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Products/commercials that you just HATE.

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by naanny, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. Everyone has seen a commercial for something that is just stupid. Whether it be for the advertisement that makes your TV's speakers explode a little even though you were on normal volume, the announcer sounds like a psychopath, or the product is just dumb.

    Not everyone on this site lives in the same country, so it would be a good help to post a link to the commercial or a wepage that describes it (can't use a webpage if you hate the commercial).

    One product that I think is a waste of 20 USD is the Touch 'n Brush ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RX9ucGjSS0 ). I see no reason why anyone can't do something as simple as squeeze toothpaste out of a bottle and put the cap back on without making a mess and would want to spend $19.95 to correct that. Also, it seems unsanitary to put your toothbrush where someone else's has already been. Why would anybody buy this?

    So, what do you think is stupid? Floam? Snuggie? Pixos? Bendaroos? Other?
  2. The OLD Confused.com adverts, where they jumped around and screamed. I won't belittle you with a link to it.

    Also, any of the 'No win, No fee' lawyer adverts. There are so many of them you just need to throw a stone.

    Phones4U etc. etc. I hate a lot of thigs really.
  3. CASH.



    It's the biggest scam ever, the previous advert's animations were cheap, and using Dale Winton on the advert isn't going to make ME Cash My Gold, thank you very much.

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