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Project SSBC-The RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Satoren, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. Due to my story line, AKA fighting my Will-o-wisps, I reckon I escape the battlefield or something like that, seeing as I'm going to white, but am currently on Team Charms.

    I also so go with Zacky's idea of Chess pieces and cards. When captured the Cards/Chess piece has a likeness of the captured person on it, on what power level and such.
  2. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    I think I like the ideas of Pokeballs more, gets in touch with the roots of what Charms really is more so. ;3

    But anywho, things seem to be progressing nicely all that junk. And I agree with Dway, people will totally escape and stuff and avoid capture...for now. >: D
  3. Two sides in this little conflict then? Let's try mixing them both together, and we'll get...

    Pokeballs with Chess and Card themes! :D

    The White pokeballs could be checkered on the lower half to represent a chess board, while the top is white with a line pattern that makes it look like a pawn chess piece. While the black pokeball could have the four suits styled onto its top half, while the lower half is styled to look like the generic backside of a playing card. And maybe to spice it up, the central button or some vacant spot of the ball itself could have an image of the person being held within.

    Say you like it :3
  4. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    I personally feel like Pokeballs are better, since it sort of shows how, in the end, everyone's still tied to Pokecharms in some way or fashion. I don't exactly know the motives for each group to wreak havoc on 'Charms, but I do know that either way they're still Pokecharms members even if they say they aren't. :D (totally being the optimist here~). Or whatever~

    Unless you want to do the traditional "Let's capture them, tie them up, knock them out, and bring them to our headquarters!" thing, or be like the martians and send a beam of light down to the stadium and capture people that way. |D

    Also, just saying I'm volunteering myself up for capture, though I don't care by which faction. ^^
  5. *Dark Soul sets the Black trap for Shiny >: D*

    I'm in for PokeBalls too. Luxury balls would be awesome for Team Black, if decorated with card symbols of course. If Team White would take Premier balls, it'd be perfect<3
  6. Just two things I'd like to bring up regarding the RP currently:

    Episode 1's Boss Battle

    Every episode in this RP will end in a boss fight. Sometimes its the Charmsians vs a Black/White boss or the white faction against a Black faction boss and vice versa etc. Since I'm not entirely sure yet about larger minions for the Black Faction, I'm gonna suggest the White faction use a giant, mechanical rook-themed robot. (think Alexander from the Final Fantasy series or Guard Armor from the Kingdom Hearts series...only white) However, suggestions are still open with regards to what faction the boss is from and what it actually is. So if you can think of some other monstrosity the factions can use, post it here.

    Future RP routes.

    We don't have to do this right away or anything but there are two routes that I'd like us to eventually go through with the RP

    a. Finding a magical means to prevent the brainwashing
    b. Finding a scientific means to prevent the brainwashing

    in any of these two RP events, the end result is that whoever participated in these episodes will be immune to the brainwashing Pokeballs for the whole RP, meaning they'll probably end up being keys to freeing their comrades. Please discuss all details and place all inquiries here.

    With regards to the Pokeball, it looks like its been approved that it will be the mechanism used to brainwash the charmsians. So I guess this means that destroying the Pokeball frees the Charmsians fro their trance?
  7. Okay, now that Chadwyck has made the path clear for the Black Ship; RX agreed on letting me do the introduction post for the ship, so I would really appreciate it if the people currently on the battlefield would not auto the ship, things/people from the ship or describe it in a detailed way. My post will hopefully be up tomorrow; I'll do it everything within my league to make it so.

    In the meantime, thankoo everyone and have fun battling me tomorrow and on~
  8. Ohoo~! I'm so psyched about this rp :3
    For a Team Black boss, I do have a suggestion. I read not too long ago about an ancient torture machine called a Statue of Arpega. It was like a fancy chair, with two outspread and spiked wings. When somebody was strapped in, the wings would be swung down, and the victim gruesomely mangled~. My suggestion is, that we have a big mecha-angelic figure that flys around low, based on the Statue of Arpega, scraping its spiked wings off the ground. If you want, you could tweak it, so that the spikes retract or become charged.
  9. I think Secad and Fi cannot currently be captured by a single ball as they are two entities in one body right now. The balls work to only capture a single being, correct? Because of this ability, wouldn't convincing them to Team Black be more appropriate?
  10. Nope, RX said in chat today that everyone isn't immune to brainwashing, so Secad and Fi can be brainwashed despite being two entities in one body.
  11. A short explanation on the mind controlling mechanics.

    The source of each faction's mind control is large machine that for the lack of a better name, we chall call the Control Engine. The Control Engine is a sinister modfification of RX's Coherence Engine (details on that for another time) While the Coherence Engine was designed to translate incomprehendable brain wave frequencies to comprehendable ones (akin to the Babel Fish) the Control Engine was instead designed to implant sugestive frequencies into any person exposed to it. The end result is subtle brain washing.

    To use this to a greater effect, the factions use Pokeballs that are able to channel the Control Engine's frequencies directly towards whoever is captured in the ball, exposing them to the machine's influence and corrupting them into serving one of the two factions.

    It is unknown how the factions were able to create the Control Engines, but it can be assumed they were able to reverse engineer it based on the data they acquired regarding RX's inventions (which were most probably stolen along with the blueprints for the Reshiram and Zekrom ships) It is unknown why the Black and White Factions work to such extreme parrallels, but hints that a greater evil is at play here.

    The location of the Control Engines are currently unknown. It is safe to say that it is not presently on board the Reshiram or the Zekrom. The Reshiram and Zekrom instead carry a smaller version of the Control Engine, relaying frequencies from the main source, and allowing constant control of its crew.

    All this data is available on aReX, and will be revealed as expostion perhaps in Episode 2. What this means is that there is no specific target for the brain washing influence. As long as you are caught in its frequency, you must submit to it. No one is as of yet, immune to the brainwashing. Also, given that Pokeballs are able to capture symbiotic Pokemon like Slowbro or Dugtrio without having to discern whether or not they are a singular unit, it is safe to say symbiotic characters can be captured and considered a singular unit as well.
  12. Ah, thank you for the explanation. However, I still think convincing will make this more fun. :3 What do you guys think?
  13. It would be different if Secad and Fi were different in personality, like if the signal was sent to them while they were in fusion form, both of them would hear the signal, and their different ways of interpreting the signal would drive them out. The problem with this is that Secad and Fi are two peas in a pod, they almost never have conflicting views and ideas, the only real difference is that one of them is a rodent. So if they were brainwashed in their fused state, they would happily agree with whatever one was thinking and go about on their knavely ways.

    What would be interesting however, would be if only one of them was exposed to the signal, secretively mind you, and used the trust of the other to continue to have their pal with them in their destructive activities. A plot point you could use later then would be if the controlled one tried to attack some old friends, then the other interfered, causing tension between the two, resulting in... well anywhere.

    On a note for the mind-machine, this was exactly the way I envisioned it. A signal from a machine that keeps the person under control, but a break of contact with the signal causes the person to gradually shake off the effects of the brain-washing. Though I think the pokeballs should only be used as restraining devices. The person then had to be taken to the version of the control-engine that is on the ships, in order to synchronize their minds with the main control-engine, which throughout the RP is sending an untraceable signal across the cosmos.
  14. Wow, I love your idea, Brendan. I think I'll use that, with your permission. However, on Secad and Fi being exactly the same, I have to digress. I've seen them as a Fred and George-type setup. They may be similar on the surface (forget the fur. XD) but they carry some subtler differences. (Ooh, fic idea!)
  15. Okay, I was interested in joinig this RP because it sounds like a lot of fun! However, I am confused about something. Are we going to be playing as Nintendo characters, our own made-up characters, or both? I would like to know before posting my character ideas.
  16. Super Smash Bros. Charms is basically a parody of Super Smash Bros. where the entire roster is instead replaced by your alter-ego here in Pokecharms. We have a wide cast of characters, s=brief descriptions and abilities of which can be found here We do not really use official charactersm though Pokemon and parodies of which do exist in this RP.
  17. This is set in the fabricated world of Pokecharms, where the people are us, the members. So you actually role-play as your character persona, which for you could be kirby that's been on a stick over a fire for too long, or something else that would represent you.

    For further information on this RP, read every page of this topic [glow=red,2,300](all of them)[/glow]. Once you're done, you should have a clear idea of what this RP is about. Just make sure you remember the no-dialogue rule, that's important.

    Edit: RX's words help too, read them as well
  18. On the note as well, if you do decide to join Mister Burn, you can't just pop into the RP right now ♥

    As SSBC is sectioned into episodes, you can volunteer for another branch when it becomes to break into sections, as Episode 1, currently, is wrapping up. I'm pretty sure I've alerted the involved to this, except for like, Brendan. Speaking of, Brendan, after Sem posts in response to RX, you should be free to finish up or do whatever ♥ Same to Chad, but I do believe Chad is a bit busy at the time.

    Other than that, I sorta wanna point out how people started leaving after the big white chess piece boss showed up, so, are we okay with completely bypassing him? I know I'm guilty for getting a move on things, but I sorta was put into a bit of a frenzy after Dark and Blazi made exits |D It's totally likely that the big thing can show up later as well, although that's dependent on RX ♥

    Right right, we're almost done, so keep going ♥
  19. Okay, thanks. I read through this post and that was the only concept that confused me.

    I was fully aware I wasn't supposed to join now. I just wanted to know who we're RPing as so I can get ready for future episodes.

    Edit: I just finished designing my character for the RP. Of course, I guess I should wait until discussion about episode two begins to talk about this RP any further.

    Also, I may design another character soon. Not sure yet.
  20. We've heard nothing of this for over a month now, and I feel we should keep this product of grand potential alive. Which means it's time to discuss episode 2!

    As I suggested once upon a time, the next episode should begin on each faction's warship, while the remaining Charmisians are holed up inSpace Station Skuld. I'm thinking of three/four people max from each faction, with a parallel third episode for those that aren't in the second episode. I'm planning on working on the first post for the second episode, with RX's permission to do so of course. Opening with a brief description of what my character is up to.

    After some random intro crap, dialogueless of course, the episode revolves around the exploration by the Charmisians into the activities of, say, the White Knight Faction, who have dropped a squadron of troops that are now digging around some (currently unspecified) area (for some unspecified thing) of the Charms world. A squadron of Black Deck Troops then arrive, apparently for the same thing, and begin fighting when they encounter each other, the Charmisians then arrive amongst the chaos, and suddenly get absorbed in it. In the conflict, few mysteries are solved, many more are discovered, and sides may change depending on the outcome.

    There is no sign-up yet, it's just on a first come, first serve basis at the moment. So, any comments on this episode plan? They will be greatly appreciated
  21. Oh, oh oh oh!

    I would certainly be happy to play apart in these mysterious Black Faction activities :>
    I'm not at all sure what the stting should be, but a rocky area would be fabulous *is shot*
    Anyway, I'd love to participate~
  22. Personally, I'd prefer if we use the Space Station as a last resort. The fact is that the attack has only just begun. No one knows what the motives are or anything. I think its natural for them to think that the factions were after the main city and so everyone can simply evacuate to another town/area. The World map is fairly large, so I don't think we need to use the Space station right away. Also, as Tan pointed out, it's in space, and there are only a couple of people capable of interstellar travel, by whatever means are available to them.

    Anyways, sorry for completely ignoring this thing up until now. I've been fairly...preoccupied with some things ' x'

    Getting back to the matter at hand, Episode 2 should probably start at a point where the groups have seperated and gone their differnet ways. First off, we have the dialogue restriction, which means characters can't exactly discuss their plans, all they can do is simply do what they wish and hope everyone else plays along. They can however, already discuss the plan in th epast and we can all assume they know what they're doing and just get straight to initiating said plan.

    As mentioned before, there are locations the characters can now proceed to. Sporkstown seems to be rather favored by some people, and there is of course, Gerbolia. It seems Secad has her own agenda, and this can be expanded into a sideplot (like with King Dedede)
  23. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Sorry Brendan, but I'm not much a fan of that idea. SSBB had it a slow eventual process by which everyone eventually grouped together to work to defeat the final boss. Every character had their own story leading up to that point, including how they got there, and showing and letting you play through these experiences, developing the characters in such a way that when they all grouped together to fight Tabuu, including those who had til then been the villains, it was so much more believable.

    This is a large world, there is no way everyone could have evacuated there so fast. Everyone isn't grouped in one place, people are spread out, maybe even with no way of knowing that something is even going on yet. If what you're suggesting is we cut all that potential story out, and pick up with everyone on the ball and knowing exactly what is going on, it seems way too rushed. I'd, at the very least, hold that thought for a later episode, if things really turn out that bad over the course of the story.

    I suggest we slow down, make this more enjoyable. You can't rush an RP, that puts it on the fast track towards death. Pick up right after the events of Episode 1 with a fresh set of characters and have fun with it. That's my two cents.
  24. And, of course, the Forest of Glitter~

    Episode 2, to me and Blazi, will be all about our fight in the Forest. Blazi told me he would start out on Terrater after the fight, and be sent to the Forest to look for an artifact, along with a load of pawns. I think I'll start out inside the Black ship, and take a load of Black pawns with me when the Team White activity is noticed. From there on, it'll be battling- Although I am planning to cease the RP when all other Episode 2 topics end, taking that they end around the same time to clear the way for Episode 3.

    Also, I don't really think it's a good idea to have the 'Charmsians start out at Skuld, mostly for RX's reasons.

    (And also, yeah, Indie should totally be brainwashed into working for Team Black like me :'D)
  25. And Don't forget The Temple of The Earth Goddess :<

    (I figured this plan would be similar to Pit's decent in SSBB)
    Anyways, time I brought forward my idea for the start of Episode 2, as the battle begins o: So, since The Earth Goddess has a wide view of Pokecharms, she would see the disruption in the Colliseum due to the arrival of the Reshiram and Zekrom airships, and the Brawl that's commencing inside of it. Due to this, she would send Tobias down the dormant volcano and have him rush to 'Charms City.

    By the time he's arrived, he will have seen the airships leaving, and many Charmsians fleeing, leaving only the Zekrom ship in his sight, which he then chases. He could bump into others along the way, if possible, which could lead to a group of Charmsians storming the Zekrom ship in later episodes.

    I'm still a little shaky on this idea, but I hope it will become a possitive contribution.
  26. Looks like discussion for new episodes is opening up, so I guess now would be a good time to try and join in.

    My character would be K-Star (I'll change the name, if necessary). He's a scientist who left Planet Charms a few years back to explore nearby planets. In the RP, he'll start out with his ship crashed into the planet and trying to repair it. Why he crashed, I'm not sure yet, but I was thinking he could have strayed into a crossfire between agents from Team Black/White. My character will have just shown up on Charms and has no idea of the Black and White factions. In other words, he would probably join up with anyone he encounters.

    As for the plot, I like Toru's idea. I can imagine my character doing a lot of traveling, for he needs to collect parts for his ship. The plot doesn't need to revolve around K-Star repairing his ship, but he will be collecting things during his travels.
  27. Now that majority is crushing me underfoot, my previous plan is scrapped for my protection. If you haven’t seen it already, don’t bother reading it.

    My next idea for an Episode 2/3 then (a parallel one to DS's and Blazi's of course, since that one’s pretty good), would take place in the streets of the City of Pokecharms, where only a small handful of people remain. While most were conveniently out of the way when things began going down hill, a lot of people chose to abandon the city, sensing the troubled times on the wind. One faction has already departed, seeking others scattered across the land. The other still has soldiers prowling the streets, picking off those that rear their head. The theme for this one could be about a group of Charmisians, still within the city several days after the stadium encounter, who make a daring break-out, taking the faction troops on for a chance for freedom.

    Since one of the two factions obviously won't be participating in this episode, it allows for a higher cap on the number of people allowed from each group in the topic. Say, four or five Charmisians, and three Faction characters, since they have an army and all. The Faction's warship won't be involved however, probably off doing more 'pressing' matters.

    Looking at Toru's idea as well, I see that he has a very Pit-like role. It could tie in with this idea, though it would result in some irreparable time paradoxes unless Tobias shows up a little later...

    So is this one more to your liking? Or do you not like this one either D:
  28. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Well if Blazi and Dark Soul have decided to start a segment on Terrater that inevitably means we picked Blazi up sometime in the conflict. During this particular segment, since Terrater is my territory, I would of course have to be involved in some way or another. The Forest holds host to other creatures, including the humanoid race of dryads, and I doubt they would just stand by if their trees were threatened. Not to mention the planet itself has defenses against intruders...

    Here's my two bits for the segment: The defenses of Terrater have been lowered slightly since Dwayna was converted to the White team for whatever reason. The Androids are still under her control, and accept that this may be a conflict that sparks more development in her character to be a better leader for them in the future. As such they allow the conflict to happen and do not intervene unless specifically commanded to, which would be doubtful considering Dwayna's liking of conflict seems to be influenced even more by her conversion. She is also aware that the dryads can generally take care of themselves, so it is a possibility that we may see the queen dryad as a boss if things get out of hand.

    I must also submit my want to include Edward as a character, because he would want to help the Charmsians if only for the hope of bringing Dwayna back to her old self.
  29. I (if I'm getting this right) second the idea of two paralell stories. I like Dark and Blazi's forest battle shenanigan, so if I could, would like to introduce myself into the rp in this thread.

    <possible story>

    I could have been playing with Sheepyrock in a remote part of the forest while all the events of the previous episode were taking place. When the brigades of pawns arrive, I could be captured by Dark and brainwashed or something.

    Also Forest of Glitter ♥
  30. Those two ideas sound lovely! We could have Episodes 2a, and 2b :>

    The faction for Brendan's idea should likely be Black, seeing as the other episode will be involving with people from White!

    I, um, don't have much else to say for this, except that I defer to RX for his opinion ♥
  31. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Brendan, please stop trying to time skip. Just because you want to do something in the future doesn't mean the rest of us will. I'd much rather keep things together on a timeline, so that we don't start confusing ourselves with what happens when. Putting in a random gap is just asking for someone to try and fill it later on. While I'm not saying your ideas are bad, I'd really prefer if we don't jump all that far ahead for Episode 2.

    Back when Episode 1 was still in the middle of its run, Zacky and I discussed an idea with RX and Tan. A Black/White faction member would come to the both of us and attack, and our characters either beat them back or flee from battle. From there, Zacky would start to gather Charmsians into a resistance force, while I attempted to sabotage Black/White while staying hidden.

    To accomplish this, the two of us and whom ever we gathered over the course of the Episode would travel to find Pheo. After defeating him, he'd give us something to make it so we couldn't be brainwashed, either something magical or technological. That accomplished, Zacky would take his soldiers and begin to amass a stronger force, while I separated from whom ever followed me, and began towards working on disrupting our enemies from within.

    That was what we'd decided upon back then, and I'd really like to have that be a part, but not necessarily the entirety, of Episode 2.

    But yes, Ep 2 for me and Dark is in the forest with a big fight between us. By this point I'm in Team White, and how I can Discuss with Dwayna and put in the first part of my post, much like Dark did. We've been planning this for a long time, so sit back, relax and watch.

    I'll also be using a different Blazi, so I'll give you all a description and change my bio when all the episode twos roll around.

    But yeah, leave it to Dark and I.
  33. B-but I want to remain loyal to Team Charms D:

    I can't quite remember the map (and I'm on my iPod so looking would take forever) but I've discussed this a bit with Tan annnd, maybe Tunduli's shop is close enough to the fighting-goings-on and she notices or smells smoke or something whilst making a plushie/baking some pastries? If I were to go with Toru then I guess that'd work :> But er, I dunno, we'll figure something out ♥

    ... or something.
  34. I think we should have half episodes, like Tan said. One half-episode, episode 2a, could feature Dark's and Blazi's fight while episode 2b could revolve around a group from Team Charms.

    If that is how things turn out, then I have a suggestion for episode 2b (the Team Charm's part). Working off of Toru's idea, Tobias could run into my character after he starts pursuing the Zekrom ship. The two can start traveling together, gathering more allies along the way. Evantually, they could wander back over to K-Star's ship. After repairing and modifying his ship, the Galactic Cruiser, K-Star, Tobias, and whatever allies they may have with them, could then use the Galactic Cruiser to finally get to the Zekrom ship. I hope you like my suggestion.
  35. To elaborate on everything I went off of earlier, since the point of the RP is to split in several points, it's just as possible to have multiple episodes.

    I spoke with RX for a bit, and decided it may be best if everyone speaks of their characters wishing to dos in the next episode, if they wish to participate. That way, we can see if there's a common goal with some of them, and then we can put that group of people in 2a, and then another in 2b, and so forth and so on.

    I myself, really don't plan to show up anytime soon, so I don't have much input on the topic. Instead of everyone throwing out different ideas, lets just post on what their own character plans and wishes to do, so we can form ideas around that! Will that be working nicely? ♥
  36. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    I will definitely have to discuss things with Blazi a bit more. I'm a bit confused as to which forest you mean, the one on the planet or the Forest of Glitter... Hopefully you can clarify. But Dwayna will play a minor part, basically sitting back on her throne at Terrater, commanding her new Knight to find something of value for her in the forest.

    If Edward is going to join the story, I think it would either be as a side character earlier on and/or as a more major character when plans to face off against the Queen of the White Team come to light. He would give information about the whereabouts of the figure, but would seem very sorrowful about it at the same time.
  37. I'm all for the idea of splitting Episode 2 into 2 different parts, and the idea of Tobias bumping into Tun and Kirby sounds pretty interesting too. Team Black could also see us chasing the ship and send some of it's members to fight us as we look for parts to stop our progression, perhaps? It would increase the length of the episode, and give us more to work with, I think.
  38. I just realised how little I require to do in this episode :)

    Anyway, my main objective in this episode is to become part of the Black faction. I think this would best fit into Dark's story, seeing as he will have Black pawns on hand, but whichever Rx and Tan find best :3
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  39. Dark and I were talking about a fight in the Forest of Glitter. I don't know that much about Terrater so I didn't think it had a forest |D

    I may or may not have thought Terrater was a wasteland >>

    But yeah, it's in the forest of glitter, and this being the magical world of charms I'm sure it will grow back quickly after the events of SSBC!
  40. Woo, I am sorry about not being on at all lately. My computer monitor has been malfunctioning, and I am on a friend's computer right now.

    On to the plot. I intend to be affiliated with Team Black. However, instead of being brainwashed, Fi and Secad will be convinced by making some deal between Black and the Gerbolian ambassadors about gaining representation and power for their country.

    I'm a little confused about the plot right now as well. What's the final say on what we are doing? Are we going to split the episode up?

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