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Quell the Darkness

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Kalseng, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. "Pandemonium rocks eastern Albany. Creatures described as 'Otherworldly' have been attacking New York all morning, according to our..."

    Allen's sight drifted in and out. He'd heard doctors and nurses buzzing around him for a while, but he just now came back into real consciousness. What played across his eyes was a screen, one with a woman on it. A news channel. CNN, specifically. He was in a hospital, he knew that much. The woman on TV had her brown hair pulled back in a bun behind her hair, and was wearing a red suit. Her hand was pressed on her ear, and her brow was knit into a confused look.

    "This just in," she started, looking despairingly at the camera. "These attacks have been reported all over the world. What armies have been assembled are doing little to nothing in terms of stopping this 'invasion.'" Even while half-awake, Allen knew that calling it an invasion was a bad move. There would be hysteria and mass panic. Religions would throw themselves over in an instant. "We'll stay on the air as long as possible to help you." Allen struggled to sit up, and noticed that his throbbing headache was quickly fading. The feeling of being hot all over was subsiding. He looked around himself. A machine monitoring his vitals, hooked up to his chest. He pulled them off. If those things were near, that was the last thing he needed.

    The hospital room he was in was small, only about the size of his bedroom back home. The walls were a soothing shade of creme, that same color they used in every hallway that he had ever walked down in his life. The bed was covered with a pair of white sheets, situated next to a beeping and brightly lit machine displaying all sorts of numbers that Allen never understood. Above it was an IV of some kind, though it luckily wasn't jammed into Allen anywhere. A small TV hung across the room from the bed, though people always seemed to turn it onto the news. The doors in this hospital were metal, if for nothing else than for the feeling of security for the patients.

    The fifteen year old looked almost nonexistent in the baggy, solid sea foam green hospital gown. Allen had a thin build, to be sure. His skeleton wasn't built to handle much intense work, even though Allen put it through that enough to make himself strong. His blonde hair had naturally become a healthy yellow, in his opinion a really beautiful color. His blue eyes were still clearing up, dilating to respond to the light appropriately. His tanned skin was a great contrast to the solid white bed and walls. Allen swung his legs over the bed, and pulled himself up. The second his feet hit the floor, a woman's scream pierced the air.

    Allen's instincts kicked in, and he grabbed hold of the bed. He pulled the breaks off and turned it so that the foot of the bed faced the door, and kicked it into the small entryway. It fit snugly, and he pushed it as best as he could inward. With a quick movement, he reset the breaks and backed up against the window.

    "Reports are saying that the St. John's hospital has been sited with a large amount of these beasts," the female reporter said hastily. Great. Allen thought. I just woke up from a three day sickness to be slaughtered by a race of bloodthirsty alien-like creatures. He turned back behind him and pulled the window open, a breeze shaking his hair and the gown. The gown. That reminded him.

    Allen looked around the room for his clothes, which he found neatly folded ontop of the bed stand that was previously next to his bed. He took off the gown, finding himself completely naked underneath. He pulled on the brown cargo pants, white undershirt, socks, and olive green tee. His brown working shoes were found next to the stand, which he slipped on. They were his work clothes, which was good. If they had been anything else, the entire concept of getting out of the hospital would've been lost at the fact that he would've been trying the entire time to not get his shirt splattered with alien blood. The heavy sounds of footsteps echoed down his hallway, followed by a man's screaming and the brief sound of a guttural roar. Allen cursed in his head. A brief moment of silence worried Allen, playing his nerves.

    The metal door suddenly dented on the top, clearly from the impact of whatever beast was on the other side. Allen stepped up onto the window ledge, and perched himself carefully so that he could drop carefully out of the window. The second strike broke down the door from the top, which fell onto the bed. A creature, most assuredly alien stood on the other side of the broken door. It was mostly a tan shade of brown, with long, thin limbs. They were almost humanoid, though a bit more like dogs. Its back was covered in green fur, which was surprisingly well kept for a beast that thrived on mutilating living things. Its face had a muzzle instead of a flat face, with yellow eyes like a cat's. It didn't appear to have anything like ears, though it somehow heard things going on. It was perched on all fours, ready to pounce.

    It opened its mouth and roared again, more of a high-pitched shout of anger, but it was still effective. The creature jumped onto the floor, four feet away from Allen. The boy let his instincts drive him, and he dropped over the outside of the window, the alien thing following him. It leaped out of the window, and overshot Allen by a long ways. Its claws were extended, and it swiped at the empty air. Allen's hands gripped the outside edge of the window, and the creature was sent flying to the ground. He was on the tenth floor.

    Allen made an attempt to not look down more than necessary, and gauged the distance between his feet and the next sill. Three feet, maybe. He let go of the sill, but kicked his feet inwards. He managed to catch the sill, but his balance was off. He scraped at the wall with his fingers, until he found a small fingerhold. He pulled himself in to the wall, and lifted up his left foot. He kicked around, and found the window to be open. A gift from whatever god was out there. He slipped his legs in, and eased himself down. He just barely made it down, and dropped himself. He was sitting on the edge of the window of a room one floor lower. However, he was still alive. He stepped down from the ledge, and found himself in an empty room identical to the one he had before the aliens ransacked his room.

    He went for the door and opened it quickly. He looked down the halls. Nobody. Not a living soul. The halls were the same creme color as in the inside of the rooms, and metal doors lined the left and right sides. It ended in a set of double doors down the hallway, but he didn't care. He walked across the the elevators, and hit the button. The elevator immediately opened with a soft ding. Convenient.

    He stepped in to the red-carpeted room and punched the Lobby button. The elevator made its way downward, carrying a shaken Allen with it. He'd learned how to defend himself from his dad and a series of cop shows as a kid. He just didn't think it'd be this intense. He stuck his arm out and caught the wall of the elevator. This was tiring. The door opened with another soft ding, and revealed the hospital lobby. A fountain in the middle for no practical reason, a desk with scattered papers and a couple of computers up and still running. Allen edged himself into the lobby, looking around cautiously. Allen sighed and let himself relax.

    And then, as if on cue, a howl ran right through Allen's ears. He spun around to face the door, and saw the same beast from before running in through the destroyed glass doors. He identified it as "the same one from before" because it came from outside and looked like it had indeed fallen nine stories. A strange, homicidal creature with a particular vendetta against you is not a good thing to have staring you down in the middle of a hospital in New York.

    The thing lunged at Allen, who scrambled out of the way just in time to see it stop just short of the information desk and make another mad jump at Allen. The poor teen couldn't do anything but throw his arms in the air to defend himself.

    Zoa. Your protector.

    Three choppy words flew through Allen's mind, a ringing bell of clarity cutting through the chaos and fear in Allen's mind. A flash of light filled the lobby, followed almost immediately by the sound of the creature slamming into a solid metal wall. Allen waited a moment, and then opened his eyes. A large shield was in front of him, immovably stuck in the air. He reached out for it, and grabbed the handle on the back. The back that Allen could see was a deep blue color. Allen quickly shot a glance at the front, and saw that it was separated into two distinct halves by a small crevice running down the middle. A green jewel was set in the middle, surrounded by a small bit of silver gilding. The shield wasn't more than two inches thick, a foot and a half wide, and maybe two and half feet tall.

    The creature was a few feet in front of Allen, and staggering to get back on its feet. Allen made a tighter grip on the shield, and put his feet back. He'd seen fights before, and he'd been in a few before himself. Mimicking the ones who'd won, he positioned himself into a good defensive position. His body turned to the side, his left foot bracing him, his right level with the shield. The creature clashed again with the shield, and Allen swung his right arm wide. The beast went with him, and went flying to the right. Allen was strong, sure, but he wasn't nearly that strong. The alien hit the wall, not hard, but it was enough to make a nice thud. Allen looked down at the shield.

    I can't just defend. He thought worriedly. You don't win any fights by just defending. I need something to hit him with. The alien lunged again, and Allen brought up the shield to smack it out of the air. The beast fell down hard, and Allen was ready. He let the shield fall from his grip, and grabbed onto the edge. He pulled it back so that the bottom came within an inch of his ear, and threw it hard at the alien. It connected solidly with the back of its head, and bounced back into Allen's grip. He looked at the shield, and poked the sides cautiously. It wasn't rubber, that was for sure.

    How did that even happen? Allen went to look at the beast, but it immediately turned into black smoke and dissipated in the air. Allen looked around the hospital's lobby, trying to find a sign of life or a trap door or something.

    "Hello," Allen called out to the area. Above him was a balcony with a glass wall blocking people from falling off. Maybe he couldn't see them up there. "Anyone else up there? Anyone? If you are, I sure could use your help." His words echoed in the empty building, searching for someone. Anyone.

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