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DPPt/HGSS Question about move boosting items

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Johnnyboy25, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. Do move boosting items really help that much? (i.e:magnet,mystic water,miracle seed) If these items don't help that much what items do you suggest?

    Edit: Besides leftovers, thats the only other good item i know.
  2. What the hell kinda advice was that?

    Personally i'd LOVE to know more about these items.I heard its like 10% which isn't that bad...and personally i don't think leftovers are all that.Sure they give a little more HP,but only if you dont get annihilated by the first attack >.>
  3. for most of those items, it is 10%. and if i remember correctly, the plates give 20%.

    i don't really know about lefties, but they especially help with shuckles....
  4. Does anyone have a list of where i could find all the plates? Since they boost the moves up by 20% i'm going to switch the regular items with the plates.
  5. Carmen Lopez

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    All righty then.

    All of the plates can be found in the Undergroud but you can also find them in the overworld as well:

    Old Chateau- Dread Plate
    Oreburgh Gate- Earth Plate
    Route 215- Fist Plate
    Route 217- Icicle Plate
    Solceon Ruins- Mind Plate
    Pokemon League- Sky Plate
    Route 219- Splash Plate
    Great Marsh- Toxic Plate
    Amity Square- Spooky Plate
    The Fist plate, Meadow Plate, Draco Plate, Flame Plate, Stone Plate, Insect Plate and the Iron Plate can all be found with the Itemfinder app. but I don't know where.

    You can have more than one of the same plate too.
  6. So i guess plates are worth having your pokemon hold. Anyway, does anyone know where i could find the flame plate? Or does anyone have a flame plate for trade?

    Edit: nevermind i found it ;D

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