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Open Primal Whispers

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by ArashiQ7, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. All cats from the lake have perished. The four great clans dead and forgotten, there is only one hope. A hope that was the beginning of it all, a hope that once weak has grown strong, a hope that dwells...in the mountains. This is a warriors rp that takes place post-omen of the stars, in the mountains where the original cats (originated?) began. Rules: no cussing, be sure to read the general role play rule and follow them, keep things Teen and under, new thing: there will be three Healers and two Head Cats. The Head cats are as follows: Head of Hunting and Head of Hazards. Each Healer will have three lives. There will be a sign up sheet that will update as people fill the spots. The first person to ask for a spot gets it. Each person will get a limit of three ocs and 4 npcs. One person's ocs cannot have duplicate ranks, and any npc cannot be in an important rank. Finally, at the end of your character sheet, write any random shape to notify me that you've read the rules. Happy hunting!

    Here is the character creation template.



    Head of Hunting: Sun that brings good hunting (@ArashiQ7)
    Head of Hazards:
    Cave-guards: Hawk who defies wind (@Dave Strider), Night in the morning (@UmbreonEevee)
    Prey-hunters: Leaf that twists in breeze (@PeridotPikipek)
    Kit mothers:
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  2. Name: Sun that brings good hunting
    Gender: Tom
    Age: 34 moons
    Rank: Head of Hunting
    Mother: Cascade where water splits rock
    Father: Wing that lets bird fly (deceased)
    Mate/Crush(es): Open
    Mentor(s): Wing that lets bird fly, Mud that hides from prey
    To-be(s): N/A
    Appearance: Brown, Orange and Yellow tabby with Green eyes, small, muscled.
    Strength(s): Balance, aerial maneuvers, jumping, sound
    Weakness(es): swimming, sound, patience
    Personality: An overly quiet cat who is a great aerial hunter, but can't swim. He can hear far off things, but not unrealistically far. A cat who can balance on thin things, but his patience is not one of them. Loves to stargaze.
    Other: read the rules...
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  3. I don't really get this part of the sign-up.


    So, is this part for saying what your mentor is if you're a to-be? Or which to-be you're training if you're a mentor?
  4. Either your a to-be and you have a mentor, and in that case for to-be you would put N/A. Or your a cave-guarder, etc and you have had a mentor and maybe a to-be. Then, you would put the mentor you had and the to-be your training. If your not training a to-be, put none.
  5. Like an Appremtice? Is a to-be an Apprentice
  6. Thank you, that will help a lot
  7. Okay and you're very welcome :)
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  8. Although I added two new rankings.
  9. Oh, that makes sense.

    Name: Leaf that Twists in Breeze (Leaf)
    Gender: she~cat
    Age: around 24 moons
    Rank: prey~hunter
    Mother: N/A
    Father: N/A
    Crush(es): N/A
    Mentor(s): N/A
    To-be(s): N/A
    Kits(s): None
    Appearance: Brown tabby pelt and dark green eyes. White chest and belly.
    Strength(s): fast, and great at balancing and hiding.
    Weakness(es): Not as good a fighter or swimmer.
    Personality: friendly
    Other: cube
  10. I want at least 4 people, an then I'll make the rp.
  11. Eh. Why the fuck not?

    Name: Hawk who defies Wind (Hawk)
    Gender: Tom
    Age: 32 moons
    Rank: Cave-Guard
    Mother: N/A
    Father: N/A
    Mate/Crush(es): N/A
    Mentor(s): N/A
    To-be(s): N/A
    Kits(s): N/A
    Appearance: Is a large Tabby, with dark brown fur and black markings. He is very large, and healthy.
    Strength(s): He excels at hunting and fighting, as well as being very good at lie detecting.
    Weakness(es): Not many, but he does become overconfident and underestimate his enemies, but that's rare.
    Personality: Stubborn and strict, Hawk likes to follow the rules, and keep others in line. He becomes suspicious easily, and isn't afraid to confront anycat.
    Other: Pentagon
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  12. Name: Night in the Morning (Night)
    Gender: She cat
    Age: about twenty moons
    Rank: Cave-Gaurd
    Mother: N/A
    Father: N/A
    Crush/Mate: Hawk (crush)
    Mentor: N/A
    To-be(s): N/A
    Kits: N/A
    Appearance: Night is a black, sleek short hair with a slight bulky figure
    Strengths: Physically strong and she's good at fighting
    Weaknesses: Hunting
    Personality: Night is very quiet and shy though she is very nice. She will protect the Cave and the cats in it at any cost. She usually keeps to herself but she has sharp ears and hears most things. She is also very observant
    Other: Square
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  13. Name: Buzzard that calls in the night (Buzzard)
    Gender: Tom
    Age: 38 moons
    Rank: Healer
    Mother: N/A
    Father: N/A
    Crush/Mate: N/A
    Mentor: N/A
    To-be(s): N/A
    Kits: N/A
    Appearance: Insanely muscled black tom with amber eyes
    Strengths: Powerful, passionate, full of conviction
    Weaknesses: Overwhelming, overbearing
    Personality: Buzzard is an excellent healer and he knows his stuff. He is somewhat of a braggart, but either way, he will never give up.
    Other: Enneagram
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  14. Well, @ArashiQ7 you have your 4, not including yourself.
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  15. I know him IRL. Over the weekend, he's away from home, so it may not start until monday, unless he has a computer with him.
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  16. solitaire524

    solitaire524 Previously SamCats

    Name: Frost that Hides New Life (Frost)
    Gender: She-cat
    Age: 25 moons
    Rank: Healer
    Mother: Snow that Falls at Moonrise (Deceased)
    Father: Rain that Floods the Bank (Deceased)
    Mate/Crush: None
    Mentor: Branch of Newborn Tree (Retired)
    To-be: None
    Kits: None
    Appearance: Boop
    Strengths: Very wise, strong hind legs, long claws
    Weaknesses: Unable to swim, very irritable, blind in one eye
    Personality: She does her best to care for the cats around her and what she does, but the truth is she was forced to be a healer because she was seen as 'disabled'. Because of this, she is very irritable, and will snap at anyone who questions her. She has a soft spot for young cats, but anyone her age or older will get the full brunt of her anger. She can be emotional, however, most noticeably when unsure of what to do or unable to help a cat.
    Other: I like dodecagons
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