Claire finally finished, and released Ponte from her iron grip. He stumbled back towards his friends, “Now, take a few minutes to stretch your legs, we got four more miles to cover. The longer we’re out here, the less time you have to rest before classes resume, so let’s be done by eight!”

    “It looks like Ponte finally comes out on top.” Nage admits as everyone around him warms up and stretches.

    “’e deserved it, like a sugar lump after a hard day o’ work, or couple ‘a months for Ponte” Kale said, looking over at the still mind-shocked Ponte. “Last thing ‘e saw comin’ eh?”

    “I still think we owe that Ranger something.” Keith insisted, keeping his voice down even though there was nobody else around bothered enough to pay attention.

    “Crawford does patrol around this spot, perhaps we might get the chance.” Isaac suggested,

    “I’m sure we will. I just know in my gut that we’re going to see him again.” Keith said, standing up as some of the other people did to resume the run. “By the way Ponte, I’m not carrying you anymore, you handled yourself well at that last leg.” Keith then took off, leaving Ponte to hop as quickly as he possibly could to keep up.

    I had fun with this chapter actually, the introduction part was pure gold for me to write, as cliche as it sounds. Hopefully I can write more awesomesauce scenes when the pace of the story picks up. I also love the character planning I have for Crawford, when he becomes more prominent later on, we are going to have some great fun.
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  12. Aw yeah, that is as awesome as I thought. The first scene was awesome! It's indeed 'pure gold' XP And I really love how Crawford shares some mysteries with the new generation of Rangers~ It makes you wonder what will he do in the... Oops, spoiler C:
    And I loooooooove the comparison between Keith and a hamster XD I still love it~
    Sooo.... Keep up the great job~ ♥
  13. "Hold your horses?" Shouldn't it be "Hold your Rapidash" or something? XD
  14. Nooo, it should have been "hold your ponytas", and that is what it is now.

    Thank you for pointing that out Secad, I am already starting to forget that this is the World of Pokemon, that's what happens when I have less pokemon and more human in these early chapters. Expect me to make similar mistakes in later chapters, and help me weed them out whenever they appear. Very much appreciated!
  15. Well, thank you for correcting it. It sounds much more, well, for the lack of a better word, natural now.

    Other sayings that need to have Pokemon could be:

    "With two shakes of a Mareep's tail."

    "Meowth got your tongue?"

    "Happy as a Clampearl!"

    "...eyes like a Staraptor."
  16. I recently bought Shadows of Almia, and have been enjoying it quite a bit, which led me to check this story out.

    This is a pretty awesome story. The test to capture Monferno, and Keith's dream at the beginning of the latest installment are my favorite parts, thus far.

    A couple things I'd like to point out:
    Either Ponte's a masochist, or you meant to say, "writhing in pain."

    Does this mean there's more than one Kyogre in your universe? Then again, I'm kinda new to the Ranger games, so maybe that's how that continuity works. I guess I'll find out...

    I love how you made use of some of minor characters from the game's "school arc," and I wonder if they'll play a bigger role as the story continues.

    Something I noticed is that, despite the fact that Kale is supposed to represent the player character, he doesn't really seem to have any more presence in the story, than say, Keith, but I find that to be an interesting move, as it gives equal focus to various characters.

    Anyway, I really hope you continue this.
  17. This is so much overdue. I have no real reason for the lateness of this, I was just so lazy. Also, when I wasn't, I was working on a redesign on some recent events I had planned, which I decided to save for the next chapter, so I had to work on something to replace it, and it fit in rather well. Anyway, it's just been finished and spellchecked, so I might as well put it up so that you can read Chapter 5 of...

    [shadow=green,left]Ranger Diaries[/shadow]​
    Episode 5: Rangers and You/ Outdoor Class! Crawford again!

    A week passed and classes continued in full swing. Now it was mid-November: dreary weather, bare trees, and the occasional frost. The weather, or whatever was controlling it, must have had a cruel sense of humor, teasing the entire school with all the conditions for snow but never actually letting it fall. The student numbers on the field gradually dropped in favor of staying indoors, but even the school was chilly in these winter days. Ms. April’s class held a chilly nip that was very alike to the cold that resided just outside, even with their full-body jumpsuits, they had a need for wooly jumpers and cups of hot cocoa on their desks. Ms April took to wearing a green coat and scarf that matched her shirt, and she traded in her white skirt for a long pair of pants to shelter her delicate legs. However, even with the additional layers, it was too late for her to fight the chills.

    “Good morning class, today we… excuse me…” Ms. April started, and then moved to her desk to pick up a box of tissues and wrestle one free from the box. “ACHOO!” she released, bringing the thin paper to her nose in time as her nose erupted in a sneeze. She quickly wiped her nose, curled up the tissue, and then dropped it in the wastebasket.

    “This is gettin’ painful. Why can’t she jus’ take a day off or somethin’?” Kale whispered,

    “Would you rather have Mr. Kincaid substitute? I sure don’t.” Keith whispered back.

    “Drop it Keith, and show some respect.” Rhythmi cut in,

    “Now, as I was... *sniffle* saying, we have a special activity today. We have a special guest with us today, who has come to allow you to have a Question and Answer session to learn more about the world of Pokémon Rangers.”

    “A special guest? Like a real ranger?” Rachel asked, prompting a very happy grin from Keith, but no words yet.

    “You’ll just have to see for yourself.” Ms. April answered cryptically, although the answer was already clear. “Now, even though it’s… ACHOO… cold out, we will be holding to the traditional Outdoor Class format, and will be hosting it… in Ascension Square by the pier. You have fifteen minutes to head up to your rooms to get extra layers, blankets, and hot drinks you may need, so hurry up. We don’t want to keep our guest waiting in the cold.” Everyone quickly dispersed from the classroom to head up to the dormitories and collect their layers.

    “I can’t believe it! A real ranger! Here at the school!” Keith squealed as he picked out a knitted coat from his drawer.

    “Glad to see ya’ so excited Keith” Kale commented, pulling a thick, old blanket from his suitcase.

    “You bet! I’ve been waiting for a day like this!” Keith said. He walked over to Kale with his coat in hand. “Could you hold this for a bit? I got some cocoa powder stored somewhere.”

    “No prob Keith,” Kale answered, taking the coat on top of his blanket

    “It’s pretty cool, even though we already met Crawford two weeks ago.” Nage responded, walking over to Kale with his own jacket, “please hold on to this for a moment, got some mugs and stuff in my bag.” Kale took the coat off of Nage’s hands and onto his.

    “Another encounter with our destinies will bring us light and hope as we push forward towards our goal!” Keith theatrically bellowed, almost prancing out of the room swinging his bag of powder packets in his hand.

    “Where’s Isaac? Shouldn’t ‘e be up ‘ere too?” Kale asked,

    “He got nabbed by Mr. Kincaid right before class, said he wanted to run some tests for something. Sounds like Isaac’s going to be absent all day.” Nage explained, as he reached into his own closet to find the mugs he was looking for,

    “Sucks, Bet ‘e would’ve liked to be ‘ere too” Kale said,

    “He’s a dedicated learner, whatever Mr. Kincaid is teaching him must be really tough. I’ve heard them talk once, made my head hurt. I’ve got a lot to learn if I even want to become close to being a good mechanic.” Nage said, pulling out a large bag. “Could you hold this for a moment while I get the mugs? They’re right at the back.” Kale took the bag in his hands over the coats and blanket, surprised at the weight of whatever was in the bag.

    “Hol’ on, you ‘ave mechanic dreams now?” Kale asked,

    “I thought about it all week, and I think I can see myself as a Ranger’s handyman, I saw seen Vatona studying just yesterday, so I think she’s thinking the same thing.”

    “Both of ya’ wanna’ be mechanics? Bet Isaac could teach ya’ a thing or two if ya’ need it.”

    “I’ll get to him about that, when he’s got a free moment, maybe this after-.” Nage said, then suddenly went deathly silent.

    “Nage?” Kale asked curiously, no response. The silence was like the final slow moment right before an explosion shattered the world around them.

    “KEEIITTHHH!!” Rhythmi’s voice boomed in the hallway, the two boys knew right away what happened.

    “Take the mugs Kale, I got the door.” Nage said, quickly dropping the plastic bag on the rest of Kale’s growing collection. Then opening the door to the scene of the crime. On the exact space between the girls and boys dorm, Keith was on the ground picking up his collection of cocoa powder, Rhythmi was in the middle of it, her face speckled with dark brown powder and the red of her anger. Vatona was just behind them, holding several bottles of water and trapped in the center between anger, surprise, and laughter.

    “What ‘appened ‘ere? Kale asked, ambling towards them with his loaded hands.

    “Keith’s bag broke open in Rhythmi’s face, and some of Keith’s powder was leaking.” Vatona quickly explained.

    “It was an accident, I swear. I’m Togepi-innocent!” Keith insisted, rising up with as many of the little pouches he could carry,

    “Well you shouldn’t have been swinging that bag around!” Rhythmi seethed,

    “Hold on a second Rhythmi…” Keith said, slowly bringing his finger to Rhythmi’s face, dragging the finger down her cheek, picking up the powder in his skin, and popping the finger into his mouth.


    “We better get her off of him, Kale, take this” Vatona said, adding her water to his stack.

    “Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait!” Kale shouted, stumbling backwards as he struggled to support the weight now upon his arms. At that moment, Ponte appeared in the doorway with his own luggage.

    “Kale, could you also carry-“ Ponte tried to ask, cut off as the two of them collided and things went flying. Keith, Rhythmi, Nage, and Vatona ceased their squabble to see Kale and Ponte on top of each other, draped in blankets and coats, with mugs and water bottles rolling around.

    “No Ponte,” Kale answered, “I can’t”

    With items now fairly divided, the group finally makes it down to the flat grass terrain of Ascension Square and rejoins the class in front of the huge stone statue in the middle of the square. The cold air nipped at everybody’s faces as they sat down on the cold grass, using every tool in their arsenal to protect them from the cold nip. Only Ms. April and Lamont, who was more focused on the statue than the class, the aged man slowly stroked the cold stone of the Pledge Stone, the gigantic 3D symbol of the Ranger Styler.

    "Is everyone... *sniffle* here?" Ms April asked, wrapped up in an extra thick jacket and keeping a box of tissues close at hand, "Good, now this Outdoor class is a tradition in the Ranger Program, when we have a returning graduate of the school come teach the class for the day, answering any questions you may have about their lifestyle and work. I’ll let Principal Lamont handle the instructions, and then we will pass you over to our guest." Ms. April finished, Lamont then finished admiring the stone and stepped forward.

    "Well, as it appears as if everyone is with us," Lamont stated, "so let us get this outdoor class started. Today, we have a very unique face to grace the Ranger Academy. This young man graduated from the academy three years ago, and is now an Area Ranger in nearby Vientown, be sure to thank him for coming." he explained, then looked back to the statue behind him, "Are you ready to take over now Crawford?"

    "All set Mr. Splendidocious." a voice boomed from above, everyone looked up to see a huge person standing on the top of the pledge stone, making his already imposing height much more tremendous, with his afro high in the sky, eclipsing what was left of the sun.

    "Old habits die hard I suppose... the Pledge Stone is a national landmark, not a climbing toy." Mr. Lamont explained

    "Sorry Mr. Splendidocious, it’s just such fun,” Crawford admitted, jumping high into the air then landing in front of the students with a heavy thud.

    "And please, my surname is too long for anybody’s liking. Just call me Lamont."

    "Alright, splendid" Crawford answered,

    "Crawford again?" Rhythmi whispered,

    "Didn’t expect to see `im again so soon." Kale whispered,

    "As Lamont said, my name is Crawford, your local superhero..." Crawford introduced,

    "Hello Crawford, thank you for coming" the entire class sounded off. At the sound of the mixed voice of the class, Crawford’s hair began to rustle, and then a small green Pokémon with a yellow face and green petals curling around each other on its head jumped out of Crawford’s hair and landed by his feet. "And this is my trusted sidekick: Rose the Budew. She is a faithful friend that has always been, and always will be, there for me... except on morning patrols" the budew opened its mouth wide and let out a long and exhausting yawn, "and perhaps not for much more of this class"

    "I guess that’s why we never met his partner Pokémon that morning" Nage muttered to himself,

    "Anyway, before we get the class started, I have to ask you, how have your own classes been? Ms April hasn’t been treating you too hard, has she?" Crawford asked,

    "I’m sure you know the answer to that Crawford..." Ms. April cut in "I do have to say though, it has been a long time... and that giant explosion of hair... I think I prefer your hair the way it was before"

    "Nonsense Ms. April, it was you that suggested I grow my hair out, you sure you prefer my almost bald head?"

    "I meant just grow it out a little not... ACHOO! Like that!"

    "I see that the cold weather is getting you down again, just like in my year. I did suggest you invest in some thicker clothing. See? At least some of my advice is legit"

    "Crawford... always the incessant joker" Ms. April admitted, and then retreated backwards to let Crawford have his limelight.

    "If my own time in your place doesn’t fail me, we will now begin with the Question Answer Session of Unimaginable Terror. Don’t judge me on the title; it truthfully is the official name. So let the dreaded questions come!"

    The first question wasn’t too hard to ask

    "How are you not cold with those shorts on?"

    "Ah, a very interesting question, one that I can’t formally explain myself." Crawford started, taking off the jacket over his shirt, then passing to the person closest to him, "That jacket, and the rest of my clothes is made of special fibers that are like cotton, but are much tougher and keeps you cool when the going is hot and warm when things get chill, and even functions as great swimwear, and is resistant to most kinds of Pokémon attacks, to a certain point at least. All ranger uniforms have it, mobility and warmth are both very important in the field." Crawford explained. The jacket was passed around to all the students so each one had the opportunity to feel the texture of the jacket.

    "It doesn’t feel like much..." Nage whispered, "... that makes it so much more awesome, the secrets that could be in the uniform alone." When the jacket finally got back to Crawford, he quickly slipped it back on; there was no mistaking the haste to get back into the warmth of his wonder coat.

    "What is the best thing about being a ranger?"

    "Definitely the big smiles I get after helping people and Pokémon in need, it really pushes me forward with this tough job"

    "What kinds of Pokémon are hard to catch?"

    "Everyone has preference. My personal favorites, or least favorites in this case, are Ghost and Psychic Pokémon. Some of them have this habit of disappearing and going poof in the middle of a capture. It’s especially annoying when you don’t know where they’re going to pop back up."

    "Wait, psychic Pokémon do that too?"

    "Some, not all, but those that know teleport do"

    "Ranger Crawford, has Ms April ever been angry with you."

    "Ah, that means you’ve heard the legends of Ms April’s temper.” Crawford grinned especially wide at this comment. “Yours truly has experienced it firsthand, endured it five times a day, and lived.”

    “Please Crawford…” Ms. April interrupted, “It must have been at least… ten times a day.” She paused briefly, “But… you did have a very vibrant and cheerful personality that kept everybody in high spirits.” She worked up a smile, which was shattered by another sneeze.

    “Stop please Ms. April” Crawford interrupted, sadness beginning to leak into his voice, “Let’s have a new question before I start to cry”

    “Have you ever made any mistakes?”

    “Oh, I made plenty, especially during the first few weeks. There was that time I spilled juice over my styler, then there was the time I tried to capture a stuffed doll, and that time I put my ranger uniform over my pajamas, and this morning when I used my styler as- Wait! Why am I telling you these things?” Crawford panicked as he caught himself blurting his blunders.

    “Crawford,” Keith finally forward with a question, “I have a question,” Crawford’s eyes glinted as attention finally came to someone he already met before, “I have big dreams to be a great ranger, do you think I could become one”

    “… How should I know? I’m a Pokémon Ranger, not a fortune teller” Crawford paused, “However, I clearly see you have the fire, maybe you will be a better ranger than me someday, who knows?”

    “Wowowow! Thank you Ranger!” Keith exclaimed, “I also have a whole bunch of other questions-“ a sudden beeping interrupted him. Crawford pulled his styler out and flipped the screen open,

    “Hold on guys, let me take this.” Crawford said, bringing the device close to his face with one hand, and the other on an earpiece hidden by his forest of hair. “Crawford here… yeah I am… what?” his face became visibly pale. “Okay… I’m sure it will be all right… Sure, tell Wendy I’ll hook up on the pier… Right!” Crawford closed the style’s screen, and then turned to the school staff.

    “I’m sorry about this, but we have an emergency on the water: a Mantine school in big trouble. All hands are being pulled in for this one, so that means I have to cut this class short.” Crawford hastily explained,

    “There is nothing to be sorry about Crawford, your duties always come first. If you do ever get the chance to come back though, please do so, for the class if not for me.” Lamont said

    “Thank you very much.” Crawford turned to the class, “Like I said, duty calls. So my sincere apologies for leaving the class and branding myself the worse teacher ever.”

    “No Problem”

    “Thank you for coming,”

    “But I still have 42 questions left!”

    “Save them for later Keith!”

    “I’m sure to come back later to finish what I started but…” Crawford looked up, seeing a small speck in the sky. “Now it’s time for me to cast off!” Crawford let loose a laugh, throwing his head back with his face towards the skies, then gave a thumbs up with his styler in his other hand on his thigh, “And just so you know, that’s my ranger pose. Bye now!” Crawford scooped the sleeping Rose up into his arms, and began to sprint away, in the direction of the small pier that stuck out of the tiny cove like a shrub. Everyone had his or her eyes on Crawford, not the speck in the cloudy sky that was rapidly inflating in size. One person saw and cried out as a black pair of wings suddenly zoomed over them, the Staraptor cutting through the wind like it was paper. It flew over Crawford and suddenly scooped him in his claws and carried him off to the sea.

    “That bird just snatched Crawford!” Ponte shouted, already up on his feet and running. “Don’t eat him! He needs to save someone!”

    “Relax Ponte,” Lamont said hastily, making Ponte stop in his tracks, “That was Crawford’s ride.”

    “Wendy! Do I really need this treatment again?” Crawford shouted as he and the bird Pokémon faded into the horizon.

    “Well, this was our… shortest Outdoor Class ever.” Ms. April said, pausing to wipe her nose with tissue. “Class is now dismissed, we will have free time… for the rest of the day. However, I do recommend that you… use it to study for your coming exam.” Ms. April finished, and began to walk, very briskly, back into the warm arms of the main building.

    “We didn’t even need half of this stuff.” Vatona said, scooping up her share of blankets.

    “Hey, how were we supposed to know he was going to go on a mission?” Nage commented,

    “That was so epic, the way he rode that Staraptor off to sea, totally worth the loss of the class.” Keith beamed, “though I do hope he’ll come back so I can ask him the rest of my questions.”

    “Keith, there was nothing epic about that. Crawford was plucked from the ground like a Caterpie.” Rhythmi said,

    “I’m sure you’re just jealous.” Keith said,

    “To be bird food? That’s why I’m going to be an operator.”

    “Epic or not, ‘he’s gone like the sun.” Kale said,

    “What’s wrong Kale?” Keith asked, picking up the resentment in his voice,

    “There ‘as this question I wan’ed to ask ‘im, right before ‘e took off,” Kale confessed,

    “He said he’ll be back,” Vatona assured, “You’ll get your chance.”

    “Hopefully” Kale muttered,

    “He will,” Keith said, “Now that that’s settled, Kale, I want you to meet me out in front of the school at seven tonight, I have another way to practice for the exam,” Keith said, then dashed off.

    “What’s he got in mind?” Nage asked,

    “A hair-brained scheme to become intelligent enough to pass the exam probably.” Rhythmi assumed, “why can’t he just study like a normal person would?”

    “Another capture contest Keith?” Kale asked, seeing Keith with the swarm of Bidoof out on the field. Their fur had gotten thicker in preparation for the coming winter.

    “Of course, the best way to practice what we’ve learned! Crawford said I could be a great ranger like him, better even, so I plan to make that happen! Plus now we can finish what we started when you first came” Keith said,

    “This ain’t gonna pass the test for ya’ or anythin’, but at leas’ you’re bein’ serious abou’ it. Same rules as before?”

    “Just about yeah, most Bidoof captured wins. Janice agreed to referee for us,”

    “It will be good exercise for the Bidoof too,” the caretaker added,

    “Yep, so she’ll turn them loose, then send us off to round up as many as we can.” Keith explained,

    “Fair enough. Whene’er you’re ready then,” Kale agreed, pulling out his styler to emphasis his point.

    “You heard him Miss. Janice, we’re all set here.” Keith echoed to the caretaker. Janice sat on her knees and whispered a few words to the gathered Bidoof, and then the twelve Pokémon scattered, spreading out far and wide around the field and the few trees that dotted it.

    “Ready boys? 3… 2… 1… GO!” Once more, the duo took off in separate directions, each on their own path to round up the Bidoof.

    Kale had a steady time finding Bidoof and capturing them, it was definitely much easier than last time, since this was a staged scenario unlike last time. Keeping count, Kale smiled when he realized that he was at six already. Which meant they were already tying and that he only needed one more to guarantee his win. And as he saw a Bidoof jump from a small bush and run for it, Kale knew he was on the road to victory. Breaking out into a run, Kale chased the Bidoof down the hill. This Bidoof must have been the leader, because it was much faster than the others. Kale almost stumbled on the way down, and lost sight of the Bidoof. Almost frustrated, he took off in the direction he last saw it go, and suddenly found himself back in Ascension Square. The frosty air nipped at his face as the wind blew gently around him. First, Kale’s eyes were drawn to the pledge stone, the monument standing in the middle of the grass square atop the podium. Then, Kale saw the Bidoof running towards it. Finally, Kale saw the figure standing in the shadow cast by the statue. The size and the bulge of head told Kale exactly who it was. Crawford saw the Bidoof running towards him and pulled out his styler,

    “Capture on!” Crawford shouted, sending his disk flying as it curled around the Bidoof. The difference between the regular school stylers and the styler Crawford used was that the capture disk of the Ranger Styler hovered as it went around the Pokémon. Kale would learn this later on, but the Main Capture Disks were built with hovering capabilities that was essential for Rangers to capture Pokémon that stayed off the ground. What was more incredible though was how quickly the ring closed in on the Bidoof and completed the capture; it couldn’t have been more than two seconds.

    “Alright, now what’s the rush for?” Crawford asked, then looked up and saw Kale standing on the edge of the square.

    “I sure hope you weren’t chasing this guy.” Crawford said,

    “Um… sort of. It’s not what ya’ think” Kale explained the capture race to Crawford,

    “I see… so it was all just part of a game was it?”

    “Biidoo!” the Bidoof cried in agreement,

    “No harm if they’re enjoying it then.” Crawford relaxed,

    “So ya’ came back from the mission?” Kale asked,

    “Yeah, everything’s alright now, thankfully…” Crawford said, looking back at the Pledge Stone, “I still don’t like what happened though, we were lucky to get there in time, otherwise it would have been a completely different story.”

    “Why? Was it serious?” Kale became aware of the lack of humor in his voice,

    “It was pretty bad, yeah. I don’t really want to say though…”

    “Oh… alright then…” there was a pause until Crawford spoke again,

    “You know why they call this the Pledge Stone?” Crawford asked,

    “Somethin’ about vows for the future I think. I was ne’er told.” Kale replied,

    “Since the Ranger Program started, people have made all sorts of vows for the future at this point, many of those people went on to make it happen. If you ask any good Ranger, they’ll almost certainly talk about the vow they made in front of this rock… I made a pledge here too, when I first came to the Ranger Academy, I promised that I’ll protect Pokémon from fates they don’t deserve… But I shouldn’t be bothering you with this, that’s not what you came to hear… I’m probably scaring you with this talk…”

    Once again, silence stood between them, and Kale felt he needed to break the silence. What could he say, knowing that Crawford was in some kind of pain? Maybe he should change the subject, but what was there to talk about? Kale then remembered his question and decided that now was his second chance.

    “Crawford, I ‘ad this question for the Ou’door class, but ya left before I coul’ ask, so…”

    “Go ahead, I’m not really doing much now anyway.”

    “Do ya… enjoy bein’ a Ranger?” Crawford didn’t reply right away, he stood motionless facing the statue, thinking about what Kale just said, he then turned, the shadows failing to hide his smile.

    “It has its rough spots, sure. That feeling when you help someone though: there’s nothing like it. It’s that feeling that you did the right thing, and it really lifts your spirits. If that’s not enjoyable, then I don’t know what is.” Crawford said, with a grin.

    “Anyway, I don’t exactly have a free ride back to base, so I should get walking soon, I do believe you should be heading back up before they send a search party.” Crawford said,

    “Alright then,” Kale said, turning to head back to the school, smiling as well. He then felt a cold hand grab his shoulder,

    “Wait up there, you’re not planning to leave this Bidoof all alone, are you?” Crawford asked,

    “Bidoof…” the rodent shook its head slowly,

    “Oh… right! Come-on then, Janice is proba’ly worried sick.” Kale said, this time leaving with the Bidoof scampering beside him. Crawford stayed by the stone for a minute,

    “I think… I owe you one kid. Thanks for that morale boost.” Crawford said to himself, then turned and disappeared in his own direction.

    “Kale! What took you? We were starting to think you jumped the cliff again!” Keith shouted as Kale finally returned to the schoolyard.

    “Don’ worry! This Bidoof was runnin’ down the hill, so I chased it to the pier.” Kale explained,

    “Wow, you seem to be in a great mood.” Keith asked, then his eyes widened in realization. “NO! That means you won! Great…” Keith grumbled,

    “Hey, we coul’ always ‘ave a rematch. You won the firs’ one, remember? Let’s make it a bes’ ou’ of three.”

    “Oh, then get ready for it Kale! Because I’m going to get you next time!”

    “We’ll see ‘bout that…” Kale grinned,

    Half an hour later, Kale was in the shower. Letting the water splash over his bare face and run down his body. He wasn’t used to hot showers, or even frequent showers. He usually got by with showering only once a week, since he would have to drain a lake to get the smell of the ranch out of him, and the heating was always broken. So now that he had the freedom to use the heated shower as much as he wanted to, he took full advantage of it. After his long soak under the water, he finally got out and dried himself off. He then pulled up a pair of pajama bottoms and tugged a shirt over his head. He then picked up his uniform from the ground by the shoulders to take back to the room, when he noticed a wet slickness underneath one of his hands. He lifted the hand and saw that the palm of his hand was covered in black stuff; it was thick, had a glossy look, and trickled like syrup down his hand. Kale looked at his uniform, and saw more of the stuff printed onto the shoulder of his uniform. Curious, Kale sniffed his stained hand, only to be greeted by a nasty stench. It was the same smell his dad had when the tractor was leaking fuel last year.

    Wait did that mean?

    Kale reached for the sink and nearly pulled off the faucet handle, causing a heavy stream of water to hit the sink and spray everywhere. Kale then squeezed a mountain of soap onto his clean hand and rubbed the petroleum off of his other hand, then stuck his uniform under the tap to do the same to it. Kale didn’t need to wonder where it came from: he knew where it came from. And he knew that if word got out about it, then things were going to get ugly very fast.

    Ooooooh dramatic. Anyway, I also have this in store for you!
    What could this be? Check back on the 18th to find out!
  18. Oh look! Double post, sue me...

    Anyway, now it's time to show you what I've got in store for this story...
    Ranger Diaries - Pick Your Partner

    When I first started this fic, I was stressing over what to do about Kale's partner, since he has a truckload of choices, even though his first choice is between a basic three. So I had a brainwave and realized that since Almia basically allowed you to pick your partner, something only it has so far in the series, I decided to reflect that by letting you the readers choose who will become Kale's partner in the long run.

    So I set aside some time and I crafted a set of flexible options, and now you get to vote between them. The choices will have an impact on the story as a whole, as each pokemon has been given a unique nickname, story and personality, with natures included. You probably already saw the poll, but I insist that you read the following details about each pokemon so you have an idea of what's to come from each.

    Turtwig – “Shell” – Female – Timid – A pokemon of the forest. Turtwig and its kind usually live on the opposite side of the river running though Vien Forest. So after being washed up on the wrong side of the river, Shell was taken in by Mr. Woodward after being rescued to treat its injuries until it could be returned to its home.

    Chimchar – “Coal” – Male – Brash – The young brother of the Academy Monferno. Both of them were raised by Mr. Woodward. While Charcoal went on to become a “teacher” in the Ranger Academy, Coal stayed with Mr. Woodward for a time, until fate intervened and found him a bright new future.

    Piplup – “Pingu” – Male – Bold – An interpret explorer from the frozen wastelands of the North! Actually, he’s a runaway from Hia Valley, faraway from home for unknown reasons, though he quickly becomes entranced by the lapping waves and the sand of Nakibi Beach, where his true career begins.

    Starly – “Aerial” – Female – Jolly – The feathered friend of Mr. Woodward, she has lived in Vien Forest all her life, and has never seen anything else other than it and its town and beach.

    Munchlax – “Chowder” – Male – Impish – A stowaway on a ship from Sinnoh. This greedy one has a reputation for stealing food up and down this side of the region. He is now on the run after stealing crops from a farm in Chicole Village. And of course, needs someone to hide behind as the angry farmer begins to follow.

    Pachirisu – “Sparks” – Female – Hasty – Hyperactive child, barely over a few weeks old and already overtook Keith in being energetic. This tyke is the newly hatched child that Mr. Woodward of Vientown adopted from a friend.

    Gible – “Snaptrap” – Female – Bashful – Nobody is sure where this rare pokemon came from, but she has almost shut down Nakibi beach after making a home under the sand

    Snover – “Winter” – Female – Lax – A very lost tree. Winter is the unfortunate victim of a bizarre joke to plant a tree from the Hia Valley on Nakibi beach. They didn’t realize that the small tree they picked was actually a Snover. Winter is very treelike, and often stands still like a real tree, needing coaxing to remember that she has limbs and a mouth and actually use them.

    Krickitot – “Xylo” – Male – Relaxed – Xylo is a very standard Krickitot, having a deep love for music. However, he was abandoned by a travelling circus due to having a broken antenna. Despite the damage to his natural instrument, he will make use of his learned talents to create his own music, something the circus would never have abandoned him if they knew about it.

    Hippopotas – “Sandy” – Female – Friendly – Hailing from the Haruba Desert, Sandy is the pokemon of a very disorganized merchant who accidentally left his Pokémon behind after coming to Vientown to sell his wares. Sandy knows her human well, and doesn’t blame him for what happened. Though she still wishes he’ll come back for her someday, or she’ll have to get to him.

    Misdreavus – “Spirit” – Female – Hardy – The ‘ghost’ of Breeze Hill. Spirit is a wandering ghost Pokémon that follows people around whenever they come near her home. Nobody is sure just what her motives are, though it could be fascination of the people that sometimes visit the hill that causes her to follow people, to the point of accidentally scaring them off.

    Sneasel – “Talon” – Male – Naughty – A curious trickster that runs about Vien Forest, performing a variety of pranks on people and pokemon. They’re usually harmless, and the tricked often get a ripe berry tossed at them from a nearby tree the following day. Not many have yet drawn the connection.

    Machop – “Chan” – Male – Adamant – The “local superhero” of Vien Forest, this Machop fights against all that it deems unjust, even at great personal risk, or even the risk of others. This makes it very judgmental about others, and does not believe in “turning over a new leaf”.

    Mime. Jr – “Psycho” – Male – Quirky – An almost psychotic creature. Clearly born with a mental disorder. Despite all his zany and crazy acts, he is actually a very powerful psychic Pokémon. Perhaps this very energy that is packed into his brain is what’s interfering with his mental stability.

    Croagunk – “Toxic” – Male – Quiet – A quiet and calculating individual, Toxic once was the partner of a worker from a mysterious organization. The two were close, until one was caught up in a fatal accident, and the other fled in sadness, and hardened into someone that is antisocial and rarely speaks.

    Cranidos – “Bulldozer” – Male – Calm –Bulldozer is a pokemon that will maintain his cool in any situation, especially ones that would have most of his species charging headfirst into the offender. As an endangered species, Cranidos were almost extinct when poachers killed many of them for their valuable skulls. Bulldozer is one of the group that were released into the Peril Cliffs. Leaving for reasons unconfirmed, Bulldozer travelled a long way unseen to reach Nabiki Beach.

    Shieldon – “Ironhead” – Male – Brave – A curious pokemon that just ‘appeared’, it seems very lost, as if it never saw the world before. It has violent tendecies, with a habit to attack anything that comes across as a foe.

    Think this is amazing enough? I'm just getting started. I am also throwing in a Reader-Created-Option System as well. Because of the high popularity of some other pokemon that aren't on this list, especially those from Generation V, I decided to throw this in to give you guys a chance to get one of those non-natives into the fic, by letting you create partners to get voted into the poll.

    The way it works is that, all you have to do is create a pokemon, post the species, nickname, gender, nature, and brief history on this topic, and PM me a more detailed history including specific story arcs you would like to see concerning this pokemon. It should start off as its earliest evolution, but if you want it to evolve, that is perfectly fine. I plan to evolve some of the basic choices anyway. If at least five additional people also like the pokemon, I will officially add it to the poll, giving it a running chance to become Kale's partner.

    You have over a month to vote your pokemon, so feel free to take your time. The one with the most votes will, obviously, become the pokemon Kale will meet in upcoming Chapter 7 of Ranger Diaries, and will become Kale's full-time partner when he finally graduates from the Ranger Academy. The three runner-ups in the poll will also make cameo appearances later in the story, their exact role depending on who has most or least votes.

    So I believe that covers the nature of this, I hope you guys are as excited about this as I am. I'm looking forward to writing Chapter 7 when this poll closes. I hope you'll tune in for it when it does.
  19. When I played through SoA, I picked Starly as the first Partner Pokemon, even though Pachirisu or Munchlax would have had a bit more use for me, gameplay-wise, just because Starly was my favorite of the three.

    Still, I like Pachirisu, regardless, so that was choice two.

    Lastly, I chose Sneasel and Croagunk, again out of personal favorites.
  20. Have I posted here yet? No? Ought fix that. Well.
    The story's really good, I haven't read it in a while (save the most recent chapter) so I should re-read it. It's good! Enjoyable, good use of humor. I like how you put Rhythmi's temper =D But in, uh, the second-most-recent chapter I think it was, there was a huge bit of typo that made it hard to read. Let's see now... I can't find it after a quick skim over the last two or three chapters, so I can only assume you fixed it, good job! It had looked like you'd accidentally moved a portion of the story to in the middle of another part. Oh well.

    Anyway, I chose the Pachirisu because when playing the game, that was the first one I chose. I then chose the Shieldon because he's the Partner I mainly use now, and his little bio-thingy seems interesting. Then I chise the Misdreavus, and then the Sneasel, because their bio-thingys seemed like they'd be fun to see in the story. I think I might like to see the Pachirisu most but I dunno.
  21. CycloneBlaze, I'm fairly certain you were talking about this one:
    Valin pointed that out, and I went and fixed it. So that's probably why you can't find it anymore.
  22. I actually meant a bit I saw where part of the story had been moved to in the middle of another part, it was a pretty big section. But it doesn't really matter now since you seem to have fixed it. It was about in where they were battling the Monferno, IIRC.

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