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Project Alpha; The Re-Run

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Dark Soul, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. In the months of June/July, 1947, a freak accident occurred between the cities of Roswell and Corona. The crash site of an unidentified object was discovered, the debris quickly recovered and stored away by the RAAF.

    Official reports and press releases stated that the remains on the site indicated a crashed weather balloon, but the incident sparked rumours of a UFO, aptly named ‘flying saucer’ due to popular culture influences, and it caught the interest of many people around the globe- Especially those who were already fascinated by the prospect of extraterrestrial life.

    The Roswell crash has become one of the most famous mysteries in modern culture, similar to the Mary Celeste and the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. It has singlehandedly kept the economy of Roswell running due to mass tourism. But, of course, only a select few genuinely believe that the crashed object was of non-terran craftsmanship.

    And they are right.

    The American government has been researching the wreckage and the technology that they discovered inside it for decades now, in the infamous high-security military base known as Area 51, subject of many conspiracy theories.

    Little was left of the cruiser’s initial hardware, including the most interesting parts such as the drive and weaponry systems. Among the technology that was retrieved from the rubble were ten cylinders made of a super-compressed crystalline material, about three foot tall and two foot in width, and transparent, each containing a fluid of a different colour.

    Floating in the middle of the containers- Seemingly without any sort of suspension- Were more cylinders, all with a chrome hue, rounded edges and a luminous band of the same colour as the fluid it was settled in.

    Various attempts were made to open the containers, but the crystalline materials surrounding the were impervious to every single one of them, whether it was brute force, acid, lasers or any other sort of material or energy with the potential to destroy. In the end, only one experiment succeeded; the touch of a living human being.

    The fluid inside the specified container was PH-neutral, nor poisonous- In fact, it was not even actually a fluid. It seemed to consist of nanobots of a molecular size, built out of a wide variety of atoms- Even ones that normally wouldn’t successfully connect to each other, along with some that weren’t even known to modernday chemistry. They defeated every rule of chemistry and physics.

    Their most astounding quality, however, was their affinity with organic tissue, receptability to the brainwaves and their apparent kinetic abilities. They could interconnect and move to form high-density armor, mobile tendrils, spikes, and of course the fluid state they were found in. In every forme, however, they kept the same hue. All this activity was powered by the glowing, metallic device that effectively turned out to be a perpetual battery with physics-altering abilities.

    The person to discover all of this was Elijah Smith, Head of Research at Area 51; The one who had opened the canister with his touch, after which the nanobots, and with them the perpetual battery, had latched on to his skin. Due to the military potential of the canisters, a select few of top soldiers were simultaneously brought into contact with the canisters.

    All were rejected, and died of electrocution upon contact with the canisters. Careful further research proved that two factors were important in the process of selection; The younger the subject, the smaller the electrical charge, up to the point where every test subject below the age of eighteen survived the impact. This, however, didn’t explain why Elijah Smith- Who was 25 years of age- was able to connect to the nanobots successfully. This was pinpointed to his partial deafness, a recurring problem in his family on his father’s side.
    Now, the search starts for new, suitable test subjects of the age of sixteen or seventeen with a slight motorical or sense disability. Preferred were those who would not be missed from society, and had good reasons to cooperate willingly- And, of course, with a more then reasonable intellect and creativity needed to successfully control the nanobots.

    This is the start of our new main research project, dubbed ‘Project Alpha’.


    That’s right, folks. Out of the blue, a revamped version of my old RP, Project Alpha; Not a prequel, nor a sequel, but a complete overhaul- And hopefully, an improvement.

    If you’ve read the above story, I hope you just about know what it is that this RP is all about- For those willing to join, I will conjure up a biography template later. Two spots are already reserved, for Brendan Savem and Dwayna DragonFire respectively.

    For now, I’m mostly just curious how many people would want to join this teenage superhero-themed brainchild/fart of mine. I’m willing to give everyone a chance, although I will be a bit selective later on because I aim to keep the quality as high as possible- So at least a bit of role playing experience is preferred!

    I hope this was an enjoyable read and an interesting idea, and remember, science is the future, and the future starts with you!
  2. Wasn't this originally Reynalds idea back in 2010? Either way, I'm already on the waiting list, so I don't think I need to say anything much. Although this is quite an interesting overhaul, it at least gives a source for all of this.
  3. I had something similar. Not quite this though. I think I want a new character though. But the power is what I would like to run by you guys.

    Basically the power is he can store energy and then discharge it into blasts of energy, whether from his body, hands, eyes, or he can transfer the energy to an item to make small grenades (alla gambit). He is stronger in the daytime because he can absorb the solar energy, but at night he has a very limited supply unless he can drain something near him like cars or lamp posts.

    Is this ok?
  4. So, like a more concentrated type of pyrokinesis? That will work just fine, as far as I am concerned.

    I thought I should add this little tidbit of information because I left it out in the intro post; The different containers are of different colours because they give the user different abilities from the others. This might've been obvious, but regardless, just in case.
  5. I've already PM'd Dark Soul about this, and he said yes, so just letting everyone else know: I'm in.

    Also, I have the basics of a character and his container's powers. Basically, he's this guy, barely seventeen, who's blind in his left eye (through either a birth defect or an abusive father). The container he bonds with gives him the ability to move incredibly quickly, float off the ground for short periods of time (due to a supporting structure of nanobots holding him), and fire small beams of energy, gained either from nearby electronics or the sun.

    Is that okay?
  6. Looks like we're all going for different kinds of energy manipulation here, people. A little more creativity wouldn't hurt! My character, for example, is gyrokinetic; She has control over gravity. But things like cryokinesis and florakinesis are avaible as well.
  7. Oh, well if that's the case, I'll go for good ol' Pyrokinesis.

    Or if Rey's taken that, I'll settle for Chronokinesis.

    Limited, mind you. No turning back time to before it all began. Just speeding up/slowing down time. He can also pause time, but sparingly.
  8. I unfortunately think Gravity and Time should be something not touched. It gets a little too power game too fast. Unless you can come up with some major flaws and things like that to hinder it but then it's dancing a fine line for awhile.

    The energy idea I was going for was just because Gambit and Cyclops are my favorite Xmen aside from Wolverine. So I just combined the two together. If that's alright.

    If not I can go for my regular magnokinesis (controlling of magnetic forces)

    OR I could be something cool. I can transform my skin to material I touch and have a faster healing factor (not immortal fast just quicker)

    OR I could just be an electrokinetic.

    I mean someone should pick one for me XD
  9. I'm not saying you /can't/ pick your own power, it's just that I'd rather have something a bit more creative when it comes to combat situations. And, Rey, my character's gyrokinesis is very much limited. Even after quite a bit of training, she'll only be able to lift and throw a small car at best; It's mainly about disorienting enemies and throwing them around.

    Although I do agree that chronokinesis probably isn't the best idea, Blazi. :x

    In other news, I'll try to have a character biography template up as soon as I can
  10. No Chronokinesis?

    That's fine.

    I'll go for the good ol' Pyrokinesis.

    I think you should go for Electrokinesis Rey, it's nice, simple, and effective.
  12. And if you're going to throw cars and stuff you could just go for magnokinesis alla Magneto. You can throw anything really then
  13. Except people. :p
  14. People wear metal.
  15. Then you'll just be stripping them naked. Come to think of it though, that would be a lot more useful than Gyrokinesis.
  16. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Brendan is totally perverted. :p

    In all seriousness though, I remember having telekenesis last time... Maybe i want something more offensive, like cryokenesis.
  17. This looks like it would be really fun. A bit of dedication and effort and this RP will really shine. I'm just a little curious as to wether it's possible to give our 'superyouths' powers other than kinesis. I was thinking of my character being a branch off of the project - the nanomachines were injected into his bloodstream and they partially took over his cardiovascular system - his arteries, capillaries and veins were degraded and replaces with nanomachines. Although stressful on him, he can make the capillaries extend out of his skin to form thin metal tubes, rolled up so thinly they form spears which can be used to slash, swipe, and even drain the blood of others.

    If this sounds a little weird, I can go for some geokinesis or something :V
  18. Glad to have you aboard, Toru ^^

    It does sound a little weird, but I think it's quite fine- I guess the kinetic abilities don't have to appear in every subject. Maybe you could have both, but the geokinesis would just be a bit weaker then usual?

    In other news, I have a birthday tomorrow so I very likely won't be able to put the biography forms up until Saturday, but I'll have it finished by then.

    Thank y'all for joining, although new people are still welcome!
  19. Toru's idea seems legit.
  20. Name:
    Clothes/Armour: Clothes can be whatever you want, while the 'armour' is made up of aforementioned nanobots and can thus be of any style imagined, although of only one primary colour; That of your canister.
    Disability: (For example; Partial deafness/blindness, hypersensitive hearing or, like my character, sensitivity to light.
    Weapons; A certain, suitable kind of gun- Assault, shotgun, Uzi?- and maybe a melee weapon if preferred.
    History: (Why is he/she agreeing to join the project, or does he/she have no choice?
    Love Relations?:

    Have fun~
  21. Just a quick note: before DS left for the evening, we talked of the possibility of weapons, considering our characters will have had to be trained to fight without their abilities instead of relying on just their powers - it also gives us a lot more freedom. I'm going t be putting in a Weapon section into the bio to see how it goes.

    Name: Alistair 'Vinnie' Hughes
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6''0
    Weight: 182 pounds
    Hair: Short, slightly wavy.
    Eyes: Blue, whites of the eyes slightly grey due to the nanomachines taking over his cardiovascular system.
    Weapons: Scar-H STD Assault Rifle equipped with a FN40GL-H Grenade Launcher Attachment. Alistair also carries a SWAT Folding Knife as a side arm for when his abilities need to be concealed.
    Clothes/Armour: Wears a tight black jacket with several zipped pockets. Underneath that, a camouflage long sleeved shirt, and grey cloth pants. He wears durable shoes to provide grip and agility. Alistair's nanobots can dissipate out of his body to form hexagonal shields which can vary in side and tessellate to protect him.
    Disability: Cannot feel pain due to problems with his nervous system, making him very unaware of how much damage he's taken - can lead to him suddenly collapsing during combat.
    Personality: A teen who used to be very charismatic and outgoing is now a dark, almost cruel youth who will take the time to list the positives of a situation every now and then.
    Abilities: Has a nanobot system which has taken over his cardiovascular system - Although stressful on him, he can make the capillaries in his body extend out of his skin to form thin metal tubes, rolled up so thinly they form spears which can be used to slash, swipe, and even drain the blood of others.
    History: Originally living a happy life in a town in England, Alistair went out a lot with his friends and family. Until his family was slaughtered by a mysterious gang. Alistair was then forced to kill 5 of his closest friends, or loose his own life. The gang saw his skill at killing his friends, and tried to get him to join, ignoring the trauma which was slowly corrupting him. That is until the group studying the mysterious nanomachines intervened.
    Family: Will not open up to anyone regarding the subject.
    Love Relations?: As silent about the topic as the previous.
  22. Name: Derek Alexton
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Height: 150cm
    Weight: 60kg
    Hair: Rusty Black
    Eyes: Green, although they glow purple thanks to Project Alpha
    Clothes/Armour: Dark Green t-shirt, khaki shorts, and sandals. Also wears a fragmented medallion, which is the only link to his heritage. Armour is purple, to match his canister colour, and (beyond this is tentative, need to modify later) shaped to model off of Iron Man or War Machine.
    Weapons: I'm going to see if I can get away without them. His fail coordination (see below) would just make him unpopular with a gun.
    Disability: Distorted Eye-Coordination, causing him to misjudge most distances, especially at close-range.
    Personality: Headstrong and Rebellious, also rather naive
    Abilities: Aerokinesis. The wind bends to his will. He can do things as simple as changing the wind, or something more physical like knocking down opponents with a short and powerful gust. Due to the little effort he puts into controlling his powers however, it is estimated that he could have the power to cause a tornado if he tried hard enough.
    History: Derek was born into a wealthy political family in Ohio. His father had a rags-to-riches life. Turning from the weakling son of an underpaid janitor to a powerful businessman, through his shrewd money skills and many risks that paid off. His wife is currently a Senator for Ohio, and has served many terms as a representative before that. Derek however, didn't appreciate the pampered and protective life he was born into. Everyday was him being monitored every step of the way, to make sure he was safe. Derek felt helpless, like he was nothing more than an expensive vase that the very wind could tip over and break. Feeling himself as a waste of space in his own home, he eventually ran away, intent on cutting his ties to his family. It was then when the recruiters found him, already nabbed for hitchhiking, and saw uncanny potential for the program. What's more, he was more than willing.
    Father: Businessman, sponsors military development and, indirectly, Project Alpha.
    Mother: US Senator, an active political figure who made numerous enemies in her attempts to change America for the better.
    Love Relations: Never even had the chance
  23. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    I think you can take me off of the reserved list. I have too many RPs going on as it is. Hope you're not too disappointed.
  24. Of course it's a shame, but I definitly respect your choice, Dwayna. I wouldn't want to put any extra stress on you.

    Name: Sophie Martin

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Height: 177 CM / 5'10.

    Weight: 63 KG.

    Hair: Slightly reddish chestnut.

    Eyes: A greyish emerald.

    Clothes/Armour: She usually dresses in whatever becomes available to her, because she lives on the street. Her most recent outfit were jeans- Raffled at the ends-, a blueish T-shirt, purple cotton jacket, black fingerless gloves, her sunglasses, worn sneakers and an old black backpack containing what little possessions she has managed to hold on to.

    Her armour is a deep scarlet in colour, and loosely based on the suit that she saw on one of the TV's in a shop window once, which was running a sci-fi show called The Phantom.

    Weapons: She has adapted to dual-wielding two semi-automatic Mini Uzi's, 9MM Parabellum with a magazine capacity of 32. For melee purposes she carries a Camillus 18533 Cuda folding knife, and she wears a set of five fragmentation grenades on her belt, whom she utilizes with skill using her kinetic ability.

    Disability: High sensitivity to any kind of light due to faulty genes that make her optic nerves hypersensitive. She continually wears shades of a very dark hue that allow her to function at somewhat normal capability, although it still slightly limits her sight. Her disability makes her vulnerable to flashbangs and spotlights.

    Personality: Due to experience with life on the street and an otherwise rough past, she is somewhat anti-social and at first doesn't particularly trust anyone but herself. This, however, is more of a defense mechanism then a representation of her actual personality. She is very driven and ambitious, and usually quite stubborn as a result.

    Abilities: Aside from a natural affinity for parkour and acrobatic skills, her kinetic abilities granted by the use of the perpetual batteries and accompanying nanobots mostly involve the use of gyrokinesis; the ability to alter gravity. She can throw, punch or kick grown men- Or pin them to the ground- without much difficulty. However, once the objects utilized exceed more then a couple of hundred kilograms it really starts wearing her down.

    She can also use her kinetic abilities to make herself lighter or heavier, launch herself or others up or even suspend herself, others and object in mid-air, but only for a short while. As mentioned before, she also uses it to increase the potential damage done by grenades by throwing them further and/or more accurately.

    History: She was the only child of a French couple, but her Dad was married and having an affair- She was illegitimate. Seeing as her Dad was a widely respected businessman and did not want the affair to become public and destroy his reputation, he sent his pregnant girlfriend off to an apartment in Las Vegas, hoping she would be able to raise her daughter in peace there without him ever having to hear back from them.

    While devastated over having to leave her country and family behind, Sophie's mother managed to keep her spirits up for the first eleven or so years, although she did show something of a regression. She ended up abusing alcohol and various drugs, until one night she blacked out under heavy influence of both and never woke up again.

    With no family or friends around to take care of her, the government attempted to get her into the foster care circuit, but after a nasty encounter with a particularly strict foster family the young and severely depressed Sophie ran away and has been spending her days in the streets and alleyways of Las Vegas, Nevada, doing odd jobs now and then but also scavenging and occasionally stealing to sustain herself.

    She has been continuously on the run from the foster care authorities, only having been caught once- After which she just ran away again. She has recently developed alcohol issues.

    Family: None close, but her Dad is still in France.

    Love Relations: None currently.
  25. hey gais i've talked with Jesper and i'm totally in this ♥

    Name: Bethany Henry (prefers being called Anni, carers call her Beth)

    Age: 17

    Gender: female

    Height: 5'6"

    Weight: uhh

    Hair: White, Anni is albino.

    Eyes: A dull pink before coming in contact with the nanobots, however the bots install a yellowy-orange tinge in her eyes, matching the colour of her canister.

    Clothes/Armour: When not in her work uniform of a waitress' dress and apron, Anni usually wears an orange and white gingham blouse with the top few buttons unbuttoned, dusty-brown skinny jeans, grey hoodie and orange Vans.

    As her kinetic power (see Ability)  limits the kind of armour she can permanantly wear, she tends to opt for loose, light armour - as well as a specially made stretching bullet-proof vest, durable shin and arm guards and tough, laced, knuckled gloves. Her baggy suit is a cold grey and her specially tailored armour is yellow.

    Disability: Anni has a major emotional defect in her brain which she inherited from her mother, who had the same problem. Anni fails to really understand structured relationships; she has connection and attachment issues, and she fails to experience simple, natural human emotions such as pity, jealousy, sorrow, immense joy or true care for her actions. The name of Anni's disorder in particular or its severity has never been diagnosed or fully inspected by a doctor so far, as none if her carers have bothered enough to get it done. Not that Anni cares much, anyway. 

    Personality: before being introduced to the nanobots, Anni was a cold and insensitive teenager who carelessly engaged in relationships which she then abandoned and never particularly cared what would come of her. Her actions were often reckless and spontaneous, she never cared for her education but more for the spur of the moment.

    When coming in contact with the nanobots, Anni changed quite subtly but significantly all the same. She began to feel true passion and happiness while also experiencing jealousy and emotional pain.

    Abilities: Anni now possesses a concentrated form of biokinesis. With either deep emotions or greet concentration she can alter her very own DNA - whether she is changing her muscle structure, weight, personality or simply her appearance, by focusing she can alter her strands of DNA to either whatever she chooses - or whatever her emotions decide to take control of.

    Weapons; occasionally a sniper rifle; but usually just a long knife strapped close to her for close-combat.

    History: At a young age, Anni was subject to domestic violence, which worstened her genetic emotional weakness even further. Her mother was beaten by her father also, and very soon murdered by him. Not long after, Anni was taken in by Social Services and her father taken away; soon to be a victim of suicide. Anni was fostered by many families, none of which  truly cared for her or fostered her for a long period of time. On Anni's 15th birthday, her uncle Cassius stood up to take care of her once and for all. He soon revealed that he wouldn't do that very well - as soon as Anni got the chance to leave school, she did, and her uncle done nothing to stop her. He employed her as a waitress in his low-quality cafe, and has cared nothing for her various instances of drug intake or abusive, short-term boyfriends. When approached by a mysterious, wealthy-looking man claiming to be able to enhance her life once and for all, she gladly took him up on the offer. After all, "Project Alpha" sounded like a nifty name, right?

    Family: Mother, Dorathea, and father, Jools, both deceased - murdered and committed suicide, respectively. Rumour of foreign sibling, never bothered to investigate. A few aunties and uncles on her mother's side, namely her carers Cassius and his long-term fiancé Hilda. 

    Love Relations?: Countless flings and good-for-nothing boyfriends, certainly not an innocent girl.
  26. Name: Lucas Reinhart

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Height: 6'0''

    Weight: 175 lbs.

    Hair: Shaggy brown hair.

    Eyes: Dark green eyes until the transformation. Then they became glowing red eyes.

    Clothes/Armour: Clothing is a fitting black t-shirt, brown cargo pants, with a brown overcoat and cut off gloves.

    His Armor is red and black and looks like this but with no helmet and his coat over top.

    Disability: ADHD. He can't sit still to save his life, especially after the alterations. Also Fibromyalgia. The constant bio-kinetic energy make his nerves hypersensitive and basically radiate pain.

    Personality: Suave, Charming, Mischievous, While still being a nice guy.

    Abilities: His body constantly generates bio-kinetic energy, which gives him increased reflexes, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and endurance. He's basically built for constant motion. He can take the potential energy stored in an object and convert it to kinetic energy thus “charging” that item with explosive results. The larger the item the longer it takes to charge. He has to touch the items directly. He can alternatively accelerate an objects kinetic energy instead of converting it's potential energy.

    Weapons; Throwing knives that he can charge with energy. A quarterstaff and hand to hand.

    History: A thief growing up on the streets of New York. Lucas often ran with various gangs, jumping from one to the other as he sold them out to authorities. His humble abode was an abandoned apartment building where he stayed up on the top floor and roof. One night he was running with a local crew to steal from a small jewelry store. The owner was expecting their arrival and the cops were already in place when Lucas and gang arrived.

    And so he went to jail. Recruiters for Project Alpha found him after some prison thugs tried to gang up on him and Lucas won. They had been trying to track him down for awhile for their secret project. He showed promise and traits that they looked for in subjects. Lucas had been avoiding them for years, mistaking them for police. They offered to take him into their project and give him a clean record, home, and job. Of course Lucas accepted, it was that or get killed in jail eventually.

    Plus the project was too interesting for him to pass up the opportunity.

    Family: Orphan. Doesn't have any as far as he knows.

    Love Relations?: None as of right now
  27. Name: Ben Knight

    Age: 17 going on 18

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5'11"

    Weight: 171 lbs.

    Hair: Dark red hair

    Eyes: Green, after transformation green with orange highlights

    Clothes/Armour: Clothes: Black shirt with 'I HAVE FURY' on it, tattered grey jeans, Red, dirty converse. Will sometimes wear black jacket and Black trilby. Armor: This except minus key blade, and the horns are facing backwards and more jagged. Mainly orange with black and amber highlights. Helmet can be removed.

    Disability: Blind in his left eye, and has no feeling in his left arm (can move it, but not as well as his right). This is due to a birth defect.

    Personality: Alistair, despite being raised by himself (due to lack of father/mother not caring), is quite polite, and charming. He is kind to almost everyone, and quite sympathetic. He hates when people are being picked on, and will protect them, to the point of violence with the aggressor. He is not one to hold grudges, and will easily forgive people. Around friends, a more warm attitude is shown, and he becomes more friendly, and has more of an attitude.

    He cares for his little sister very much, and feels connected to anyone who suffers the same condition. He has no patience for people who throw their lives away, and, whilst being polite, will make it very clear when he dislikes someone, or disapproves/disagrees with them. He handles tough situations calmly, and will do whatever it takes to finish battles. Perceptive people will notice that behind his mask of happiness and politeness, there's a lot of sadness and anger. He likes to play video games, like the ones his school friends have.

    Abilities: Alistair has the ability to use pyrokinesis, allowing him to cloak limbs in fire, throws fireball, create small fires, or simply keep him warm. Keeping the flame going for a long time without fuel wears him down, and once away from his body his fireballs quickly lose their potency. Without help, he can only throw fireballs about four feet. He can use the fire for a bit without burning himself, but after a certain amount of time, his energy slips and he loses control of his fire, causing a whiplash of sorts which burns him, no matter how far away the fire is. It is because of this he tends to use his left hand when using the fire for longer periods. The fires, however, can burn at a high temperature, up into seven hundred degrees (Celsius, not that stupid Fahrenheit >:/) if he tries.

    Weapons: No guns - fireballs are enough (plus I don't know any |D ). He carries a small knife on his belt, though.

    History: TBD

    Family: David (Father) Left, Violet (Mother) Hires herself out - uses money for drugs, Angel (Little Sister) Insane, in child's hospital/asylum. Lived in a children's home after he told a teacher about his mother. Sister moved to hospital/asylum.

    Love Relations?: None

    I'll fix it up later, but I need to go now. Hope I got the power right? EDIT: Fixed the name and decided on weapons.
  28. Many thanks to all of you for contributing to this RP- You don't know half how much this means to me!

    I've read all of your bio's thoroughly, and all seem pretty much fine to me. I trust that the gaps will be filled soon enough. Two things I'd like to say; Blazi, your character has the same name as Toru's, you might want to fix that- And Rey, are you sure you don't want any guns for your character? We could use someone with a shotgun for team balance, and seeing as strong bursts are your character's thing...

    Now we can get to setting a date for the first post. I'd like to suggest next week Thursday, since I'll be in London from Monday to Wednesday and it'll take a while to write up the post, but I figure that with enough preparation I'll be able to get it up on Thursday.
  29. Hand full of pebbles is the same effect. But anyways I always see weapons as preferred weapons not mandatory weapons. If we need a shotgun at the time, sure he'll use it. But we have super powers to round out that stuff lol.
  30. <<
    I guess I'm just fine :p

    Also, don't worry too much about a start date Dark. Just get started when you're ready to get started, the rest of us will just sit tight until then. I'm ready when you are.
  31. Well, you already had a reason for why your character didn't use any guns- I just wanted to ask Rey if he had a particular reason, maybe to do with his character's disability.

    Also, sure- If everyone else is down with that. I'm still going to be working on it already though. xD
  32. Just growing up as a street rat he doesn't have much gun training. And yea...if he charged the bullets they would probably explode as soon as he pulled the trigger. But there's nothing stopping him from using a gun, he just never has. leveling things by charging his staff or knives was just easier
  33. I don't think any of our characters have had gun training in their pasts, but it's entirely your choice. How about a bow and arrow, though? :p
  34. Again, just because i put those weapons down doesn't mean that they are the ONLY weapons he'll use. Make sense?
  35. Sure! I just thought that those were his only ones because the rest of us have specified all of ours.
  36. I'll have a shotgun, if you need me to~

    Just tell me what type, and I'll put it down. (Seeing as I know NOTHING about guns)
  37. Just Google it. xD
  38. When are we starting?

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