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Ask to Join Quasar Cup Registration

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Frontier Master, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Congratulations trainer on your qualification for the first annual Quasar Cup, the decisive tournament to determine and crown the Greatest Pokemon Master

    In order for this event to take place please fill in the attached Application and await further correspondence.

    Terms and conditions apply

    Home town:

    Brief Backstory:

    Team Theme:







    - You are allowed Mega’s as well as 1 ‘gameplay adjustment’ (illegal ability or the like) per team, you must be able to justify the adjustment. These both must be disclosed in your application
    - Cosmetic changes are allowed provided they are disclosed in your application
    - No Fakemon
    - Held items are allowed but Medicines are not (ie your Pokemon can hold a berry but you can’t run in and full restore them)
    - Your Roster is allowed 7 Pokemon through only 6 are allowed per battle
    - Team themes are necessary, (monotyping is considered a theme, ‘my favorite pokemon’ or ‘competitive pokemon’ are not)
    - Your tam must also be realistically powerful enough to actually qualify for a Pokemon Master Tournament. (So No pointless unevolved Pokemon, I don’t care how good the anime make sense unevolved Pokemon seem, there is a limit to their power, even with extensive training)
    - All battles will be double style first to lose all Pokemon
    - There are no ring-outs or sleep-outs. A Pokemon is only considered incapacitated if KO’ed or the Trainer forfeits the Pokemon.
    - Battles will take place in a large neutral crag field with various pools and streams, as well as up-drafts.

    Here’s mine

    Name: Alexander James Xavier VII
    Nickname: Ajax
    Title: Ruin Master
    Age: 27
    Appearance:slim build, medium height, pale complexion with short choppy red hair and piecing orange eyes.
    Outfit: grey shirt, crimson leather trench coat, dark grey jeans and tall black combat boots.
    Home town: Canalave city Sinnoh
    Occupation: Sinnoh Frontier Brain

    Ajax was born in Canalave city where he lives until he was about 8, however following the death of his mother Rose, he was moved around a lot going between towns and cities around Sinnoh. It was during a 3 month stay in the resort area that Ajax came across a badly hurt Beldum who had also been orphaned, Ajax adopted the little Beldum and named him Bastion.

    Ajax shared everything with Bastion, any food he got he offered to the Beldum, any spare time they had was spent training and spending time together. Ajax was then fostered under the Canalave Gym Leader Byron who gifted him an pokemon egg. Which soon hatched into a Ferroseed adequately name Rose in honor of Ajax's mother.

    Thanks to a loop-hole in the Sinnoh league rules Ajax was allowed to use Bastion and Rose as his starting Pokemon and so begun their journey across the Sinnoh Region.

    It took a long time but Ajax and a slowly expanding roster finally managed to earn enough badges to take part in the Sinnoh League Conference, where he managed to make it to the final 8 losing to a mega Houndoom, but Ajax wasn't deterred he had heard stories of Steven the Hoenn champion using a Mega Metagross so he decided to head for Hoenn in search of the secret to mega evolution.

    While in Hoenn Ajax came across the Battle Pyramid and was invited to challenge Brandon in a 1v1 exhibition match, Ajax accepted but said he needed a week to prepare himself and his Pokémon for the battle. In the end Bastion was able to single handedly take down Regice in a very long and hard fought battle, Brandon impressed by the young trainers skill offered him a keystone necklace and an offer of a permanent position onboard the Battle Pyramid.

    Ajax went on to collect the rest of the badges he needed to participate in the Hoenn League conference, where in which he met Steven and was asked to show him the power of their bond through a battle, Ajax ended up losing the battle very quickly as Bastion was not able to keep up with the speed of Stevens attacks. Steven had been expecting this and the test was not to defeat him but to ensure that Ajx and Bastion would not give up when facing terrible odds, handing the trainer a megastone.

    From Hoenn, Ajax was approached by a representative of the Kalosian Government. Not long after he was officially recruited by the Kalos Police as part of a task-force to track down the remnants of Team Flare, following the organisations collapse and splintering to various tiny unaffiliated groups. Working for the team was some of the most intense time of Ajax's life, facing unknown risks and dangers every day, and though he loved the adrenaline rush of bursting through doors to arrest Flare Remnants it forced the then 20 year old to wake up and see the reality of the world. The task-force was disbanded following a failed operation that caused the death of a member and Ajax lost his love for battling, he took his new excess of free time to travel the world eventually settling down on a private island just off the coast of Akala Island Alola. He lived here mostly isolated for the entirety of his year long sabbatical before returning to Sinnoh.

    The new Ajax was far more reserved and reflective. His brash adrenaline junkie ways were long gone in favour of a calculated and calm demeanor. This new demeanor also brought with it a drive to forge his own path and independently find his way in the world. So he finally made that call to Brandon but instead of accepting the position on-board the Battle Pyramid he asked Brandon for help establishing his own Battle facility in the abandoned ruins of Isla Nocturne, a small island west of the Battle-Zone and north of the Pokemon League. The Elder Frontier Brain simply chuckled and plotted a course to the island. For the next few years Ajax alternated his time between the newly christened Battle Ruins and travelling in search to strong opponents, before long the Battle Ruins garnered a notorious reputation as arguably the toughest Battle Facility in Sinnoh possibly even the world, aided by the sheer difficulty of getting to the facility. It had been designed that way to test trainers ability to utilize their Pokemon outside of battle as few if any captains or pilots came within a certain radius of the island believing it to be haunted. Which it technically had been, a unique Spiritomb had once inhabited the inner most chamber of the ruins, that is until Ajax arrived to convert said chamber into his main battlefield. The Dark/Ghost type putting up quite a fight until Ajax was able to wear it down enough to be captured., now acting as yet another curveball for potential opponents to overcome.

    Team Theme: The 4 key stages of his life
    Canalave Orphans
    Pokemon: Metagross
    Nickname: Bastion
    Ability: Clear Body
    Item: Metagrossite
    Notes: Shiny

    Pokemon: Ferrothorn
    Nickname: Rose
    Ability: Iron Barbs
    Item: Rocky Helm

    The Kalos Taskforce
    Pokemon: Talonflame
    Nickname: Hot-Shot
    Ability: Gale-Wings
    Item: Flying Gem

    Pokemon: Greninja
    Nickname: Genji
    Ability: Protean
    Item: Focus Band
    Notes: Shiny

    Alolan Sabbatical
    Pokemon: Syleon
    Nickname: Mavi
    Ability: Pixalate
    Item: Pixie Charm (Pixie Plate)

    Pokemon: Musdale
    Nickname: Toph
    Ability: Stamina
    Item: Leftovers

    Battle Ruin
    Pokemon: Spiritomb
    Nickname: Naga
    Ability: Magic Guard
    Item: Life Orb

    Edit: clarifying Terms and Conditions
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  2. Just to make sure... We still need to have approved Mega Evolution by administration member, don't we. (Sorry, if this question sounds stupid)
  3. Are our teams required to have a theme? And how many Pokémon will be allowed for each trainer to have?
  4. I can’t tell if you intended for this to happen but like 90% of Internet people you didn’t fully read the terms and conditions both questions are answered there.
    (Not having a go at you, it’s just a little funny)

    Themes are necessary

    7 per side only 6 each battle though
  5. It does, of course you need admin approval
  6. Hello! Interested, will make a character sheet soon.
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  7. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Just dropping in to confirm that yes, this particular character of Frontier Master's did indeed have a Mega Metagross, with that particular back story... All the way in May 2017 - and I've verified that it's the same guy.

    And yes, all RP forum rules would apply which means that if more of you people want to deal with Mega Evolutions you'd have to take it up with me, as per aforementioned rules. ^^
  8. Oh, I see. I didn’t notice the terms spoiler the first time I read through. Anyway, I’ve read the terms now, and will be creating a character sheet soon.
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  9. Name: Rowan Alwin
    Title: Trainer
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Rowan is 6’, has brown hair, grey eyes and medium tan skin. He isn’t extremely athletic, but has some muscle tone.
    Outfit: A black shirt under a grey letterman jacket with an Aggron print on the back. (His school’s mascot) He carries a black backpack full of supplies and will usually wear shorts, but this is subject to change. Anything else will be described in RP.
    Hometown: Hearthome City, Sinnoh
    Occupation: Currently in training to become a Gym Leader
    Brief Backtory: Rowan grew up in Sinnoh, earning high marks in class but with little social life, that is until he discovered Pokémon battles as a way to break out of his shell. He chose to train a team of Steel types to match his defensive battling style, and he hopes to gain some battling experience with his team at the Quasar Cup.

    Team theme:
    “Unbreakable Defense”

    Pokemon: Aggron
    Ability: Rock Head
    Item: Expert Belt

    Pokemon: Metagross
    Ability: Clear Body
    Item: Sitrus Berry

    Pokemon: Rhydon
    Nickname: N/A
    Ability: Lightning Rod
    Item: Muscle Band

    Pokemon: Shelgon
    Ability: Rock Head
    Item: Eviolite

    Pokemon: Aegislash
    Ability: Stance Change
    Item: Weakness Policy

    Pokemon: Venusaur
    Ability: Overgrow
    Item: Black Sludge

    Pokémon: Mawile
    Ability: Intimidate
    Item: Leftovers
    Notes: Mawile Keeps it’s leftovers in its large jaws or “secondary mouth” if you will.

    Here it is! Let me know if anything needs to be added or changed.
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  10. Accepted
  11. Name: Shiori Fujimoto
    Title: Marine Knight Gyarados
    Age: 31
    Appearance: Shiori stands at 6 feet and weighs 175 pounds. His hair is black, scruffy, and long. It goes down about halfway down his back, and he usually keeps it in a ponytail because it tends to floof up. Well, not up. More wider. His eyes are blue. Shiori is also pretty well built, seeing as most of his roles in movies have been kinda superheroes.
    Outfit: Shiori has three main outfits. His first is his normal clothes. He usually wears simple clothes, a t-shirt, jeans. Basic clothes, as well as sunglasses and tennis shoes. Shiori's second outfit is his Karpman costume. It's pretty low cost, just a red tracksuit along with a Magikarp mask. The Magikarp mask covers his whole head. He wore this when he competed in tournaments. His third outfit is the Marine Knight Gyarados costume he wore while in the movies Knights of the Dragonic Order I and II, as well as The Poke-Heroes: Team Up. It's an aqua blue chestplate with shoulders, as well as aqua blue leg greaves. Also, a cape and a mask that looks like a Gyarados mouth to cover his mouth and nose. While in this costume, Shiori's hair is no longer in a ponytail and is instead loose on his back. Shiori also wears dark makeup around his eyes, to give them a more intense look. To finish off the look, Shiori wears blue gloves and carries a telescopic golden trident. It's a prop.
    Home town: Vermillion City, Kanto
    Occupation: Actor

    Brief Backstory: Okay, going very brief with this one...

    Shiori grew up in a very poor family in Vermillion City, as the son of a fisherman. He would often help out his dad and brothers on the fishing boat. One day, he fell out and was rescued by a Magikarp. This was when Shiori found he had a pretty good affinity with water types. Through saving up what little money he could get, and a lot of determination, Shiori set out to become a Pokemon trainer and seek his fortune, so he could send back money to help his family.

    But as the years went on, Shiori found that no matter how hard he tried, he simply couldn't win. He spent the majority of the time he battled losing, and it seemed that each time he managed to beat some one, three more stronger opponents would pop up and beat him down again. This lead to Shiori developing his alter ego, Karpman. Shiori was always a fan of heroes and anime, and Karpman was the embodiment of an anime-esque hero. Dramatic, heroic, and never ever giving up until the the last Pokemon had fainted. Shiori even made a costume and dressed in it while he battled, going full in! Acting as Karpman gave Shiori the confidence to keep trying to be a Pokemon trainer, and it lead to Shiori signing up for quite a lot of tournaments. He never won any, and the closest he could get was the match before the semi-finals. Still, Shiori's dramatic style of battling caught the eye of an up-and-coming movie director named Jean Pierre. This director gave Shiori a chance to have a minor role in one of the films he was directing, and thus started Shiori's acting career.

    The first movie Shiori was in was Invaders I, where he played the small role of a hacker that was at first against the Unova Defense Force, but then ended up helping the main character in the end. Although it was a very minor role, Shiori's character became a fan favorite and had a reoccurring role in the rest of the Invaders movies. The second big movie that Shiori was in was Full Metal Cop 2: The Sneasel Ninja's Trap. He played a rookie cop that teamed up with Full Metal Cop, and also showed up in the sequels. Once again, a fan-favorite character.

    But Shiori's biggest role was when he played the main character of Knights of the Draconic Order, a character named Marine Knight Gyarados. The movie was based on a comic about a group heroes that resembled (and had similar powers to) dragon-type/dragon-looking Pokemon. Think Thor mixed with Green Lantern Corps. It became Shiori's most well-known role, and the movie was a smash hit. Even though Shiori was now a big-shot actor, he tried to not let it change him. Shiori began battling again, and found that he was getting better. Much, much, much better, actually! Marine Knight Gyarados returned in a few more movies, such as Knights of the Draconic Order 2 and The Poke-Heroes: Team-up. All were very successful films.

    Team Theme: Uh... Heroes of the Deep, I guess? Maybe Myths and Heroes? There's some theme here, I'm not sure how to name it... any help would be nice. Oh! How about: Deceiving Appearances?

    Pokemon: Gyarados
    Nickname: Hyper Tsunamu
    Ability: Intimidate/ Mold Breaker
    Notes: Is able to Mega Evolve. This has been approved by Stellar!

    Pokemon: Zoroark
    Nickname: Raza
    Ability: Illusion
    Notes: Is wearing an Assault Vest. Raza often uses her Illusion to disguise herself as a human. Her common disguise is a girl with long, black hair and a black jacket that looks similar to an Assault Vest. Overall, she looks like a punk girl in her mid to late twenties.

    Pokemon: Magikarp
    Nickname: Beast
    Ability: Rattled
    Notes: Has unusual blue scales around his eyes. It knows unusual moves, such as Bounce, Hydro Pump, Reversal, and Dragon Rage. This is Shiori's first Pokemon, and was found to have a rare genetic disorder that made it unable to evolve. While other trainers might cast aside a Magikarp that can't evolve, Shiori would not abandon his friends. Years of training and determination led to Shiori creating new moves and techniques for Beast. Mostly just two moves combined into one, like Bounce and Dragon Rage. Years of training have toughened Beast's scales as well, giving him slightly higher defenses then normal. The 'gameplay adjustment' Pokemon.

    Pokemon: Braviary
    Nickname: Courage
    Ability: Sheer Force
    Notes: Is holding a Life Orb

    Pokemon: Quagsire
    Nickname: Looper
    Ability: Oblivious

    Pokemon: Milotic
    Nickname: Tethys
    Ability: Marvel Scale
    Notes: Is holding a leftovers.
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  12. I like it, accepted. Though I’d appreciate that Karpman doesn’t make an appearance
  13. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Kasai Okami
    Title: Mr. Midnight
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Kasai is 6' 2", lean yet still muscular, he has blueish grey hair and orange/yellow eyes. He also has a tattoo of a shadowy wolf on most of his back.
    Outfit: When not performing Kasai wears a pair of black jeans, an unbuttoned red tartan shirt, over a white t-shirt, white trainers and a silver and sapphire crescent moon medallion. On stage he wears a full piece black suit, with a whits shirt, black tie, black loafers and his medallion.
    Home town: Castelia City, Unova
    Occupation: Performer/Singer

    Brief Backstory: Kasai's mother, Riza Okami, was a very famous and successful singer and trainer. She was known by most as Sunset Rose. Her fame meant Kasai's family lived well, Kasai started singing with his mother at the age of 13 under the alias Sunrise. When he was 15 Kasai's mother passed away in a car accident, his dad became very depressed and they ended up losing pretty much all their money and property, Kasai at the age of 16 decided he would continue singing, he started a new career under the name Mr. Midnight becoming very successful and getting a decent amount of money, but it was short lived, people started to say the he was only doing well because he was Riza Okami's son, he started to lose fans and his dad's depression got worse, when Kasai turned 18 his dad committed suicide via overdose, Kasai had been training with his Pokemon a lot as his career dipped, he had fought the Elite Four and won, he had also won several tournaments, in his battling he still used the alias Mr. Midnight. So Kasai decided that it was time to move, so he packed up and left, heading out to Alola to battle a new range of trainers and maybe bring his music to a new region.

    Team Theme: 'Canine Fury'
    Pokemon: Eevee
    Nickname: Ginger
    Ability: Adaptability
    Notes: Ginger doesn't battle, she is purely a performer.

    Pokemon: Umbreon (Shiny)
    Nickname: Blue
    Ability: Synchronize
    Notes: Blue wears a red neckerchief.

    Pokemon: Lycanroc (Dusk)
    Nickname: Dawn
    Ability: Tough Claws

    Pokemon: Houndoom
    Nickname: Lucifer
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Notes: Used to be his dad's Pokemon, he has an eyepatch after a wild Sandslash permanently damaged his eye.

    Pokemon: Ninetales (Alolan)
    Nickname: Mist
    Ability: Snow Cloak

    Pokemon: Poochyena
    Nickname: Yena
    Ability: Quick Feet

    Pokemon: Jolteon
    Nickname: Volt
    Ability: Volt Absorb
    Notes: Wears a green neckerchief.
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  14. Looking at your team I’m not sure they would realistically be able to go toe to toe with some of the other teams, even with the anime approach of training over stats.
    Specifically the Poochyena and non-battling eevee.

    Also this tournament is more aimed at Pokemon battlers not performers. Your backstory makes no reference to any battling ability
  15. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Oh I meant to mention that after the dip in his fame. I'll edit it when I can.

    Edit: Also what do you mean that my team wouldn't realistically be able to battle against the others.
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  16. The non-battling eevee and Poochyena essentially means you only have 5 Pokemon to most people’s 7.

    There is NO WAY a POOCHYENA would be able to qualify for a Pokemon Masters Tournament, which this tournament is as outlined in the original post
  17. Hey, if you didn't notice my character has a Magikarp on his battling team. A hecking Magikarp! If we're doing anime fighting style, I see no reason why this trainer can't be accepted into the tournament. But then again, that's just my opinion.
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  18. You stated that, the particular magikarp in question was the result of a unique genetic mutation leaving it unable to evolve but also gifted with higher stats, its backstory was also intriguing. So I let it slide. The Poochyena was just a standard Poochyena.

    I also said in the Terms and Conditions that teams need to be realistically powerful, but I chose to wave that ruling for you as an exception because I enjoyed the backstory of your character and the problem pokemon so much.

    I also knew that this Magikarp wasn't meant to be a serious threat or battler, just a surprising curveball. I doubt it would win any match-ups because of power instead I expect a more creative mix of surprise and luck would be involved IF it were to win a match-up
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  19. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Nevermind then, I retract my application to this roleplay, you all have a nice time, and hope this roleplay doesn't die out like most roleplays do.
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  20. @Frontier Master Alright, I can see where you're coming from. Sounds good to me!
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  21. Name: Rolan Foster

    Age: 17

    Title: Trainer

    Appearance: Rolan has a tanned skin and green eyes. He rarely takes off is Safety Googles, who are on is neck when is not using them. He has brownish spiky hair. He likes to wear casual cloth.

    Outfit: As is said up, Rolan habitually wear a casual outfit who's composed of a wine-colored shirt under a black bomber, paired to a same colored jogging. Is outfit can be subject to change, who would be described IRP.

    Hometown: New Bark Town, Jotho

    Backstory: Rolan started is trip two years ago with two friends in Jotho and his first pokemon was a female Hoppip he named Piper. He met her in his native town, New Bark Town, and they became very good friends, nearly inseparable. He attempted to earn the eight Jotho’s Ligue badges, but he failed. That’s made him sad and he isolate itself at the Mt. Silver to train and become stronger. He met another trainer, who were very strong and who easily defeated him several time. This trainer became Rolan’s goal, an obsession who made him spend one year on the Mt. Silver, only coming back to his hometown for celebrations. Until this year, he doesn’t arrive to beat him one time but the last time, he understood he couldn’t beat the mysterious trainer, but he made huge progress. He definitively leaves the Mt. Silver and explored some other regions, teaming up (he doesn’t like the term “caught”) with some pokemon he selected. He later eared about the Quasar Cup and he taked part to the qualification stage. He fought hard and earned is place for the finals.

    Team theme: Although he was not aiming for that, his team is composed of one pokemon of each generation.

    SPOILER="Rolan's Roster"
    Lloyd (Cloyster) Male

    Ability: Skill Link

    Item: White Herb

    Notes: Lloyd is a playful pokemon that Rolan met as a Shellder. He like to taunt is enemy and have a strong bond with Piper.

    Piper (Jumpluff) Female

    Ability: Chlorophyll

    Item: Focus Sash

    Notes: Piper is Rolan’s oldest and favorite partner. She’s jolly and like to play with Lloyd and all others Rolan’s party members.

    Nagini (Salamence) Male

    Ability: Intimidate

    Item: Life Orb

    Notes: Nagini is a very proud pokemon, but also very protective with the others Rolan’s roster members and they see him as a leader.

    Winny (Mamoswine) Female

    Ability: Snow Cloak

    Item: None

    Notes: Winny is a bit lazier than other members of the roster, but not weaker. She’s very nice with other pokemons and humans, even unknowns.

    Thresh (Garbodor) Male

    Ability: Stench

    Item: Black Sludge

    Notes: He was a lonely Trubbish that Rolan pick, and he doesn’t regret it. The others roster’s members accepted him though is odor.

    Yummy (Slurpuff) Male

    Ability: Unburden

    Item: Sitrus Berry

    Notes: Yummy is a little bit capricious and sassy with the others, but he’s not less competitive. He always gives all he has and has a huge fear of defeat.

    Ash (Alolan Marowak) Male

    Ability: Cursed Body

    Item: Thick Club

    Notes: Ash is cool and lonely, he only accepts Winny’s company and don’t seems ready to open itself to others roster members. He's the most recent roster’s member.

    I hope it's okay.

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