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Ask to Join Psychic School (Reopening)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Le Marsouin, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. NOTE: As there was a lot of chaos going on in previous RP boards, I will now have to make this ask to join. If you have not filled out the form on the discussion page, please do so before entering the RP.

    Discussion Page:

    Hello everyone,

    Recently in Unova, a team of Professors and Doctors have recently discovered that Psychic type Pokémon are able to communicate to other humans! As a result, they have built and opened up a huge school for Psychic type Pokémon to learn the varieties of human language, and other subjects, like Mathematics. You will be a Pokémon that is attending school, going to classes, and doing much more! To join the RP, please fill out the OC template that is below the rules.

    The rules are below, as I am having to say a lot due to the former thread that was closed. I have wanted to reopen the RP here, and I will take ownership of it now, because the former thread was shut down. I have added on a lot more stuff here, so enjoy!

    Just to get things cleared up, I am in no way, assisting the banned person, nor am I sockpuppeting.

    To the people that were in the former thread:

    Unfortunately, the previous thread got locked down, so I wanted to make a new one for myself and others to come back since the thread owner for the previous thread was banned. Think of it as like a new game plus in a sense.

    To ALL Moderators/Administrators (Especially to StellarWind Elsydeon):

    I am only restarting this RP because I was very interested in that thread itself. I have wanted to travel back in time and carry on with the RP in my own hands now because it was shut down so early. It was a bummer to know at the last second that the person had a ban for a huge offense that they committed. Anyway, if there are any issues, feel free to privately message me, or place it on the thread. This is my first time making an RP thread, and well, I have wanted to say to all the staff, especially to Stellarwind Elsydeon, if this RP can't be reopened, I understand if that is the case.

    RP Rules:

    1) Your OC must be a Pokémon, and your trainer can only transport you back and forth from school, they cannot come into the school. (Only exceptions are emergency situations, meetings, or conferences.)

    2) All Pokémon must not be above level 40, and they must be a Psychic type! (They don't need to be purely Psychic, they can have another type along also.)
    Examples: Psychic/Fire, Dragon/Psychic

    3) No legendary Pokémon or Fakemon allowed!

    4) Use common sense, and try to keep OOC talk to a minimum.

    5) If you are joining the RP for the first time, please fill out the OC template below.

    OC Template:



    Name: Evan
    Gender: Male
    Species: Elgyem
    Type: Psychic
    Shiny: No
    Level: 17
    Appearance: Nothing unusual in appearance, has a pink scarf around his neck
    Personality: Docile, open to friends and others he trusts, informative
    Moveset: Confusion, Psybeam, Psychic, Teleport


    Evan was asleep like a baby in his incubator, as his trainer, Ben came in his room. He went to the incubator, as he pressed a button, which opened the hatch. He carefully picked Evan up, as he said to him softly, "Wakey wakey sleepyhead, time for your first day of school!"
    Evan quickly got up and went in the air, as he replied in telepathy, "Okay okay, just give me a second..."

    Ben went out of the room, as Evan grabbed his bag that he had packed the night before. He also grabbed his scarf, as he snugly wrapped it around his neck. He smiled, as he used Psychic to lift the bag with almost no effort. He went out of his room, as he grabbed an apple on the way to the garage. He bit on his apple, as Ben opened the door to the garage, and went in his car. He pressed on his remote to open the garage door, while Evan got inside the car and buckled himself in his booster seat.

    Ben drove to school, as Evan ate his apple still. He finished it by the time he parked at the school, as he got out of the car. Evan told him, "Alright Evan, good luck! Make some friends and be yourself alright?" Evan nodded at him, as he threw his apple in the garbage bin after he finished it, and went inside the school.
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  2. Name: Lancelot (Lance)
    Species:Kirlia(Going to use Kirla instead, Gallade felt too OP to the plot)
    Level: 23
    Appearance:Normal Kirlia
    Personality: Brave, Hero Like, Friendly, Honorable
    • Draining Kiss
    • Confusion
    • Disarming Voice
    • Magical Leaf
    Lance was lying in his bunk bed his trainer bought him. His trainer only has two pokemon, A Marshtomp, Which he always keeps with him in his Pokeball, and Lance, who he always keeps out. Lance slept on the top while Splash, The Marshtomp Slept on the bottom. Lance was sleeping peacefully until he heard his trainer, Marcus Yell "Time to get up for school Lance!" His trainer had enrolled him in a special school for psychic Pokemon Only and Lance was excited. He wanted his trainer to wake him up extra early just for this special day. Other than today, Lance is not a morning person. "Good Morning Lance! I hope you have a good day at school. I know it's going to be hard without me, but if you need me that bad, tell the office you need to call the Starter Training school. That's were me and Splash will be." The three ate breakfast quickly. Lance then picked up his bag, which was a Blue sling bag with a Pikachu on it and headed out the door. When he was halfway to the school he got hungry because he was the only one who didn't eat breakfast. So he Ate some Sunflora Seed (Like Sunflower seeds but from Sunflora) and when he was finished eating he was at the school. It looked like a average school, but to Lance, it was huge. Lance had never been to a school before this, he was still rather young, not even to his final evolution yet. But Marcus never really like the idea of school until he heard about the Starter school, then he signed Splash and Himself up. Then he found a school for Lance to go to. Lance walked inside looking for the office so he could find his locker. He saw many psychic pokemon, but one stood out to Lance. It was a Elgyem with a Blue Bandanna. Lance wanted to makes some friends so he went up to the Pokemon. "Hello, I am Lance. Lance the Kirila. Nice to meet you. May I ask your name?"
  3. Evan heard a Kirila, as he turned around and replied, "Well, my name is Evan, I'm a Elgyem here... and well uhh, I'm wearing a pink scarf not a blue bandana."

    He scratched his arms, as some lights on his hands glew colorfully. He felt a little nervous, as it was his first day of school. He thought to himself, "Wow.. so many others here, and I look completely weird from everyone else."

    He took out his class schedule, as he saw that he had Mathematics 3-4 first. He took a closer examination, as he noticed the room was at 3-10, at the third floor. He kept eye contact at the Kirila still, as he said to him, "Well uhh.... I have to go to math class first, I gotta go to class since the bell is going to ring in ten minutes."
  4. Name: Vicki
    Gender: Female
    Species: Espurr
    Type: Psychic
    Shiny: No
    Level: 15
    Appearance: Wears a small blue jacket
    Moveset: Leer Covet Confusion Light Screen
    Vicki lived right next to a Pokemon school. That is why her trainer sent her off to it. "Do I have to go?" Vicki whined. "Yes, you do. Now let's get ready!" Her trainer said. Truth be told, Vicki was very excited as she grabbed her binder. (OOC: is this elementary, middle or high? I'll edit this accordingly!)
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  5. (OOC: It's a combination of a elementary and middle school, as it's K-8.)

    Evan quickly made his way to his first class, as he hovered over almost every Pokémon in the area. He went inside the classroom, as he noticed that almost everyone looked bigger than him.

    He gulped, as he heard some other Pokémon that giggled at his small, babish looks. Some even laughed at him since he looked funny to them. Anger started to surge throughout his tiny body, as his eyes glew red like a hunter's glare.
  6. Vicki arrived at school and peeked at her schedule. First period: Mathematics 3-4. Ok, let's go! Vicki walked up the stairs, slightly self conscious as other kids laughed and kidded. She slowly pushed open the door, walked inside, looked at the seating chart and sat down.
  7. Evan quickly used confusion on some of the other Pokémon that laughed at him, as he had enough of their laughs. He sat down in his seat, as he tried to look normal, as if nothing happened. Unfortunately, he didn't seem to notice that the teacher could read their minds since even she was a Psychic type after all.
  8. Vicki watched the unfolding drama as an Elgym used Confusion on the other kids. There was a fit of kids throwing tantrums and more than one started to brawl. Vicki just sank lower and lower into her seat, not wanting to be a part of any of this.
  9. The bell had rung. The teacher, who had been trying to calm the kids down without using moves, got the upper hand and the other kids quieted down. Attendence was taken, and class began. It was time for the dreaded introductions.
  10. OOC:Lance is in 6th Grade
    BIC:Lance looked at his paper and this was his schedule

    Lance The Kirla Grade 6th (I can change if they have class more realted to pokemon than actual school)
    Period 1:Math
    Period 2:Gym
    Period 3:Band
    Period 3 1/2:Lunch
    Period 4: ELA (English Language Arts)
    Period 5: Science
    Period 6:End of Day
    Interesting. So Math was first for Lance so he ran as fast as he could to it. Lance loved to go fast, he was a bit of a speed demon. He loved the Feeling of wind on his skin. Everything about it And when he will turn into a Gallade, He will be even faster. Lance got to class and saw a few other Pokemon like a Espeon and A Kadabra. Lance sat near the front of the classroom and waited patiently till the teacher gave him his first assignment.
  11. Evan sat down while he sliently cried, as he saw the teacher coming. She went up onto the whiteboard and wrote her name, and some rules, as she first said, "Alright class, I am Dr. Marcod, and this is Mathematics 3-4. You will be learning about some equations and drawing graphs."

    She finished writing everything on the whiteboard, as she said, "Alright, and before we get into some math, I do have a couple of rules here. Firstly, please respect everyone and yourself. The other is, please use common sense."
  12. Vicki inwardly rolled her eyes. Common sense. No duh. What kind of idiot wouldn't use it? She sighed, again, inwardly. School. Wasn't it for learning? Kids should know that and keep to themselves.
  13. Name: Wally Bow Fett
    Gender: Male
    Species: Wobbofett
    Type: Psychic
    Shiny: No
    Level: 20
    Appearance: A regular Wobbofett
    Personality: Always ready to take a hit for his friends.
    Moveset: Counter, Mirror Coat, Destiny Bond, Safeguard
    Wally silently sneaked into class, trying too not be noticed by the teacher. He sat down at his desk and began to listen to what he was saying
    (OOC: Do we all have to be in the same class at the same time? And can I also RP as one of the teachers)
  14. (OOC: To answer SMRPG's question, no you don't necessarily have to be in the same class at the same time. Also, you may RP as one of the teachers for a class.)

    Evan still cried on his desk, as he was about to use Psybeam at the next Pokémon that dared to laugh at him. Dr. Marcod didn't seem to notice him yet, as wrote a complex equation on the whiteboard on the other side.

    She said, "Alright class, so I understand if you have forgotten a little on math here, so I'm going to refresh your minds here. Can anyone tell me the summation of one to four of three X?" She closed her marker and placed it down on the rack after she was done writing, as she smiled.
  15. Name: Mrs. Psycheline
    Gender: Female
    Species: Espeon
    Type: Pure Psychic
    Shiny: Yes
    Level: 57
    Appearance: Her gem inbetween her eyes is purple instead of red by nail polish, she has red high heels, and has a white tail armor.
    Personality: Uses Psychic to get students to listen, Loud, Strict, Gives NO warnings (Maybe 1 or 2 if she's feeling generous).
    Moveset: Confusion, Swift, Psychic, Psybeam
    Teaches: 7th Grade Science
    Mrs. Psycheline was already at school, as teachers are awake WAY earlier than students. Her students were there, waiting. Mrs. Psycheline yawned and said, "Alright kids, open up your book to page 2. Read it." After she said it, she smiled. She looked at her star student, a Jynx. Mrs. Psycheline liked that Jynx. That Jynx's name was Melissa. Usually she 'likes' a student if they have a nice name, but all teachers like a star student.

    There was alot of yelling. Her eyes turned blue as she picked up the Exeggcute and the Abra that were talking to one another. But the Exeggcute had only 1 egg whom was talking, so she picked THAT one up. She put them back down. "Strike 1." she said.

    (By the way, talking or playing with small supplies doesn't count as a 'warning'.)
  16. Evan placed his head on his desk, as he continued to cry. He heard Dr. Marcod saying, "Well, I suppose I did make it a little too complex here class? Okay, well I'll tone it down here. She erased the equation, as she wrote a more simpler problem on the whiteboard. She said to the class as she wrote the problem, "Alright, I'll make it simple here, that problem was just a nice little joke. So, can anyone tell me what the square root of four is?"

    As she finished talking, she noticed Evan crying, as she said to him in telepathy, "Hey, are you alright there? You seem a little sad..." Some laughter filled the room, as Evan quickly got up and used psybeam! The laughter suddenly stopped, as there was a black mark on the wall.

    Dr. Marcod was shocked, as she had dropped her marker after the psybeam had hit. She quickly grabbed the phone, as she exclaimed, "Get Delphox now, there's an Elgyem that's like going nuts!"
    The voice on the phone replied, "Alright, Delphox is coming. Stay safe."
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  17. Name:Hypnus
    Type: Pure Psychic
    Appearance:Eyes all blue and when gets angry eyes go all red,Wears a necklace with a grave and a skull on it
    Personality:Nice/Evil/Good/Bad/Likes children/Hates children
    Moveset:Nightmare,Confusion,Future Sight and Psybeam
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  18. Vicki dropped to the floor into an earthquake emergency pose(drop, cover and hold). Maybe she could try to calm him? No, it was too risky. She continued to stay under her desk. Some first day of school.
  19. Melissa walked up to Mrs. Psycheline and said, "I thought this year was gonna be alot meaner and harder. But a warm welcome helps." "Well shh! It was a surprise for them, since half of them have been to this school last year." replied Mrs/ Psycheline. Although they were being loud, all the students smiled and got back to work. Dang it. Should've planned something ELSE for the welcome.. thought Mrs. Psycheline. She sighed.

    Mrs. Psycheline was taking notes in a book. The title said Job Diary. This was where Mrs. Psycheline took notes. She wrote:
    Dear Diary,
    Today has been great so far. Only 2 Pokemon got a strike. Also, I should've planned something ELSE for the Welcome Back project. But it'll work. I guess.

    Amanda Psycheline.

    She had a faint smile after she wrote it. A Kirlia walked up to her desk and said, "Whatcha writing?" Mrs. Psycheline immediatly closed her book. "Umm.. Nothing..?" replied Mrs. Psycheline. This year will be long. she thought.
  20. Lance was doing his work quietly when he saw a Psybeam fly and make a huge black mark on the wall. The Teacher was calling someone about poor Evan and Lance though She was going to get someone to take him away. "STOP" Lance screamed. The teacher looked at Lance "Look, It seems he fired a Psybeam at you but he was only scared. He is quite young so you frightened him. Please oh please do not send some one to take him away. He was just frightened by the sudden noise and use a Psybeam.
  21. Dr. Marcod said to Lance, "Well, I understand that he is young, but he fired the psybeam as a warning shot apparently. I could barely read his mind when he was acting so tense."

    Evan heard a giggle, as he fired another Psybeam that barely missed the Medicham! The Medicham laughed at Evan as he said, "Bwahahahahaha! You sure are a lousy shot there baby, why don't you fire another one? Maybe it'll land near the wall again!"

    Evan quickly charged up a powerful Psybeam, as his hands glew brightly. He wasn't in the mood for any games, as his eyes glew dark red, while some lights on his hands flashed.
  22. Lance was starting to get very angry. The rude Medicham kept teasing Poor Evan and Lance did not take that very well. "Hey You! Yes You, The Medicham. Leave him alone!" Lance was starting to get really angry. SO angry in fact that Lance was thinking about firing Magical Leaf at Him. Lance concentrated his energy to Magical Leaf and summoned a bunch of leaves And right when they were about to hit the Medicham he stopped. Lance knew violence isn't the way to solve problems and yet he was about to hurt Medicham. lance made the leaves dissaper. "I'm sorry but could you be nicer or maybe next time I will not stop the leaves." Then he sat beck down.
  23. Vicki still hid under her desk. What was once a peaceful classroom was now a brawl of fury, hate and violence. Vicki started to cry, as she was not expecting a scene of utter destruction. She was contemplating using Confusion and as a Magical Leaf arced over her head, she used it.
  24. Name: Elfie
    Gender: Female
    Species: Espeon
    Type: Psychic
    Shiny: NO NO NOPE NU-UH
    Level: 40
    Appearance: A small Espeon with a green scarf around her neck
    Personality: Sweet, Kind, Foodie, Trustable, Loyal, Motherly
    Moveset: Calm Mind, Reflect, Psychic, Psybeam
    OCC: Elfie is in Fifth Grade
    BIC: She is having a English oral test today
    Elfie munched on a cookie from her small bag while her driver, Cansis, drove her to school.
    "Be good Elfie!" Cansis waved.
    Elfie nodded and smiled. Then she entered the gates of her school. While waiting for her turn for her oral exam, she plucked out her diary. It said on the top: Elfie's Diary. Elfie flipped to the bookmark she left in the tattered page. She took out her feather pen, and jotted down in a neat handwriting:
    Dear Diary,
    School's back again, after Summer Holidays, its Fall. Well, I looked RIDICULOUS at the Junior Prom before Summer. I can't belive Mackenzie laughed at me. And that weird Wobuffet kept looking at me.
    Well, how to do? I'm up last for my exam, just great. Just my Espeon luck.
    I hope my BFF is still okay. We've been on some bad ties, Diary.
    Welp, I guess that's it! It's my turn (I've been writing so slowly)!

    After closing her book, Elfie entered the room. She held her breath as Ms. Garde asked her to read her a short script.
    "Umm...um....Wow...look!" Elfie stammered, trying to read. But all the words were smudged by some sweat. Ugh.
    Elfie saw Ms. Garde mark down F for both her ReadingAloud and Stimulus Based Conversation.
    The lunch bell rang. Elfie made it down to the canteen and picked up a school lunch full of Pokepuffs! Yummy!
    After lunch, Elfie went up for gym, but first, she shut her bag and stuffs in her locker and went into gym.
    "Let's train!"

    OCC: Elfie is in gym
    BIC: She looks at her scedule during break
    Period 1: English Exam
    Period 2: Lunch
    Period 3: Gym
    Period 4: Science
    Period 5: Mathemetics
    Period 6: English
    Period 7: Geography
    Period 8: GO HOME!
    While Elfie was distracted, an Alakazam teleported behind her and peered at her scedule.
    "GET AWAY!!!" Elfie screamed, using Psychic to lift him into the air and shoot him back. Then she lifted the scedule and slided it back into the file.
    "Alright! First Battle: Elfie VS Alec!" The gym teacher announced.
    Elfie sighed. She was going to fight Alec, that Alakazam.
    Already damaged, Alec teleported here and there to confuse Elfie. She sucessfully read his mind and struck Alec directly with a Psybeam, singing his beautiful moustache. Then Alec did a Calm Mind, and Elfie set up a reflect. Then Alec used Toxic, but Elfie's Magic Bounce bounced back Alec his Toxic. Elfie smiled and leaped up and struck with a Psybeam.
    "Nicely done, Elfie! A+ for your first Fall gym test!" The gym teacher, Gallade said.
    "Uh...thanks!" Elfie smiled.
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  25. Evan saw a Delphox come into the room, as he thought to himself, "Oh no... that teacher was not kidding wasn't she?!" He heard the Medicham still laughing at him, as he said to him, "Hah, guess the baby needs to be taken away from class! Somebody's too- AHHHH!"

    Evan quickly fired another psybeam at the Medicham before he could even finish his sentence, as Delphox quickly got out her stick. She waved it Evan, trying to get him to fall asleep by using hypnosis, but it didn't seem work. Evan stood up on his desk as he glared at the Medicham and screamed in telepathy at him, "YOU HAD ENOUGH? WANT SOME MORE?!"
  26. Name: Beaker
    Gender: Male
    Species: Natu
    Type: Psychic/Flying
    Shiny: No
    Level: 10
    Appearance: Normal Natu
    Personality: Kind, Compassionate, Friendly, Gullible
    Moveset: Peck, Fly, Psychic, Toxic

    Yusou woke up after spending the night in the Pokemon center of Castelia City. Today, he was sending his Natu, Beaker, to school. He received Beaker as an Egg. It was sent to him by his grandfather who lives in Johto. Yusou had already conquered the Unova League, and now lived in Nuvema Town with his mother. He originally was going to use Beaker for battles, but when he heard about the Psychic Pokemon School, he decided to send him. "Wake up Beaker, your gonna be late." Yusou said. "Ok, ok." Beaker said telepathically in a tired groggy voice. After taking a bath and eating breakfast, Beaker was up and ready for his first day. "Go, Jacques!" Yusou yelled. He threw out a poke ball and a male Unfezant bursted out of it. "Yay, I'm so excited!" Beaker cheered telepathically as he flew onto Yusou's shoulder. "Jacques, use Fly and take us to the Psychic Pokemon School!" Yusou commanded. Jacques flew Yusou and Beaker to the front of the school. "Bye, have an awesome first day." Yusou said. "I will." Beaker replied telepathically. "Jacques, take us home!" Yusou commanded. Then Yusou and Jacques took off, leaving Beaker. Beaker chirped happily as he walked into the school for the first time.
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  27. Delphox took the poor Medicham who had fainted with her, as she carried him out of class. Evan suddenly calmed down, as Dr. Marcod said to him, "Alright, now that it's over... Evan, I would like to have a talk with you after class."

    She said to her class after, "Since we only have a few minutes of class here, I would say, have some free time here. Just don't go nuts okay? Remember to stay in your seat until the bell rings." Evan waited for the bell to ring, as he sliently cried. He thought the teacher was going to do something bad to him, as he watched the Chimecho erase the board using psychic.
  28. Beaker got to class and saw that it already started. "Wow, Yusou has no sense of time, sorry I'm late." Beaker said. The teacher forgives him, as stuff like this happens on the first day, and Beaker sits in an empty desk. He talks to Evan. "Hey there, what's your name?"
  29. Evan refused to talk to the Natu that had tried to talk to him, as he still cried on his desk. He saw Dr. Marcod that had finished erasing the board, as she went over and asked him in a gentle tone while she shook her bell, "Hey, are you alright? You don't look too happy here."

    Evan growled at Dr. Marcod, as she used hypnosis to put him to sleep. She knew that he had been too riled up to the point where the only option was to knock him out. She said to the class as the bell rang, "Alright class, you have no homework today, and well although it was an awkward first day, we will all someday get along. Good day to everyone, and good luck on the rest of your first day!"

    She went to Evan, who was asleep on his desk, as the class was empty seconds later. She then went to her desk, as she used her phone to call Delphox, as she said, "Hello, this is Dr. Marcod. I'd like to have someone escort the Elgyem in my class to his next one. He has AP English 5-6 at room 2-32B, it's below this floor where my class is."

    Delphox replied, "Alright, I'm sending Beldum and Metang over to escort him to his next class. I might have Beldum possibly watch him for the rest of the day since he might need some help around the big kids."

    Dr. Marcod smiled while she looked over at Evan, who still slept. She replied to Delphox over the phone before she hung up, "Thanks Delphox, I'm gonna make sure he's alright while the others come and get him. I might also have to consider moving the Elgyem or possibly the Medicham. Anyway, stay safe Delphox."
  30. Name: Thanatos (or Thans for short)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Gallade
    Type: Psychic/Fighting
    Shiny: Yes
    Level: 30
    Appearance: A normal shiny Gallade with a Silver Sword Charm Necklace with a small piece of Galladite on it. Also has a scar in the shape of the Greek Omega on the back side of right shoulder.
    Personality: Loyal, funny, caring, protective of the weak, decently tempered but once angered is quite volatile so do not anger, does not like pointless fighting so would likely break up any serious fights, loves to properly battle, spar, train, ECT however.
    Moveset: Psycho Cut, Drain Punch, Night Slash, Poison Jab.

    Early one morning Thans heard his trainer telling him to wake up. "Wake up lazy bones or you're going to be late." He had said. Yawning Thans sat up and looked at his trainer. His name was Lance Kane and he wanted to become the Unova Champion with Thans at his side. Thans couldn't wait for the day they made it to the top. But first they both had to grow up a little more. That is why Lance enrolled Thans into the Psychic school. This would be Thans first day. Thans was excited so smiling he said to his trainer "Good morning Lance." Lance replied " Good morning Thans. Are you ready for your first day of school?" Reaching for his neaklace Thans said "I am not just ready Lance. I am excited." Lance handed me my backpack. "Well that's good Thans. You have to take yourself to school today though sorry." Lance told me. He said he had to go look for Aphrodite (his newborn shiny eevee) because Aphrite (his shortened nickname) had wandered out of the house during the night. Running out the door Lance said "Have a good first day at school Thans. AND DON'T BE LATE!" "Okay and good luck." Thans called after him. Leaving five minutes later Thans walked to the school. Stopping out front he hesitated. Did he want to do this? He squared himself. Yes. Yes he did want to do this. Walking into the school Thans thought "Well this is gonna be fun" ((was this an okay start?))
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  31. Name: Abgile
    Gender: Male
    Species: Abra
    Type: Psychic
    Shiny: No
    Level: 17
    Appearance: Regular Abra with a blue scarf in his neck
    Personality: Cuddly, Caring, Helpful, Smart, didn't speak too much
    Moveset: Psychic, Teleport, Hidden Power, Protect

    Abgile woke up early than before and remembered their journey moving from Kanto to Unova. He almost can't sleep at that night but he must go to school where he was registered by his trainer named George.
    "Urgghh, what? Oh, yeah your school. I've forgot, sorry about that." George jumps from his bed and getting ready to send Abgile to school. Abgile grabs a berry and eat it as his breakfast. "Are you ready, Abgile? You are going to school and I can't wait to send you there!" George ran leaving their home while Abgile just teleport outside their house.
    George and Abgile then reached the school. George gave Abgile his bag and his favourite berry. George then leaves Abgile and Abgile when straight to the school main door. He can't wait to see some friends! Oh and the school isn't started yet...

    OCC: He's at the school main door
    BIC: Abgile is writing his Diary

    Dear Diary,
    Yesterday, we reached Unova at 0843 local time and today, I am at the school where George has registered me. It was big and there's a lot of Pokemon here too. I am getting nervous because almost all of them were bigger than me. I hope that a Pokemon will add me as his friend for this school year.
    By me,

    (How's that starter? Is it good or is it too bad?)
  32. Name: Penny
    Gender: Female
    Species: Duosion
    Type: Pure Psychic
    Shiny: No
    Level: 32
    Appearance: Looks like a regular Duosion
    Personality: For the most part, Penny is quite timid but is always willing to help others or a good cause. She has a knack for finding berries.
    • Acid Armor
    • Protect
    • Psyshock
    • Recover not Heal Pulse


    Penny was always an earlier riser, her trainer, however, was the opposite. The mitosis pokemon had made her own lunch before waking her trainer up at the unholy time of 0800. She was easily anxious and the thought of going to a school made didn't make that better.

    "Ugh... What's up Penn?" Her trainer, Emmeline, asked tiredly. Unless it was to see the sunrise, her trainer didn't like walking up early. Emmeline was practically a klutz during the unholy hours and the amount of times she dropped her egg and either her or Tang, Emmeline's Mienfoo, caught it at the last second was an never-ending tally the was written down.

    "Is it that time already?" Emmeline slowly opened her eyes and sat up, her brown hair was worse than a bird pokemon's nest - apparently that was called a 'bedhead'. Y-Yes it is that time, Emmeline!
    Emmeline laughed nervously and grinned her usual sheepish grin before hiding her hair with a hat, once Emmeline was changed the pair rushed to school.

    After a good time spent getting lost and dragging her trainer away from food shops, Penny had finally made it to school. She slowly approached the school's main door after Emmeline said her goodbyes and left, she was gripping onto her bag anxiously and was about to enter when she saw an Abra writing something down.
  33. Penny smiled shyly and tried to respond. She was always shy around strangers, but she wanted to fit in, but a friend or two in a place like school was always nice.

    "Uh... I'm P-Penny," She paused and took a berry out of her bag to trade in return, that was a gesture right? "I'm from Humilau, and I... I would like to be you... your friend--" Her cheeks turned pink.
    "I-If that is alright with you!"
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    Beldum and Metang came into the class and picked up Evan, who was still asleep, as they both took him to his next class. Dr. Marcod sat down on her desk, while she smiled, since second period was her conference.

    She organized her desks and fixed the wall while Beldum and Metang continued to escort Evan. She sat down on her desk after she finished, as she relaxed on her desk and wrote everything that happened so far.
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