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Prologue to a Potential Spin-off - "PokeDrive"

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Linkachu, Sep 26, 2004.

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    Intro: Anyone familiar with Dragon Drive (which possibly may be none of you) will clearly notice the similarties between it and this. After watching Dragon Drive I just realized how awesome the concept could be applied to Pokemon.
    Whether this will spawn an actual story or possible RP is yet to be seen, but I wanted to see what others thought of the general concept. Weak, or interesting? All reviews are welcome. *Note: The grammar and sentence structure is not polished so humor any obvious mistakes.


    Time Line: The Near Future, Year Currently Unknown


    "Charizard, Flame Thrower attack!"
    "Arcanine, Extreme Speed!"
    A large orange dragon opened its mouth wide, flames brewing hotly from its throat as it readied its attack. Rearing back, it let loose a stream of fire straight at the canine opponent. It seemed to be a direct hit until the tiger-stripped beast disappeared in a flash, re-appearing a split second later to slam head-on into the dragon‘s chest. The inferno lizard roared in pain, toppling over with a mighty crash that shook the earth.
    "No! Charizard!" a teenaged boy cried in display, but the dragon merely twitched, its wings bent beneath its bulk. After a few moments it stopped moving altogether.
    "Charizard is unable to battle! The winner and the match goes to Mark and his Arcanine!" a ref from the side lines called out.
    "Yes! Way to go, Arcanine!" the young victor cheered loudly, racing across the charred battle field embrace his fire dog. It was so big that he couldn't even get his arms fully around its neck.
    "Augh… I can't believe I lost to a kid…" the teenaged boy spat, staring from the trainer's box to his fallen dragon. He dropped his head in shame.
    "Cedric is out of Pokemon. Logging out!" a human-synthesized voice suddenly echoed in his ears.
    Cedric's body began to flash, breaking up and turning pixilated like a bad TV signal. Mark turned to watch just as the distortion reached its peak and Cedric blinked out of existence. He stared momentarily at the space his opponent had just stood, briefly recalling how tough the match had been. It'd been so high leveled that he was sure it would earn him a bundle of points.
    "Heh… I can't wait to see how much we get! To think we actually won… This is so awesome!" Giving his Arcanine another bear hug and he laughed loudly, "I love this game!"


    Started as an independent project, Pokemon Drive was an idea inspired by a group of programming graduates who wanted to test their skills by recreating an old video game favorite, the Pokemon world of Kanto. Using new advancements in virtual reality technology they planned to make an interactive world where players were transported into the region and able to catch, train, and battle with AI controlled Pokemon companions. Players would feel as if they were actually part of a living, breathing Pokemon world.
    Word of the project's innovation soon spread to the once monopoly gaming company, Nintendo, and intrigued by the business possibilities they confronted workers to offer financial assistance. The company only had one request - that if the finished product lived up to their standards they could mass produce it around the world. Grateful for any extra cash they could get the workers quickly agreed and thus with Nintendo's help their once small idea tuned into a multi-billion dollar phenomenon.
    Now, years later, Pokemon Drive is active in nearly every technologically advanced city around the world. Even some rural locations have Pocket hook-ups, and any that don't have them planned to come in the near future. Active players amount to tens of millions, numbers which are growing constantly by the hour. Some play for fun; others just to experience the realism of VR; and then there are those who just log in to pass the time.

    The rest play to win.
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