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Open Primitive Pokemon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Meepy, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. In a world, Untouched by anything, There were Humans, and Pokemon. These two types of creatures had worked together to survive, and without their pokemon being in captivity, they had developed strong bonds.
    Soon, they had started to use pokemon for things other than survival. They had trained the pokemon, never knowing they could obtain such power.
    Soon, many pokemon had only been used for fires, and they were only returned with food and water, Nothing such as affection, or love, None of it. Soon, the pokemon rebelled, Running off leaving with the humans to fend for themselves. Many died, from starvation, to dehydration, to being eaten by pokemon.

    Soon, humans were not the only meal. The pokemon had started eating each other, too. The land had become war, Humans against eachother sometimes.

    The land had been split into three divisions.
    Humans, who had only lived so long because of the pokemon, and without them, they are frail in hopeless. But something may arise from these poor creatures.

    The positive sign of pokemon, Many had joined this division of the forest because most of them didnt eat pokemon, and they didnt kill much, They enjoy fruits and vegetables, and are great at finding them, too.
    They're sign is a white circle, normally tattooed on the leg, stomach, or forehead.

    The negative side of pokemon, They had rebelled against the humans because of their lack of
    reward, These pokemon enjoy eating carcasses of other pokemon to stay healthy and strong, they dont know all of these fruits and vegetables in the forest, but they do eat a fair share of them.

    The discussion thread!
    http://pokecharms.com/threads/primitive-pokemon-discussion-thread.14182/ (Open - Primitive Pokemon Discussion thread!)

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