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Project #0013

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Power Metal Maiden~, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. Albert Wesker sat in the surveillance room, his eyes glued to one screen as he watched a small S.T.A.R.S. rookie and a convicted killer take a horrific tour of the training facility. Wesker's colleague and scientist, William Birkin, stood beside him, the side of his mouth twitching with paranoia. The man was on the edge, all because of his obsession over his work, his life, what he called the G-Virus. They watched the screens in silence for a while, both of their minds full of the strange man with the leeches.

    Finally, Birkin broke the silence. "You want to leave, don't you?"

    Wesker stared on through his sunglasses. "William, I've spent too many years here all for the benefit of this company." He finally turned and looked up at Birkin. "Do you remember my daughter, William?"

    Birkin shook his head. "Albert, she wasn't really your daughter."

    "Blood doesn't matter to me. They used her for their games. It disgusted me. I can't sit around another year watching as useless people are used as pawns."


    The faint sound of something hitting steel over and over again echoed throughout the labyrinth of pipes and murky water beneath Raccoon City. S.T.A.R.S. rookie, Aaron Lexing stepped carefully along the narrow walk that ran along the water, his gun held in front of him. The captain of the team, Rain as they all called her, walked in front of him, her steps far more silent than his. How she even carried that abnormally huge rocket launcher on her shoulder and managed to stay silent, Aaron had no clue. He had never even seen another weapon like it; he wondered where she got it from. Besides, Rain was only five-three in height, and weighed about one-ten. It was ridiculous, but she was his superior, so he never questioned it.

    Rain suddenly turned, interrupting Aaron's thoughts. "Shh." She scolded, glaring down at his shuffling feet. She then made eye contact with him, and again Aaron swore he saw that tint of red in her uncovered left eye. It was naturally a vivid blue, but he had always seen something…more. However, bandages always covered the other eye, and he had never seen what the problem with it was. Aaron gave Rain a nod as a silent apology and watched as she turned and aimed her huge weapon into the darkness ahead of them. She pulled her sunglasses down over her eyes and fired her weapon, and Aaron tried not to cringe at the explosion. Rain pointed down at the water just as red flowed down towards them. Blood. Aaron also noticed that the steel echo had ceased. "It was just an infected beating itself up." Rain said softly, answering Aaron's thoughts. He hated when she did that.

    Rain sat slumped against the station wall, staring up at the flickering ceiling light. Jessen, the team mechanic stepped over the papers that had slid off Rain's desk and sat beside her. "What's up?"

    Rain shook her head, her black and pink hair falling against her bandaged eye. "I still think Aaron is afraid of me."

    Jessen laughed aloud. "Rain, you're the captain of this team, he should be." He caught the angry look in her eyes, and quickly reassured her. "Look, you're a great girl, you've got spunk and you're a hell of a lot tougher than I am. That's why we follow your orders." He shook his head. "You're pretty damn mysterious, though, wish you would tell us more about yourself. Maybe that would make it easier for Lexing to work with you."

    Rain wanted to glare at Jessen, but she didn't. He was right, and he was the only one she could consider a real friend on the team. "There isn't much to tell, you asked me before, and you're getting the same old answer. I don't have family left, and I don't remember a whole lot of my childhood. It's no big deal."

    Jessen smiled his notorious half-smile. "Whatever. Go get some rest, we've got a lot of work to handle tomorrow, Captain."

    Rain squeezed her pillow a few times, trying to get it to feel just right. She finally let her head fall heavily against it and closed her eyes tightly. Immediately, those stray memories flooded her head. The statue that had held so much power in its image, the plaque below it. I am the king of all I survey: no creature can escape my grasp. The tiger.

    Then, his face came into her mind again, and she felt feelings flooding her heart. She loved him like a child should love their father. What was his name again, what did those men in the white coats call him? Those men with the red and white pins and those nametags she hadn't been tall enough to see… Rain fell asleep while struggling to remember. She dreamed of a sickness.


    Renee awoke to the overhead fluorescents flickering on. She sat upright and calmly straightened her long, golden hair. "Yes, Wesker?" She addressed him with a cool tone, standing and turning to watch his reaction. The way he kept himself composed always gave her the chills, but she couldn't help but like the man. He was intelligent, and there was always something in his eyes. Renee couldn't help but think he had something planned for the world.

    Wesker smiled his crooked smile. He was still wearing his sunglasses, but Renee could feel his eyes just as well. "Renee, in what direction is this project heading?"

    "Rain, sir?" Renee smiled, her dark blue eyes flashing with pride. "She is doing very well, her strength continues to grow rapidly." She turned, glancing at her computer screen, which was airing a live feed of a surveillance system the corporation had planted in the S.T.A.R.S. headquarters. Renee frowned as she saw Rain sitting at her desk, looking upset. She reluctantly looked back to Wesker. "However, I think she is growing impatient, and her team is becoming suspicious."

    "No matter, we could have her killing them at any moment we wish. Maintain your composure, and don't screw this up." With that, Albert Wesker turned and left the lab, leaving Renee with a headache.

    "Self-righteous bastard. But he is handsome." Renee shook her head, taking a seat to try and focus on her work.
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  2. Very very unique, when I read it, it gives a mysterious vibe and I like it. I also like how you made yourself apart of the story. I'll be looking foward to read this actually, just because it's a Resident Evil fic ^^
  3. Love the vide given off by the start Rain. It's quite intriguing to read and get into.

    And Wesker, is like plain old awesome. Can't beat him and his attitude.
  4. Teapot

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    Ooooh. Resident Evil fic! It's looking very, very good so far. ^^ I'll be interested to read more!
  5. Woot! I love Resident Evil. Your own character of Rain sounds amazing, too. I want to know more, read more, and I really want to know what's behind the bandages.

    Maybe a lazer eyeball?
  6. Thanks for the comments, guys, they are much appreciated.


    Rain sighed, pushing herself out of bed, only for her eyes to meet her messy hair in the mirror. She tried her best to fix it, but to no avail. On her way to the closet, she looked out the window, barely shocked to see Jessen grinning and holding up a bag. Rain laughed and opened the window. "Can't I get dressed first?"

    Jessen chuckled, looking over Rain. She was wearing a huge, black t-shirt and a pair of pink pajama shorts. "Pink? Wow." He grinned. "Anyway, I brought doughnuts."

    "Shut up, Jessen." Rain frowned and walked back to her closet, pulling out her uniform. "Give me a minute." With that, she disappeared into the bathroom.

    Shaking her head, Rain turned away from her reflection and pulled off her bandages. When she finally turned on the shower, she was thankful for the hot water. She hummed a little, wondering what kind of shit she would have to deal with today. Umbrella was making a mess of themselves, she knew it, and no one would believe it. But somehow, for some reason, Rain felt the need to protect the corporation. Why the hell was it so important? The water went cold for a minute, and she growled. Jessen must have turned on the sink to get water for coffee. She shook her head and finished up her shower, turning the water off and stepping out to dry off. She opened the drawer beneath the sink and pulled out the roll of gauze, rewrapping the area over her eye. "This is ridiculous." She told herself, as she told herself every morning.

    "Hurry up already, Captain!" Rain heard Jessen call, obviously mocking her.

    Jessen leaned against the kitchen counter, sipping on a cup of coffee. "Hurry up!" He sighed a little. Rain's apartment was so plain, no pictures, nothing. He knew she didn't have family, but couldn't she at least decorate? Her sheets were pink, just like her shorts, and it made Jessen laugh. What was with the girl and pink? She acted so strange, but that color just made her seem human finally. Suddenly, Jessen felt a sense of accomplishment. He knew something about her finally. Finally.

    Jessen's thoughts were interrupted when Rain stepped out of the bathroom, fully decked out in her S.T.A.R.S. uniform. She gave him a half-hearted smile and stepped to her nightstand, opening the drawer to reveal two magnums and what looked like four throwing knives. Rain looked over, laughing at Jessen's shocked expression. "What? Didn't think a girl could carry as many weapons as I do?"

    Jessen shook his head, grinning. "Nah, I just didn't realize you carried anything but that beloved launcher of yours."
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  7. Aww...we don't get told what's behind the bandages.

    Other than that, this chappie was cool. However, the little squiggly marks (They're Spanish somethings that alter the pronunciation of words, I just forget what they're called) is a little visually distracting. Maybe you could reduce the amount, or change them to something different.

    Yay! We get to see more interpersonal relations.
  8. XD Yeah what's behind the bandages will come later, trust me ^^;

    The sguiggly marks are just my way to divide up perspectives, but that's just another of the many weird things I do. But if it's too distracting, I will reduce them for ya. ^^
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    You can use the horizontal rule tag to achieve the same affect as the squiggles, just with less distraction, by the way.
  10. Awesome, Rain. That's really nice of you to take my suggestion.

    By the way, those squiggly lines are called tildes. It came to me while studying psychology, of all things.

    I cannot wait to read the next chapter!
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  11. Very interesting Rain. It's quite intriguing.

    I also loved the last couple of lines of the last it. Very amusing to read.
  12. Rain took the corner, knowing very well who was on the other side. "Jill." She nodded politely to the gorgeous ex-thief, grinning a bit.

    Jill gave Rain a half-smile, her eyes telling Rain that she was in a hurry. She had a heavy bag slung over her shoulder. "We're being sent to that Spencer Mansion. I'm late as it is, wish us luck."

    Normally Rain would have been a little insulted by that type of demeanor. She was a Captain, and Jill was just a newcomer to S.T.A.R.S. However, in the short amount of time Jill had been living in Raccoon, Rain had come to know and love her, and treated Jill as an equal. She was very skilled, and she deserved it. Rain nodded to Jill, patting the taller woman on the shoulder. "Yeah, good luck." She turned, noticing Captain Wesker waiting near the helicopter. "He seems pretty pissed."

    Jill spoke as she walked away from Rain. "How can you tell?"

    Rain laughed and walked back down into the station, away from the sound of helicopter blades cutting through the sky. Sure, Wesker was totally unreadable, physically at least, but Rain could always just feel the emotion from him. It was something about the way he kept those sunglasses on almost always. Not only that, but she felt as if she had known him forever, yet she had only spoken with the man once. Rain sat down in the conference room beside Jessen. Jessen immediately smiled, and Rain closed her eyes for a second. "That's so weird." She whispered when she opened her eyes again.

    Jessen raised an eyebrow, pushing some of the bleached hair from his eyes. "What?" He bit down on one of his lip rings.

    "Nothing." Rain smiled slightly, standing to her feet and stepping to the front of the room. She looked over her team and did a head count in her mind. Jessen, Aaron… God damn, kid's sleeping. Also, a few others were missing, but these two were the ones she trusted. Hell, she would have to ask about the others anyhow. "Where the hell is Pyro, where's Adena?" Pyro was nicknamed because of the flamethrower he used as his primary weapon. His dad gave it to him or something like that. Adena was just a recruit who came shortly before Aaron did. She was the worst shot in the group, and had no brains whatsoever, but she was cute. Rain had no idea why she had let her in the team, she never showed up for anything.

    "Captain," Jessen addressed Rain, glaring at Aaron. "I haven't been able to contact Pyro in weeks, and honestly, who gives a shit about Adena besides Lexing here?" Aaron didn't stir; he seemed to be in a deep sleep.

    Rain grinned. "Right." She bit her lip, deep in thought. Pyro and Jessen were best buddies, they usually spoke every day. Now that she thought about it, Pyro hadn't been in the office the night before. She thought of the recent attacks in and around Raccoon. Cannibals, apparently, and some sort of dog. "We need to begin a search for Pyro. Too many weird things have been happening to just brush this off."

    Jessen nodded. "Thanks, Captain."

    Aaron finally opened his eyes. "You think a cannibal got to him?" He asked groggily.

    Jessen grabbed Aaron's neck with one hand, squeezing hard. "Shut the hell up, Lexing."

    Rain shook her head and left the room, speaking as she stepped over the doorframe. "Jessen, get the weapons together. Lexing, get the medical supplies." She ordered over the sound of Aaron's struggle.
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  13. Eugh, wouldn't biting down on a lip ring hurt? I've never had one, though, so I don't know.

    Hee, hee. Jesse choking Aaron. I love suffocation. Moar violence please? *gives cute kitty face*

    Adena sounds like she would die in the first minute of combat, lol.
  14. After a long, exhausting search of Raccoon, the team found themselves at the Raccoon City Hospital. It was the only place Rain's crew had not searched, and she had hoped and prayed that it wouldn't have come to this. There had been far too many red alerts in the area, and it didn't help that the hospital's power had been cut.

    Rain watched as Aaron approached what had been the huge front windows, glass crunching beneath his boots. "Hold on just a second, Lexing. I want to do a quick search of the inner perimeter before you go in there." She didn't want to scare the guy, but she had heard of the massive bio weapons that Umbrella had sent to "clean" up the city.

    Aaron stole a quick glance back, then stopped where he was. Jessen stepped forward, worry clouding his eyes. "Wait, Rain, I'm coming in."

    Rain didn't even look back as she stepped over the broken glass and into the dark hospital lobby. "Alright, c'mon." If she knew anyone could handle those things, it was Jessen.

    The dark corridors were confusing, strange echoes came from each and every direction. Rain stopped, holding her hand up to Jessen's chest to stop him from moving on. She signaled him to stay silent, and crouched down, slowly inching around the corner.

    There "it" stood. There wasn't really another word to describe the mess Rain saw. It must have been a man once. It stood all too tall, clothed in a huge black trench coat. Why Umbrella would even bother to clothe it was beyond Rain. It took slow, thunderous breaths in and out, seeming to search it's surroundings for something in specific. The creature turned, and Rain swore up and down the floor was quivering below her. Rain grimaced. "Its" face was... Not a face. It had staples where its nose should have been, and no lips. Instead, it had a permanent, cynical grin. Huge white teeth were the majority of its face. Then it looked down, and growled. "STAAARRRRRSSSSS."

    The creature had barely took a step forward and raised its huge weapon when Rain took off around the corner. "JESSEN, RUN!"
  15. Ooo... A nice twist, a Nemesis reference I believe?

    Nice chapter Rain, keep going ^^
  16. Finally, some danger! I want to see blood, murder, and fluffy gerbils!

    Okay, I was joking about the last one. Maybe zombies, instead?

    Maybe this creature will nom on someone...

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