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~Project Charmon~

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Satoren, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    ? ? ?- Hello, and welcome to the fantastic, new world of Charmon~ My name is Professor Cheska Narra; but please, just call me Cheska. You are about to set foot into a remarkable new world full of mystery and adventure. What's that? You've done all this before? Well, ladies and gentlemen, let me assure you, this journey will be one unlike anything you've experienced thus far.


    Cheska- Oh? What is this little one beside me, you ask? Why, it is a Charmon of course~ Charmons are the wondrous creatures of this world, and this little one here is a local species from the Shinwa Region, where my lab is located. What do I do? I am a Charmon researcher. My job is to find out all there is about these mysterious creatures. Where did they come from, why are they here; these are just some of the many questions I hope to answer. Hmm? You wish to help me in this endeavor? Oh, that's wonderful~ I really could use some help around here. Alright, let's get started and jump into the world of Charmon~


    Cheska- Oh, right; I should warn you. The world of Charmon might be a fascinating world, but it is also a dangerous one as well. These Charmons might look adorable, but they can certainly pack a punch and hold their own. Some of them might not take kindly to humans...or whatever you are~ For this reason, you should have a Charmon yourself. Here at my lab, I have managed to raise and befriend a trio of Charmons. They've helped me a lot with my research, and now they can help you. When a wild Charmon attacks, these Charmons will jump in and defend you from their assault. Which one would you like?


    Cheska- This little one is CHelix, the Vine Charmon. She is a grass type Charmon that eventually evolves into a- Oh? Why yes, Charmon can indeed evolve. They undergo a metamorphosis and change shape to become much stronger. CHelix for example can eventually evolve into Helix, who is much stronger as she now has psychic abilities. CHelix and these other Charmons can apparently evolve further, but I have yet to see these more powerful formes. Perhaps if she travels with you, she will eventually become strong enough to evolve all the way to her final stage?


    Cheska- Now, this little one here is CBlazikid, the Fiery Charmon He's a rambunctious Charmon with the power to control fire. When he evolves, he becomes Blazikid and can use his strong body to fight. While Helix is the Grass/Psychic type, Blazikid here is a Fire/Fighting type.


    Cheska- Last, but certainly not least is CRex, the Otter Charmon. He is of the water type. When he evolves into Rex, he gains the water and dark typing.


    Cheska- Oh, that reminds me~ For helping me out in my research, I will give you this as a present. What is it? It's an Avatar Base, of course~ Think of it like a paper doll. You can add clothes to it, and give it all sorts of features. You can try and make a unique avatar, or maybe even one that looks like you. Feel free to use it for whatever endeavor you might have in mind, but don't go saying you're the one who made it, alright? A good friend of mine named RX made this, and I'd like you to mention that he created it if anyone asks; Thanks~


    Cheska- Well now, that's about all I can show you for now. Perhaps I can give you a quick tour of the town we're staying in later, as well as show you some of the other Charmon native to this region. Until next time, see you~
  2. I love this RX! It looks so cool. And Cheska is well-deserving of being the professor! I shall go off and design my own Avatar!

    Teehee I look so cool...
  3. aw crap... another fire/fighting ty- HOLYSHITITSBLAZIKID!!

    And that professor poll you took so long ago finally shows its results. I'm glad we chose Chelska for this because I can't imagine the other professor being here now, happy smiling professors are just a rule of thumb here. Tangrow and Toru will be most pleased with these little artworks, being about little chibi pokemon spinoff things, and one about Charmisians non the less. So far, we have CJen(ova) who belongs to Chelska. And our starters are CHelix (not sure...), CBlazikid (obvious), and CRex (again obvious).

    I look forward to seeing other members in this cute chibi form, or even what our starters look like when evolved. I should try and create an avatar, given the time and effort. You never cease to amaze me RX.
  4. When I first saw CRex and Rex, I could have sworn they would be for Sem... Then I realised that it was smiling.

    These are so cute and nifty! I can't wait to see Linkachu and Yoshi if you ever do them. (Also, does the C stand for Chibi?)
  5. I love this idea, RX~

    Charmsians are good for everything, aren't they? Rp's, Fics, and now even a fan gen! Combine that lovely idea with your artistic skills and it becomes a double rainbow :D

    I love the smug look on CBlazikid and Blazikid's faces. Rex looks just as awesome, and Helix is... Awesome in a cute way/cute in an awesome way?

    I think this will become awesome, RX. I can't wait to see a certain Charmon with Dark/Electric typing, hurrr~
  6. It will be interesting to see just how many charmsians you can fit into a region and actually come up with sprites for :p These starters were great choices and I love how Blazikid is reminiscent of the Torchic line but still very much its own 'mon.
  7. Cool! They are very interesting, I have nothing to add, the people that already posted here already said everything!

    They are very cool, I also can't wait to see other charmons here, it seens very interesting to see other members in their chibi form.

    Also, I'll use that Avatar Base of yours to create a new avatar for me (sadly, I'll have to change my Bassist to my sig :'( ).

    But overall, they are really cool, I'll be checking this topic regularly, in search for new charmons to put in my charmdex ;D
  8. Oh wow, now this isn't something I've seen done before. Really neat idea you have here, sir :o

    Gotta be keeping tabs on this one :)
  9. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Hey, RX made the topic already!

    Of course, they all look lovely thus far, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next!
  10. This is awesome RX :D But man, that'll be a huge Poke- er, Chardex. Good luck to it :)
  11. Cause I'm silly I may as well answer a few things so RX has no need ♥

    Yessirree, C stands for Chibi, and then the final form gets another letter attached to it, but those are a secret now, aren't they ♥

    Other than that, Helix is one of RX's OCs; she's part of his airship crew.

    And hooray RX, you made the topic ♥ I may not have said it in chat, but I do love the way yoyou used Rex's shadow as a manner of sorts to better show his half Dark typing ♥ Um um, yep, that's about all ♥
  12. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    omg chibi Jenova is so adorable :'D
    Anyways, your spriting skills amaze me once AGAIN! seriously, how much more can you make me squeel with delight? I love all the little chibi first forms, and the stage one evolutions are amazing. ncwohvwcrwe

    hopefully you'll continue with this one and not abandon it/leave it to collect dust. ^^

    ... avatar base, huh? might make good use of it... somehow...
  13. Sorry, when I first saw this, I thought of the toilet paper Charmin. :p

    Now this, this would make an awesome game. I love the one of Rex. Otters remind me of Hermione! :D
  14. .......WOW! Those Charmons are just so cute and awesome! Can't wait for more, and glad you chose Cheska instead of the other one. Can you make one for me? :3
    #14 Louie Forest, Nov 20, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  15. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Child, child, child...that is not how we do things around here. RX clearly is not taking requests, so asking for one is pointless, rude, and just overly annoying seeing as the topic of requests always seems to come up in any art related thread RX makes. :T

    That being said~, I absolutely love these RX. :3 You never cease to amaze me with your artistic ability. The sprites are just so fun and terrific looking. And cute too. I just love the general idea too. (Also~, little Jen is adorable. :V)
    #15 Sir Red, Nov 20, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  16. It was actually a joke. That is why I put the cat thing there. Anyway, can't wait for more Charmon!
    #16 Louie Forest, Nov 20, 2010
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  17. are you doing them for every one on charms?
    and ive done my avatar p.s if you do a gengar charmon you know who to do
    if you dont understand look at my sig
  18. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    awww you're charmons are so adorable... I love CHelix I have chosen her for my starter to go with my new avvie :)
    #18 BlackRoseJack, Nov 20, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  19. RXXX how is it that you manage to pack so much cute into such teensy sprites?

    I wish this was a real game so I could play with all the pretty Charmons ♥

    I'm excited to see what the region looks like, and who the Rattata of the Shinwa region is going to be :p
  20. Aaw those starters are so awesome :> Brilliant sprites, I can't see any faults.

    *Toastie just realised that Charmon is part Pokecharms and part Pokemon xD
  21. You just know it has to be a rodent fan. XD
  22. I love this thread, RX, as I do with most of the art endeavors that you find yourself on. It's amazing as per usual and I can't wait to see more. I particularly love the little CHelix, she's so adorable and full of win.

    I'd totally play this game, were there actually a game of it out there. In the mean time, I will continue to stalk this thread and see whatever other adorable 'charmsians appear and watch the region unfold.

    *sits down with a tub of popcorn and waits eagerly, while occasionally dancing with people around him :3*
  23. I think everyone's going to be stalking this thread.

    I nearly died when I saw Helix and Rex's sprites. They're so... so awesome and well done that I can't put it into words just how brilliant and amazing they are. The others are very well done too, specially our unnamed Charmon (I'm not so bold to try and put a name to it). I love the fact that you've delibrately left off the last form of the starters, just to keep us guessing.

    The only flaw I can find would be a personal one - I really don't like Cheska's design, but hey that's not up to me. I'll just ignore her XP
  24. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    What an awesome project you've got going here, RX :'D

    The sprites are just all so perfect and detailed and well thought out... absolutely stunning. I look forward to seeing more from this project~
    #24 Magpie, Nov 24, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  25. OhomaiGod O:

    The awesome...it..it's so intense! All the spritework is fantastic, to the last pixel. How could one choose one starter with their combined cute levels?
    I ♥ them all so much, and I really look forward to more of these little squee-fests running around.
  26. as you can see i have created an avvie and chosen cblazikid
  27. Oooohhhh....... wow.

    This blew me away, quite honestly.

    I have always liked the interativeness of forums, and I remember once drawing my interpratation of some of the members on another site, which everybody LOLed at... this IMHO is taking it one step further, and one step better. If this were a game, I'd be totally in for it! ....Insanely awesome work, and your spriting is second to none. I cannot wait for this... and I'll make an avatar later. ;)
    #27 Myth Busted, Nov 27, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  28. You keep on going at this, I am eager to see more to drool over!
    (and thats being serious)
  29. [​IMG]
    Cheska: Hello, good to see you again! Well, have you had a chance to look around town yet? No? Well, alright then; guess I'll just have to give you the tour myself.


    Cheska: Welcome to Beta Town, it's a small village built on a plateau near Mt. Nobrelm. From the highest point on the mountain you can partake of a breathtaking view encompassing most of the region. Other than sightseeing, there's very little to do here. Tourists also find it irksome that the only way to reach Beta Town is via a long flight of stairs. Folkd often refer to our town as 'The Simple Town of Beginnings.' I think its rather apt, don't you?


    Cheska: Oh, look what we have here! Some of the local fauna. This is CSecad, the Poetry Charmon. You'll find a lot of these Charmons around this area. CSecads carry a pen and quill with them so that they may write poetry and recite it for other Charmons. It's a interesting behaviour, don't you agree? CSecad is a normal type, by the way. It evolves into Secad.


    Cheska: Oh my! What good fortune we have today. Look at that small Charmon over there. That's a Fi the gerbil Charmon! They're a very rare species here in Beta Town so we must be very lucky indeed to come across one! Fi are fire type Charmon, I believe; and though they are weak to ground type attacks, most of them are able to levitate via a strange white cloud that they fly around on. I also hear that Fi and Secad are related to one another, and I hypothesize that being near each other might trigger an evolution...


    Cheska: This Charmon is quite an interesting one. I've been studying it for quite some time, and it's a fascinating creature. This is a CEthan. the catnip Charmon. It's tail gives off a sweet scent that cats find alluring. What's so fascinating about this Charmon is that when it loses the leafy coat it has, it creates a new one using any material it can find. There are the normal resources like leaves, rocks and snow, but then this Charmon can gather the oddest things to build its leaf coat. Sometimes, it even takes on a new typing when it changes its coat.


    Cheska: Well then, I better get back to the lab now. A friend of mine has sent me an interesting Charmon to study. It's quite a hotheaded little thing, but I'd certainly like to discover more about it. Why don't you roam around town for a bit and get acquainted with the locals? You can find the Mayor of Beta Town over at his house. You can't miss it, it's the larget house in the whole town. Ta~ta for now~

  30. CSecad is adorable. The map is amazing. The dex entries are brilliant. Everything is spot on. Is there anything you can't do RX?
  31. Oh Mai. This is a wonderful little project you have here, RX. The way you design these Charmon is absolutely adorable, and I love Cheska so much!
  32. Wowaweewa! This is quite the amazing little thread you've set up here (but since when is something you've made not amazing?)! CRex was my fav in the begginning but now that you've shown us Fi... Wow. That is awesomesauce. I see why Secad likes her little gerbil so much. That is simply adorable~ And Ethan is very creative as well xD Love his design.

    And I want to know moar about this new one! D8
  33. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    CSecad is so damn adorable :3 Fi is quite terrifically adorable as well. This marks the one time I would actually grab the early game Normal type. :p Tan looks awesome and I love the Multitype ability for him. The palate swaps are cool (my favorite is the Fire type). And the town is quite imaginative and fun, totally more eventful than any other beginning town.

    Also, I spy a CZacky. ;3
  34. Tan looks cool, and so does Secad and Fi.

    Also: I spy a caaaaaaveeee ;3
  35. Hkjfnlewenlkmwhat.

    I've been stalking this thread though I haven't commented on it yet, and goodness, all of this is so ... adorable <333 The little Jenova is so cute and mysterious and the little parasol is charming. ;D

    Although CHelix isn't my favourite, I really like just normal Helix, so I'd probably pick her. |D I mean, of course, ilu2 Rex and Blazi - Blazi's little Will o' Wisps are great, and Rex looks adorable and fluffy (don't hurt me) ♥

    Eeeeeeeeee I love everything in Touhoumon style <33333

    That map is so greeeeeaaaaat. I'm horrible at maps, and the little FR/LG style of it all is just ... neeeen. I love it so much and I love yoouuuu~

    She looks so cuuuute~ The little scroll and quill are so cute and quirky, she looks adorable~ And Fiiii~! Fi is just ... how? How do you do it, Mister RX-sir? D: The little cloud is nice and fluffy and the shading on Fi is just really nice. ♥

    Yaaaaaaaannnnn it's Ethaaaannn~! He looks so cute and huggable (not that he wasn't already :U) and I love all the different colour varients. c: (Ice is so cute ... ♥) Of course, Ghost would be my favourite, seeing as Ghost, well ... is my favourite~ ;D

    Oh gosh, is that a museum in the first city? That's just ... eeee~ I love the museums in games. c: And a cave ... nyahaha, I want this to be a real game. |O

    (D'aw, CZacky's so cute ... ♥ Can't wait to see who else pops in. c:)
  36. Weeeeeeeeeee~ A Charmon update! :'D that was quite the fun update, I really love the town, though I think I already told you in chat when you were spouting your teasers at us! D:<

    But I do love you for it, after all, without teasers I wouldn't check this thread multiple times a day to see Cheska tell us about it. I really like the CSecad and Fi, and I quite enjoy the "being near each other evolution" that Cheska hinted at. But my favourite update of this thread would have to be CEthan. His multitype ability is fun and I would probably end up training one because it looks like a neat Charmon to train.

    TAN! WATCH OUT I'MMA CATCH YOU! *sprints at Tan with a Pokeball* D:<
  37. ...I could go on and on about everything that is awesome about this update, but basically, it's everything Tun said that I love as well~ (Except that I'd choose CBlazikid, and that my favourite CEthan is Flying; I can't wait to see it's evolution. I'll wear a hat and then proceed to eat it if it won't learn a tentacle-related attack~)

    And yes, that is without question Zacky, or CZacky in this case. I love how you start off with so many fire types<3

    Keep up the good work, RX :3

    ...Ooh, I just had the most squeesome image in my mind of all time; CTunduli :"D
  38. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    wow your charmons are even more adorable if thats even possible I love fi it has a fab blend of sinisterness and cuteness!
  39. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Omgggg, RX! I thought you'd forgotten this project as well :'D So happy to see an AWESOME update on it!

    I really love how Secad looks, all adorable and stuffs with her quill and paper~ and the pigtails. Make. Me. SQUEEEEEE with delight ♥ Fi's little sprite is also cute, riding on a cloud and all~ I'm wondering what their evolution will look like. Zacky's sprite is making me die with all the cuteadorableness there~ I love his scarf.

    I have to say that I'm jealous of Tan's little CEthan. He's like, an Arceus, but a lot more moe-moe filled and less HAXORZ. I love Bug and Ice CEthan, but normal-type is cute as well ♥

    *captures the first CEthan she sees~*
  40. Oh dear, I wouldn't be caught dead in a skirt, but I love this sprite. I must learn how to make a quill pen now.

    Fi is definitely squee-worthy in my opinion. Cute, but it looks like it could kill you. Now, if they trigger an evolution together, who gets evolved? :p

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