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Rain's art

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Power Metal Maiden~, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Just decided to post my art..


    This is my most recent Photoshop drawing of Rain.. The lines are a bit shaky, but my wacom tablet is really touchy.

    If you like my style enough, I will take requests, but I cannot guarantee I can get them done right away.
  2. I like it alot. I have the a tablet too and i cant get the lines right either. SO i just use the ultimate PEN TOOL. BWAHAHa
    Anyways Keep up the good work
    Can you draw my character Reynald? The mage version or my pokemon version up to you go look at my art page for examples.

    take your time im not in a rush

    Thankies ^ ^
  3. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Wow, Rain!

    That art looks really good! Maybe it has a bit too much background stuff.... might be just me. But the person looks really good! She looks really cute/cool to me!
  4. Love the goth girl! Rain's pretty cool. Good job. :)
  5. Here you are, Reynald! I tried my best...Photoshop was acting up so I had to crop a bit... My coloring is a bit off too..Hope you like it though^^


    And thanks for the comments guys, it means a lot to me ^^
  6. Thanks alot I like it ^ ^
    great job on the shading btw

    thanks again
  7. Can you do a goth Gardevoir?
  8. Sure! The Pokemon or a cosplayer???
  9. Hey Rain! I think that your character is really cool! And I love your drawing style.
    I'd really love a request from you, I dont have a really good ref, but here are some:
    Hair: Brown, to the shoulders, bangs like in the mugshot.
    Eyes: Light blue
    outfit: Mid-drift white sweater, right side long sleeve left side short sleeve, hood and draw strings pink; Dark blue jeans cuffed up to the knees, pink belt and wallet strap; knee high black sock on the left leg; black glove on left hand; pokeball strap on left upper thigh and on right upper arm; white shoes with pink soles.
    Although I only think you need the top half.
    If it's too hard, I understand. :)

    Thanks in advance!
  10. Sure, I'll give it my best shot, Pikachu^^
  11. Here you are, 4pikachu4, I really hope this is how you wanted her^^; I tried to follow the description as best as I could and I looked at the refs as well. Hopefully you like it.

  12. I like this drawning alot it's so cute!!!
    But your other drawnings....Need a little work like the last one you made her head a little to high and the first one you posted her head is a little to big, but thats about it.
  13. Wow, thanks Rain! I think it's great! Thank you and keep up the good work!
  14. Thank you..
    Uhm, actually those things with their heads, never happen when I hand draw them...because I usually have more control and patience, lol. But thank you for telling me^^
  15. Well, I was thinking Pokemon, but I hadn't considered the cosplayer...
  16. Sooo...Problems..Gardevoir Master, I haven't been able to get the goth Gardevoir right...I'm have a sort of Pokemon drawing slump...But as soon as I can draw it right, I will post it.
    But for now, here is a drawing I just did of one of my three elven OC's, Elrin..She's the healer of my three elves (Besides her there is a spellcaster and a warrior, both female as well)...She plays the violin, but of course, I can't draw a violin...But here she is..
  17. I would like to request a pic, just for the fun of it; can you make me a guy sort of like the pose you did reynald just with the hole body? I want him to have black hair with light blue on his bangs and to have the basic bang style as reynald but the right side to be more longer then the left and covering his right eye a bit and the back of his hair is longer and the top is more smoother. while I want him to have blue eyes and to be wearing a jean jacket with a black shirt underneath and weaking jeans with a gold belt. and to have fingerless black leather gloves. Can you also make him have a necklace with a greatball at the end of it? and on his belt to have 5 pokeballs on it. his shoes are normal black shoes with white rubber on the bottom.
    With the name zan next to him,

    Take your time with this if you need it I only wanted to do this for fun.

    Thanks if you can do it.
  18. Yup, I'll either get started on it tonight, or tomorrow^^ He sounds pretty cool.

  19. Thanks! X3
  20. Felt like doing another Rain drawing..So here she is...Along with some Motley Crue
  21. WOW....that is a super awesome picture...
    I love it! Rain has a real unique outfit, I like that.
    Great job!
  22. Thank you so much!!^^
  23. rain ive fallen in love with your style of art, its very "different"
    in a good way of coarse

    i was wondering if you could take a request
    heres the reference, lol yes it is me


    take your time and thanks :)
  24. Okay, I'll try ^^; I'm glad you like my style... Nice Fauxhawk btw... ^^
  25. Alrighty, Terra and Patrick, I got your requests done X_x I'm sorry if I messed anything up..

    Here's yours Terra.. Hopefully he is how you wanted him, and I hope the coloring is right...


    And Patrick, here's yours.. Hopefully I didn't ruin your self-image :p Also note I'm not an expert at drawing fur-like substances on clothing. But anyways, hope you like it.

  26. Thats perfect! Thats basicly the right look and everything! Thanks!
    He looks so bad as* XD Im makeing him my icon, I sort of regret asking for zan and not terra XD but meh...
  27. Great, glad you like it^^
  28. Your style is pretty cool. I like the light colors and clean lines, yet it still looks totally kick-butt. (yes, I don't like to swear.) I have a request. Drawings are more detailed then sprites, and that's why I like yours. Details.

    I would please like a full body shot of both Silas and Alex getting ready to throw PokeBalls. I am attaching Silas's sprite, and Alex's is my avvie, but for reference I would like it if you would use the profile I posted in the Pokemon RP Bios for a more precise picture.

    Please and thank you!

    P.S Rain is awesome! Her piercings are awesome! I know I say 'awesome' a lot, but it is. Hopefully the sprite showed up.

    [attachment deleted by admin]
  29. Alright, I'll try to draw Alex and Silas for you as soon as I can.. I may not get it done for a week or so unless I work on it tonight though... I'm leaving to go somewhere for a few days tomorrow.. Thanks for the rqeuest^^
  30. Well looky here.. I actually finished your request today for you, Secad^^ Uhhhm...Alex didn't turn out very well, but I'm sorta happy with the way Silas did.

    i love it so much, im putting it on my facebook! (if you dont mind, and ill credit you obviously )

    thanks so much again! Ill refer you to my other friends and stuff, i love your work :D
    u just made my day, well - night lol
  32. Wow, I'm soooo happy you like it! Lol, you made my night by saying all that^^ Feel free to request anything else you'd like from me, anytime.
  33. umm yeah i have just 1 more if you could please!!! could you draw a pic of me full body length,same hair and everything, but instead could i be wearing this:


    yep, thats underwear lol
    all i ask in detail is that you try to make the words "abercrombie and fitch" visible on the shirt or sweater lol
    and see that moose there? would you be able to put it like on the bottom corner somewhere, if so thanks so much

    also, this is what im imagining
    just me, with the hoodie half open, where you can see some of my shirt
    than my undies :) lol and just bare foot/legs i guess thanks

    oh and i have caucasion skin lol

    THANKS :)(L)
    im really excited for this :)
  34. That is the weirdest request I've ever had, but sure! XD I will get it done as soon as I can, but I am leaving tomorrow, so I'm not sure when it will be. Oi, this is going to be a challenge..Drawing underwearz and meese (yes, meese), it's tough, but for you, I will try XD
  35. thanks so much im really looking forward to this. How long do you think itll take?
  36. Well hopefully I will get it done before Easter, it depends on whether I have access to Photoshop during my trip to San Francisco.
  37. That's okay. I can wait.

    Hmm... Maybe you could practice with a Gardevoir cosplayer first?
  38. Thank you Rain! *uncharacteristic squeal* It's totally sha-weet! It matches the description perfectly. *uncharacteristic squeal, again* It's awesome, and you did it extremely quickly. *whispers* I think I should stop squealing now...
  39. Okay, so my boyfriend told me I can use photoshop on his laptop during the trip, so I might get to work on requests if I get time..

    Gardevoir Master, I will practice by drawing a Gardevoir cosplayer, maybe it will help^^

    And I'm really glad you're happy with what I drew, Secad^^
  40. Okay Gardevoir Master, sorry I made you wait so long, but I managed to draw a goth Gardevoir for you finally.


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