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ProfessorHibiki's Sprites-Requests Accepted

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by UchihaHibiki, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. Hey all! These are some sprites that I made with different pieces from different trainers, and then I recolored most of the pieces!


    I won't reveal which pieces I used ::) Even though it mostly has to do with the fact I don't remember fully.

    If anyone actually liked these at ALL, I will accept requests for:

    Sprites that are ONLY consisted of different character parts, so if you can describe it well, I may be able to get them. Recoloration of other pieces when combined with splices will be done if needed.

    I understand nobody may want to request, but I will make them if you do! Try at least...:D
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  2. Hmm, very nice. I know you used a Psychic sprite for the first one. It looks good, I like the green hair. For the second one, it looks like you took the balls from the Psychic and put them on her. I love her little beret. Very, very good. Keep spriting!
  3. Thank you Kerauno! Actually, I used a ball from the Juggler sprite, and just copied and pasted it twice :3 Great guess though!

    Here are some more updates. I think until I have more time to myself, it'll be 2-3 sprites at a time!

    I am proud of myself for the first one, even though it isn't perfect. I went all out and crazy with the second one ♥

  4. Uh-huh, very nice. the first one overall great, but the arms look a bit bulky at the elbow. I'm assuming... He had his arms up, and you flipped them? Other than that, very good. the second one: Sabrina turned into a cybernetic spaz. Right? Right. I like it. Creativity is key. And you, my friend, are quite the spriter. Very nice work.
  5. Thanks, and actually, his arms are from the female Team Rocket, but apparently, her elbows were rather manly and I didn't spot it -.-' lol

    Yeah, I just inverted Sabrina to what she would be if she wasn't totally crazy...I made her even more crazy! Stupid glasses FTEW! And she has Ariana's skirt thing, just shortened. So yeah, I'm glad you at least somewhat like them :) I can tell you're a little hesitant on saying you DO like them, but thanks anyway :3

  6. Really nice sprites!
  7. Here are the last ones for the night. They are just some recolored and re-cropped mugshots


    You can noticeably see the differences very plainly in Proton and Sabrina. There aren't a lot of differences in Morty, and Silver only has a minor change.

  8. Here are a few more! I made some a few days ago, and the third a few hours ago.



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