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Random poems, songs, etc

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Anime_Fanatics_101, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Care, a song

    I lie inside myself
    in the darkness
    Wondering why
    My life must be like this

    Do you not see me?
    Do you not hear me?
    Or do you not even Care?

    I'm running, falling, breaking, bleeding
    Do you not see?

    I'm calling, crying, screaming, pleading
    do you not hear?

    I'm running in the darkness
    I'm calling for you to save me
    Do you not even care?
    Eyes for a Prize

    I fly high
    Up in the sky
    The wind in my hair
    I haven't a care
    Until I look down
    And I see your frown
    I also see the boy
    Who took away your joy
    So I swoop like a hawk
    And while you two gawk
    I pluck out his eyes for a prize!
    The Tale of the Wind

    The tale the wind told is a tale, it's true
    but not a tale you thought you knew
    This tale is a dangerous thing to own
    If only she had known...

    The girl was known throughout across the land
    For her lovely hair and beauty fair
    But no one knew she would be betrayed
    By the very air within her hair

    The girl had lost a precious thing
    And endured a restless night.
    Therefore she went a-wandering
    Out of all our sight.

    The wind in her hair was whispering
    Tales both old and new.
    'Till the girl began a-wondering
    "Could it all be true?"

    It whispered as they walked
    and whispered so convinving
    that soon the girl it watched
    found herself the tales believing

    It told a tale about a tale that had no end-it's true!
    So for that end the girl went searching
    Heading towards the blue
    Thus the girl began adventuring
    To find the end that no one knew

    And so she went questing
    Searching it the light
    If only the had given warning
    about traveling through the night

    One night she wound up stumbling
    Upon the wind's true plight
    and wound up disappearing
    Across the endless blight

    Weeks went by, and still they hoped
    Years turned them to despair
    Always wishing that they knew
    Where was the girl wigh lovely hair and beauty fair
    Who went traveling to the blue?
    ...but she had vanished in thin air
    And all that they could ever find
    was a single lock of hair

    So the wind blew
    Towards the end
    That no one knew
    And where this tale of a tale would end
    Only the wind knew.
    The Truth

    You told me to go
    But i said no
    You asked why
    But I can only cry
    You shed a single tear
    I know what you fear
    But you needn't worry
    For I know the truth

    I cry for you
    I cry for you
    But you don' understand
    You betrayed me
    But I cry for you
    Because I know the truth

    You didn't mean to hurt me
    I wish you could see
    But you don't know how I feel
    You don't even know what is real
    But still, I know the truth

    You live in delusion
    I see your confusion
    I want to help you
    I will see you through
    Since i know the truth

    The truth is you loved me
    And I still love you.
    That's all for now...

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