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PS2/PSX Recommendations

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by NonAnalogue, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. NonAnalogue

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    So. I've just realized that I can buy a PS2 for 80 bucks - and since it has a really impressive library and more than a few games I want to play, I figured, "why the hell not?" So, I appeal to you, what games would you recommend? My post in the Definitive Games List will probably give you a clue about what sort of games I'll play; I'm too lazy to find it at the moment, but it's on the first page. P:

    Currently, I plan on buying:
    Katamari Damacy
    Dragon Quest VIII
    Chrono Cross
    ...and maybe Parappa the Rapper if I can find it anywhere at a good price.

    ...Also, somewhat related, but the PS2 is backwards compatible, yes? ^^;
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Final Fantasy XII, even if you hate the FF series. It's easily one of the best RPGs I've played on PS2 to date, and for good reason. You might need to struggle through the first five hours or so to get to the good stuff, though.

    Okami is another, though I'm not sure if you play adventure games. Either way, just renting the game to SEE it is worthwhile. That thing is beautiful ^^

    And yeah, PS2 IS compatible with original Playstation games, although I've heard of people having some difficulties with it in the past. I personality never ran into any. And throw Katamari Damacy 2 on your list as well ;)

    Derr... do you play Tactics games at all? Both PSX and PS2 have a few really notable ones, but I'll save my breath for now.
  3. NonAnalogue

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    I'll play tactics games, sure; I suck at them, but I'll play them. P:

    Also, thanks. I've heard very good things about Okami. Nothing specific, mind you, but I have heard it's good. :p
  4. Hmm, what to suggest...

    I see you've already got Katamari well on your list so there goes one of my highly reccomendeds.

    I just finished "Shadow of the Colossus", which I mentioned in another thread, and it is well worth it if you see it for a reasonable price. It's basically a beautiful puzzle/action game. In which the colossi are puzzles, sort of.

    I've heard good things about God of War and its successor, I plan on checking it out sometime, being a classics nut and all.

    I did hear that Okami suffered from a case of "collect everyting that can possibly be collected" syndrome, but hey, some people like that and it certainly ain't a game breaker.

    If you can find it and don't already have a glut of RPG's I recommend you try out the old PSX Jade Cocoon. I go on about it nearly every chance I get but that's just cause I reckon it is one of the best games ever. Looks-wise It has a real Studio Ghibli look to it, rough around the edges admittedly but It has a good story too, and monster raising.

    I can't recall much in the way of compatibility probelms, except for whenever I change channel during FFVI it freezes, Never played it on a PSX though so I have no real Idea why it does that.

    Last but not least I will take the time to whine about the fact that Chrono Cross was never released in my systems "zone" and thus would not work even if I imported it. I still want to play it to this day :(.
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    It does, actually, but the game itself is still one of the finest on the console and has a solid build. Unless you downright hated the collecting idea in adventure games, I'd never count it out.

    As for Chrono Cross... it's no lie that I greatly disliked that game. Don't expect it live up to Chrono Trigger (at all). That said, I own it and am starting to think that I should give it a second chance (my initial impressions were pretty low). Maybe, if I can find it again, I'll end up liking it more this time? Although, there's a good chance it's lost amoung our junk forever XD

    Anyways, for my Tactics-based suggestions, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (PS2) is a very random, very fun game with corny humor and an Anime flare to it (and about demons). It's not a game for everyone, but it's loved by many and great at what it does. I haven't played its sequel yet so I'm not sure if it's as good or not. Otherwise, Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX) is an excellent game, and one worth playing if you (a) could ever find it, and (b) like the gaming genre.

    Second that. If you like that style of gameplay, I'd say go for it. It'll be worth your money.
  6. NonAnalogue

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    I'm not going into it with any specific expectations; I've been told that I can't go in expecting a sequel to Trigger. I'm just happy they swapped out the ATB system for a turn-based one. :p What intimidates me though is that there are some 40 playable characters. o_0

    I've also had the Metal Gear Solid games recommended to me. Thoughts on those? P:
  7. Well, if you like RPGs, there are quite a few good ones I've played.

    Dark Cloud 2 is an all out dungeon crawler(While killinating/getting killinated in the case of the final dungeon), with a unique twist. The weapon build up system. It lets you level up your weapons instead of the characters, Maximilian and Monica, by killing monsters and getting ABS. Once you get enough, and Synthisize(Sp? -_-) attributes onto them. Like Fire, and other Elements, and abilitys. Then, you build them up into a stronger weapon, and own the dungeon you're in, if you've been upgrading right. I've always had a habit of raising Monica's weapons better, as they're amazin' swords. Almost all of them, the last sword is butt ugly. Max uses wrenches, and hammers(Which suffer from the fact that they're really slow, but sadly, they're stronger than wrenches. And to maximize the attack and stuff, you need to max everything, for an easier time on the average difficulty final boss, who hits amazingly hard. Ouch, painful memories.

    Max has rather ugly outfits, though, as all of them overalls. The red suit outfit is awesome, though, just because it's not a suit, but something else, and the hat that matches it is sweet. Monica's outfits are kind of weird, until you get the Striped dress(In my opinion, as they're skimpy >=[), and the starting outfit is the most ugly thing I've ever seen. Striped dress is awesome, daggers and belts, lol. ^_^
    Don't buy DC1, unless you get it before DC2, as it's a BIG difference between the two.

    Another awesome series is Kingdom Hearts, which I'm sure you've heard about. ^_^

    And then, there's the Final Fantasy series, which I have played few, but the most memorable for me of the few was X. I want to try the new one badly. xD I haven't heard much news, though. V is kind of easy, IMO. VI wouldn't save for me, but I loved it, anyway. I had a faulty disk... -_-

    Star Ocean: To the End of Time, is by -far-, one of the most awesome games I've ever played. It's battle system is one of the most amazing, with KH's being more free roaming, and better, and the Item Creation is cool, but towards the end of the game, when you need good items FAST, it's very tedious. The best weapons need to be refined harshly to be usable. And the final Arena battle, which nets you a sweet accessory, has two opponents, one having 300,000 HP(Not very much, believe me), and the other has 3 million, which is insane. She took like two hours for me to beat, because of her uber spells, which REALLY hurt. Most of it was reviving my stupid party members, cause she causes nasty statuses, and she murders with the aforementioned uber spells.

    All I can think of right now, but I really enjoyed all of them. ^_^
  8. Story-wise it's one of the most enjoyable I've played, though I've only played the "first" one on PC. It can be a little confusing and hard at times but it really does offer quite a lot to do. I've heard II is more of the same and am looking to get it someday, III I am wary of though because I heard that some story elements had been skimped on, That said, the fact that you gotta eat to survive and make sure you don't eat poisonous mushrooms etc speaks to a level of game design which I find quite attractive.

    Gotta put in a word for the Dynasty Warriors series too, A good mix of Tactics/Hack 'n Slash with Ancient Chinese Semi-Historic backdrop, Samurai Warriors is also out if Japanese is more your thing.
  9. Ah, you just got it? Well, I've got a few reccomendations...

    Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, is a strategy RPG. Very fun, time consuming, may turn you into an insomniac. 40+ Hours of RPG goodness, you can make giant armies, upgrade your items by literally going inside them, and plenty more. If you want to play a game that tests your brain and your skills, this is definantely one for you.

    Guitar Hero, yes, the first one. It's better than the second one is. Make sure you get the one with the Guitar in it, otherwise your stuck with the normal controller. But seriously, great game to play, trust me.

    Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2, though that's probably been reccomended to you, it's still a great game. Buy it if you see it, trust me.

    Monster Rancher 4 is basically a more realistic pokemon-like game. Basically, you have to scan a CD on the PS2, and from it, you'll get new monsters. You can raise monsters, enter them in tournaments, go on adventures, and even combine them to get new monsters! However, don't expect them to be exactly like pokemon, they die out after a long time, meaning that you'll have to let them pass on eventually. But still, it's a great game to play around with.
  10. bl00d555

    bl00d555 Guest

    if your looking for an rpg iwould buy final fantasy or a good shooter would be call of duty
  11. Yes ps2 is backwards compatible.

    I would suggest:

    Front Mission 4
    Tenchu Series
    Dynasty Warriors Sereis
    Xenogears or Xenosaga
    Disgaea Series
    DDR Series
    Tomb Raider Series

    Those games have always seemed to be fun for all people.
  12. If you want to delve way back into some backward compatibility games, check out any of the Lunar games for PS1. Try to score it at a pawn shop though, eBay won't even hand over the lube. Unless you got the extra dough laying around.
  13. I'm a huge RPG fan but I also thought Okami was real boring! Atelier Iris 2 is quite fun if you can stick with it through the beginning. The voiceovers are so terrible they're hilarious, there's a lot of things to fight and you mix things to make new items etc. Well then again I'm a girl so perhaps my opinion on that game is a bit biased, my boyfriend didn't like it very much.

    I agree strongly with a few previous suggestions, especially Tenchu series and FFXII. I just got it recently and I'm hooked!!! Definitely the best FF game I've played, one of the primary reasons being the wonderful lack of random battles. Oh and someone mentioned Monster Rancher, I've been wanting to try that as well. I heard it was an innovative game.

    One of THE absolute funnest games I've played for PS2 though has got to be Pop'n Music!
    Granted, the controller is a bit expensive but you can always make one...
    Oh, and you'll need Swap Magic but you probably have that already, right? 8)
  14. I'd recommend some Final Fantasy Games, Also I have always loved the sonic games for ps2, they are pretty good.
  15. soul caliber 3 for the ps2 is pretty wicked
  16. Well basiclly i kinda see what you like RPG Action Adventure type of guy xD

    Well i would reccomend

    Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy

    But if you want a long ass game lol..

    I would go for GTA maybe or Star-Ocean till the end of time xD

    I would definatly go with metal gear solid

    Guitar Hero*looks at your avvy*

    Online games my bethe way to go if youre gonna play online.

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