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Project Run Away: Attack Effectiveness Table

  1. You may be wondering what this is, but this new program I have been working on is tailored to the needs of players looking for help on Pokémon movesets. The Attack Effectiveness Table shows stats about Pokémon that exist, but no one had the time or though to put into a nice, organized layout.

    This document will have four helpful options out for users to use. As of right now, it has three operating, with the fourth one still in progress.

    This is also part of the Pokécharms Day festivities, so other things might pop up later.

    Follow the comment jump for more specific details.
    #1 Plapti, Mar 15, 2009
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Plapti, Mar 15, 2009.

    1. Plapti
      The Attack Effectiveness Table is a four page document. On the following pages, you will find, a type match up chart, a percent of how many Pokémon are in each type, and the final page as of now, is the Attack Effectiveness page.

      Most abilities that reduce damage have been considered into the table's data. It's a lot of numbers to go through, but it's interesting to look at.

      The feature that hast not been finished, is the listing of every single moveset by the attack types used. (Example: Normal, Fire, Water, Grass type attacks in one moveset is one of about 57,120 possible sets I believe.) This feature's goal is to see which four moves can hit the most Pokémon for super-effective damage out of the possible 88 type combinations.

      The product (which can be downloaded by following the link below) is not completely finished. There are some missing comments and some abilities to be put in, but this project will be completed as soon as humanly possible.

      Any suggestions, questions and comments can be left here, or sent to me via PM.

      Hope you all enjoy this program I designed.

      And the link to follow: http://rapidshare.com/files/209449343/Attack_Efectiveness_Table_1A.xls
    2. Pheonix
      Wow! Told you before, but this is absolutely awesome. Superb work and awesome amount of detail in it.

      Only complaint I have right now is the labeling on the Pokemon Hit Percentage table. I think I figured it out on my own, but most people will probably wonder what the second line of information vs every attack is supposed to mean. I guessed that the first line is vs pure types and the second line is vs dual types, but I am still not sure on it. :3
    3. Xatu
      This is thoroughly amazing. I've been trying to find something like this for quite some time. I made a half assed attempt at something like this once, but you've just blown my mind.

      Thanks a ton man.
    4. jertyuiop
      I see that you have worked extremely hard to come up with that and it's really useful to everyone. Also, may I point out that you can hit ghost type with any moves if you have the ability mold breaker. Thanks for making it, I'll definitely use it all the time ;D
    5. Xatu
      That's not actually how Mold Breaker works.
      Mold Breaker simply neutralizes the ability of the opponent. So, for instance, it would allow a Cranidos to hit a Ghastly with Dig (since Levitate is neutralized), but not with Headbutt.
    6. jertyuiop
      What I meant was you can hit them with ground type moves. Sorry for the confusion, though.
    7. Magpie
      Finally got round to downloading this (my mac doesn't have Excel, but I managed to use the family comp today), and I must say how awesome it is, Jet. I can only imagine how much work went into getting this together, so well done for seeing it through!

      I'm sure it'll be a useful tool, I know I'll use it! Thanks for putting it up ^^

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