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Quest of fate:Ryder's story

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Elnachoman, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Hello.Thank you for reading Quest of fate:Ryders story.I will be writing about the adventures of Ryder Hawkins,the hero and Kyle Shento,his friend and rival,set in the Hylus region.This one is about Ryders beginnings in Zephyr Town to the climatic showdown in the final of the Ultimate Championship.Let the adventure begin!

    "Get up Hawkins!"The shout came from across the arena,where thousands of spectators held their breath in anticipation.The teenager looked across to his fallen opponent with cold red eyes that were not his.The other boy climbed to his feet,brushing his fair hair out of his eyes."I can't believe that your team,weak as it is,managed to get as far as the finals!"Klye sneered."My team is not weak!" Ryder shouted defiantly."Hm?HAHAHAHA! I'm going to enjoy crushing you dreams and your pokemon!"Ryder felt a trickle of sweat run down the side of his face.The opposing monster had hit his partner, a Blaziken with such force it had cracked the arena in two with a large crack,and had sent him flying into an opposite wall.He looked at the opposing creature now, a metallic-purple insect like creature with a cannon on its back and two red eyes filled with hatred pointing straight at him.He knew that if he did not win this battle,the future of all of the Hylus region would be at risk.As he closed his eyes in concentration,he thought back to the events that had brought him here....

    "It's coming to Hylus!!"these were the words that Ryders little brother Jason had yelled as Ryder had sat in his house in Zephyr town,playing Halo 3 on his Xbox that morning.His little brother,who was 10 was always hyper,but now he ran around him like a Dodrio with it's rear end on fire."What?When?Where?"Ryder aked puzzled."The Ultimate Championship!"Jason shouted."It's being held in Hylus this year,in Jupiter City!" As Ryder heard the words he was already considering the possibilities.If he won the Ultimate Championship,he could get out of this backwater town and become a famous trainer.He was considering this when something slammed into him at 1,000,000 MPH and knocked him off his feet when he climbed to his feet,he saw his friend Kyle Shento climbing to his feet. "Ryder!I thought I'd find you here!"he exclaimed."Well,yeah this is my room, and we are in my house".An awkward silence followed."Yeah...I guessed that.."Kyle said,embarrased."His face suddenly lit up."Ryder,omigod,have you heard?You gonna enter"?"No, I'm gonna spend all that time playing Xbox live."Everyone laughed.Kyle had brown hair and blue eyes,while Ryder had fair hair and blue eyes.Klye suddenly yelped.'AW CRAP!" he yelled."With all the excitement about the tourament,I forgot that we're getting our first pokemon today!Professor Ebony's going to kill us!"Ryder quickly looked at his watch."Aw snap!It's 5:30!We should have been there half an hour ago!"The two 15 year-olds looked a each other."Cheese it?"Klye asked."Cheese it!"Ryder agreed.And they both jumped out the window,landed hard on the dirt road and ran at full speed towards Professor Ebony's lab on the far side of town.

    In a tree beside Ryder's house,a small gold dragon-like creature gazed at them running away into the distance,knowing that great things would be in store for both of them.It suddenly disappeared as Jason loked out the window to call after them"You two have to stop watching Naruto!"

    End Of Chapter 1

    Please review in the comments and please be nice.Happy reading!
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  2. Chapter 2 :an old man's thoughts

    Welcome back to QOF!As Ryder and Kyle sprint towards Professor Ebony's lab,they wonder what will happen if they are late.If anyone has any ideas for OC characters,post them in the comments.On with the story!

    As Ryder and Kyle ran like hell to Prof. Ebony's lab,Ryder wondered if they were in serious trouble.If they didn't get a pokemon,they would be stuck in this town for the rest of their lives!That was not a concept Ryder was fond of,so he ran faster.It didn't help that he crashed into the door of the lab,and then Kyle tripped over him and they slid to the end of the room.They stopped abruptly and they looked up slowly.Professor Ebony gazed down at them with an icy stare."You're late."Kyle hastily tried to explain,but was cut off by a sneering voice from across the room."Are you trying to make a fool of yourself,you dimmwitted slackers?"Ryder and Kyle whirled around.Their mutual enemy, Ryuga Kain,gazed back."You know Professor,I don't think these two are responsible enough to get a pokemon",he drawled." Professor Ebony looked back at him with cold indifference in his eyes."Unfortunately for you mr.Kain,it is not up to you to make that choice." Ryder and Kyle grinned at each other. Ryuga had been their enemy since trainer academy.He had been at elitist snob,while they had been two underdogs from a backwater town.The academy was in Neptune city,where Ryuga lived.At the start of the year,they had all picked a pokemon to use for the semester.Ryuga had picked a Scraggy, while Ryder had picked a Snivy and Kyle had picked a Tyrogue.They had all been given everstones to stop evolutioons and any student without an everstone during a practical would be suspended.Before the graduation exam Ryuga had used a stolen supply rare candys to evolve his Scraggy into a Scrafty,but Ryder still beat him.Ryuga wasn't expelled,and he passed because his obscenely parents had made a "donation" to the school."Ryder! have you been listening at all!' Professor Ebony scowled at him. "I was just telling you about how reports have been coming in from all over Hylus about an extremely dangerous viral strain about pokerus.It's been turning pokemon more aggresive than an Aggron finding a mass migration of Bidoof on it's territory."Kyle was intrigued."What's the source of this strain of pokerus?" Professor Ebony turned and looked out the window."There was once a legend of an evil pokemon that spread it's dark influence over the land by infecting other pokemon with a strange affliction.This may have something to do with the pokemon attack Curse.But anyway a legendary golden pokemon descended from the heavens and clashed with the evil pokemon over many years,which supposedly explains why the hylus regin is covered in gigantic crevices.The evil pokemon was supposedly sealed in the abbys that was the tunnel network of the crevices.If not for the invention of the airship,this region would be uninhabitable..."he seemed to be talking to himself,rather than the trainers."Is this the cause of the infection"?Ryuga asked.The Prof. turned around."No,that was just an old man's thoughts....'

    End of chapter 2
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