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Open Purple Diamond's Court (Steven Universe Roleplay Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Princess Lilia (Lilly), Aug 2, 2018.

  1. Wow, a steven universe roleplay made by me
    Yeah this is about Purple Diamond's Court and stuff with her gems
    A roleplay basically about serving Purple Diamond(which i will be)
    Purple Diamond: @Princess Lila
    Her Pearl: No one
    Her Quartz Soldiers: No one
    Her Terraformers: No one
    Her Sapphire(s): No one
    Her Technicians: No one
    Her Gems: No one
    Her High-Class gems: @Shiny Blue Gardevoir

    Weapon(s)/Special abilities:
    What do you think of your diamond?(optional):

    My Bio
    Name: Purple Diamond
    Gemstone: Diamond
    Rank: Purple Diamond
    Appearance: [​IMG]Weapon(s)/Special Abilities: Light Projectiles
    Personality: She's a loving and sweet Diamond, which makes her easily likeable, she is also naive at times

    I hope you have fun
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  2. Name: Red Beryl (Often called Beryl)

    Gemstone: Red Beryl (It is in a rose cut, and sits at the base of her throat. She shapeshifts a black ribbon around it, so it resembles a choker)

    Rank: High-class gem, known for her mind controlling powers. After the crystal gems, the diamonds wanted to ensure that no more rebellions would stir up, so they created a new race of gems; red beryls, who could manipulate the minds of other gems. They are used to ensure that every gem performs their assigned role, and doesn't step out of line.

    Appearance: Beryl has long, scarlet hair styled in a hime-cut, which reaches her waist, and light pink skin. She wears a floor-length, off-shoulder red ballgown, with long bell sleeves, ending in black frills. The hem of her dress has a white fur trim, and silver and black beading.

    Weapons: Beryl has a long red wooden staff, with what appears to be a sharp, splintered hook on the end. It can be used to place a seal on a gem, temporarily allowing her to manipulate their body in any manner she pleases, however, it can only work on one gem at a time, and, to her knowledge, it doesn't work on diamonds, or on other beryls. Without her staff, Beryl can manipulate groups of gems into thinking whatever her diamond deems necessary, such as instilling courage and fighting spirit in a quartz soldier who refuses to fight, and manipulating a gem who doesn't want to perform the role assigned to their caste into doing so.

    Personality: Beryl is a cold, harsh gem, who has little concern for the rest of her race, seeing them as nothing more than pawns of their diamond. She, ironically, hates her own caste-assigned job, and dreams of escaping to an enemy planet, but she isn't sure of how to go about it.

    What do you think of your diamond?: Beryl hates all of the diamonds.
  3. Finally someone joined! Your accepted into the roleplay
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    The setting in the roleplay is set where Pink Diamond is still alive

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