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Professor Noctowl's Pokemon Region

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by DragonTrainer86, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. So, I decided to give this a shot. Please comment! Here is the region I have created, the Mikomi region.
    I'll give a back story on each of the towns:
    1.Cantouras town: Your basic starter town with Professor Cedar.
    2.Lindane town: A small town to the south of Cantouras town. This is the town where you familiarize yourself with the Pokemon Center, etc.
    3.Wyveria City: One of the central trading outposts of the Mikomi region (lots of shops) and home to the first Gym. The type of the gym is Dark and the leader is Ome. (did you find the pun?)
    4.Takuna City: Back in the day, Takuna City was the biggest city in all of the Mikomi region. However, as more and more people moved to the newly established Wyveria City, the city slowly deteriorated into a broken shell of its former self, its fire-type gym with leader Fiona is all that is left.
    5.Secilia City: This popular tourist spot has been named "The Land of Innovation" for its many advances in electronic technology. Many of Professor Cedar's overlords superiors live in this city. It has a Steel-type gym with leader Ike.
    6.Avaricia Town: Known for its hand-spun weavings depicting Pokemon of ancient legend, Avaricia Town is one of the most pleasant spots in all of Mikomi.
    7.Zephyr Town: A quiet place with little excitement other than its Flying type gym with leader Ross.
    8.Aquea City: In the middle of a pleasant lake, Aquea City is one of the most unique places in Mikomi because of its tendency to attract swarms of Wingull and Pelipper. Its Water type gym with leader Winona is a strong force to compete against.
    9.Coperabon City: Its pokemon contests are famous around the world, attracting visitors from all of the regions.
    10.Darinaged City: Its pokemon bakery is second to none, providing food to any pokemon. Its Poison type gym with leader Pete is a big site of the city.
    11.Variconefre City: Its aromatic flowers bring hope to all those who smell them. Its Grass type gym with leader Steve is provided with a special advantage in this way.
    12.Farerrano Town: Credited for being Mikomi's only ferry port. You can hitch a ride to the battle frontier or Raquadoon City from here.
    13: Raquadoon City: Said to be a gathering site for hundreds of pokemon until humans arrived. Its Psychic type gym with leader David is the next toughest thing to the Elite Four.
    14. Finaleto Town: It's just a very small town (a la Ever Grande City) to prepare you for Victory Road and the Elite Four.
    The island on the far left is the Battle Frontier.
    Now, on to the starters in this region:
    Treecrow (Treecko reference)
    Height 1 ft. 5 in. Weight 16 lbs.
    Type Grass-Flying
    Entry: Treecrow are extremely courageous pokemon, and are often found trying to rescue pokemon twice their size from danger.
    Firetop (my personal favorite)
    Height 1 ft. Weight 23 lbs.
    Type: Fire-Ground
    Entry: Firetop exist in large communities. With their tunneling abilities, the make an underground system of tunnels to inhabit. The steel blades on their sides allow them to greatly wound enemies.
    Fishmun (yeah, it's not very original)
    Height 10 in. Weight 14 lbs.
    Type: Water
    Fishmun prefer to stay solitary and are extremely afraid of contact with humans. The key to gaining its trust is to look it straight in the eye and feed it a bowl of top-quality pokemon food.

    Well...that is what I have so far. Please comment on my work so that I can make it better. I will be adding updates as fast and as best as I can.
  2. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Treecrow for the win! That's an awesome idea for a starter, in my corvid-loving opinion. His wings are great, they work really well as leeaves and feathers. Overall I like your starters and the sprites of them are very good. I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing Treecrow's evos ^^

    Poor Fishmun only having one type, while the other's have two :p

    I like the names of your towns, though I don't know why. Nice work. I hope to see more ^^
  3. UPDATES!!!
    I finished a couple more pokemon:
    Height: 3 ft. 1 in.
    Type: Grass-Flying
    Entry: The yellow mark on Rootwind's body absorbs solar energy, which gives Rootwind amazing strength on sunny days. Its wings have now turned into leaves.
    Height: 2 ft. 6 in. Weight: 63 lbs.
    Type: Fire-Steel
    Its drill is extremely powerful, able to crack through diamond. Male Blazespin are often seen digging huge underground networks to impress mates.
    Height: 1 ft. 3 in. Weight: 21 lbs.
    Type: Water
    Entry: Aquaris are extremely volatile and prone to bursts of rage. Some tsunami waves have been caused by schools of angry Aquaris. Aquaris are one of the fastest species of water pokemon.
    Height: 1 ft. Weight: 16 lbs.
    Type: Normal
    Entry: Racontail are known scavengers who raid human garbage. They are one of the most common species of pokemon in Mikomi.

    That's it for now, i'm going to try to get a few more pokemon (and maybe some trainer sprites, even though i'm awful at them) done by tomorrow.

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