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Random Madness

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by SlowPokemon, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Here's another story, nothing to do with Pokemon! One chapter a day, most likely! This one probably is worse than TWTGO, but I enjoy writing it. lol. I have several chapters written, and you can read more on the NinSheetMusic forums! :)

    Random Madness: A Madventure by SlowPokemon

    Chapter One
    We Meet Mad and the Ghosts

    Once there was a man named...well, it doesn’t really matter what his name was, because everyone called him Mad. Not as in crazy; they all thought that was his name. Mad Scientist, to be precise. It wasn’t his name, of course, but, as aforementioned, that does not really matter.

    He always wore a yellow lab coat over a black shirt. His round head had two long purple stalks of hair that stood straight up and several thin gray hairs. One hair was longer than the rest, because by the time he would get to that hair during his self-haircut, he’d normally think of something more important he could be doing.

    Mad lived by himself in a house in the heart of Doodle City, in a middle-class neighborhood with few neighbors; he knew not many of their names.

    On the day this story starts, he was working out a drink that would make one grow taller (Mad was fairly short for his age of twenty-six). He added the final ingredient and cautiously took a sip. After a moment, bright green sideburns popped into existence on the sides of his head.

    “It gave me sideburns?” he asked incredulously of no one in particular. Standing there for a moment, he realized that no one was going to answer him. He sighed, tore out the sideburns, and threw them in the trash. He sadly walked out of the room.

    A moment later, the trash can began rattling violently. The top shot off and three beings zoomed out of it. They were long and thin with huge, round heads (like balloons), and they hovered a bit off the ground. Two of the ghosts – that’s what they were, ghosts – were bright green. The third ghost had fangs and a forked tongue sticking out of his mouth, and he was a dank gray. He looked more like a snake than anything.

    This third ghost glanced slyly at his siblings and, when he knew they weren’t looking, darted away through the wall and out of sight.

    “Ha!” shouted one of the Ghosts. His sister picked a purple banana peel off of her head and put it back into the trash can. She glared at him.

    “Ha?” she asked icily. “What do you mean, ‘ha’?”

    “Umm…” the Boy Ghost said, faltering. “…Just…well…oh, lighten up, would you? We’re in a completely different dimension. Some defenseless person probably summoned us accidentally again. I hope Blot doesn’t mess things up this time…”

    “Where is Blot?” said Girl Ghost sharply, but before he could answer, Mad walked back in the room. The Ghosts froze.

    “Umm…who are you?” asked Mad interestedly.

    The Ghosts looked at each other and then made their faces all creepy.

    “We’re the ghosts of your sideburns…” the said eerily.

    He stared at them for a second.

    “That’s interesting.”

    Mad walked to the other end of the room and sat down at a table, taking notes furiously in a small pad. He got up suddenly and ran to another room, where several strange machines were buzzing and whirring loudly. The Ghosts followed Mad. He advanced to a shoe, in which was a neon orange-colored liquid. He ripped out the page of notes he had just taken, crumpled it up, and threw it in the shoe. The liquid turned a dark shade of gray. The gray disappeared, to be replaced with bright green.

    “Also interesting…” murmured Mad to himself.

    “Uh, aren’t you…freaked out?” said Boy Ghost.

    Mad looked up as if he had forgotten they were there.

    “Umm, no. Should I be?” he asked distractedly as he dashed back into the first room, sifted through the trash, and pulled out the purple banana peel that had been on Girl Ghost.

    “I don’t know. Not necessarily,” said Girl Ghost, frowning as Mad put the banana peel into a pair of tweezers and set it gingerly on a metal countertop. He took several steps back and added a small drop of Mrs. Butterworth’s Maple Syrup to the banana peel. The banana peel exploded, violently knocking over what appeared to be a large bookshelf next to it.

    Girl Ghost straightened the bookshelf up again and picked up a battered copy of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis that had fallen to the floor. She opened it to a random place in the book, but quickly slammed the covers together again when she heard a deafening roar erupt from the pages.

    “Spontaneous combustion…” muttered Mad, brushing soot absentmindedly from his gaudy, yellow lab coat. “Hmm…I wonder if I’d get the same result with sugar free…” He suddenly turned and looked sharply at the Ghosts. “Why are you here?”

    “Uh, we were going to haunt you,” explained Boy Ghost. “But, umm…it looks like you’re pretty bad off on your own…”

    “Okay, this is just a random hunch,” Mad began, “but did you two come from another dimension?”

    “Well, yes!” said Girl Ghost, startled. “We were summoned here from the signals that were sent out by…”

    “Yeah, yeah, didn’t ask for your life story,” said Mad, rolling his eyes. “Well, you two will have to stay here, at least for a while. This could prove a theory I’ve been working on for some time… By the way, out of curiosity… Who was with you?”

    “Umm, ahh…” said Boy Ghost.

    Mad nodded, no longer interested.

    “Your rooms are upstairs,” said Mad. “One on the left, one on the right. Mine’s straight ahead.”

    Boy Ghost smiled widely.

    “Girl Ghost,” he said enthusiastically, “do you realize what this means?”

    “Umm… we’re staying with a lunatic?”

    “No. Well… yeah, I guess. But I was looking for this: WE HAVE A PLACE TO STAY!”

    It dawned on her.

    “OHMIGOSH, WE DO!” she squealed.

    They zoomed around the kitchen, knocking pots and pans off the wall and spoons from drawers. They banged the silverware on the upholstery, the pots and pans they had knocked over, Mad’s head, and anything else they could find around the house.

    Needless to say, by nine o’ clock, Mad was slightly regretting the decision he had made earlier.

    “Er – Ghosts?” he called to them.

    They faithfully came in front of him.

    “Well…I don’t know how to say this,” Mad began.

    “I do,” said Girl Ghost.

    “You do?” said Mad, caught off guard.

    “Yeah,” said Girl Ghost, shrugging. “I can say ‘this’. This. See?”

    “That’s not what I…” Mad said angrily.

    “You can’t say ‘this’?” said Boy Ghost, feeling bad. “Look, it’s the ‘t-h’ sound. Th-, th-, th-…”

    “I can…” said Mad fruitlessly.

    “…-is. –is. –is. Now you try. Put them together. Th-, -is. Th-, -is. This.”

    “I’m trying to say go away!” shouted Mad in frustration.

    “Boy Ghost, I think we should!” gasped Girl Ghost.

    “Finally, some sense,” grumped Mad.

    “Wouldn’t that be fun?” asked Girl Ghost. “To go on vacation?”

    Mad moaned behind his hands.

    “We could go to Disney World!” said Boy Ghost happily. “Visit our cousins in the Haunted Mansion!”

    “No, family trips are boring…” frowned Girl Ghost. “We could go to the Bahamas again. That was beautiful!”

    “Yes, she was…” said Boy Ghost dreamily.



    “We could go anywhere!” cried Girl Ghost. “Paris!”

    “Tokyo!” laughed Boy Ghost.

    “Or Key West!” said Girl Ghost wildly.

    “Or Wyoming!” said Boy Ghost, shouting.

    Girl Ghost stared at him incredulously.


    “I don’t know,” he said sheepishly. “It was just an idea… What do you think, Mad?”

    But Mad was gone. He had darted into the kitchen and grabbed a kitchen knife. It never got to his chest. Girl Ghost yanked it from his grip.

    “Whoa, he has more mental problems than we thought…” muttered Boy Ghost.

    “Yeah,” agreed Girl Ghost. “We should look after him PERMANENTLY…”

    Mad blacked out.
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