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Open Puella Magi Madoka Magica RP Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Cloudswift, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Here's something to create your OCs with if you don't have one or would rather generate one: https://en.shindanmaker.com/590636 (Madoka Magica OC Generator)

    'Yello! It's Cloudy, bringing you another roleplay! This one, if you couldn't guess, is about Madoka Magica. And you don't even need to have watched the show to understand, as I'll be taking care of that~! I do have a few rules that I want you to follow, and please do read them! A lot of things that could cause some confusion will be cleared up down there as well.

    • NO MARY SUES. I cannot stress that enough. I understand that this is a roleplay about magical girls, but keep your character balanced. And don't make them super sappy, everybody-feel-sorry-for-me characters. Nobody likes that. Sad backstories are okay, but only if you know how to use them, and if you know there's a line.
    • This RP takes place before the events of the anime. This means that it's before Madoka does the whole thing where she changes literally everyone.
    • For simplicity's sake, put the name that you want your character addressed by first. I know how names work in Japan, but again, for simplicity's sake, we'll be using a first name - last name system. That sounds pretty confusing, and I'm sorry. XD
    • You can have more than one character, but don't make more than you can handle.
    • All characters have to be between 13 and 16.
    • I'll allow a few male characters, but not too many.
    • Romance and swearing are allowed, but keep it classy. PG13, at most.
    • This RP's school is different than in the actual anime, and there isn't a uniform policy.
    So, basically, there are a few things that I'll need to explain if you haven't watched the anime.
    1. The Soul Gems are little things gifted to Magical Girls when their contract is made. They are the soul of the Magical Girl, and when they are over 100 meters away(I think), the Magical Girl will die. They can be brought back if their Soul Gem is returned to the right distance. The Soul Gem has two forms: an egg-like form and a ring form. They are what allows the Magical Girl to transform.
    2. Grief Seeds are usually given up by witches once they die, and Magical Girls use them to keep their Soul Gems clear. If a Magical Girl's Soul Gem gets too unclear, they will die turn into a witch. There is no way to turn this back.
    If I forgot anything, be sure to let me know so I can add it.

    You'll need to fill out a form(not a contract :p) to join. Here it is:

    Power(directly influenced by wish):
    Soul Gem Color:

    Name: Hayku Kagome
    Age: 14
    Appearance(normal): Hayku has short, wild lavender hair and violet eyes. She wears a pastel yellow hoodie, the arms being a little too long and covering her hands, and wears a pink scarf in a peculiar way--tied around her waist. Hayku also wears tight pink jeans and white sneakers. Hayku is rather short for her age.
    Appearance(Magical): Hayku's hair does not change, but her scarf is moved to her neck and often covers her face. She wears pastel pink arm warmers that go about halfway up to her elbow and still cover her hands. Hayku's top has an armored part of hot pink metal, with a pale golden diamond in the middle, and cuts off just above her belly button. Her skirt has two pale gold metal things with pale pink cloth underneath and a little cherry blossom symbol on her left metal cover thing. She wears tight hot pink boots and pale gold socks. In the center of her cherry blossom rests her Soul Gem.
    Personality: Hayku can be shy at times, but will fight if she needs to. Hayku can be really dependent on other people, too.
    Wish: Strength--more specifically, emotional strength.
    Power(directly influenced by wish): Empathy--she can influence the emotions of others, and when someone is feeling strong, genuine feelings, she gets sort of a boost: she can fight better and think quicker.
    Soul Gem Color: Hot pink.
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  2. Name: Ginka Suama

    Age: 14

    Appearance (Normal): Ginka is short and pale, with silver half-frame glasses, and low ginger pigtails. Her wardrobe is constantly changing, though she tends to wear a lot of green.

    Appearance (Magical): Ginka wears a long sleeved green blouse, with lace around the collar and chest, and several bows, as well as frilly sleeves. She also has dark green hot pants, and green ankle boots. Her weapon is a pair of Korean fighting fans and her soul gem is kept on a choker.

    Personality: Ginka is a gruff, no-nonsense magical girl, who's experienced some of the worst things in life, (Poverty, and being forced into compensated dating, to get her dad out of debt). As a result, she has little to no tolerance for complaints about trivial things.

    Wish: To win the lottery, thus allowing her family to escape poverty

    Powers: Due to her wishing to win the lottery, thus winning a lot of money, she's able to summon streams of gold, coin-like bullets, with minimal cost to her soul gem.

    Soul Gem Colour: Green

    Witch Form: (Yes, she is going to become a witch): Antoinette, the queen witch, with a selfish nature. This witch once had it all, but it all fell apart, thanks to her own misdeeds, and yet, she longs to have it all back, regardless of cost.
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  3. Nice! Accepted! Also, I'll add a point to the first post: this school is a different one than in the RP, and it doesn't necessarily have a uniform policy.
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  4. Cool! Looking forward to the RP!
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  5. Me too. :) Think you could help me ask around for people to join?
  6. Sure! I'll post a link on my profile
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  7. Yey! Sorry for the lateness.

    : Tanaka Oshiro
    Age: 13
    Appearance (Normal): A girl of average height, for her age at least, that has shoulder-lengthed red hair and brown eyes. The hair is somewhat kept on the top but gradually appears messy towards the ends. She constantly wears black glasses upon her face. Her apparel mainly involves a beige, light sweater that is arm lengthed. Tanaka has knee-lengthed grey pants with brown boots. The boots have a zipper on the sides with shoelaces on the front.
    Appearance (Magical): (Based on a few video game characters, I'll put the links to give a basic idea: https://elwiki.net/w/File:Nemesis2HQ.png, http://lataleinfinity.wikia.com/wiki/Blade_Slinger?file=Blade_transparent.png (Blade Slinger) )

    Tanaka's hair is tied up into three ponytails -- Two on the sides as twin tails, and one in the back. Her ponytail in the back has what appears to be a grey gear on the tip. She wears a silver dress that appears to be made of metal, although it's cloth, that goes down to her shin. Her feet are wrapped in a white cloth around black metallic-like boots. The soles of the shoes are blue with a gear-like pattern on the bottom of both. Her hands and arms are covered in a silver sleeve that isn't connected to her dress. Finally, they have a collar around the wrists -- The collar on her right hand contains a diamond-shaped soul gem.

    (It'd probably be better if I drew it out, now that I think about it... :l)
    Personality: She can be quite snarky at times and be a bit sarcastic. Tanaka can be childish at times, explaining her thinking process. Occasionally, she can seem a bit... Complex to understand. Otherwise, Tanaka is understanding towards others and able to comprehend things if she thinks things thoroughly.
    Wish: For her inventions/ideas to be a reality
    Power (Directly influenced by Wish): Construction; Tanaka is limited to using "projected objects" as long as that weapon/object has mechanic or moving parts (I.E. gears, wiring, circuits). She must be standing still and focus in order to use this ability.
    Soul Gem Color: Blue-Violet
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  8. Accepted! I'll get the thread up later today, probably.
  9. Nice, just for clarification: This RP takes place before Madoka's wish and changing pretty much the whole world, right?
  10. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    (My character is male)

    Name :
    Haruka Yuuta

    Age : 15

    Appearance (Normal) : Haruka is 5'9'' and has an average build, not skinny or fat. He has medium length black hair swept to the side and deep gray eyes covered by eyeglasses. He has a somewhat small nose dotted in very light freckles that cover a small part of his face. He wears a black leather jacket over a maroon tee shirt, and dark gray jeans with black sneakers.

    Appearance (Magical) : His leather Jacket is traded out for a leather suit, with a metal chest plate and shoulder pads. His normal pants are also traded out, for a more maneuverable material. A maroon bandanna is tied around his right arm and his left leg. His glasses turn into more secure goggles, that still improve his vision. These goggles have his soul gem on the right side.

    Personality :
    Haruka is loyal and extremely protective. His friends and family mean more to him than anything else, but he wasn't always able to do what he should have for them. This caused him to become scared and reclusive, he started going to school less and less and eventually he never left his room. He didn't think he deserved his friends and that they needed better than him. However, one day he was approached by a creature with a... peculiar offer.

    Wish :
    To be able to protect those he cares about

    Power :
    Warden - Haruka can summon massive kite shields to protect his friends/allies. While his ability isn't perfectly suited for fighting, it's perfect for saving others that are in a tight spot. However, when it's needed, Haruka also wields a longsword.

    Soul Gem Color :
    Black, with slight red swirls
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  11. Yes, it does.

    Accepted! :)
  12. I’ll just put this here...
    Name: Chi Shizen
    Age: 16
    Appearance(normal): Just so you know... i didnt draw these. I used a avatar maker. Here is the link: https://charat.me/en/avatarmaker/start/ (Name input | Avatar Maker CHARAT - DRESS UP GAME-)
    Personality: An introvert. Kind, loving, and wise. People make fun of her because of her small height for her age.
    Wish: She wishes to heal her mother who is sickly ill
    Power(directly influenced by wish): She can heal people on her side by calling a flock of moths.(Moths are her mother’s favorite animal.)
    Soul Gem Color: Lavender
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