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[Private] Distant Fates

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Atma, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Permitted RPers
    Sorry anyone who thought to jump in on this, I'm afraid this is our little encounter for now. x3

    It'd been so long. Even with coat wrapped tightly about himself and hood tugged up over his head, this cold was something he'd not had the fortune of in some time. The onyx towers rising sternly were gently wreathed in frost, the air so cold and towers so tall that vast whisps of snow white air could be both seen caressing the stone blocks. Not a single whisp would near ground, the level of consistently sparse flows of people amongst the perfectly angled black colossi. This city was described by travellers as the neon crypt thanks to the way buildings were made in this city. Featureless besides the glowing signposts, even windows were only manufactured so that you can see out due to a dspecially layered exterior made encessary because of the escalating deaths due to harsher winters. The sliding black doors had become the same way. Children always told stories of frozen ghosts wandering the street waiting to suck out the heat from your body! It made the traveller smile every time he heard it.

    As such cold was common here citizens dressed heavily,giving the metropolis a somber scene and making this black clad individual no unfamiliarity, even as he ducked into a neon signposted (like everything else in this city) bar. Opposite to the streets of the city every doorway stepped through brought a tantalising new cacophony of smells and a welcoming tone of warmth that would make even the harshest and most dejected ice elemental long for it.

    Breathing deep, long sigh of relief Karu gave a tug at his sleeves, the film of ice breaking away and melting before it even touched the ground. As customer he slung his jacket up onto the hooks beside the door of every building in town and turned to observe what had been set out before him. For such an externally repressed people, you'd need only walk through a door to see the cornucopia of fashion and sublime pieces of clothing worn beneath those comparitively distasteful coats. Passing chilled hand over colder still face he took a seat near one of the grand fires in this spacious early neon-futurisitic inn. Even the fire was simply a hologram with a main heating unit fitted into the false chimney. Leaning over the black leather chair he'd taken he gave a small pleasentry of smile, nod and wave to the bartender.

    Within minutes the bartender brought over small shot mix of cointreau, tequila, grenadine and orange juice plus a further twisting half-pint glass of fresh mango. As it was his annual trip here they had accumulated a keen rapport, if not somewhat agreeably impersonal for the first few hours while he settled back into the closed environments. As such he knocked back the pleasing little mix and topped it with the glass of fresh juice. As far as Karu could tell, it was going to be a wonderful trip.
  2. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    (OOC: Rated T, for um... a dude leading a little girl into a dark alleyway, and said girl kicking him in the yeah let’s not go there. ALSO SORRY FOR HORRIBLE DELAY KARU T_T)

    Lyn walked around the street, ignoring the roaring blizzard that whirled around her. Nobody in their right minds right now should be out in this sort of monstrous weather, but Lyn really didn’t mind. In fact, she kind of enjoyed all the snow and wind. At least it helped conceal her from others.

    She had somehow managed to wander into this austere city of obsidian skyscrapers and perfectly straight roads. The girl was sure she had felt something here, some sort of a tugging sensation when she was wandering about close by. It sort of reminded her of the sort of feeling she had whenever she was close to Jasper, except this one felt a lot more... familiar, was that the word? Familiar yet diluted. She couldn’t figure out how else she could put this feeling into words, and besides, she was exhausted from flying around on her cloud all day. If she wasn’t still having that fuzzy feeling inside of her, Lyn might’ve even waved it off as a trick of her mind to convince her to find a place to land. Perhaps it was nostalgia. Yes, that seemed like the right word for the feeling; distant nostalgia.

    “Are you lost, little girl?”

    Lyn spun around and saw the outline of some person, much taller than she was, looming a few meters away from her in the storm. She had a sudden urge to send this man flying backwards for even suggesting she was some poor child who didn’t know her way around in the snow. Of course, this person probably didn’t know her, so she let it slide. “Yeah,” she called out as innocently as she could. Hm, that little wavering sound that came out was a nice touch to making her sound younger, and a lot more frightened, than she really was. “Yeah, I’m trying to l-look for my brother! W-we were separated, and-”

    The man nodded his head to show that he had understood. “Poor thing,” he murmured. “Here, I’ll come and try to look for him with you.” He held out a hand and had this sort of a sad smile on his face, as if he completely understood her dilemma.

    In her excitement to find her brother, Lyn had forgotten all the rules about not talking to and walking away with strangers. Rather childishly on her part, the girl ran up to the man and took his extended hand, saying, “Thanks!” before he lead her around the city.

    The pair basically wandered around the city like that, holding hands as if they knew each other. Most people would’ve thought that he was her dad, or at least her uncle. Lyn occasionally peaked into shop windows or burst into the shops themselves to question people whether they had seen her brother or not. However, her lack of knowledge about her brother’s appearance made it painstakingly difficult for her to get any information about his whereabouts.

    She received broken comments about how some man came through the other day and bought some rope, or about some little boy who had mysteriously disappeared one day and wound up back in town all confused and having a fit. But their description of any of these people didn’t seem to ring any bells in her mind. If anything, Lyn just felt more and more discouraged as people shooed her away. Perhaps he wasn’t here after all.

    The sun was still in the sky, though it wouldn’t be much longer in this time of the year before it would set. Lyn found herself trailing behind the man into some alleyway by a bar, pub, whatever it was that people sat around and drank all day into oblivion. “Um, mister?” she said timidly. The man didn’t turn around, and Lyn was suddenly too suspicious to move forward any more. “Mister, why are we going this way?” When he didn’t answer, she yelled out, “Hey, answer me!”

    He turned around at this point, and shrugged. “Thought there might be somebody here who could help us.”

    “I don’t remember my brother ever snooping around in the dark,” she retorted scathingly, “so why should we be here?”

    The man suddenly had this amused smile on his face, and he walked back and put his fingers under Lyn’s chin, lifting her head up ever so slightly. “My my, feisty, aren’t we?” he murmured like he did when they first met. The girl felt a slight shiver run down her spine, and watched as the man lifted up his other hand.

    Not waiting another moment, Lyn kicked the man between his legs. To prevent him from getting away, she swiped her foot in front of his feet, and watched as tendrils of ice climbed up his shins and froze him to the ground. He doubled over, kneeling as far as he could to try to lessen the pain he felt. She saw him reach out to grab her, but she leapt away gracefully and ran into the building, planning to call out somebody to arrest the man for... for assaulting some poor girl who was just minding her own business and for leading her away from her family. Something like that.

    Completely worn out from using so much of her strength to imprison the man in the cold and from her earlier bout of flying around to look for her brother, the girl collapsed on the floor.
  3. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Karu had taken off his thorn-adorned trench coat and was readily absorbed in the serenade of a keen violinist and pianist who were apparantly old friends. As the door opened with shouts of panic Karu's focus broke as he straightened up, listening intently. Some vague utterance about a character of less than respectable persuasion and taking some innocent girl away from her family. This was more than enough to have him lean around his chair to catch a glimpse of the voice, just in time to see her fall free of from the grasp of a conscious mind and cause himself to make a decision to react.

    With a dash out of the chair and his aquatic tendrils bringing forward his coat Karu managed to catch her before the risk of a damaging thud. As the instant ended and his shoulder length hair fell back into place, the elemental's perception of time returning... he manipulated his coat about her her called out to the bartender in quite the worried tone, "I hope my usual room is ready, I think I better take care of this one for the night." The face felt familiar, though her clothes were foreign and obscure to his memories. The deduction of her identity could wait until he knew she was ok. "I'd appreciate if you could find out who this assailant was, thanks Dan." With that he carried the girl across the room to the elevator and waited for the automated system to take him to the appropriate floor.

    It was the instinctual familiarity that drove him to not ignore this particular instance and take her up to the plain room, setting her down on the white duvet with his lengthy coat closed about her. Leaning against the black glass cuboard to view her through rigid veil of light the teen folded his arms and tried identify each feature of her face. Still nothing, yet he'd be damned if he'd not try to garner some semblence of recognition regarding this girl as he leaned in to undo a couple of his coat buttons, just to avoid her getting cramped in his very precisely fitted clothing.

    The touch of her skin brought memories violently forward. A voice, young and innocent with the gentle warmth of a place long forgotten and a feeling of content found in this distant shard of memory in the broken mirror of his mind. Whatever it was, it passed as with careful hands he eased it back to be a looser blanket and turned to stare out through the window.
  4. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Lyn adjusted the cover on her, trying to keep as much of the heat in as she could from her blanket. It was so comfortable on the bed, and the girl never wanted to wake up-

    Wait. Why was she on a bed?

    Lyn shot up as she realized where she was and threw whatever she was using as a blanket onto the floor. Wasn’t she outside just a moment ago? With a man, or something? She tried to recall as much as she could that happened after that, but all she remembered was kicking someone and running into a building before blacking out.

    Oh, right, apparently some kind soul had decided to take her in for the night or something. There would always be somebody like that wherever she went, huh? The thought brought back a memory, some incident eight years ago or something. It was also a snowy day that day, and the room she was in at the time couldn’t have been so different than the one she was in now.

    Glancing around the room, Lyn caught sight of a man standing next to the window. No, he was far too young to be a man. Teenager, most likely. His brown hair was strikingly similar to her previous savior’s, but those blue eyes, which she saw reflected in the glass of the window, were far different from Jasper’s dark green ones. Something... something about this person’s eyes seemed familiar. Lyn could’ve sworn she had seen those very same eyes somewhere before. At first she thought they resembled hers, when she wasn’t wearing contacts, but they were a sort of brighter blue color. Like... the sea, or something?

    All this went through her mind in just a few seconds. Lyn suddenly felt cold again; she tended to get rather chilly after she had expended too much of her magical energy. The girl leaned down as far as she could along the side of the bed and grabbed the coat she had thrown down. The pattern of thorns along its sleeves greatly contrasted with her own sky-blue jacket; it seemed like a thing somebody she knew would wear.

    Remembering the manners Jasper had bothered to hammer down her throat during the seven or so years she had lived with him, Lyn gave a small smile at the teen and said, “Thanks for, um, bringing me to your home, mister.” She settled for using “mister” to address the person, finding “sir” too formal and “kid” way too casual, especially since he was probably older than her. Okay, so yes, she did look a lot younger than she really was, but even after taking her actual age into consideration, he still seemed to be her elder or something by a few years.

    Taking another glance, this time at the window, she noted how the sun had moved only a few degrees across the sky since she last saw it. Which was, oh, when she was running from that trash of a man outside. The girl figured that it had probably been only half an hour or so since then, and she was rather happy that she wasn’t out for that long. Lyn sat up straighter and, feeling her stomach growl, gave a sort of embarrassed smile at her host. “Um, you have any food on you? I’m kind of hungry.”
  5. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    The sound of the girl's voice interrupting his thoughts startled him a little. Images of tears and feelings of sadness breifly assailed his conscious mind as the tone crept through his memories. Karu took the time to arrange his hair as he dismissed it from his mind, just long enough to utter a reply. "No trouble at all, this isn't my home per se but I'm glad it will do." Whether his tone echoed the troubles lingering in his mind, the elemental had no idea. Being called 'mister' felt odd if he was truthful, from this girl even a touch sorrowful ...

    ... Sorrowful? Why would he feel that way about some passing acquaintence from over the years? Turning to face her the messy haired male was immediatly drawn to her eyes, so familiar, yet he just couldn't place them. After a few moments a question came along, the tone just as tip-of-the-tongue reminiscient as the eyes. "Of course." Came his reply, now perplexed at who she could be to be so far back that the tall teenager couldn't recall a single thing.

    "Did you want anything in particular?" He queried in a hostly manner, reaching for the phone to call on room service. Karu would be certain to ask after that man who'd caused her so much trouble too.
  6. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Lyn immediately picked up that her host was getting increasingly troubled by something. She wasn’t quite sure what it was; perhaps it was a sudden stiffness in his muscles, or maybe a slight rise in temperature in the room that alerted to her as such. “Ah, if it’s too much trouble, I can wait a bit!” the girl said hurriedly, thinking that perhaps he didn’t have enough money to get her a small meal or something. Leaping off the bed, she continued, “I usually just take some odd jobs here and there to buy my own food, and I have a few bills to last me for another week or so.” As she landed, however, her legs gave way from her lack of energy, and she gave a small, somewhat embarrassed giggle. “Never mind, a sandwich would be nice,” she said, hoping that a sandwich was one of the cheaper things on the menu. Lyn held onto the side of the bed and managed to get up, though she still felt a little wobbly on her feet.

    She was surprised at how relaxed she felt around the teen. Usually, she would be rather cynical of everyone and, though still talkative, nice, and polite to strangers, would be as reserved as possible about her own feelings and thoughts. This time, however, her words just poured out without pausing, like water flowing through a hole in a bucket. Lyn took a glance at her host again, who was now reaching for the phone, and some memory resurfaced to her mind. For some reason, she remembered the day she ran away from her old home, being chased by her neighbors for freezing another girl around her age. Why was she remembering that incident now? A particular part of the memory, her wish that she could’ve said good-bye to her brother, lingered in her mind for a bit, before it faded. She didn’t understand what just flashed through her mind: disjointed images a faceless boy, and some sort of a word from her mind attached itself to him. No, not a word. A name? The thought quickly passed, though, and the girl was left confused again.

    Before she could even stop herself, the girl blurted out, “My name’s Lyn, though my friends called me Linda when I was younger.” She continued, “I was looking for my brother before this... this man brought me to a dark alleyway. I barely managed to escape by using the snow around us to trap him in place before I fled. You-” Lyn slammed her hand over her mouth, not allowing herself to finish the sentence. She gave a rather nervous laugh, and said, “Sorry, I think I spoke a bit more than I intended to.”
  7. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Ah, the inevitable thing that Karu always found lurking in conversation, formality and all general encounters. Missing something glaringly obvious. "Oh, don't worry-" Before he could finish the sentence she cut across, falling in her attemp to stand. The urge to help her back up abd the strain in chest of someone very important being hurt tore at him that a gasp passed his lips, catching himself with hand outreached in aid.

    As she eased herself back up onto the familiar rental bed the dark haired male calmed and allowed his hand to fall back to his side, breathing a breath of relief as subtley as possible. A couple of expressions passed over her face, not quite certain of what expressions they were but nothing positive. He was about to open his mouth and ask what exactly she wanted to eat but then came a skitter of information.

    It brought a small smile to his face to hear someone opening up to him so freely, if not somewhat jittery and hastily. Even if all she was doing was explaining, in this place people were tight lipped. Shaking his head as she finished with a reassurance of, "It's fine" with his hair falling forward, falling free from its tucked back position, the male quickly pushing it back as he had no way of knowing which social circle she belonged to within this place. "I'll try to help you find your brother the best I can, I travel a lot and have some good friends in this city. As for the food... I won't be so impromptu as to assume what you do and don't like." His amusement was surely clear at that last part as the owner knocked on the door and entered, politely bowing mildly to the young girl then nodding to the male.

    "We found him near the North Side Monorail Station, in the Schutzwald." Dan the owner was clearly quite used to this judging by his tone. "Damn, that's my favourite restaurant in this town..." Cursed Karu with a frown, it soon giving way to his more usual expression as he turned back to the girl. "Well, Lyn-" A brief pause came as the bizzare familiarity forced speech to yield, his continuation initially slurred. "...Please.. Er, feel free to request anything to eat you wish from my good man Dan here. Everything is prepaid for from the most expensive meal to the finest wines and cocktails." Sweeping up a second coat from his bag, identical down to the thorn design and donning it he paused to pick up a fragment of blue crystal fromt he table, tucking it into his pocket and leaving with a small wave and word of, "Please, stay here as long as you like."

    After leaving the owner passed the girl a holographic pad featuring a menu of just about every dish anyone could think of. Both figures however, left the door ajar upon their departure with a keycard to the apartment left on the bedside cabinet along with the business card of the Schutzwald...
  8. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Lyn blinked in confusion as another person appeared at the door and began speaking to her host. After a short exchange between the two guys, the younger one excused himself and told her how she could treat herself to anything she wanted for a meal. Which apparently included alcohol.

    The man, who her host introduced to her as Dan, then gave her some strange device, and showed her how she could order her food with the thing. When she looked up again, though, both of the guys were gone, and she was left alone in the room with only a few pieces of furniture around for company.

    “Prepaid, huh?” she murmured to herself as she pressed a few buttons to order a plate of lasagna. “Don’t people usually just pay up front, or pay later and then fall into debt? When did they come up with prepaid?” As she switched over to the beverages menu, her eyes homed in on the alcoholic drinks available. Curious as to what such things would taste like, she ordered a bottle of strong vodka, and a jug of apple juice, in case she ended up vomiting from getting drunk or something.

    Not a moment later, her meal arrived to her room, and the girl ravenously ate the entire lasagna in no less than five minutes. The vodka, though, took far longer for her to ingest. It was extremely strange; each sip felt like flames sliding down her throat or something. “Aww, and I just realized he never told me his name!” Lyn said loudly, before giggling and taking another swig of the beverage.

    Though it felt pleasant at first, Lyn ended up switching to the jug of juice before she was even finished with a quarter of the vodka. And she couldn’t even get halfway through that before she had to just sit back on her bed and just lie down for a few minutes. How people could enjoy sipping such disgusting things was beyond her, and far too soon she felt a pounding migraine on the side of her head.

    Feeling something rise up through her throat, Lyn quickly made a bowl of ice and threw up in it, retching a few more times to make sure all of it was out of her system. Hm, looks like alcohol also gave her less control over her powers, for the container was extremely lopsided. Luckily nothing dripped out of it, though. The girl disposed of the bowl out the window and ordered another meal, this time of pasta and orange juice, and ate considerably slower this time.

    Once she was done with her meal, the girl looked around the room and sighed sadly. A whole month now, and still no sign of her brother. She knew Jasper must’ve been extremely worried about her at this point, but Lyn wasn’t in any mood to go back and apologize for leaving him. If he wasn’t sorry, then neither was she. Taking another glance, she saw a small, rectangular item on the bedside cabinet, reflecting the glaring sunlight off directly into her eyes. Lyn quickly grabbed it, and saw that it was the room’s keycard. Another object seemed to have been lying next to it, and when she picked it up, she saw that it was the business card of some place. Schutzwald. What a strange name-

    Then she recalled the conversation her host and Dan had earlier. About finding some person there. She was sure that they hadn’t meant for her to hear their exchange, or for her to even consider following her host, but the prospect of adventure and finding some strange, possibly dangerous person was enticing. Perhaps after her bought with the pedophile she would’ve been more wary about making such a decision, but she wasn’t really one to learn from past mistakes.

    “I’ll be home soon,” she said to the empty room as she ran out of the open door, carefully closing it behind her before dashing to the elevator. She could still feel the heat from her host as he crossed this place, and she hoped that it would be enough for her to be able to find and follow him before he got too far.
  9. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    As he sat on that hastily upward spiralling monorail, gaze turned outward through rain glazed windows. The wind and the rain combined with beats of his heart danced out the waltz of his memorys turmoil. In the ten minutes that followed the smooth transit from one tower to another, the blue eyed bird of passage felt the girl's image and voice creep through his mind like some dearly departed apparition. He already knew he had to protect her, but why?

    Answers danced just out of reach, as obscure and elegant as neon blue light strips and digital red holograms that leapt into life about the buildings, the dancing light forms jittering in the rain. As the blanket of black stretched over the sky the lights and forming ice quickly became the only indication of the floors so high up from the withdrawn culture of the ground level they were practically beacons hanging in the sky. As the monorail drew to gentle halt and black doors faded away Karu swept up from the chair, banishing the three beats from his head and setting his mind to the tempo of who was waiting within.

    Confident stride lead through flooded precipice awaiting beyond the stairs before him. The open middle of the tower let the cold wind and downpour run through the oval arrangment of leisures and pleasures that formed the entertainment district. For the briefest moment the image of the innocent girl collapsing flooded his mind, the idea of some belligerent individual grinning in the darkness. The image and winding emotions seized him, binding his very soul in place.

    In the intervening time, the hotel owner had resourced a profile image. Dan knew Karu well enough, having travelled with him for a spat of time, even shared in some pains. The look that'd crossed his face was an unfamiliar one but the intent to ask little to no questions before administering whatever methodology game to mind was overly likely. Sending the image at roughly the time the monorail was due to arrive and turn about the comfortably living innkeeper was left hoping it would get there in time, lest the Schutzwald be destroyed altogether...

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