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Project: Meta

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Tatile, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. OOC: This isn't in the discussion thread, so I'll post it here. The colour of the gel is determined by your Pokemon's typing, so Grass types have green gel, Fire types orange etc. If you haven't done so already read the discussion thread. PM me if you need any details, clarifcation or what-not. Ta

    “Now, now, hold still. We wouldn’t want you hurt, would we?” The man chuckled to himself. The speech was little more than self indulgence – some months ago he might have been sincere, but time changed all things. He touched a few dials, strengthening his patient’s restraints. The procedure had been performed scores of times since the project started; he and his team had discovered that no matter how relaxed the patient, Fear’s grip was not something easily shaken. The tank itself was a marvel; from the outside the good doctor could watch every spasm and change in his patient, whilst those within were rendered otherwise blind. The breathing mask lowered itself from the tank’s lid and the low melody of his work began. It was a sound that Dr. Lomas knew well: muffled screams. The design of the tank meant no sound could escape – so that those working in the laboratory mightn’t be distracted – but that did also have the unfortunate consequence that no sound could be heard behind the glass. “No second thoughts, cold feet?” The boy inside the tank was straining to free himself, tears pouring down his face. “You did make a promise, after all.” Dr. Lomas chuckled again. The child had given his life away, for the freedom of another. So romantic. A pity, then, that the world was devoid of such notions. The gel solution – the very thing that made the procedure possible and Dr. Lomas’ crowning achievement – poured in, quickly filling the tank. The gel this time was clear, only the vaguest hints of colour touching the surface. As cynical and jaded as he had become in his old age, Dr. Lomas wished for this to work. Ms. Humbert’s money, though welcome, was immaterial to him; he cared only for the advancements his laboratory could make. Every week of experiments and observations revealed new and wondrous discoveries. It was almost like being a child again. This would be the most amazing yet! To join data with the physical form! “Ah Ryan, I hope you realise just how helpful you’re being to the human race. It’s like you were made for this moment!”

    The elation became almost too much, and Dr. Lomas was forced to sit.

    “Elaina! Elaina!” A young woman came swiftly over, calm despite the old man’s excitement. She wiped his brow, where the sweat was staining his silver hair grey. “You must get Dolores. This is wonderful! She must see this!”

    “Of course, Doctor. And what shall I tell her?” Elaina, though fresh from medical school and newly arrived to Kanto from Hoenn, was unmoved by her employer’s whims. Even the enormity of what they were doing seemed something beyond her.

    “Tell her... tell her...” The gel solution had set; there was no motion in the tank. Only the constant beeping of the machine suggested there was life within. “Tell her this will be a success. Tell her we have a Porygon.”


    Theo arrived in Sable City three weeks after his brother’s disappearance. Having passed through Goldernrod, he found it odd to call such a small place a ‘city’. Theo shook his head, ignoring the buildings around him. He could not afford to be distracted. His first stop would be the Pokemon Centre.

    “Oh, didn’t the police tell you-?”

    “They did,” Theo was not usually rude, but he felt he needed to deal with this as quickly as possible. He would not cry in public. “But... they’re wrong, I just know it.”

    “I’m sorry Theo,” Nurse Joy was a woman almost too nice for her own good. It seemed all the trainers and their families relied on her and, despite the pressure, she bore it with a smile. “I just don’t know what to say. Of course you and your family can access Ryan’s Pokemon, but I just can’t help anymore than that.”

    He felt so ashamed and betrayed. Theo had journeyed to Kanto to find his brother, but the people here knew no more than he did. Shoving his hands in his pockets he mumbled out a ‘thank you’ and turned away, eyes on the floor. He would not cry.

    “Theo,” Nurse Joy stepped out from behind her desk and laid a hand on his shoulder. “If you need somewhere to stay, you can always come here.”

    Theo was at a loss for words. He threw his arms about Nurse Joy’s waist and hugged her tightly.

    “Thank you. I promise I’ll be back.” And I’ll bring my brother.

    Ryan had last been seen heading out of Sable City, in the opposite direction to Pewter. Pulling his collected notes from his backpack, Theo set off to retrace his brother’s footsteps. He quickly wished he had worn a different t-shirt that day, as the sun was hot and still high in the sky. His hoodie flapped at the back of his legs, an annoying fleeced flag at half mast.

    It took nearly an hour of walking (and getting lost once or twice), but Theo found the first country road out of the city. It ran at an angle away from the main dual-carriageway and possessed a serviceable, safe, footpath on the side. Ryan had followed this before taking a winding country lane and then simply disappearing.

    A cold sweat formed on Theo’s back. The road stretched on into forever; there were no signs of any off-shoots ahead. Had he made a mistake? Was this the wrong road? Was he even going the right way?

    “What?” Theo stopped his dismal march and squinted: a half mile in front of him he could just make out a small sign. Hope surged in him anew. Though he could only just see a rough outline, it was enough. It was the same sign the police had shown his mother. Ryan had been this way! The city dwindled ever more behind him and the sun dipped to the west.

    The lane was little more than cracked mud, but it was certainly the right one. Theo felt strangely at peace as he took his first step. There was no special marker, no flowers and no balloons. The only thing that brought him to a stop was gut feeling. The road was no longer visible, hidden by the many twists and turns of the lane. The mud here was wet still, blocking the way. Ryan most definitely would have had trouble with it.

    The rumble of a car engine snapped Theo back to reality. A Pokemon Ranger’s jeep was crawling up the lane behind him. It stopped a few metres away, idling.

    “You alright, kid?” The woman was young, with a smile as bright as the sun. Her accent was like the ones he had heard on T.V. She was a Ranger from Hoenn, Theo figured. Her golden brown skin and dark hair certainly helped the image.

    “Yeah, kind of. I’m looking for my brother. He came this way a few weeks back.”

    “You need a lift to the station? It’s out in the sticks a bit, but most everyone comes by that way.”

    “Really?! Wow, thanks!” The day was looking up! “I’m Theo Ross, my brother’s name is Ryan, have you heard of him?” A Shiftry sat in the back of the jeep, absolutely silent and still. Theo waved at it, just to make sure it was still breathing. A single leaf shot over his head and behind the hedgerow.

    “Watch out for Baton, he doesn’t like being disturbed. So Theo,” The woman sat down and buckled herself in, making sure Theo did the same. “My name’s Elaina, and yes, that name rings a bell.”
  2. "Let me out! Please! Let me out!" Michael screamed, as the restraints tightened around his wrists and ankles. He couldn't see anything happening outside of the tube, though he was quite sure the man outside could see him. He struggled and screamed, but no help came, and as a mask came down over his face, the twelve year old started crying. A strange Jelly with a colour that reminded him of his fighting types, and a fire-like orange started filling the tube and as it covered him his world turned black.


    Michael had set out from the pokemon centre three weeks ago, taking with him his Charizard. He wanted just to explore, and thus only took one pokemon with him for protection. Stupid, stupid idea. He had left Sable city and ended up walking through a small forest. He had fun walking through the forest, and even battled some pokemon, healing them afterwards and setting them free. He was walking along a small track, Draco back in his pokeball from his last battle when he heard a rustling. He got out Charizards pokeball, thinking it was a pokemon, but then he saw a man step out. "A trainer?" Michael muttered, before the man said something.
    "Yes, I am a trainer, but I'm not here to battle you. I saw you battle those wild pokemon with skill, and I'm here to make you an offer." The man was looking straight at Michael now, rather than glancing at his pokeball.
    "I'm listening..."
    "I'm from a special laboratory. We're currently working on a new project which we need children aged between ten and fifteen for our experiments. Judging on how you look, I'd say you're about twelve. I was wondering if you'd like to help our research."
    "I don't know what you're researching, so go away."
    "We're researching super soldiers, crossing human DNA with pokemon's DNA. And you've already been chosen for this, so I'm afraid I can't leave. Come with me, and we'll give you power like no other." Michael was now noticing something about this man. He had no hair, and in its place was some strange substance that looked like rock. Now that Michael had seen that, he saw that every bit of exposed skin was like this.
    "No, I'm not coming with you, you're just a sick freak. I don't want power! So leave me alone!" By now Charizard was out, and Michael was expecting the man to send out his pokemon, but was thrown off by what he did next.
    "That's a shame. I guess you'll have to come by force!" And with that, the man lifted up a chunk of rock he had ripped from the ground, and threw it at Michael. Charizard intercepted it, but was thrown back into Michael, close to the verge of unconsciousness. A small rock had broken off and hit Michael in the temple. His vision and hearing was hazy, but heard them man say this, grabbing him by the scruff of the neck, "Too bad, you'll never see your pokemon again." The man then hoisted Michael over his shoulder and took him off. Michael saw his Charizard struggling to get up, before the man hoisted him into a van not far away, and Michael saw no more.


    The pokemon centre was first alerted when an incredibly injured Charizard came up to the front door and collapsed on the doorstep. It was quickly revived as the Nurse on duty noticed it was the same Charizard that was with the boy that had left earlier that day. The police were alerted and with the Charizard's help, they combed the forest and nearby towns. The same thing had happened to a boy earlier that week, but the police couldn't find either boy. The only thing that the police had found was a pokedex and a trainer card, both belonging to Michael Leonhart.

    (OoC: Yay! It's started! If you can guess what pokemon I'm mixed with, you get a cookie.)
  3. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    ((OOC: Looking forward to seeing the fusions.))


    "Your genetic structure has already been altered since birth," said the strange man to the girl, "So you would be perfect for our experimental program." The albino pressed her eyes closed and sighed, knowing that these types of people didn't entirely take no for an answer. She nodded to him and turned to her Meganium, giving it a hug that ended up being tearful. Chances are, she wouldn't be seeing the PokeMon again, whether or not she wanted to desperately.

    I hope we can find each other again, thought Lily Masate as she turned away after she had handed the Meganium her Pokedex, identification, and rest of her PokeBalls. She was grabbed by the man who took her away from what she had known as her home, as Hoenn. He forced her into a car even though she would have been willing to go peacefully, without strife. They would hunt me down and kill me, she thought, and chances are, I will die anyways. That grim thought settled into her mind as they pulled away from the location, the Meganium having dashed off before they could do any serious damage to it.

    The man had explained to Lily that they were undergoing a project, and they needed people of the ages ten to fifteen because their genetic structure would be altered more easily. She happened to be twelve, and she was already abnormal due to being an albino, so of course she would be perfect for the job. She silently cursed her mother for giving her the genetic defect and cursed the people who decided to exploit it for their own gain. A single tear escaped her calm visage, exemplifying just how timid she actually was underneath all of it.


    The laboratory was who-knows-where, as the car they had brought her in had dark windows that one could not see through, and they had put a divider between herself and the driver. The door opened and she was yanked out of the car and pulled towards the laboratory, not bothering to struggle or make a fuss as this happened. She was lead to a test tube and pushed into it, being held there motionless as they strapped her in. She didn't once call out for help or scream, never made a move to get away from the inevitable.

    As the demented face of another man peered up at her with a smile that chilled her blood, the tank started to fill. The liquid gel was a light blue color with an ethereal sort of purple tinge to it, alluding to a dual-typing of sorts. She stayed silent but allowed the tears to come as the beautiful liquid washed over her body, cold to the touch like the kiss of winter air. The last thought she had before she blacked out was wondering what she would become from this, if anything.

    The last thought she was aware of from her old mind was that she was going to die here.
  4. In the torrential rain, the bus stop seemed like a haven, a shelter. Edward slumped within it, his breathing shallow and painful as he reflected that no matter how safe somewhere appeared to be, it entirely wasn’t. The night almost enclosed him as his eyes closed once again, his concentration railing against the pain inside his chest, his limbs, his head. It was a few moments before they opened again, and this time the pain within them was merely a trace, pushed back in to the recesses where it glinted, rather than shone. It wasn’t determination which filled his gaze now, but rather a cold vacant stare, as if Edward were not looking in front of him, but somehow beyond.

    His thoughts wandered...

    It had started out so well, those several months ago. He’d opted to wait slightly, receiving his first companion at eleven, though his quiet and studious demeanour had practically guaranteed a Pokemon at nine. Passed down from his father, the Gengar had been capricious, a malicious streak blighting his first day of ownership, though to see a shadow move in such a way entranced Edward like nothing else had. No fanfare accompanied the start of his journey.

    No one saw him off, for there was no one aside from an old family friend, holding that Gengar in trust. The trust hadn’t been repaid well, or at all, for the sheer level of spite in the ghost had been uncalled for. Even so, Edward, with his neutral face and blank almost vacant eyes had said thank you, and bowed, and taken the small ball and left town, ready to see where his training would take him.

    He hadn’t expected to run in to another trainer so soon, nor one so aggressive. Before he could barely respond, patches of grass were being blasted to glassy craters by his sudden opponent, a Hypno mutely following the instruction of it’s uncaring master. Edward looked in to it’s eyes, and saw they were like his own. Had he ever smiled, or knew how to, he most likely would have.

    From a slight shadow behind the challenging trainer sped an umbral ball. Not aimed at the Hypno, but rather the trainer who commanded it. Edward had watched with mild interest as the poor child was slammed, again and again, by the shadowy force, until he lay twitching and gasping desperately for air upon the ground. Only then did the Gengar rise up from under some shrubbery, a cruel smile twisting it’s features.

    Seeing the other child in no fit state to stand, let alone protest, Edward held out a hand towards the Hypno. “Would you care to join me?” Tilting his head to the side, Edward had wondered whether the Hypno would accept. It took barely a few moments before a nod came, and the strange creature had stepped forwards, not even deigning to look at its former master before accepting another and submitting to a new ball.

    As the trio had travelled, Edward had barely paid attention to the other creatures living their lives around him. It wasn’t until his Gengar had returned, accompanied by a cackling monotone, holding a small dishevelled mess. Simple waiting on Edward’s part revealed the poor creature to be what he thought he recognised as a Ralts, and a swift capture added another to his slowly growing team...

    Edward thought ruefully, his thoughts snapping to the present as a bus rumbled past without even stopping, the rain hiding Edward from view. There was always another bus. Something to take him somewhere new, somewhere away from that place... that laboratory. He remembered the gel, a dusky haze filling the tank and obscuring his vision. He remembered the pain most of all, as it remained with him now, a constant reminder of what had changed. He almost missed his Gengar, though the thought almost seemed to originate from another and not himself. Turning, he looked at the Ralts and Hypno, his Ralts and Hypno, and tilted his head as he noted their concern.

    “I’ve not been nice to you two. I should name you. Yes. Yes, I should. To the Ralts, I name you Beleres.” Turning, he regarded the Hypno carefully. “ To the Hypno, I name you Stefanos. You are both named. You are both mine. Be assured, I am fine. I am not broken.” His hands convulsively clenched. “I am not broken.”

    With almost fatherly care, a care Edward could not remember as having experienced before, the newly named Stefanos placed a hand on his shoulder. It was a kind gesture, but the Hypno still shuddered slightly as the lone streetlight beside the shelter flickered. As the light dimmed, so did Edward’s form, though his eyes, those vacant eyes, glazed red. No smile marred his features, though concentration was almost etched upon his face, an effort of will to block out the pain.

    Beleres looked at his master sadly, before returning to his pokeball, leaving Stefanos to maintain the vigil, the hand on the shoulder dipping partially in to Edward’s form each time the light flickered.

    “I am not broken.”
  5. Sarah Harper happily set off from Goldenrod. She was traveling to visit her friend in Sable city. It was just supposed to be a happy reunion, nothing special, just a happy surprise. No one could have predicted what happened, but then again, it is often the things that we cannot see that take us by surprise the most.

    She strolled lazily down the road, constantly glancing down at her map and trying not to get lost. Both of her pokemon, a pidgey and a chatot rode on her shoulders, occasionally flying off and picking berries from trees, always returning to Sarah's shoulders. She had seen a few pokemon but she prefered not to battle if she could avoid it. Eventually, the city came into sight just as the sun began to set. She called back her pokemon and sped up her walk, looking forward to a rest that would never come. A man came walking up the road in the opposite direction. The man stopped, greeted Sarah and said casually," Hello there, you wouldn't happen to be a trainer would you?"

    "Yes sir, I'm a trainer. But my pokemon are too tired to battle right now." She replied politely. Sarah felt uneasy. Something about the man felt off putting, false.

    The man spoke again taking a few steps forward, his gaze never faltering from Sarah,"Oh no I don't want to battle. Your a little young to be wandering around this late in the day. About twelve years old correct?"

    Sarah nodded, accidently backing into a bush. She felt her hand drift to her pokeballs as she asked a question of her own,"Sir, why are you out here?"

    "You see young lady, my employer has asked me to find some pokemon trainers to help us in some science experiments, and your the kind of trainer I'm looking for." As he said it he turned as if waiting for something, and iin that second she released her pokemon into the bush.

    She politely shook her head and said,"I'm sorry sir, but I'm no good at science."

    The man took a step forward his demeanor changing completely."Now you see girlie, normally that would be a problem, that is if you had a choice!"
    Sarah could now see what the man had been looking at as a black van drove towards them. Sarah tried to turn and run but was quickly grabbed by the man who seemed to be impossibly strong. As she turned and looked back at her pokemon who wherre getting ready to fight, she shook her head telling them to run and stay safe. As they flew off towards Sable city, somehow she knew she would never see them again.

    As she was pushed into the giant test tube inside the lab all she could do was cry. As the restraints were tightened around her limbs the only words that found their way through the sobs were,"Why are you doing this?" As some kind of gel began to flood into the chamber an oxygen mask dropped over her face. It was a bright, clear blue that reminded her of the sky and her last thought before the world faded away was wether she would ever see the sky again.
  6. (OoC: I’m doing a thirteen-year-old, a Ampharos-cross just for the lulz.)

    Rhea Orokoz was on her lying on her back in a clearing between the trees, in the middle of the Ilex Forest, enjoying the stars. It was a pleasant night, warm with the occasional cool breeze. The rustle of the tree leaves was quite relaxing. Her brown pixie cut squished out a bit from her head, giving a strange rosette look to the back of her head when she sat up. Sunburn from lack of nighttime sunscreen was starting on her tanned face, across the bridge of her nose, but she wouldn’t notice that until later.

    “Nice night, isn’t it guys?” Rhea asked rhetorically, munching on some berries she found. Her grey eyes scanned the rest of the clearing, looking at her Ferligatr, Fearow, Beedrill, Politoed, Golem, and Victreebel all were splayed across the grass with her, in varying stages of sleep.

    Mmm-hmm. Kress, her Victreebel said, flicking a vine lazily to get a piece of dead grass off Rhea’s brown shorts. He finished, Get to sleep.

    “Yes, mom.” Rhea replied, chuckling, lying back down on the grass, falling asleep.


    “Mmm.” Rhea moaned, needing to use the restroom in the middle of the night. She got up slowly, brushing some of the grass off her grey camo tank top. “Stupid bladder…”

    She ambled to the bushes, her small frame and 4’10 height easily fitting. However, before she could relieve herself, she was snatched by the back of her shirt collar, being violently pulled backwards.

    “WHA-!” was all Rhea could shriek before having an odd smelling cloth pressed over her mouth and nose. She could feel herself passing out, becoming weaker, sleepier…


    At an undisclosed location, another child was brought in.

    “Drop ‘er in.” One of the strangers that captured her commanded.

    One of the grunts nodded in reply, lowering the restrained, unconscious child into sparking yellow goo.

    “This is all for science.” One of the scientists said triumphantly. “The potential loss of one for the good of many.”
  7. OOC: It seems this subtle organisation is not so subtle as I would have hoped. That being said, that's as overt as it goes - no kidnapping kids in the street. Anybody tries that, they die. Also, remember the rules, only three Pokemon, only one at stage two etc. PM me, blah blah. Oh, and that one fusion that Maxie seems to have run into (god knows how)? That's pretty much the only one running around. The rest of them are probably dead or in tanks. Seriously. At the moment, when they try to fuse an adult with a Pokemon, it's pretty much screwing up. Dont' forget my rules kids.


    An acrid stench assaulted him, jolting Theo from a blissful stupor. His body ached and a sharp surge crossed his ribs with every breath. The pain seemed to have no source, thought it reached to his marrow. The cement floor beneath him hardly helped the situation – likely it was the source of half the stiffness in his muscles. Opening his eyes Theo found himself on his side, the pain having all but numbed his touch. The source of the stench was also found. It was a mixed blessing that someone had tried to save his life.

    Fuzzy, half-formed memories floated to the surface. A colour that was barely green. The woman Elaina, talking to a faceless suit. An old man telling him that Ryan had done so well and had been so good. The smell of everything being so sterile and hollow. Most of all Theo remembered his fear.

    “Theo! You have to get out of here!”

    Theo bolted upright. Immediately his body rebelled, a wave of nausea rising within. Fighting it, he looked around; sure of what he had heard. Ryan’s voice. It had been strange, sound strained, like someone shouting over a noisy crowd. It had also been like Ryan had been standing next to him. Light flooded in from the ceiling, illuminating every corner. There was no furniture or decoration: the room was a box. A flat black panel stood above the door, both of them featureless and flush with the wall.

    Theo was alone.

    Slowly Theo pushed himself from the centre of the room, until his back hit the wall. He sat that for what seemed an age.

    “Good Morning, Theo. What a pleasure it is to see you well,” The screen above the door sprang to life. The old doctor’s face filled the screen, the whites and greys of a laboratory clear behind him. “Don’t worry about that little mess; someone will be along to clean it up shortly. Why don’t you and I have a little chat?”

    Theo nodded, resigned.

    “You can probably guess what this is all about; you seem like a smart lad. Your brother took so well to the procedure that I just had to see if it was genetic.”

    Theo nodded again, staying quiet about his sister, Rachel. It was likely these people had access to the trainer database, and where using that to find test subjects.

    “And what do you know? It is!” Dr. Lomas was exultant. With the samples he had taken before the fusion, he could pin point precisely what they were all looking for. The world would never fully grasp what he was achieving. It could never understand.

    Theo did not share the man’s enthusiasm. He stared at his feet, waiting for the gloating to finish.

    “You should be grateful, Theo, you’ve been joined with one of our fastest specimens. Unfortunately, due to their nature, they are quite fragile, so it would be for the best if you go with Elaina.”

    The door peeled itself away from the wall, its design so simple, yet so perfect, that Theo could not see any hinges, nor a way to force the door open. Two people stood outside the room. Elaina, the woman who had lied and stolen him, was now wearing a white lab coat and plain grey trousers. The other was a man Theo had not seen before, but he supposed that was something to get used to.

    “Theo, come along.” Elaina turned on her heel; any semblance to the women Theo had first met gone. Vanished like mist in the sun. The man kept pace with them, Theo captive between the two adults. The corridor was much the like the room he had just left; the ceiling a single light, all else plain and smooth. There were no corners to hide behind, either, the corridor was a curve. The only doors led to rooms identical to Theo’s. All were closed.

    “What is this place?”

    “You should know that by now.” Elaina’s voice was flat and curt. She showed no signs of being annoyed by Theo’s question, but her body language said she would tolerate no more.

    The floor started to slope, and Theo witnessed another oddity of the complex: no stairs. The corridor was a duplicate of the one behind; it would be easy to get lost. A door ahead of them slid out against the wall and Theo was gently herded into the room. The size of it told that many of the doors they had passed were false. The style of it all meant that one could not be told from another.

    Again in this room, as outside, the ceiling was a box of light. One wall appeared to be a screen – a larger version of those in the cells. Three chairs stood in the centre of the room, facing the screen. All were bolted to the floor, their arms and legs sporting restraints. Theo stopped in the door. After what had happened, he was terrified of what could happen. The large metal case before the chairs was, for all he knew, a device of torture.

    Though he had hesitated only for a moment, it was enough. A hand roughly grabbed the scruff of his neck and Theo was half-pushed, half-dragged to the chairs. The man was no enhanced soldier, nor was he especially trained, but he required no exceptional strength to move Theo as he wished. For added encouragement, however, he pulled the taser from his belt. Spasms of pain shot through the boy’s body. The scant contents of his stomach fell to the floor.

    “We do not have enough adult fusions to deal with all you children,” Elaina’s voice was the disinterested tone as ever. “And those we do are unstable at best. You will have to excuse us any discomfort we cause.”

    Groggy, Theo allowed himself to be strapped into a chair. Given his current state, though, objection was simply not an option. He was dimly aware of Elaina standing in front of him, a disc in her hand.

    “This will hurt, but you seem to be getting used to that.”

    Something hit Theo in the head. The pain was blinding. It dissipated quickly, leaving a dull thumping above his ears. Images flashed across his mind; only partial snippets of a greater picture. He knew something now, something strange and alien. His eyes fluttered open.

    “Good, that one seems to have taken. Given the forty-percent failure rate, I’d say you were lucky Theo,” Elaina tossed the disc aside, its once brilliant sheen now gone. “Unfortunately, I shouldn’t think the others will be so easy.”

    Another strike hit his head, but this time no images followed. Unable to speak, Theo looked pleadingly to his captors.

    “Well then, we try again.”

    The pain continued until Theo lost consciousness. Despite having used nearly ten discs, the boy had learnt nothing more.

    “Just take him back to his room. We’ll get him back in here when he’s awake. Probably just needs a fresh head.” Elaina did not care to look up as she made her notes. Like Dr. Loma, she expected her orders to be followed.

    Subject: Ninjask
    Moves taught: Protect
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  8. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Lily felt very cold in that tank, the gel not showing any sign of warming to her skin. As time passed, she felt more and more tired, the beckoning of sleep pulling at her consciousness. She thought she was going to die here, so she closed her eyes and let sleep take her, in anticipation that she would never wake again.

    In a dream

    Her eyes opened to see a snowy landscape, overcome by blizzard-like conditions. She was out here wandering in her favourite black dress, so it was small wonder why she was cold. The strange thing was that instead of shuffling her way through the snow, Lily seemed to be floating above it. She screamed loudly, supposedly to call out for help, if not because of the sudden pain that seemed to run throughout her entire body.

    The response was quick, as when Lily opened her eyes again there was a form headed her way, though she could barely see it through the haze of the blizzard as it seemed to blend in. The red tie around its waist stood out amongst the snowy background, with purple flecks appearing near the face of the form. As it got closer to her, something beckoned her to move towards it in turn, so she moved forward in her floating state, moving her arm as if to reach out towards it.

    The form drew closer with an outstretched arm of its own, the flecks of ice blue on its supposed dress and the emphasized eyelashes of its closed eyes belayed the feminine nature of this beautiful beast. The dress she seemed to wear went up to what appeared to be a mask, hiding what appeared to be a purple skinned face through the diamond shaped crevasse on her forehead, bits of ice poking up from her skull. Lily vaguely recognized this as a PokeMon, which seemed to be floating above the ground just as she was.

    They touched then, and finally the eyes opened to reveal ice blue eyes surrounded by yellow, chilling her blood as the gaze pierced into her very soul. She felt pulled toward this PokeMon, like she wished to be one with her, down to the very essence and spirit. She felt the arms encompass her and she closed her eyes to be met with the cold darkness of this PokeMon's embrace, and finally felt safe again. Lily screamed out again as pain racked over her body from the sheer cold, and she soon knew no more.

    End of Dream

    Whilst she was dreaming, when she screamed out the first time it was a true scream, one that resounded from her dream realm as the bones in her body started to turn to pure ice. Her skin started to change from the light peach it was to purple, as if bruises were forming themselves over her entire body. It was a slow change, making a beautiful display to any who looked upon her just then.

    In the time that she was silent, the rest of her bones solidified and her skin was beginning to show signs of ice forming on top of it. The ice spread over her lower arms and legs, and two large icicles began to form themselves atop her forehead. Her hair looked like it was being pulled back and seemed to solidify into a long, icy curve, a slight blue tinge appearing in the already white hair.

    Then the ice started to cloud the glass of the tank started to frost over as her second scream resounded. The ice that had formed started to dig into her skin, the finishing touched to the fusion taking place before the entire view of her was skewed by ice. Soon after that, all was silent, and it was assumed that she was dead, as they suspected might might happen with such a tricky fusion of human and Froslass.

    Suddenly the sound of glass cracking resounded throughout the room, and all heads turned back to the tank of ice. As soon as the tank finished the process of draining, the glass shattered and cold air billowed out into the room. The figure of the girl floated awkwardly towards them, before suddenly stopping as others rushed towards her. When they tried to grab her, they fell through her body like it wasn't really that solid, which made it even more apparent to the madman that this project was a success.

    Lily opened her eyes again then, the eyes that she had seen having now become her eyes, and with them she saw things in a different light. The room was warmer than it was before, but she had expected that with her new body. She looked down to her hands and saw the bare, purple skin, so she willed the dress and mask she had dreamed about to herself to further complete her new visage. A woman named Elaina wished to escort her to her room so she could rest before they did more tests, and she was more than willing to go along in silence as she felt so very tired.

    When they reached the bedroom, she laid her floating body backwards over the bed, and she was washed over by darkness yet again when the door closed and her new eyes shut for the first time.
  9. "Uuuuuh..." Rhea moaned, only semi-conscious, feeling the gel tingling, no not tingling but... (it took hold on her too much)shocking, her skin. She felt odd, semi-hard shapes grow on the sides of her head, a fluffiness spreading across her body. "Buh-baaaa..." she bleated weakly.

    "Haul 'er up!" a person called, though Rhea was too near unconsciousness to even determine whether it was masculine or feminine. "Inject ad..."

    Rhea felt a sharp prick on her thigh, though it felt different, furry, fluffy, something...Then the adrenaline rushed to her brain after what seemed to be long seconds. "What?" she said, still puzzled, as the straps on her restraints were undone. "Where am I?"

    "Can't tell you that, dear." Some young woman approached, footsteps loud to her. Patting her head briefly, then holding Rhea's elbow to lead her, "Now, let me take you somewhere where you can rest."

    Best what? Rhea thought, mishearing. "Then what?"

    Rhea. Always the planner.

    "Then we'll do some tests just to see where you are."

  10. Michael did not sleep, though he still did not see or feel anything apart from the pain. His entire body felt like it was on fire, and not just on the outside because of the gel, but on the inside as well. He felt a white hot searing pain around his hands and feet, and at some point, he swore he felt his fingers and toes meld together then separate again. This had hurt like absolute hell, though for some reason it didn't hurt him as much as it might've had. His eyes were closed through most of this, though at one stage, his eyes shot open and instantly the gel around him started to glow. He thought nothing of it, and closed his eyes again. Near the end of his ordeal in the tank, when he had gotten used to the burning, he felt one more painful sensation. It was like white hot nails were being driven through his skin, except from the inside. He had shouted, though no-one had heard him, and he soon gave up. At this he fell into a sleep that seemed to last forever, yet might've only lasted a few minutes. In this dream he saw fire, and a strange humanoid figure. It had claws talons for hands and feet, and feathers covering it's whole body, except for the face. It seemed to be talking to him, but all Michael heard was 'Blaze...' Michael felt a strange longing to be with this creature, but soon felt his self slipping back into the real world. He opened his eyes and saw that all the gel had been drained from the tank, and that the restraints were a little loose. The pain that had been with him all throughout his time in the tank was still with him now. His hands and feet hurt the most and he felt as if he was about to die or at least faint, what with the amount of pain around body, especially the hands for some reason. He looked down at his hands and saw with horror that they had been replaced with claws. A quick look at his feet showed that they to had changed, transformed into talons, like that of a bird. A sudden, unstoppable anger coursed through him, waking him up fully and dulling the pain for a short while. He roared out loud, and with a jerk of his arm, he broke free of his restraints. He stepped forward, legs weak, but slowly getting more and more power. He saw the glass of the tank in front of him and he felt his blood boil. "What have you done to me..." This was small, but as more adrenalin rushed through his body, it became louder. "What have you done to me!" And with this, he pulled back his hand, and with an almighty shout he punched the tank in front of him, shattering the glass like it was nothing. The people outside the tank watched with horror, and slight fascination as two red hot eyes stared at them, attached to a feathered body. Michael shouted and barged out of the tank, only to have a dart whiz into his leg. He looked down at the dart and felt woozy, the strength draining away and the pain rushing back in, and as he looked up again everything but pain had disappeared. As the boy collapsed the guards watching over the tanks rushed over, and grabbed the nearly unconscious twelve year old. They dragged the boy off to the child bedroom. They boy looked up at the nearest scientist with sad eyes and mumbled once more, "What have you done to me?" before fully collapsing in the guards arms.

    The guards dragged the boy into his bedroom, and set him down on his bed. They left, but apon leaving a small moan escaped the boy. One guard laughed and kept walking, but the other hesitated, and looked back at the helpless boy. A thought of money came into his head, and he shook his head, thinking to himself that it would never be up to him the boy's future. The people from the lab came in soon after to hook up several machines. All were designed to keep the boy alive. After all, they couldn't have another dead subject now could they?

    OoC: Yipe! Sorry Tatile, I forgot he was rare! I'll just say that the adult fusion the captured Subject Blaziken, was very unstable and died soon after the subject was put inside the gel.
  11. While in the tank, Sarah drifted in and out of near-consciousness. Any and all fear she had had while awake was replaced in an eerie twilight of calm. The gel in the tank made her feel weightless, as if flying. Suddenly, her formless serenity was shattered by an intense pain that seemed to tear through her entire body. It burned her skin as the color shifted to a dark brown .Her hair shot out of her head as if trying to escape, growing until it reached her ankles. Her hair's color also began to change, shifting from jet black to blonde while the outer edges became a hot pink. The last change to the girls face were a pair of black streaks behind her eyes on the sides of her face.

    As the gel in the tank began to drain, Sarah found her weight supported on her legs once more, but she quickly fell to her knees. She felt her restraints come undone, but was unable to do much else other than sit there. Her ordeal in the tank had left her weakened both mentally and physically. She was unable to move or even comprehend what had just happened to her. Someone walked up to her and took her by the arm began to walk her out of the lab. The next thing she knew she was on her back, on a bed, in a plain room. The only thought she could manage to string together was,"What did that gel do to me?" before falling into welcomed sleep.
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  12. OOC: Just a reminder to everyone about the extent of physical transformations, they can (and in certain cases will) kill you. The pain you experience in the tank is not the end of it; like I said, it's equivelant to being hit by a car. You will experience monumentous pain outside of the tank. I'm going to make a couple of examples as to the levels of pain:

    Fur/feathers: fucking ow. Morphine for a week and you've still got pins and needles all over your skin.
    Sprouting horns and other random things: Irukandji stings. That would be the highest amount of morphine that can be safely given to you and you will still be in agony for about two weeks.
    Tails/claws etc.: Marked by massive changes to a person's physical structure (birds achieve flight by having hollow bones; humans don't have hollow bones. OW) these are the ones that are will make you absolutely dependant on the laboratory or flat out kill you.

    I am sorry if the above seems harsh, but I feel the need to re-cover what was said in the discussion thread, and it seems go into more detail. The idea is mostly that the soldiers would be almost indistinguishable from the general populace; which therefore leaves the children in a very awkward position, as you could imagine.
  13. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    ((OOC: My character is already half-dead because of the transformation. My theory is to truly fuse someone with a ghost PokeMon, they would have to die a little bit anyways.))


    "My dear Lily," said the voice of the madman as a screen above her door flickered to life. "You are perhaps one of my great successes. The fusion of a dual type, and not just that, but part Ghost! I was right to think that your albino DNA would be useful to us." His face turned into that of his mad smile, showing just how happy he was with her status. She had not spoken a word since her fusion and would not speak now, especially not to him or his people.

    "You are a bit more fragile in this state, however," he continued. "Thus I believe it is best that you go with Elaina." The door to her room opened and the woman was there, looking at Lily with a cold stare that could almost chill her blood, if it hadn't been already. The man with her was different from before, a new stranger in this place full of them, and likely there for the woman's protection. No one seemed to understand that she would go quietly with them, and no one did understand anymore what her true intentions in doing so were.

    She was lead to a room and let herself be restrained, and soon learned that they were special restraints that not even she could escape if she wanted to. That meant that whatever tests they were going to run, she would have to live with the pain that it would inevitably cause her. She was still so tired from the day before, her body aching all over, and they still wished to run tests on her person.

    A familiar type of disk came up towards her face and flashed in activation, causing the light to fill her vision for a moment and further the headache she had already developed. Grey lines criss-crossed in her minds eye, giving her a vision of a sort of shield that would protect her from others changing how strong she was. The lines were trying to touch her mind and become one with her as the essence of the Froslass had. She did not want to become one with this particular essence, and the lines relinquished as the disk failed to teach her the things that it wanted to.

    Another disk, another flash, more pain entering her mind as more lines made their way into her mind, a light pink hue to them. This time the vision was of another shield that would protect her somewhat from attacks that were not physical, including fire. She let those lines touch her mind and felt she knew something that she hadn't before. Notes were taken and more tests were done, but overall she did not learn anything else that day.

    She was sent back to her room to rest some more, but she did not choose to rest straight away when the door closed. She knew she was being watched at every turn, but she did not seem to care as she looked within herself to call up this new power. She found that she already had many of them, but she wished to focus on the new one and test it for herself. She felt more energy leave her body as something was called to fruition, a square shield tinged a nice blue color.

    Light Screen, came the thought in her mind before she fell back into her bed to rest her eyes yet again.
  14. "Buh?" Rhea grunted, being shaken violently to wake her up.

    "Wake up! We have to do some tests now." The woman growled, pushing her up.

    As Rhea's energy from whatever shot they gave her in the tank nearly gone, the pain started arriving. As she was led from the bed to some room, the prickles of pain started arriving. All over her, it felt like three-inch long Meowth scratches were all over her, stinging, as if her dermis was exposed. She looked down, at her hands, expecting to see them. However, what she saw instead was a light pastel yellow fuzz up her arms, kind of like...wool. Ending with some odd, yellow skinned hands, too.

    "Mh?" Rhea grunted, too shocked for words, too pain-stuck for words.

    "Hmm?" Elaina said, noticing Rhea's gaze at her new arms. "That's just fur. Sprouting new body parts should hurt."

    "Wh-why should fur hurt?" Rhea asked, dumbfounded.

    "Well, we just rehauled your entire DNA with that of a Ampharos." Elaina replied, increasing their pace.

    "****!" Rhea swore, feeling at the sides of her head and tailbone for the classic Ampharos horns and tail. They ached sharply when she touched them. With every step, the pain she felt overall was increasing. She stopped, feeling the overall ache grow, like burns and cuts that covered her entire body...

    "Move, please." Elaina said politely, but shoving her impolitely onto her knees in a bare, metal room with a chair covered in constraints.

    "Maaa!" The Ampharos-girl cried in pain.

    "I'm sorry." Elaina said with no trace of sorriness in her tone. "Get in the chair."

    "Yes, ma'am."

    Sadly, the chair had no back hole. Her tail, the red bulb at the end now flashing slightly, bent even more painfully to her side as she squeezed into it and was reluctantly strapped in, the worst part being the head restraints. Tears started dripping down her face.

    "Hello, Ampharos1."

    "Hmm?" She looked around for a bit, a tad difficult due to the constraints, but she saw a screen a bit above her line of sight on the wall to her right. Really bad chair placement. she thought. Sniffling, she replied, "Oh, hello."

    The man on the screen flicked through the clipboard he was holding. "Ah, yes. Ampharos cross, thirteen. You seem to have done well, at least from a visual examination. Now, as we found you near a party of Pokemon, I am sure you are familiar with these. Elaina?"

    "Yes, Professor." Elaina picked up a disc from a metal table next to the door, the object flickering yellow in the fluorescent light. Similar ones were in a pile near the edge of the table. "With this Technical Machine, you can hopefully learn some new moves. You may or may not, as we have only had a forty percent success rate."

    "You'd better, as Ampharos don't learn many satisfactory moves naturally." the Professor said, chuckling. "This is Thunderbolt, one of the decent moves your species can learn. Elaina, proceed."

    "Yes, sir."

    Wh-wha-what is happening? Why is this happening? Rhea thought, judging what she went through in the last few hours, quaking before the TM was activated.

    A yellow light came over Rhea's field of vision, dissipating slowly, shocking her. The transformation induced pain starting to go to convulsion level and the light and pain pattern repeated for what seemed like forever (OoC: In actuality, only four times). When Rhea thought she was going to pass out, she saw lightening bolts, a white light, and...

  15. "Now Michael, I understand that this hurts, but we need to do this." This is the first thing Michael heard after several hours of unconsciousness, pain all throughout. He was being shaken awake by a woman, but instead of a kind face, is was stone hard, and he felt no warmth in her voice. He woke fully, and the pain came rushing back, mainly feeling like pins and needles over his body and his hands and feet on fire. He noticed he was now wearing no clothes, but his entire body from the neck downwards was covered in a layer of red, orange and yellow feathers, thankfully covering up anything he wanted hidden. He got out of bed, and stumbled, confused by his new talon feet. That's when he remembered how much he had changed. He shook his head and started following the scientist. He felt a warmth inside him, but when he tried to figure out what it was, the woman had led him into a small room, with one chair with restraints. The woman led Michael over to it, and motioned for him to sit down. Michael did, and the woman tightened the restraints, securing him in place for what ever was about to happen. A screen appeared on one of the walls, and the woman turned to look.
    "Well well, look who's finally awake." the man in the screen said, "Thank you Elaina for bringing him here. Now Michael, you have been chosen for our project as you very well know, and it has been a stunning success. The fusion who captured you, unfortunately he died soon after you started to change. You have been fused with a Blaziken, and I think it has been a wonderful transformation. You are here now for the next phase of the experiment, teaching you pokemon moves. It is painful, but you shall benefit from it. Elaina."
    "Yes sir." The woman, Elaina, reached for a small, red coloured disk. She held it up in front of Michael's face, and an image sprung into Michael's head, bring with it more pain, of a ball of fire exploding into five different streams. Small red lines seemed to want to connect with Michael in his head, and he allowed it to, and suddenly gained a feeling of he had learned something. Elaina smiled, though there was nothing warm behind it, and she got out another disk, and did the same thing, except there was just pain, and no image. This continued until Michael had learned nothing more, and he was escorted back to his room, in need of some painkillers.

    Elaina sat back down in the room where the last fusion had been, and held her head in her hands. She felt strange, as if she felt sorry for the past children she had hurt. She shook her head, such feelings would get her nowhere. She got up, and headed towards the final child's room. She felt sorry for them, but that would soon pass.
    Project: Blaziken
    Moves taught: Fire Blast
  16. The rain hadn’t slackened, but Edward received a reprieve from it all the same as the bus came to a stop in front of him. His mind was drifting in thought amidst the ache of his limbs and the tightness of his chest. Slumping in a seat, he didn’t notice his Hypno Stefanos handing the driver some random change taken from a wallet, picking up the ticket and leaving the rest of the money with the driver. With barely a glance of acknowledgement he accepted that Stefanos had his bag, and seemed to be looking out for him even more as he slowly retreated in to his own self, segregating his mind from the outside world.

    The night outside was calming as the bus continued on its route, and Stefanos started to feel at ease once more as his new master simply gazed out of the window in to the blackness. It was then that the lights inside the bus started to flicker, and the Hypno’s unease grew. As they came back, each time, Edward’s image seemed to snap back in to focus, as if it had been blurry whilst the light was gone. Hurriedly looking round, Stefanos saw that none of the other passengers seemed to have noticed, though a few were commenting on the lights. It was a fairly full bus, and Stefanos worried that it would only be a matter of time, then there would come questions his new master probably couldn’t, or rather shouldn’t, answer.

    Edward could see the man’s face, though the pane of glass. It was dark, and there was glass in front of him. With a sudden intake of breath, Edward trembled and clutched at his chest, the erratic contractions sending spikes of unease through him.
    “I don’t want to be inside the tank...” he whispered, causing Stefanos to snap its head round in alarm.

    The lights in the bus went out as one, and in the sudden absolute darkness there came the sound of squealing brakes and the soft cursing of the driver, followed by a long, drawn out sigh. It lasted several seconds longer than seemed possible from a single breath, but one by one the lights slowly flickered on once more. Edward appeared relaxed as they came on, his blank face free of anxiety or stress, though there was the slight twitch of discomfort in his expression. Looking at the glass window, he gave a small sigh.

    “ I’m not in a tank. I wasn’t broken. I am not...” He looked around, noticing the bus had stopped. With a small pat on Stefanos’ arm, Edward got up and got off of the bus, seeing another bus stop lit in the distance. “Not broken...” Edward mumbled, his soft steps weaving towards the distant light. Stefanos looked warily around the bus as his master walked on outside. He could hear quiet conversation and sighs, and slowly got up. With a sudden rise of panic and a shudder, he ran out of the bus and leapt at Edward, dissolving in to red light as he got close, fleeing to his pokeball.

    Devoid of Edward and his Hypno, the bus was empty, the gear stick set to neutral and the engine idling. Though, at the right angle to the light from the distant stop, it almost looked as if the bus were full of people quietly chatting to each other. A conversation that would never end.
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  17. OOC: Dinova will be away for a week or so. Unless something "big-huge" happens, we will not be touching her character in this RP, she will be skipped.


    The pain in his head was slowly subsiding. Once again Theo had awoken on the floor of his cell. Still no bed; still nothing but the cold embrace of cement. The light in the ceiling blinded him, further aggravating his headache. He rolled over, pressing his forehead to the floor. The cold did little for him, but at least the darkness was soothing. He lay that way for some time, simply waiting. He had no idea how long he lay there, nor how long it had been since he had left the room. There seemed to be no time in that little white room.


    Just barely, he lifted his head. He had heard it again. The same sick, twisted trick the scientists kept playing on him. The screen was dead and the room empty.

    “Y-you n-need...”

    The light softened, shifting to red.

    “Ryan!” Theo lurched forward, bringing his knees under his chest. Cautiously but quickly he stood. The boy hardly noticed an unnatural element to his speed. His attention was on something far more marvellous. Floating before him, about an inch from the ground was his lost sibling.

    “Y-you need-d... run.” The words came in juddering starts, completely out of sync with the smoothness of Ryan’s movements. There was something profoundly wrong with the teenager. Even in the red light it was clear that his hair was no longer the brown it once was. Multiple expressions flitted over his face, each lying over the other in half-visible masks. “I h-have... can-n help... l-leave.”

    Desperate and frightened, Theo lunged to embrace his brother. A strange fizzing sensation touched upon his skin as he passed through the apparition. He stumbled, shock and nausea overcoming him.

    “Ryan, what’s going on, what happened? I don’t understand any of this!”

    Ryan’s for flickered and, just for a moment, Theo could see the wall behind him.

    “S-sorry. Not st-able yet... can’t l-leave.” The lights began to change once more, growing pink from crimson. “Will help y-you... o-others... help a-ll.”

    “I don’t care about the others Ryan!” A sob escaped Theo’s throat. Such a concept was alien to him, before the tank he would never have thought of abandoning someone, but things were changing. He was scared and tired. “I came here to find you!” He screwed his eyes shut, protecting himself from the now white light and mostly, to keep the tears away. “I just want to go home! I want to go! Ryan!”

    Theo was alone.


    “Another damned glitch. Jim, take look at this crap!” Dave sucked at his teeth, hitting the monitor on the side. “It’s acting up again. Whole fucking floor’s lit up like a Christmas tree.”

    “Well hitting it’s not going to help.”

    “Makes me feel better,” He gave the monitor another thump, causing it to shake violently. “Eh, it’s cleared up now. Piece of junk system. Who creates floor sensors that read ghosts?”

    Jim took a sip of his coffee and shrugged. “Don’t know, don’t much care. Besides, it’s not “reading” ghosts: it’s making people up out of thin air. I’ve checked every bit of that thing, twice. Deus ex machina.”

    “There’s ghosts in them thar computers?”

    “Shut up Dave.”


    “Good afternoon, Theo. My name’s Mihiko and I’ll be working with you today,” The woman smiled and it was genuine, beautiful even. Theo shuddered. She was possibly worse than the scientist Elaina, at least she did not pretend to be a friend, nor care. She was blunt but truthful. “Are we ready to go to the classroom?”

    Theo shook his head, sliding himself into the far corner of the cell.

    “I don’t want to go there, please. It hurts.”

    Mihiko stepped into the room, easily making it halfway to Theo. The cell was not exactly big, but its space had been the boy’s only comfort.

    “Now, now,” The woman dropped to her haunches. Something small and brightly coloured fell from her trouser pocket. “Oh my! What have we here? Why, it’s some candy! Would you like some candy, Theo?” The toffee was only small, but the taste of liquorice was something Theo would savour. “Will you come along now?” The sweetness of Mihiko’s smile faltered as she grasped the boy’s arm. “We have so much work to do.”

    “Ah! That hurts!”

    “I’ll give you more toffees if you come with me.” Mihiko pulled Theo the scant paces to the door, where another of the guards was waiting. Afraid of what more pain could be inflicted upon him, Theo followed meekly.

    This walk was the same as the first, following the curves of the corridor, along past the identical doors.

    “Now then, what shall you learn today?” Mihiko busied herself rifling through the box; it was an act, though, she knew exactly what Theo was to learn. “How about... Toxic!”

    The pain began again, continuing for what seemed hours. Crying and trembling, Theo was dragged back to his room. The lights glowed softly pink above him.
  18. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Numbers flitted in the darkness of her dream, forming words and phrases which seemed to coddle her with presumptions of saving her from this place. Buzzes and beeps seemed to accompany them, as if in both communication and processing information. The words crumbled back into numbers as Lily stirred from sleep, revealing themselves to be ones and zeroes before they disappeared completely.

    "Wake up, Froslass," came an unfamiliar voice. "Time to try to learn something new today." They had decided to call her by the designated PokeMon she had been fused with, and she supposed it was appropriate that her original name would soon become obsolete. She was no longer entirely human, if she was indeed human at all anymore. Small fragments of her humanity were slipping away each day that she spent here in the new body that she seemed to occupy.

    As she floated out of the room to follow the new woman, she thought back to the dream she had just previously. Was one of the Psychic-fused children trying to communicate with her, knowing of her part Ghost fusion? It was a possibility, and might have cause enough for Lily to look into such communication herself. She figured it might take some severe concentration to pull something like that off, or perhaps some new ability that she would have to hope to be taught by these scientists.

    Flashes of light and pain passed through her mind again, and none seemed to take at first. Today seemed to be her lucky day, however, as the last disk they tried caused more pink lines to appear in her vision. Knowing this to indicate Psychic abilities, she grasped the lines tightly with her mind so they wouldn't pull away, and they dissolved into her mind as she had wanted them to. A silent gasp came over her features as her perception was suddenly advanced tenfold, whispering voices suddenly flooding her mind and causing her to fall unconscious yet again. She slept well that night, surprisingly, a small smile on her face as the new voices settled into her dreams.

    Subject: Froslass
    Moves Learned: Light Screen, Psychic
    Watch carefully. Psychic moves may cause subject to gain telepathic abilities.

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