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Ask to Join Rainbow Leaves (Romance roleplay)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Sun and Moon, Sep 21, 2017.

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    Finally, after riding the Wailord Express all the way from Alola to the small islands of Kuo Kei, Dawn finally made it. It was well worth it because Dawn wanted to impress his mother by having a mate.
    At the gate he saw a Frogadier waiting to get a specific amount of money to let Pokemon in.
    "That would be 15 Pokedollars, Please!" The Frogadier ordered. Dawn looked through this wallet, to his relief he found an old 20 dollar bill and gave it. "No refunds." Dawn said, as he proceeded to enter a small town with about 10 buildings. He heard footsteps behind him, he turned around and it was a...
  2. Behind Dawn, an unimpressed-looking Alolan Ninetales stood, next to her stood a normal Ninetales. "What's your problem?" She scoffed coldly. "Mintaria!" Snapped the Ninetales next to her. The Ninetales looked at Dawn. "I apologize for Mint's... personality." She sighed before beginning to walk away, followed by her sister.
  3. (Next post is were Rose comes in)
    The sight of the two Ninetales made Dawn think of his deceased twin, Dusk. The poor Rockruff had lost his life against a herd of Crabrawler. Dawn and Dusk were identical twins and liked the opposite things, but deep down they were happy that each had a twin. Dawn sighed over the thought of Dusk, Dawn headed straight for the three-story long hotel.
  4. Walking away from the Lycanroc, Amber sighed. "I brought you here to find someone to be with! Not to go atound being rude again!" The Ninetales turned around and looked at Mint. "I don't care, Amber. You dragged me here! You decided that this would be a good idea! I told you when we were young that you never had good ideas, and looks like I was and am still right! Don't boss me around when you don't even have a lover, many friends, a job, or a planned-out LIFE!" The Alolan Ninetales snapped. Amber was taken aback by her sister, who's eyes widened at what she just said. "A-Amber... I didn't mean..-" Mint started, but was interrupted by Amber. "You're right. I... I keep telling you to do things and taking you places like you were a baby. I'm sorry..."
  5. Dawn proceeded to the hotel as planned. At the front desk, he saw a Alolan Raichu working there.
    Confused about what to do, Dawn headed straight for him. "Excuse me, can I get a hotel room?" he asked politely. "Sure." The Raichu sounded ill. He than looked through a huge painted purple box. "Your room number is room 201." The Raichu gave his keys to Dawn. "Thanks." He replied.
    Checking the time, it was 2:30. He had some time to kill so he went to the cafe also on the first floor.
  6. Alyssa had already paid her fair deal of money to let herself and Iago in, as she decided to check in with the receptionist in order to get the key to her own room. She looked down at the key gently grabbed with her vines after being gracefully handed over, as the etches read, "Room 202." She kept Iago cradled in her other vines in a snug manner after stowing the key in her pouch, as he could not seem to even break out of the cuddling grip.

    Checking the clock overhead the hotel's main entrance, she noted the amount of time she had at her disposal, as the short hand pointed in between the two and three while the longest hand pointed directly at the six. She decided to go to the Café located on the floor first of all else. While she casually walked to her destination, Iago glanced at the Nurse's Office she passed by. One particular detail about the overhead sign caught all of his attention like a fish in the bait, as there was a cylidral object with a dormant, greenish substance resting near a tiny, but most certainly pointy end composed of some metal from the glimmer it emitted.

    A prior experience with the so called doctor in his own accords was recalled swiftly after he saw the sign, as he found himself on a desk seemingly made to have someone his size comfortably lie on. He turned towards a tall, pinkish figure having an egg in its pouch, as he looked away after taking close notice of the various medicinal tools on the other table; including the same tool on the prior sign that the likely nurse held in her right hand. Various bawls echoed across the room after the tool was headed for his leg by the second, as he swiftly snapped out of the dreaded vision of his after having enough with that.

    His watery eyes glanced up at Alyssa after seeing her enter the Café, as his body shook like a pile of cascading dominoes. His stomach tighened like tensioning rope, as his sweaty hands clutched the vines that kept him above ground level. Sensing a significant degree of perturbation coming from Iago, Alyssa lifted him towards her head, went outside of the Café for a brief moment and asked, "Hey? Look at me Iago, I know you're a bit upset, but you need to relax. What seems to be bothering you?"

    Iago pointed towards the Nurse's Office down the hallway she passed with his twitching left arm, as Alyssa gave a discreet sigh and replied, "Well, you brought up something that I almost forgot... though we're not going to go there yet since we have to do something first. Don't be fussing about that matter, focus on some other stuff and enjoy the islands okay?" Iago gave a slight groan and covered his teary eyes soon after Alyssa went back to the Café. The coral branches on his head's backside stiffened soon after, as he thought, "It's not fair! Why do I have to go to the nurse so much? She doesn't even have to go to the doctor like I have to! It's just not fair at all!"
  7. Gray was taking at walk quietly down the street,I hope I don't bump into anyone.She said to herself fearfully,she then looked around,trying to be as very aware of her surroundings as possible.And if I do bump into a pokemon,I'll just say sorry,get up.Maybe help them up if they need it and-No!Gray your crazy!You couldn't possibly do that!Gray was now too caught up in her thoughts and started no being aware of her surroundings and the next thing she knew the luxio had bumped into a shiny umbreon and shiny leafeon and fell to the ground.
    "Ow...."When Gray finally realized what happened,and her face turned red."S-s-sorry!I-I'm s-s-so s-s-sorry!I-i-it was an-an ac-accident!"She apologized quickly getting up,almost tripping multiple times.
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  8. (OOC: I edited her personality)
    When Rose got here, she was extremely nervous. Her face was red with embarressment. The last time she went to an event like this. She fell many times and almost no one noticed her. She was so caught up of her memories that she fell over the tiny gate and face planted on to the floor. "Ugh, I'm all dirty!" She exclaimed. She turned to the Frogadier and payed him. After that the Lopunny headed to town. "Wow, this is beautiful..." she thought. She looked around at all the Pokemon.

    Dawn had ordered a donut, his favorite snack, at the cafè. When he left to leave the building, he saw a Meganium and a weird Pokemon he never had seen in his life. He ignored them and headed straight to the fountain in middle of town. Looking around town, Dawn tried to spot a Pokemon he would try to flirt with. He didn't find one, so he warmed his fur in the sun.
  9. September sighed as August and her walked down the gang-plank. "Do we really have to do this? I don't want a mate and I'm perfectly fine on my own," she complained though she knew she couldn't win the battle with August. "This is a social experience! You're supposed to talk to people but if you don't want a mate then you don't have to get one! All I'm saying is that you need to get out and get more friends," she explained with a sigh and a smile as they walked down the sidewalk, only ten buildings around in the small town. "Well, I don't need have more than one friend. Plus, if you're trying to make me more social you should stop because you've tried too many times," she groaned as she looked at the ground with a frown, not noticing a Luxio coming her way. She felt the Lucio hit her side and she stopped walking, staying still. She heard the apologizes and smiled softly. "It's alright," she said then she blushed lightly. "M-my fault," she stuttered quietly then quickly trotted off to the hotel. "Sorry about September, she's very shy," August said with a bright smile then she ran off after September.

    September got their hotel room with quite the bit of stuttering and repeating her words but she finally got the two keys for both of them. They went up to their room and talked for a bit then decided to walk for a bit and take a look at the town. They left the hotel and walked around for a bit before they saw a Lycranoc walking around. "Would you look at that! Another person!" August said with a smile as she bounded over to him, her blue tail tip falling on the ground as she practically dragged September over with her. "Hello! Who might you be?" She asked, smiling brightly as her blue fur sparkled in the sunlight. September's fur sparkled as well, her red and yellow eyes nervously and shyly looking around as if to try and avoid eye contact and conversation.
  10. Dawn turned to face a Leafeon with blue leaves and a Umbreon with two different color eyes.
    Dawn answered the Leafeon question. "I'm Dawn, but some call me Dan!" The Lycanroc smiled, his fur still being warmed by the sunlight and his amber eyes shining brightly in excitement.
    He put out one paw for the two eeveelutions to shake. "Nice to meet you!"
  11. Halt walked into he inn. Walking up to the receptionist, he asked her if he could get a room. The receptionist was slightly set back because of his odd coloration, but Halt gets that alot. "Room 204." She replied, handing him the key. "Thank you." Halt replied to her, but had a long day, and no breakfast yet, so he walked over to the cafe. "Im just gonna start off with some sweet tea. But I might be coming back for more." He told the cafe clerk, who quickly got the simple drink for him. Halt walked away, and sat alone at a table outside at the patio. 'This is hopefully gonna be fun.' He thought to himself.
  12. August seemed to smile brighter and shook Dan's hand with gentleness yet strength. "My name's August and this is September! She's really shy though," she said with a smile and a chuckle as September blushed lightly. September shook Dan's hand as well but with firmness then she quickly let go, her dark blue rings faintly glowing, and looked at the ground. August continued to look at Dan with fascination and a bright smile and bright eyes
  13. Dawn blushed slightly, but too fast for anyone to notice. Dawn was smiling awkwardly at August and September for a while. He looked up at the sky. It seemed as a few heartbeats had passed, but it was already starting to get a little bit dark, but the sun was still shining bright enough to barely notice. As he took a paw step forward towards the too, he had stepped on something sharp. "Ouuuch!" He exclaimed in pain, picking at his pads trying to get the wood piece out of his palm.

    Rose soon went towards to hotel, she got the room 205 and went up to her room. Resting, she found a box of cereal and poured it into a bowl and started watching this show on TV called "News At Dew.".

    In an hour, she got up and stepped outside of the hotel and sat on a bench nearby. Looking awkwardly at all of the Pokemon. She was amazed that some pokemon had totally different colors.
  14. Approaching the hotel are two Pokemon. One is a male Raichu named Zenix, and next to him is a female Gardevoir named Sorrel. "I'm kinda excited about this," Sorrel said to Zenix, "Aren't you?" "I don't know, maybe," Zenix said. "Aw come on, you be a little excited to meet your mate," Sorrel said, "I know I kinda am."

    The two paid the Frogadier, got their room key and went to their room. After ten minutes, they both left the room and went to go explore the town.
  15. September glanced at the sky, noting that some darkness had fallen but not nearly enough for most to notice. She then looked up, startled by Dan's actions, and had a look of worry and shock. August was immediately at Dan's side, worry all over her face and her usual smile turned into a worried frown. "Are you alright?" September and August both asked at once though September's voice came higher than it should have. September cautiously but quickly went to the same side as August was by the Lycranoc, the left side, and looked at the small amount blood that trickled and fell into the concrete.
  16. Dawn smiled. "I'm fine! Do not worry." Dawn relaxed himself after he got the sharp stone off his paws. "It happens a lot, especially were I come from." Dawn had his tail neatly around his paws as he gave a big yawn. "You guys want to hang out? Y'know, like the stores or the lakes or something?" He asked.
  17. September's ears perked up at the sound of the word "lake". "A-a lake s-sounds nice," she said as she peered around to find one though she knew that a lake wouldn't be in the middle of a town. August smiled at the fact that September had spoken even if it was only a few words and nodded, her bright self returning. "That sounds nice! Do you know where the lake, or lakes, are?" She asked with a smile as she moved slightly away from Dan, worried that she had gotten too close. September followed August, only stopping when he was at her side, a light blush on her cheeks and her eyes on the ground in front of her.
  18. "There's a forest right over there, in the forest." Dawn blushed. "Do not worry, the forest isn't that big, it's only like a couple trees. Probably forty." Dawn got up to his paws, smiling, and said "if you want to come I can show you the way." The Lycanroc than started walking towards the forest.
    He passed by many stores, until he was close enough to scent the beautiful aroma of the forest.
  19. Gray walked into the hotel quickly,then quickly got out,but she didn't both to look at her room key number,so she stopped,she then studied her room key for a long time.206.She told herself,she then saw the same shiny leafeon and shiny umbreon.She waved at them with her tail with a slight smile,They're not gonna notice that!
  20. Shīzun walked inside the forest, thinking of what she was going to do about the game that she was developing. Of course, she thought about other things as well, like life itself. She usually was focused on the development of her game, Pichu Knight. Shīzun had teamed up with a music producer to make this game, and she wanted to get it done quick. But she needed some time alone sometimes, to think about stuff. She stepped over a few autumn leaves, making a crinkling sound when she did. The forest smelled beautiful.
    Shīzun eventually left the forest, getting at least far enough away to still be able to smell the aroma from the forest. Then she crashed into Dawn, and nearly broke her glasses in the process. She blushed at Dawn, though her shy nature kept her from talking.
  21. While Dawn was walking towards the forest, he had crashed into a Sawsbuck. Startled, he fell backwards upon his back. "Excuse me, I'm sorry, I appearently wasn't looking where I was going."
    Dawn said as he got back up, his fur dirty and his claws stuck in tiny leaves. "Forgive me."
    Dawn gave his fur a few quick licks.
  22. Gray's ears perked,There are so many pokemon who crash into each other.She barely muttered,she then walked over to the shiny leafeon and the shiny umbreon,"H-hi...s-s-sorry about-about e-earlier a-again-again."She dipped her head.
  23. Halt finnished his drink, and decided to go and find his room. Walking to an elevator, he hit the second floor. After reaching the floor, Halt walked over to the second room to the left, room 204. Looking himself over in the mirror, he thought, 'who would want me. I look different than others.' He laied his stuff down on a chair in his room, and left for outside, where he saw a few pokemon chatting. Not wanting to disturb them, he stood by the wall, and watched them talk.
  24. Rose got up from the bench she was sitting on, depressed slightly at the fact that it was getting dark. "Who would want to hang around me?" She thought, mad at herself for choosing the foolish act of coming. Then, she saw a weird looking Infernape with a fedora on his head.
    She decided to go talk to the Infernape.
    "H-hello!" She stuttered but kept smiling.
  25. "Hello to you, Mrs.Lopunny. The names Halt, what may your name be, and what pleasure would I get from the knowledge of it?" He askes, tipping his hat like a fancy person would. He remained completely straight faced, even though he was playing a major joke on the pokemon. He wanted to see how long he could hold the accent as well.
  26. "My names Rose." Rose replied with a soft smile. He looked at the amazing color patterns on his fur. "How did you get that color combination?" She asked. "You for certain might not be shiny."
    He heard a rustling sound from above her, she looked up and a group of leaves fell on her head.
    She stood quietly still for a while, until soon she burst out laughing.
  27. "No, it's really my fault." said Shīzun, trying her hardest not to look like someone crazy. Before leaving, she said, "My name's Shīzun, if you're wondering." She then ran off to town, and headed to the hotel, so she could get the key to her room, and unpack her stuff. She didn't come empty handed, after all.

    After reaching the hotel and getting the key for Room 209, which was the room she was given, Shīzun unpacked her things, including her labtop and two USB flash drives, which contained most of the info for the game she was developing. She worked on the game for a little, then stopped and went back to the lobby of the place.
  28. "My dear, it seems that you have been, um." Halt studded for a moment to hold back laughing. He had problems with laughing after someone else. "Covered." He held out a hand to help her up. "I honestly have no idea about my color. Nobody could prove anything about it, but professors think it's amazing. Some kind of breakthrough." He states, helping her up.
  29. Dawn looked at the Sawsbuck before she ran off. "It's ok, mistakes happen!" Dawn shouted back before heading towards the forest. When he got to the forest he realized that the Eeveelution he was with were gone. "Where did they go?" He asked to himself. Dawn started glowing a little bit, it was dark, and he felt his body changing. He was ready to become Midnight form.
    Dawn is the only Lycanroc able to become Midnight form after an experiment to Evolve a second before midnight, and reaching his form past midnight.

    "Wow, no wonder why you look so creative. Almost like you were painted!" She laughed. Rose looked up at the sky, the sky was pitch black. "Looks like it's night time already?" She asked, confused. When she first started talking to the Infernape the sun was still shining. Had she really been talking to the Infernape this long?
  30. Halt noticed the look she had Looking outside. "Nah, its the location. The area around here is very mountainous, and they block out the sun in the evening. Thats why pokemon like here, its dark sooner than normal." He looked outside as well. "The mountains are far away, but they still block the sun out. Its probably only about seven or eight right now." He said in the same voice. 'How much longer should I go with this. How about I just suddenly change to normal later.' He thought.
  31. "Oh, I didn't even notice there were mountains..." Rose yawned. "I'm going to go to my hotel room now, never slept in five days." Rose walked in the hotel, she waved bye as she went upstairs into her room and went to sleep.
  32. "Five days. Well, see you later." He called over, but he had changed to his normal deep, but soothing voice. Halt did this with most pokemon he meets. 'You know what, this was an early morning, and I need to get my beauty sleep. I guess I'm going to wait for her to walk to her room, and then I will go. Nobody wants to be a stalker.' He thought, waiting for her to disappear into her room, before he walked over to his own room, and laied down on his bed, not bothering to change. 'Doubt they have steam showers here.' He thought, being how water could get deadly to him, if his hair gets dampened out.
  33. (I was waiting for a post on this rp, but I have to post in order for this to survive..)

    Dawn finally changed into his limited Midnight form. He realized it was getting dark so he headed back towards the hotel and went in the main room. He was excited to see a battling simulator here.
    Dawn tried out the battling simulator and chose his opponent as a Lucario, then he went behind the hotel building to face his hologram opponent. hoping no one can see him, he proceeded to a battle using Accelrock. The Lucario got hit but countered with a heavy Aura Sphere.
  34. After a while of walking around town, Zenix looked up at the sky and noticed that it was getting dark. "I think we should get back to the hotel," Zenix said to Sorrel. "Okay," Sorrel said.

    The two made it back to the hotel and Sorrel noticed a Lycanroc going into the battle simulation room, but decided to let him be. They went back to their rooms and shortly after they entered, they went to sleep.
  35. Shīzun decided to look around the lobby, and saw a battle simulator. She ignored it, however, as she saw an arcade machine for a game called DJ Hero, with turntable-based controllers. She played it for fun, as she always had really liked EDM. And it was fun! She played it for a bit, and then reminded herself to go play it sometime. She then walked towards the battle simulator, and chose her opponent: a Carracosta. She wasn't really into battling, but wanted to give this a try, so she went behind the building to face her opponent. Shīzun was a little disapointed that it was a hologram, and was suprized that a Midnight Lycanroc was there.
    But she focused on her target, and rammed into the holographic Carracosta with her horns. Which was also known as Megahorn.

    The holographic Carracosta got hit, but countered with Brine. Which wasn't very powerful to Shīzun. So Shīzun countered that attack with Horn Leech, which really dealt some damage to the holographic Carracosta. A few attacks later, Shīzun had won against the holographic Carracosta. "Well, that was fun." said Shīzun, waiting for the Midnight Lycanroc to finish battling.
  36. Some time has passed during the fight with Dawn and the hologram Lucario. But after the battle, Hyper Potion sprayed out of the sky onto Dawn, healing him. He turned to go back into the hotel when he noticed a Sawsbuck watching. It was Shīzun! "Hello S-Shīzun!" He smiled, remembering what she looked like. The Midnight Lycanroc was checking his paws, noticing that he still had the scar when the sharp stone was stuck in his paw. 'So that's why every time I touch something with it it hurts...' he thought.
  37. Halt left the room, unable to sleep. He stood more of a long day pokemon, who goes many days with little to no rest. 'Theres some kind of training simulator around here?' He thought, right as he found it. Activating it, with settings of 3 pokemon to fight against, holograms of other infernapes spawned in. Walking inside, he noticed to pokemon standing around talking. "Stand back, or I might hit you!" He called over, and started with a thunder punch to one of the Infernapes. They were surprisingly slow, and not able to dodge the attacks easily. But Halt was quick, and knew how to fight, not like the simulation. He lept in the air, and did a superman punch earthquake, causing the whole simulator to shake, and removing the infernapes from the battle area. "If you are just here to chat, the common room is out there." He said pointing to the door.
  38. September and August watched as the sky turned dark and realized they should go to the hotel. "We didn't go to the forest," September muttered, thinking about the match making event that they were going to, with a sigh. August sighed as well and began heading to the hotel, September following close behind. "Well, at least we-," September began to say but stopped as they entered the hotel lobby to see three Pokémon using a battle simulator. August smiled brightly, her eyes lighting up as she ran down to talk to the three Pokémon. "August," September hissed, following after her.
  39. Time well has passed ever since Dawn first got in the hotel. He decided he needed to rest, if he wanted to go to the forest with September and August. He decided to rest in his hotel. He fell asleep watching a movie.

    (Time skip to 7:00 AM tomorrow)

    Dawn awoke from bad nightmares about Dusk. "It's time to put the past behind me, although I will never put Dusk behind me..." he thought. He got up, realizing that he was still in his Midnight form.
    "It's not eight o'clock yet?" He asked himself, confused. He decided to bring lots of berries and place them in a bag. He got out of his room and waited in the lobby for September and August.
  40. Gray eyes blinked open,looking around she realized that she was in the hotel.The luxio got up,ate a few berries,and walked down to the lobby,spotting Dawn,she questioned:"Who are you waiting for?"

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