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protecting balance(ask to join.)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Elvejewel, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. (occ: This is A kalos RP and it takes place in Reflection Cave. I will be using my trainer card as my character. For admins, I do not know if togetic is a legendary or not.)

    BIC: Jewel and her eevee were just entering Reflection Cave, and both were in awe of the beauty of it. She went running towards one of the crystals to touch it. "This crystal feels so smooth," she said to eevee. She pulled out a knife that she keeps for protection, and tried to cut off a piece of the crystal. The knife broke, so she returned the handle to her pocket.

    "Come on out, Quilava," she yelled, throwing a pokeball into the air. "Use flame wheel on the crystal," she told quilava. The pokemon used it, but the crystal didn't break. She decided to keep walking further into the cave. About five minutes of walking passed, she looked back and noticed she was lost. She ran the direction she came from, but ran into a wall, "this wasn't there before," she said quietly.

    She threw out Gardevoir and told her to see if she can find the way out. After a few seconds, Gardevoir turned around and started pulling Jewel out of the way. All of a sudden, 20 rhyhorns came running through the wall, smashing it, and went running deeper into the cave.
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  2. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Sai had made his way to reflection cave hours before other people had entered. Him and his shiny Luxray Quest had enjoyed a nice soak in the reflection caves warm springs on the first floor. Many fire, rock and water pokemon come to the waited water to heal wounds and scars.
    "ahhh.." Sai said.
    He had just finished his own personal training and he needed a hot bath to heal some of his scars.
    All of a sudden the cave started to shake and rumble. Rocks and Pokemon begun to drop from the ceiling at the same time. Quest and Sai both spring from out of the water and begun to run towards the front of the cave; he didn't have time to put on his cloths so he had to make he way out in only his swim trunks.
  3. Jewel looked around, but all she could see was dust. She started to cough, which started to echo through the cave. "HELLO!" she yelled out, hoping someone could hear it. Her Gardevoir stood up and started walking towards the wall that got smashed. "What is it?" Jewel asked Gardevoir. Gardevoir pointed at the tunnel infront and started walking towards it.
    Eevee jumped onto her neck and curled up. A few minutes later they reached a dead end, "this is useless," Jewel said. Her Pikachu jumped out and started using thunderbolt on the crystals, which made it glow which started causing all of them to glow. She just hoped this was enough to alert somebody, if somebody was in the cave.
  4. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Sai and Luxray came to a wall and stopped. the rumbling and fallen stones fromthe cieling had stopped as well. He looked around and sighed, as he noticed a dim light from a distance.
    "Maybe we should check it out huh buddy?"
    "Lux! Lux!" he replied back to Sai.
    Sai first put his bag and stuff down and slide on his black pants over his green swim trunks and begun to walk towards the light.
    He wondered to himself on what could have caused the rumble. Maybe it was the pack of ryhorn like before when he was trapped in glittering cave. He became disheartened, everything seems to always slow him down in his journeys.

    After he walked for a couple of minutes, he came around the corner, where a girl that had an eevee on her shoulders, a pikachu and a quilava, stood around glowing crystals. He begun to put on a shirt as he walked over towards them with Luxray, he bad dried off after he had walked a couple of minutes.
    "Hey! Hey. You alright over there?" he did a soft shout towards the woman.
    His Luxray followed behind him calmly.
  5. Jewel jumped when she heard the voice. She looked over and saw a boy walking her way, and Gardevoir came walking over. "Gardevoir?" gardevoir said. "Quiet," said Jewel. "Yes, I'm alright, just a little lost." Eevee went running behind a crystal, mainly because she is shy. "do you know the way to the main tunnel?" she asked.
  6. Max's nap was interrupted by the entire cave erupting in vibration. He looked at the walls of the cave as it died down. "Ok, I get it *yawn*, sleeping isn't the way to find your way out of this cave." He noticed the crystals in the cave glow. "Ok I'm talking to a cave." He said as he walked in a random direction. Max came across two other trainer, one who had 3 pokemon out and one who was only wearing swimming trunks. "Yo, do you guys know where the exit is?" He asked scratching the back of his head.
  7. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Sai had already put on his pants and a black shirt.
    "Yes, I'm alright, just a little lost." a little Sai thought to himself. It was just like before, he sighed and looked around, the crystals around the place were pretty light up thanks to the female trainer.
    "We are currently in room 3 of the first floor." He kept a look around, then he turned his attention to the other trainer that ran up beside them.
    "Yo, do you guys know where the exit is?" he asked.
    Sai shrugged his shoulders unable to really help him. Hours before he had came in through the side entrance that was close to the hot-spring he had been laid out in. He studied both the body movements on the trainers them seem a bit worried to him. During times like this Sai always was able to stay calm. He thought maybe a formal talk could help relax their minds.
    "Oh, by the way.. I'm Sai and this is Luxray" he said.
    He gently picked up his hand and stroked the head of his Shiny yellow Luxray. Luxray murred under Sai's petting. 'Lux Lux!' the pokemon replied happy to meet everyone.
  8. Jewel went over to the crystal and grabbed eevee, who was hiding. Eevee looked at the Luxray, and hid behind Jewel since she noticed how strong Luxray was. "I'm jewel," she said, "and this is eevee." She looked around, "we should probably find the exit soon, or else we could end up stuck in here." Jewel started walking the way she came from, with eevee and Gardevoir right behind her.
  9. "I'm Max." He said lazily as he eyed the pokemon in the room. Max when over to pet the friendly seeming luxray and petted him. Max felt a chill down his spine and turned to find himself face to face with his duskull. "I was wondering where you went," He said as the duskull floated around the room aimlessly, "and this is harvenger."
  10. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Sai scratched the back of his head as he watched Jewel move quickly towards the front, she seemed impatient, almost as if she was claustrophobic. He turned his attention back to Max who had pet his Luxray. Luxray purred in happiness then looked back at Sai. Sai smirked at the Pokemon realizing that his partner just like attention sometimes. Sai looked away for a moment then back and noticed a Duskull had popped up. He jumped a bit, but then calmed down when he realized it belonged to Max.

    He put his hand on his side and watched Jewel walk back to the front where she came from it seemed. He thought it would be a waist of time, knowing the force of a Rhyhorn stampede it probably knocked down the wall to the front caving them in. Sai decided it be best for him to wait until she notices.
  11. ( I am very sorry, but I have to leave due to things going on. I had lots of fun, and I would like to say Thank you.)

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