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Questions regarding the D/P Game Corner

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Ozzybeans, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. I've been to the Game Corner a bunch of times now. I just got a Giga Impact TM. But there are still some questions I have regarding the slots.

    What I understand is this: when you get into a bonus round, you stop the reels in the order that the Clefairy tells you to and get 15 Coins. There's also HORRIBLE music in the background. But there are summore nuances that I'd like to know.

    1 - What TRIGGERS this? Sometimes a random Pokeball appears and then sometimes it opens. What triggers the Ball to open?
    2 - During bonus rounds, the moon in the background sometimes flashes red or white and makes a hissing noise. What does that signify?
    3 - I get to about 5 or 6 rounds when I listen to the Clefairy, but I got to 11 rounds when I totally ignored it. (I got Explosion for it, too :D) What the hell? o_O
    4 - What the hell is up with the weird-faced Clefairy?? GOD, that thing scares me! How do you trigger getting a weird-faced Clefairy?

    The four questions I couldn't find answers to in the game. I hope you can help and I hope this is in the right subforum (since it's about DISCUSSION, not necessarily QUESTIONS >_>).

    On an aside, the background music for the Game Corner is AWESOME. It's Vegas-y and even features a clip from the R/B/Y/FR/LG Casino music. X3 I wub it. Favorite music in the whole game!
  2. 1. No clue.
    2. This is a warning. When the moon is red, the Clefairy won't match the Replay symbols. It also makes the Bonus Mode less likely to recurr.
    3. Dunno. Guess you're just lucky.
    4. That is not a Clefairy. That is actually a Ditto that has Transformed into a Clefairy. The Ditto makes it less likely for the Bonus Mode to recurr.
  3. That's a DITTO? CRAP, that's creepy. I got six rounds with the Ditto...What causes the Bonus Rounds to happen? Luck alone?
  4. Umm... I'm getting this from a Player's Guide, and I haven't tried this myself, so I'm not entirely certain on this. I think what you need to do is match, from left to right, Replay/Pikachu, PokeBall, and Moonstone. That makes Clefairy appear. After that, I think any combination of 7 and G will make the game enter Clefairy Bonus Mode. Apparently, this mode only lasts until the reels stop 15 times.

    Also, you may be familiar with how Dittos sometimes have trouble copying faces after the episode that introduced Duplica and Ditto (at the Imite House), and the "Bulbasaur" Dittos in Pokemon Snap.
  5. Neat! Excellent, thank you. My questions have been answered!

    ^_^ Thanks, Mr. Gardeviorman! You sure have a cool avatar.
  6. You are most very welcome. ^_^
  7. Oh my god, I hate the Game Corner. Music is good though (aside from the reel music).

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