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Race to the Relic Crown!*

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by EspeonTheBest, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. RP is not open to all. Just ask me to join and you may. Unless I invited you, then just join. Thanks~
    -You are a Gym Leader from a Real Pokemon Town. You may only have Pokemon of your special type and come from a real town to the Unova Region.
    -Please no prodigies....at least be 15... A 10 year old gym leader? Really?
    -Write a minimum of two paragraphs with detail! I cannot stress this enough! I will ask for you to leave if you don't!
    -You may not be the same Gym Leader Type as another RPer.
    -don't come from Lavaridge Town if you are an Ice Gym leader. (That means if you plan to be Fairy, you must come from Laverre.)

    RPer count
    @EspeonTheBest (Psychic)
    @Softty (Steel)

    "No, no, no! Ashen concentrate! You will never be like Liza and Tate if you don't!" A psychic ace, Rafe, shook his head in despair as Ashen flopped on the ground again. "Rafe... I can't do this with you looming over me. Go away." She demanded. Rafe looked as if he wanted to argue, but he instead backed off and exited the Gym Leader Room. Solstice, Ashen's Espeon, padded up to the girl and pushed her nose into the long brown hair that hung over the girl's face. "I've got this. Ok! Let's go again!" Ashen said suddenly as she stood once more. Solstice stepped back in moderate surprise as her trainer shot to her feet, but then let out a confident "Espee~"

    "Solstice! Use psychic and then follow up with Iron Tail!" Ashen called. Solstice lifted the Pokedoll into the air and rushed towards it at staggering speeds. The Espeon twisted mid-air and landed the Steel attack right on the doll's head. The small gauge displayed above the doll glowed a number. '570' "Better, but I think I need to communicate more with you. That's my fault Solstice, I'm sorry." Ashen sighed as she studied the blinking number. "I think we've had enough. Thank you!" Ashen finished as a sliding door opened on the right side of the room. The psychic type specialist and her Pokemon marched out of the room with heads held high.

    Rafe was standing outside of the training room with a letter in hand. At first Ashen was going to request for peace and quiet, but the stamp on the letter caught her eye. It was a bright red with the sign of a Dragonite on it curtsey of Iris the Champion. "And what is this?" Ashen asked as she gently plucked the letter out of Rafe's hand. "An invitation to an important job that the Pokemon League wants you to participate in. Something about finding and keeping Relic Pieces of ancient civilizations...." Rafe responded as Ashen opened the letter.

    Dear Ashen,

    You are one of a handful of Gym Leaders selected to partake in this event. During this Event you will be required to hold onto a Relic Fragment. Whether it's a vase or bracelet; you will keep one as long as it's not the crown. Many thieves are after these precious artifacts and we require the assistance of many gym leaders to aid us in protecting them. We thank you for your consideration.
    -Unova League

    A small handwritten note at the bottom was scrawled in sloppy letters. It was dreadfully noticeable after reading the nicely typed text.

    'Don't be a Little Kid!'

    "Little Kid!?" Ashen burst out laughing. She had to put her hands on the knees of the dress robes she was wearing. It was what Liza and Tate used to wear evidently. Her hair was tied back in a bun with a small silver hairpiece sticking out. According to old books and pictures, Ashen resembled to twins greatly with the exception of her grey eyes and brown hair. She also preferred to wear tall boots underneath her robes. "Ok! I'll set out on... Oh yeah. I should bring my strongest team with me. Ashen felt Solstice's eyes burning into her and she turned around. "Of course I'll bring you." Ashen cooed as she watched her Espeon visibly relax. A green hand appeared in one of the doorways to a training room and then slowly a face appeared. Ashen smiled at the Pokemon and ushered her into the hallway. A Gardevoir stepped out and smiled at the bunch. "Mavis, do you think you could call Whiskers, Bronze, Chime, and Platinum?" Ashen asked the Gardevoir. Mavis smiled and a small pink aura surrounded the Pokemon, teleporting a Male Meowstic, Bronzong, Chimecho, and a Metagross into the hallway. "Right, everyone but Mavis and Solstice, return." A flash of red glowed in the hallway before all the Pokemon dissipated into the Pokeballs Ashen was holding. "I'll be off Rafe... To... To..." "Undella. That's the return..." "To Undella!" Ashen interrupted Rafe. She marched up to Mavis with Solstice hanging from her shoulder. "Teleport please?" She asked and instantly she was swallowed up by a bright blue light.

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  2. [​IMG]
    Laurence Melfeure | Nineteen | Steel
    His pale eyes watched Canalave City as it grew smaller, washing away with the waves in the distance. Brushing a hand through his wind swept hair, his white dress shirt flapped against his chest. The large boat carried over five hundred people, heading towards the port in Unova. Sleeves rolled to his elbows, the young man's tie was loosened around his neck, carried past his shoulder. He leaned forward, overlooking the ocean waves and taking in the salty air through a crack of his parted lips. In his hand, he held a single envelope imprinted with a bright red Dragonite.
    "Hey, isn't that.."
    "Should we go talk to him?"
    "Wow, this is my first time seeing him in person."
    "He looks like fresh snow.."

    Closing his eyes, he pulled away from the edge of the boat and walked towards his room. His eyes frosted over as he gripped the envelope, crumbling it in his hand.

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  3. "Flabèbè, use fairy wind!" The gym leader shouted. The Pokemon circled around its opponent, a sylveon, using the attack precisely to an untrained eye. " Fla, you had to attack a few seconds after you circle," the gym leader told the fairy type.

    Ella had only ever, and still, lived in Vaverre City. The former gym leader, Valerie, had taken a full time job on her fashion and the region selected her to be trained the last few years. It was an amazing honor.

    Ella decided to read a letter that had come in a little earlier that day. Her eyes widened as he read it. An artifact?! Danger?! Ella loved the sound of that. I need to chose six of my sixteen Pokemon, she thought. Within a moment, she decided who to take. Sylveon, Flabêbè, Kirlia, Spritzee, Carbink, Dedenne. The names raced through her mind. Ella grabbed the pokeballs, grabbed her backpack, and got a plane ticket. Ella got on, and an hour later arrived in Unova.

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