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Ask to Join Quinella, Region of Speed

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by FrostCrispz, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. To join and for rules and basic information, go to https://pokecharms.com/threads/region-of-speed-discussion.18544/

    "Watch the skill of this pokemon. The shear speed it moves at, it puts all other's to shame." The television said on the rerun of a pokemon league race from three years ago. Young Tessa sat on the couch with her partner, a Midday Lycanroc, relaxing before her debut on the race track. "You ready Lycan?" She asked the pokemon using a nickname used during races. "Our first time doing an actual race is tomorrow. There are people from all over competing." The thought of a crowd of people unsettled Tessa a little. She'd never been good with crowds. "You know what, let's practice those runs once more." Tessa said like she wasn't nervous.

    Teesa and Lycanroc took their places outside on a racecourse her father set up for the two of them. "And, now!" She said to get her pokemon going. Lycanroc dashed forward using Accelerock to boost it's feet forward with each step. Being how he'd done this track many times, it knew the drill. Jump the herdle, under the bar, distance jump, turn around, repeat. It was a basic track, but it works fine. After about five or six more runs, Tessa called a stop. "Good job, now let's get some rest."
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  2. Rosalina sighed, her hands reaching down into her pockets as she strolled down a path in the forest "Ponyta, Starly, what do you think, do you think we could win this year?" she asked one of her partners. The fire Pokemon neighed is response while her other partner sat on her shoulder.

    The three made it down into a large clearing smack in the middle of the forest "Alright, we ready?" she said having Ponyta race to the middle of the clearing "Three, two, one, go!" she called which responded in Starly racing off her shoulder flying beside the trees. "Ponyta, ember!" she called out having the fire type shoot out the balls of fire heading towards the flying type "Quick attack!" Commanded the trainer, the Starlys body glew a faint white before it sped off dodging the fire.
  3. Jack rubbed his hands together in glee. “After years of training, Zebstrika and Arcanine are finally ready to win!” he said to himself. He had registered Zebstrika for the race tomorrow, and was never more confident in the skills of his first partner.

    “Alright, bud, show me what you got!” he said. Zebstrika dashed around the course Jack had built for practice. He made it around in seven seconds. “Now let’s see how you do with other competitors!” Jack released some wild Pokémon he found in the forest. “Show then what you got, Zebstrika!” The Pokémon, a Rapidash and a Sawsbuck, started running with Zebstrika, but he stopped them in their tracks with Thunder Wave.

    “You’re ready, Zebstrika,” he said, stroking his partner’s mane. Zebstrika neighed in excitement, happy that his trainer was proud of him.
  4. "Yee-haw!" Tanner yelled, racing down the trail. He was riding his Ponyta, Blue, bareback, but knew that Blue would never burn him. The feeling of wind whipping through his hair and the steady bounce of Blue's gallop put a foolish grin on Tanner's face. Clinging tightly to his shoulder, Tanner's Natu, JPEG, suddenly let out a startled cheep and pecked him in the ear.
    "Ow!" Tanner exclaimed, ducking lower on Blue. A branch whizzed past his head, barely missing the top of his hair.
    "Whoa! Thanks, JPEG!" Tanner said over the wind. Tanner looked up to see that there was some brush blocking the trail that they were racing down. Blue saw it too, and started to slow.
    "No, no Blue! Burst through it with Flame Charge!" Tanner commanded, ducking low on Blue. The Ponya whinnied an affirmative, and flames began encircling her body. Blue put on a burst of speed and burst through the brush. There wasn't as much as Tanner expected, and he noticed they were in the middle of some sort of clearing. By the looks of it, someone had been using it as a race course. Tanner looked up to see a girl on the other side of the clearing, with a Ponyta as well.
    "Well hello there!" Tanner yelled over to the girl, waving. His adrenaline was still pumping from his and Blue's sprint down the trail.
  5. Rosalina turned her head, her eyes looking at the newcomer "O-oh, hello there" she called back, though her voice was a bit softer than his. Her two Pokemon came up next to her, she started to pet the Ponyta as her Starly landed on her head "What are you doing all the way out here?" she asked.
  6. "Riding!" Tanner said brightly. Blue began to trot towards the girl. "Blue and I always ride around in the morning. It's something we've done for a while now. Plus, it's a great day for a ride!"
    Blue whinnied a greeting to the girl's Ponyta.
    "What about you? What are you doing out here?" Tanner asked the girl, still on his Pomyta.
  7. Rosalina patted her Ponyta's head "Its okay, Pirro" she whispered, her hands slid off Pirros neck and she walked closer "Training, I want to try and compete in the races this year, I've been to shy to in the past" she replied.

    Pirro walked closer to Blue slowly, her hooves lightly stepping on the ground.
  8. Tanner slid off Blue, patting her side.
    "The races, huh? That's some pretty intense stuff." Tanner said. He took another look around the clearing, taking note of the deep ruts caused from many laps around the clearing.
    "It looks like you've been hard at work." Tanner said. "Tell me, do the races around here have you ride your Pokemon?"
  9. "Keke (KEY-key), How about another lap?!" Shouted Luna. "Yke!" said Keke. Mantyke started to use Surf. (By the way her swimsuit is her outfit but it's a bikini top with a swim skirt (It's two-piece)) Keke started jumping and flipping while jumping from wave to wave while Luna was on her knees and holding on tightly. After it was over Mantyke slowed down. "Tyke?" Said Mantyke looking up. "Ulp." Said Luna turning green. Mantyke swam over to the shore. She ran into the forest and started to puke behind a tree. She wiped off the yellowish beige oatmeal like liquid on her mouth. She then saw 2 people, one with a natu, one with a starly and both of them had ponytas."Umm Hi?" Said Luna hoping they didn't notice the smell and the sore feet from running from through the forest.
  10. Rosalina shook her head "I don't think so.." her voice trailed off after hearing another "Oh uhm hi!" she quickly spoke, her hands began to tug at the bottom of her shirt. Her Starly chirped from the top of her head and flapped its wings, Pirro snorted walking back to her trainer "S-sorry I'm not used to talking to people, that's why Pirro and Rai and acting up".
  11. "Oh..." Tanner said, slightly disappointed about the racing. He looked over at the other voice and gave a small smile.
    "Hello." He said, then turned back to the Ponyta girl. "No, it's okay. It seems to me that it shows your Pokemon care for you."
    Something suddenly struck him about the swimsuit girl's appearance.
    "Hey, are you okay? You look kinda pale." Tanner said to the swimsuit girl.
  12. Jack heard the conversation and walked over. “They give us earpieces, one for us, one for the Pokémon. We watch the race from the stands and use the earpiece to communicate. I wish we could ride them, but apparently it’s ‘too dangerous’. Like that’s even a thing.”

    Zebstrika and Arcanine walked up behind Jack. “These are my partners,” he said. “Anybody else here signed up for the land race tomorrow, cuz I sure am! Zebstrika will be going all out!” The zebra Pokémon neighed in excitement.
  13. Uberto strolled around the forest with Kyle in his arms after managing to hone upon his art of using a special move of his to gain even more speed at the cost of damaging himself a bit. He heard the conversation coming from an area within the forest he was in, as he silently walked towards the source of the noise. Kyle brushed off the dust from his arms while attempting to conceal the faint scratches on his chest as much as he could.

    Uberto made his way towards the opening of the forest, while Kyle gulped when he heard a man asking the others if they signed up for tomorrow's race. Kyle saw his trainer quickly writing on his notepad, as he carefully analyzed the hastily written text after noting that it was a bit hard for Uberto to multitask. After deciphering some of the messy letters, the page read:

    Listen, I know that you might be a bit nervous and all, but it's going to be a chance for you to spend some time with others and maybe even make some new friends in the process. I can't have you lying down in your crib all day with your plush toys you know.

    Kyle emitted an almost inaudible groan towards his trainer, as he noticed him walking towards the other people that were also in the forest with him. Kyle attempted to maintain his composure, while his tail perked up to the sound of some sniveling. He glanced around the area, though it was rather difficult to detect the source of the crying. Uberto gave a vague nod towards Kyle, as he booted up his Pokétec and analyzed the noise coming from a bush nearby. There appeared to be something lying right next to the small bush, as it appeared to be a small, yellow-red shell covered with four small prickles. The Pokétec scanned the frequency of the noise and deduced the Pokémon to likely be a hatchling upon inspection of the high volume of hertz the cries gave off. Kyle placed his arms against his face, while Uberto thought, "Hatchling huh? So, I'm guessing that I should probably be a bit careful around this little creature or I could be in more than just a bit of trouble. Hopefully he ain't too dangerous or anything."
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  14. "Whoa!" Tanner said, startled by the sudden appearance of the new trainer, a guy. His eyes widened at the sight of the Trainer's Pokemon. "WHOA! A Zebstrika and an Arcanine! So cool!"
    JPEG rolled it's eyes at it's trainer freaking out over the Pokemon. But Tanner's excitement was short lived as he realized what the new trainer said.
    "Aw, man." Tanner said, crestfallen. "I was hoping it wasn't that. I guess we won't be signing up for that race, huh Blue?"
  15. Tessa watched from a distance at the racers conversation. Walking up, "Just cause their bigger, doesn't make them faster. And the skill of the trainer means just as much." She said while walking up, her midday Lycanroc following. It barked in agreeance. "So, you both have the same chance for second place."
  16. Jack scoffed. “Ha, second place,” he said. “Like that’s possible. I’m too good for second place.” Jack, like his father, was full of himself. “Zebstrika knows a variety of moves to help it win the race easily. Have fun eating its dust tomorrow, losers!” The trainer and his partners walked off. “Second place,” he muttered as he walked away.
  17. "That's not what I meant. Just because my opponent might have cooler Pokemon doesn't mean I'm gonna give up before the race starts." Tanner said, irritated. "I came to this region for the races, but I thought people rode their Pokemon in them. You know, as jockeys. But... Blue and I have never tried racing without one another. We haven't trained for this style of race."
  18. Rosalina turned her hands clutching her dress tighter "Stop being stuck up, everyone has a fair chance you know!" She called out to Jack. Her face was alittle red as she growled "Y-you know what, I bet you, you will lose!".
  19. Tanner looked at the Ponyta girl, then the Zebstrika boy, then the Lycanroc girl. It wasn't even race day yet, and already Trubbish talk and rivalries were starting up. A lot like Pokemon Contests, that's for sure.Tanner thought. But he stood quietly next to Blue, petting her side and waiting to see how the conversation will continue and how the other trainers will respond.
  20. Tessa kinda giggled to herself. "It sounds like you think you have a chance at winning." She said, holding back a laugh. She honestly thought they had no chance of winning. "You couldn't even get close to Lycanroc if we wanted."
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  21. Luna watched from afar with her Charmeleon Spitfire and her Blitzle Sparky. "Why don't we say hello?" Luna asked. "Blitzle!" Sparky cried happily. Spitfire nodded his head. The trio walked over to the group.
  22. Luna started to chuckle. "Wow your being as cocky as that guy with the Arcanine and Zebstrika." Said Luna. "Any the pokemon I use are right here!". As she threw up her pokeballs a blue light exploded from them and shaped into a dodrio and a mantyke in her hands. The weight startled her at first (It's 143.3 lbs) so she lightly placed Mantyke on the ground. "Meet Keke and Dody!"
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  23. Tanner sighed loudly at the remark of the Lycanroc girl, rolling his eyes. He had heard enough of these types of people in Pokemon Contests, and was frankly getting sick of them.
    "You think you're all that, but I've heard your type's talk before. If you're so good, prove it. We got a track right here." Tanner said. His attention was changed to the swimsuit girl suddenly sending out her Pokemon. "WOW! A Dodrio! So cool!"
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  24. Tessa grinned. "Scouting the competition, aye? Now, you need no proof. Just know that first is mine." Lycan took that moment to howl in agreeance. "But, how good are you?" Tessa asked. He seemed to think she sucked. What a suprise he will see when the race starts.
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  25. Tanner chuckled.
    "I don't actually know. But not very good, I suppose. I've never raced Blue without riding her. So I have no doubt that you're more prepared then I am." Tanner said. "I might not even sign up for it."
    With that, JPEG flapped onto Tanner's head and pecked him, annoyed.
    "Ow!" Tanner yelled, trying to cover his head.
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  26. Sparky ran ahead and towards the group She skidded to a stop in front of them. Spitfire and Luna soon caught up. "Name's Luna Rodriguez. I thought I overheard something about the land races. I've already signed up with this little gal." The girl affectionately petted the Blitzle's head. "Will I be seeing some of you at the race?"
  27. "You'll see me!" Said Luna. "Nice to meet you, my name's Luna too." Luna looked at her watch. "Oops!" Said Luna. "Have to get home, Bye!" Said Luna as she ran home.
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