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Rai's Sketches and Drawings

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Rai, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. Rai


    Yeah so, I'm pretty much new here as you can see and when I saw there was an art forum here, I just wanted to post some of my art. C:
    Here's my DA incase you want to see my whole gallery, but I'm just going to throw some out that I like: http://www.yuffietheswift.deviantart.com/
    Ok ummm, here's a couple Pokemon related... A Froslass I did on an oekaki board
    Togetic, humanized
    This is me as a Pokemon Ranger. xD
    (I don't know if I'm going to color it or not...)
    Last but not least, here's the most recent "good" peice I've done that has nothing to do with Pokemon sadly.

    Bah, all of my Pokemon art is too old, I need to make some more soon. I hope you like them otherwise! C:
    I'll try to post more art when i can, but I need to get working on other things, like homework lol...
  2. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Wow, I'm impressed. Your art is very good - I admire anyone who can do anatomy as well as you can.

    -scurries off to look at your dA profile-
  3. Rai


    Thank you! C:
    Ah my anatomy isn't as great as I wish it could be.
    But I can always practice more, so thanks.
  4. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Well, one thing that really does strike me as good about your coloured work is the shading and outlines you use - they really add together to create a bold and striking piece - especially on that Easter one you posted above.
  5. Rai


    Really? I guess that is good then, thank you. I need to do more traditional art sometime, I seem to struggle a bit with it...
    I think I'm going to doodle now and hopefully come up with something I like. Want to throw me a couple of suggestions of Pokemon I can pratice-draw with?
  6. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Jolteon and Golduck? They're probably my two favourite Pokémon :p
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  7. To be frank, if you're just trying out, the first gen Pokémon may be best to draw, as they look the most simple what with actually being the first set.

    If it were up to me, I'd do a Blaziken or Lucario, but they aren't the most simplistic to draw.
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  8. Rai


    I like both Jolteon and Golduck, so I'll try that. 8D
    Yeah the first gen are easy to draw, and I like they like that. I might try to draw Lucario, but he is kind of complex. xD

    EDIT: Ugh, for now I give up... I'm stressing out because whenever I do draw Pokemon, it takes forever to get them to look right. D8
  9. Nice to meet you, Rai ^^

    Let me just say that your artwork is just stunning.

    Your lineart is just adorable. You have a lovely character design and excellent anatomy. The lines are nice and clean as well. The coloring is stunning and masterful.

    I look forward to seeing your gallery in the future. You simply must keep up the excellent work.
  10. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Well, keep trying. You'll get there sooner rather than later :D

    ETA: I just +Watched you on DeviantART - I'm Database404, just so you know :p
  11. Yeah, keep trying. I know mine took a while to get them the way they are right now. :p
  12. Rai


    Hax: Nice to meet you too. C:
    Thank you, I'm glad you think that and I'll hopefully be drawing more soon.

    Petey: Yeah I will... I just had to take a break and something happened last night that made it hard to actually draw. :'/

    Rukario: Yeah, I get irritated very easily though. xD
  13. Rai


    Ah sorry for not being that active lately... orz Well, I just wanted to update with some newer drawings.
    (Sorry I wasn't able to draw Lucario. Dx)

    Golduck pratice with markers:
    My OC Yuki:
    Some Brawl Stuff; Ike, Pit, Marth, and Link:
    My first Flash anmation as well:
  14. Saw these on DA, and they're still lovely. ^^

    The wind blowing animation is great. You managed to capture cloth and hair flow superbly.

    The Brawl icons took me by surprise when I checked my deviations, and they were quite hilarious.

    Oh, Yuki is crying. Are they tears of joy? Well, the emotion was captured rather well, and the coloring as always is excellently executed. Bravo, miss Rai. I also notice you're a Tsubasa fan as well :D
  15. Rai


    Thank you Hax. C:

    Hopefully I can get better at animating soon, mostly because I want to make larger animations sometime.

    lol All my friends though that they were weird, so thanks! xD

    Yes, tears of joy is correct; thanks. Yes Tsubasa is a great series though I'm getting quite confused by it. lol
    (I read it online because I really don't want to wait for the other volumes to come out. I stopped at the part where they return to the Clow country. 8D)
  16. I love those brawl faces. They're just priceless. Especially Link and Pit, that cheerful face on Pit almost reminds me of Kirby. The link one reminds me of the face I pull when I'm trying to say "I don't think I stole those cookies!"

    What I like about all of your artwork is how the lighting turned out. Golduck is a great example of what I mean, his skin seems to shine like it's still wet from water. A very important characteristic on a streamline aquatic duck pokemon, or any water type for that.
  17. Rai


    Thank you Brendan; I actually wanted to make Link look like he was either on something or just very happy for some reason. xD

    Really? Thanks for the comments; I still think I need more pratice with my coloring and whatnot. 8D
  18. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Wow, fantastic. The Golduck looks so serene, it's wonderful. The rest of the pictars I saw - and loved - on deviantART - you'll see I favourited your Yuki crying one. And that animation is very nice :)

    (Also, 200th post!)
  19. Rai


    Thank you Database and yes I saw. C:
    Congrats on your 200 posts!
  20. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Wow. This is turning into a really nice collection of pics. From your superb humans to the silly cartoony Brawl characters - you've got a great style. Everything looks as it should, and your lineart is really clean ^^

    As for drawing Pokemon... It all takes practice, eh? Don't be afraid to mess up - it's what helps you grow. Just do your best and keep at it! That's probably all you need at this point. Seems like the skill is there - just gotta refine it XD

    Welcome to Charms, Rai, and looking forward to more from you =)
  21. Rai


    Thank you Linkachu. C:

    Yeah, Pokemon and animals all together aren't really my strong point. Though I am working on it. xD
    Thanks for the motivation and the welcome; I'll hopefully have more Pokemon stuff to show soon.

    Now here's a sketch I started last night and finished early this morning; kinda made for finally beating the Pokemon League in Platinum. xD
    Me and my Togekiss:
  22. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator


    TOGEPLANE ARTWORK! :O (err... Togekiss XD)

    I approve XD Looks pretty good, too. Your player charrie and Togekiss look adorable together, and I love the expressions on both of 'em. Any plans to color this? ^^
  23. Rai


    LMAO xD
    Thank you, and hopefully I will sometime soon.(I'm such a lazy person. ;w;)

    EDIT: Late night doodling is fun! 8D
    Here's Barry:
  24. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Oooh, fantastic. Your lineart is brilliant :)
  25. Rai


    Thanks. x3
    Ah here's a new Brawl on, I'm thinking of making a different one for him though... :'/
    Lucas and his attention whoreness:

    I colored Barry(Jun):
    Made a Barry(Jun) animation too. xD
  26. I love your female characters, they're so pretty. And the way you color characters as though they're blushing is adorable. ^^

    As with other works, the lineart is crisp and the coloring is excellent . We demand more >: D
  27. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    'Bout time I commented here ^^;

    Your style is just amazing. I really love how you draw and colour these pictures. They look shiny, and that's never a bad quality to have in my books ^__^

    I'd go through all your art, but in all fairness most of what I'd be saying would be along the lines of "Whoa, that's amazing" and "That's awesome", so I'll spare us both the lack of usable criticism/comments.

    I look forward to seeing more works from thee. I think so far my favourite has to be the Golduck done with markers. He just has a certain look to him that I love...
  28. Rai


    Thank you, and I hopefully will have more to draw when I'm out of school. (It consumes my life.)

    [quote author=Silver Magpie link=topic=5925.msg99120#msg99120 date=1241433534]
    Your style is just amazing. I really love how you draw and colour these pictures. They look shiny, and that's never a bad quality to have in my books ^__^

    I look forward to seeing more works from thee. I think so far my favourite has to be the Golduck done with markers. He just has a certain look to him that I love...

    Thank you, and I like shiny things, so I put it in my art. xD
    Yeah I understand that, if you said it already I know. Hopefully I can post/drawn more with summer coming up.
    Really, you like Golduck the best, wow, my traditional art is usually the least favorite. xD

    Ah and here's my pixel ID I made for DA:
    (My first time ever making a pixel base/doll that I know of.)
  29. Kyaaaa~

    This really makes me wish I could do that kind of stuff >> Needless to say, I really love your drawings, and they're all, like, so beautiful, and I have no discrepencies with them at all. Everything is so pretty, and detailed, like the rival guy whose name I'll never pronounce >>. I love the pixel ID, and from what I guess, you're holding a stylus? Also, what does it say on the shirt? I apologize, I have horrible sight.
  30. Rai


    Thank you very much. Yes it's a stylus and on my shirt is says Brewers. It's ok, I have bad sight too. xD
  31. Darn, I really should do one of these things sometime :3

    Its a neat pixel doll there, Rai. I love the shading, especially on the clothes. The transition is smooth by spriting standards. Kudos to the ID.
  32. Rai


    You should, I'm sure it'd look great. C:
    Thank you, I'm surprised I actually made it look ok. lol
  33. Okay, just... wow.

    Your art is just amazing, and you do a wonderful job on coloring and shading, and the pixel is just as great. I can't do pixels well at all, so that just blows my mind. The expressions on the Togekiss and you are so cute. :3 Double thumbs up on everything.

    By the way, I'm love with your Link. xD
  34. Rai


    Thank you Dana, I'm glad my pixel turned out successful. C:
    My expressions aren't the best, I need to work on them a little more.. but anyways, again, thank you.

    Here's a doodle of me, I wanted to try a softer style here:
  35. I love how soft the colors are. They blend so swimmingly as well that it looks so charming. :D
  36. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Beautiful. This is very, very nice indeed.
  37. Rai


    Thanks, both of you. C:

    Here's some doodles I did in class one day:
    A traditional piece I'm working on:
  38. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Doodles... in the middle of class?

    I hate you, Rai, and I love you for it. Geez, I wish I could 'doodle' like you XD

    Also, I adore the perspective and the coloring/shading on that second last image of yourself. Like Hax said, the colors seem so soft, yet so ... striking (that's a good term for it). Excellent picture ^^
  39. That is some ridiculously neat pencilwork there, Rai. I'm amazed and envious considering my sketchpad's a total mess before I ink it in xD. Lovely lineart, and that is one Red Hot Riding Hood =o I just love your female anatomy.
  40. I tend to chew on my stylus, too. *Confession*

    I really do love your art. The one of Barry/Jun is absolutely wonderful! *Squeals* I wish I could draw like that. *Goes off to rip up drawings.*

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