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Project: Meta - Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Tatile, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. RULES:
    1) Only three critters, one can be at stage two if necessary
    2) CritterKids have access to all the moves your fused-Pokemon can learn - no egg moves, obviously
    3) You suffer the same weaknesses and resitances as your fused-Pokemon
    4) Your age range will be 10-15 (15 being the highest and an unlikely age to be fused at)
    5) The more physically pronounced your fusion, the more pain you feel during and after (so sprouting a tail hurts like getting hit by a car)
    6) TMs can be used, but have a chance of failing 40% of the time - it's a risk you can take
    7) Normal Pokeballs don't work on critterKids

    The idea here is a simple, yet oft thought of one.

    We shall take one very rich, vengeful and narcissistic woman, who, if she cannot be respected, will be feared. Add to that a long lived and jaded research professor in human (and humane) medicine who holds a (moderatly negative) utilitarian morality on best how to deal with the ills of man, and his morbid fascination of Pokemon biology (and surrounding medical technology).

    The obvious result of this is a strained relationship twixt these two as they build and sustain super-soldiers, available to the highest bidder, crafted from nigh-perfect human genetic stock and powerful Pokemon. The problems here of course being that raising soldiers takes a long time, so why not start with a fully formed adult? or better yet, someone not yet fully formed?

    What sort of child travels the world, into dangers unknown and who could never been heard from again? Here we have the start of the premise:
    Take # Pokemon trainers, preferably just beginning or in the stages of puberty (not necessary of course)
    Dunk in seperate tanks of jelly
    Try not to die

    Side effects will include physical changes to the characters, as well as the obvious problems of suddenly being imbued with Pokemon attacks and/or abilities.

    Any questions, suggestions or ping-ponging, let us being :)
  2. Re: Let's have a genetic experiment!

    Three thumbs up. I don't know if I have the chops or attention span to participate, but oh how it sounds like this could go some great places.
  3. Re: Let's have a genetic experiment!

    Hm. This sounds quite fascinating. We will need some pseudo-scientific explanation for it. I am thinking nanobots in the jelly replacing bits of the DNA in the cells with Pokemon DNA.
  4. Re: Let's have a genetic experiment!

    I would say fighting and psychic DNA would be the first to be tested with. One could also say that using humanshape Pokemon DNA would be more effective since the DNA of those Pokemon bear some resemblance to humans'. (not really, but we can has creative liberties, yes? :>)

    If you wouldn't mind, I have a couple of characters that were briefly involved in a Super Soldier Program for a certain Villanous Organization. They, or their research, could also be involved in the earlier experimentations. The method of their madness involved certain technology used to spark forced evolution in Pokemon, which led to a certain incident at the Lake of Rage. Basically, they altered the tech slightly so that it'd affect humans to some degree. However, it wasnt until the introduction of Pokemon DNA into the human subjects did it finally work.
  5. Re: Let's have a genetic experiment!


    Hum, I have an idea of why this could be going on. Rich lady is having problems with keeping people away from her. Her bodyguards are not as good as she wants. Scientist is experimenting with genetics and biology and whatnot. So, rich lady goes to scientist in search of some type of special medicine to make then stronger *coughsteroidscough* So scientist has an idea to take Pokemon DNA and combine it with human DNA. he gets some test subjects (Several of which who are not completely willing) And takes one of their Pokemon and combines the DNA. And viola, we have genetic wonders.

    Except this: Side effects include killer instinct, animal habits (such as chasing your tail, panting, etc...), total transformation (Or half transformation) Into a Pokemon, and, ultimately, death.

    Just a beginning idea. First part is changeable. Anyone have anything to say?
  6. Re: Let's have a genetic experiment!

    RX I would not mind at all expanding this idea like that :p In fact it would rather make a lot of sense if these two also had some backing of such an... alternative group.

    Secad I hadn't thought of quite how to get the DNA spliced into people, but of course nanobots could do it! The jelly would act as sustenance and protection to the subject (such as when the body goes into convulsive throes the jelly prevents them from hitting the sides of the tank etc.).

    Kerauno unfortunatly Miss Dolores Humbert (XD Not her final name yet, please don't kill me) has quite the opposite problem. People don't want to get near her, she's simply not interesting enough to the paparazzi or criminal institutions - it's a point of arrogance, which is partly why this will be a narcissistic venture, with the possibility of spiralling out of her control, considering the company she will keep.

    Having thought about this for a little while, I came up with a certain amount of "rules":
    The more drastic and extensive the transformation, the more pain you will feel after the tank (and the more likely you are to die in it)
    Only fully evolved Pokemon can be spliced; as they're using a hormonally unstable base, similarly unstable Pokemon DNA has a greater chance of rejection (this of course means that adults have the probability of being spliced with pre-evolutions, as it essentially turns around)
    Ghost Pokemon are bloody tricky to splice, so the liklihood of having those is quite slim

    Also, RX I like the idea of having many of the experiments being done with Psychic or Fighting types, as well as human-shapes. Later experiments (and this depends on when your kid's going to be kidnapped (because will be mostly kidnappings, lulz) as to what they get) would branch out into other types and shapes, given that Dolores/her buyers want "more" More destruction! More speed! More stealth!

    Source: Kidshealth.org

    Source: Pamf.org

    The reason the above is important (the disparity in their age ranges can be largely ignored, it's only a guide) is because the earlier stages of puberty allow the splicing to be more succesful, whereas the latter stages would naturally prove trickier (as the body starts to finish up it's path to adulthood, anymore changes tend to be more subtle). So the majority of test subjects would be in the 10-11 age gap, if it weren't for the fact that that age range of trainers are still to "green" and too close to home for Humbert and Fincklestein (not the scientist's final name) to succesfully kidnap. Therefore the more probable age of our test subjects will be in the 12-14 age range, though there might be some younger or older ones for the sake of completeness (though none over 16, that's the worst age for getting spliced with a fully evolved Pokemon. In fact there's a bit of an age gap from 17-21 where the process itself fails in every case. You end up with very dead, very malformed subjects in the lab. At least you would if weren't for the incinerator).
  7. Re: Let's have a genetic experiment!

    Hmm, I'm definitely thinking about a Mareep-fused adult, just for the lulz. My favorite Pokemon and the inconvenience of staticy wool? Win.

    RX, on your idea, to what degree would the humans be altered before the full-out Pokemorph thing?
  8. Re: Let's have a genetic experiment!

    Well, in my canon, the Super Soldier Program was actually intended for Pokemon. It just so happens that the scientists involved were...misusing the resources for their own personal projects. As a result, the human super soldier program was put on hold and the human test subject escaped before the process could have been completed. Pokemon DNA was introduced into him in small doses, and that DNA futher bonded into his using the evolution technology. However, as of now, he has no real Pokemon features because the process had very minimal effects on him, mostly giving him slightly superhuman strength, agility, reflexes etc.

    Perhaps if the program was perfected we would have seen more Pokemon features on the person. Hair growing all over the body like fur comes to mind; teeth sharpening into fangs, basically looking very primal. Pokemon DNA might have been introduced, but the person's DNA is still human in base form.

    It's kind of like Spiderman I guess. He gets bitten by a radioactive spider and gains minimal traits like adhesive fingertips to climb walls and the arachnid's superstrength and reflexes. (the original comic version had him making a special gadget to shoot webbing from his wrists, as opposed the the movie version where his wrists suddenly gain web-producing glands.) Of course, there is that whole comic plot where he further mutates into a giant anthropomorphic man-spider, so we could use that storyline as basis for the overall development of these superhuman Pokemon hybrids.
  9. Re: Let's have a genetic experiment!

    This is an absolutely stunning idea for an RP, definately within my si-fi prefrence.
    If I could contribute an idea, I'm guessing that most of the people kidnapped for these experiments aren't going to be too pleased with their new situations. Therefore this very rich women could have somwhat of an inforcer. A person who has volunteered for these experiments and is meant to keep things from "getting out of hand." This character could be a strong type of pokemon (i.e. Dragon) and would be a very interesting opposing force.
  10. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Re: Let's have a genetic experiment!

    I like the idea of humans being infused with PokeMon DNA for experiments. I would actually surprisingly go for a Froslass fusion myself, as I had ideas regarding that before. I would be interested how that would change a human's genetic structure, and what others would have for their ideas. All in all, I'm definitely behind this idea. :3
  11. Re: Let's have a genetic experiment!

    RX I'd certainly like to further this project out with you - perhaps we could add it into some sort of "Pokecharms lore pool" - either to fuse our two ideas or reign one of them in (likely mine) so that we mightn't step on each others toes.

    Good to see that other people are interested in this; Xanthier's already told me that if/when this is started he'll be joining. His character's already been planned out. Mine... not so much.

    I had an idea of Dolores (she really needs a new name) wanting a version of the process perfected for herself, so that she might be fused with one of the most beautiful Pokemon in the world and having the resulting fusion keeping her young and pretty forever. Dinova I like the idea of her having an enforcer, though I think a Metagross might be more fun than a pure- or hybrid-Dragon.

    Which brings me to another point: your critterKids won't get a egg moves from this, but they'll have a full access to the range of Pokemon attacks they can otherwise learn. I don't know whether regular TMs will work for critterKids at the moment, but regular Pokeballs certainly won't - this does however mean that the Lab will have special Pokeballs for you, designed by traitorous Sliph Co. engineers. (Well, not some much treachery as head-hunting; they got offered more money).
  12. Re: Let's have a genetic experiment!

    I like all of these ideas, and I've thought of something that might help a bit:
    Children (or adults) fused with dragon DNA have so much raw power coursing through them, they are often quite hard to control and they can't stand cold temperatures. Fire type fusions are very susceptible to overheating because of the human dna and can't get wet, fighting types can't be in strong winds for too long, flying types do not take small static shocks well at all, dark types become overly aggressive and mean etc. etc. But with that comes bonuses. Dragons have limitless energy, fire can survive freakishly cold negative temperatures with shirts and shorts, fighting types have unparalleled strength, flying types can jump great heights and survive massive falls, dark types are superb at withstanding 'the supernatural' and beating it up to. Also, I think the Enforcer should be a dark/ghost person, thus able to withstand anything unwilling critterKids throw at him.

    And by the way, I'd love to join the RP if/when it comes out.
  13. Re: Let's have a genetic experiment!

    Maxie, the dark/ghost thing is very cool.

    As for the character, I just tend to make it up as I go after getting a main idea. :p When shall this start? How can I help?
  14. Re: Let's have a genetic experiment!

    Well, many good points have been thrown in...

    Hmm, Maxie, you hold a good pint with that weakness/strength factor. And what if they start experimenting with playing the weaknesses against them? Like, sicking an Ice person in a warm room, or a Grass person in a freezer. And then, the strengths. Like putting a Fire person in a garden for an hour, and inspecting the carnage later. Whoever survives gets to battle with the others. For scientific reasons. And thus, the experiment expands...

    Goodness, this RP gets better and better... Anything I can help with? I'd be happy to help.
  15. Re: Let's have a genetic experiment!

    I might have overstepped a boundary, but for the most part, this is your idea, Tatile. I'm really just here because it interests me and I'd love to be a part of it. That being said, the bit concerninf my characters isn't something we can necessarily assimilate into the plot, but treat more as an allusion or a light cameo.
  16. Re: Let's have a genetic experiment!

    Maxie and Kerano if you've not yet read through Pyscho Monkey's "Rise of Team Neos" story, I suggest you do as he actually approaches the strengths/weaknesses of Pokemon types in people (I totally forgot about Brian in this, perhaps that was the inspration of this? I wouldn't doubt it).

    RX, don't worry too much about boundaries with this - or many much else of my Pokemon fan-fiction - but if you feel we can't include your original idea into this, that's alright and we can just run with everything else. You can do pretty much anything with your character that you want.

    As to the "when shall this start" question, I plan to start writing up the first post of the actual RP over the weekend, so hopefully we should get started next week. I hope you all pick your critters wisely :)

    Again, obviously no lengendary crosses and pseudo-lengendaries would be slightly rarer; otherwise you're really only limited by your imaginations.
  17. Re: Let's have a genetic experiment!

    Good to see this has developed so much. Tatile already knows I'm in - to everyone else, hello.
  18. Re: Let's have a genetic experiment!

    Oh yes, this obvious but I'll put it up for the sake of completeness:
    You can only be crossed with a Pokemon of the same gender as you.

    So if you're a little boy, you can't be crossed with a Jynx. Vice versa girls can't be crossed with Gallade. I know no one here will try to do this (because it's silly), but this will be as a just-in-case rule.

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