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Rain's Making Sprites?! ~Heck yes.

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Power Metal Maiden~, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. I can't currently give my sprites transparent backgrounds, but they're fun to make and I wanted to showcase them. ^^




    Espeon/Ho-Oh, Espeon/Ho-Oh/Ampharos, and Espeon/Ho-Oh/Moltres
  2. I'll admit, they're good. But, no offense, but that Luxray/Ekans/Dragonite splice looks a little weird. But it's still good. The Persian/Fearow/Houndoom splice is great. BUT WHY DO ALL FLYING TYPES (except Sky plate Arceus) HAVE TO BE NORMAL OR ANY OTHER SECONDARY TYPE!? And I like the different tails on the Espeon/Moltres sprite.
  3. These are very nice. I especially like the Luxray/Ekans/Dragonite splice, with the Ekans tail. Huh, it makes me think of a Chimera. And the Persian/Fearow/Houndoom pretty cool, with the wings, and the collar thing. And the Espeons are pretty sweet, with the different tails, and all. Keep spriting, these are cool.
  4. I really like this one: Wartortle/Giratina/Tyranitar

    This makes me giggle, Flaming Koromori (Koromori/Moltres/Flareon)

    This one looks odd, but I wanted to make an Icy Nidoqueen :p (Nidoqueen/Glaceon/Regice)
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  5. Oh my god. It's so cute. Flaming Koromori. I LOVE IT. The Waratinatar (Name for the first sprite.) Is cool. the pieces blend together naturally. And the Icy Nidoqueen is super-cool too. These sprites are awesome. Keep it up!
  6. Rain, I love your splices. Especially the Espeon/Ho-Oh. The Koromori also made me giggle xD

    In all, keep spriting c:
  7. Your sprites are very amazing, Rain. :D You can come check out my sprites if you want. c:
  8. New sprite ♥ Sorta a flying Eeveelution thingy I made. I used Espeon/Dragonair/Swellow, and my own color scheme.

    #8 Power Metal Maiden~, Aug 13, 2010
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  9. I love the Espeon/Dragonair/Swellow flying Eveelution, it flows together really well.

    My Least favorite is the Luxaray/Ekans/Dragonite, no offense but it doesnt flow really well together.

    Keep up the great work though. ^_^

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