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Press Conference Reveals Incoming Pokémon Games for Switch

  1. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    DeaCoT8UwAAMCDA.jpg large.jpg

    Several hours ago, the Pokémon 2018 Video Game Press Conference was held in Tokyo, and officially revealed a great deal of new information concerning upcoming... well, Pokémon video games. And it was an eventful press conference alright - confirming some rumors, putting others into context, and revealing some exciting new things to look forward to.

    The full conference on the official Pokémon YouTube Channel.


    First announced was Pokémon Quest - a spinoff "free-to-start" (complete with micro-transactions as per any other game of its kind) action-RPG set on "Tumblecube Island", featuring Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto region given a new cube-based voxel style. The game seems to be focused on having teams of three Pokémon run around, explore, find treasures and put together ingredients to create new things in what is totally not an attempt to be Minecraft. Not at all. Pokémon Quest is available for the Nintendo Switch right now, and is to be released on mobile platforms later this year, probably in late June.

    Trailer for Pokéminecrafton Quest.

    The second announcement was a confirmation of the latest batch of rumours. Pokémon Let's Go! Pikachu and Pokémon Let's Go! Eevee have been confirmed as actual games - Nintendo Switch RPGs taking place in Kanto (again), inspired by Pokémon Yellow (because of course) and featuring Pikachu and Eevee as your Starter Pokémon (obviously). Mercifully, these two games are actually not the next main-series entries, but are rather spin-offs of their own right, heavily based on - and interconnected with - Pokémon Go.

    It is, in essence, a Pokémon Go Simulator But In Kanto™. The two games run on an engine fairly similar in looks to the Sun/Moon engine (though with a rather different looking battle engine) and have been confirmed to feature only the original 151 Pokémon found in Kanto (though apparently they may also contain their Alola forms). As in Go, Pokémon wander on the map, there are no wild battles (instead you hurl balls at Pokémon using your Joy-Cons) though trainer-battles appear to return. As in Go, there also appears to be some kind of an equivalent of the buddy system, as at least one Pokémon follows you around and it may be possible to even ride some of them.

    Multiple Switch accounts enable some form of multiple save files (one per profile) and the game features some rudimentary two-player multiplayer, allowing another player with another switch account to join in the game, engage in double battles with local NPCs (though to what degree are the battles like the main games or like Go is currently unknown) and co-operate in catching Pokémon by flinging Pokéballs at the same time. Go and Let's Go can interconnect, with certain things and Pokémon being transferable between the two. The Pikachu and Eevee starters (which appear to function as some kind of mascots and tend to hang to your character rather than actually having any much use in-game) have some customization options in the shape of optional outfits, though whether these are aesthetic only or not remains to be seen.


    Accompanying the release of Let's Go is a new peripheral (Bluetooth-powered and, naturally, sold separately, not unlike the Pokémon GO Plus) - the Pokéball Plus. Aside from being usable to catch Pokémon in the game itself (as an alternative to the Joy-Cons), you can upload a Pokémon from the game into the device and carry it around (apparently shaking it a bit while a Pokémon is inside it sounds said Pokémon's cry for Extra Immersion), and apparently "Good things may happen" if you do. The Pokéball Plus is said to also connect to Pokémon Go in some capacity - probably similar to the game itself connecting to it.

    Lastly, It has been announced that one brand-new Pokémon will be featured in Pokémon Let's Go!, though the identity of said Pokémon has not been confirmed. The internet appears to suspect a new Eeveelution, but nothing is confirmed - your guesses are as good as ours.

    Pokémon Let's Go! Pikachu and Pokémon Let's Go! Eevee are slated for release November 16, 2018.

    The Let's Go Reveal Trailer.

    Lastly it has been confirmed that an actual, bona-fide, honest-to-deities Main Series Pokémon game is indeed in development for the Nintendo Switch, and is slated for release in the second half of 2019. What manner of awesomeness it may bring? When are we to expect any news on something that isn't a spinoff? What is this mysterious all-new Pokémon to be first revealed in Let's Go? Any thoughts, wishes, or dashed hopes concerning these upcoming titles? Be sure to tell us in the comments!
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by StellarWind Elsydeon, May 30, 2018.

    1. FrostCrispz
      Why the hate for these games? It only Game...
      I mean, this doesn't strike me as main series, but I wouldn't mind them being main series. But this is a new, and well made from the trailer, game that does interest me according to playing. As in, how would you play on mobile mode of the switch and other aspects of the game. Along with who is the pokemon in the present???
    2. StellarWind Elsydeon
      StellarWind Elsydeon
      On a personal side note - as I am beyond not a fan of Go, have little interest in spinoffs, and now know that it will be forever and a half before any Pokémon news I actually want to hear will be revealed, I find the latest update to Pokémon Go itself to be exceptionally appropriate to describe my general feeling following this conference...
      x4 Literal Facepalms. x4 Literal Facepalms Everywhere.
    3. Aura
      @StellarWind Elsydeon Just quoting Serebii here.
      Anyway I should probably give my opinion on this game shouldn't I? I'm kinda neutral meh on this one. The integration with Pokemon Go seems kind of cool, and I do enjoy the experimentation but... I've gone through Kanto so many damn times that I'm just not that interested. I mean, did we really need another Kanto reskin, really? It would have been so much cooler if it was a sequel or something, I'd be hyped for that. This feels like just more Genwunner pandering more than anything. Although, considering my complete disappointment in USUM and the immense craving for old school Pokemon again that's created, maybe a remake is actually what I need (although given the game mechanics and general direction Pokemon games have been taking, I doubt it).

      Edit: Will add, I'm still going to play it. It's Pokemon, of course I'm going to play it.
      Last edited: May 30, 2018
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    4. SS-I Never
      SS-I Never
      If I'm being honest, I'm not too excited for the "Let's Go" games. Just seems like a ploy to get people playing Pokemon Go again as this game actually features what people wanted to see from Pokemon Go, which kind of annoys me because 1) you basically need to have a Switch if you want to enjoy the new features for Pokemon Go and 2) this is the stuff they promised for in the original Pokemon Go trailers, but they never implemented it on mobile devices.

      But what do I know? I don't have a Switch or Pokemon Go. This new game might be fun for those who do.
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    5. LokaMocha
      Man, I told myself I wasn't going to buy a Switch but now I guess I have to.
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    6. Localised
      i cant decide whenever i should get the pikachu version or the eevee, im kinda leaning on the eevee side

      but oof, i was trying to save my money for a new computer but i guess that wont be happening, im guessing the pokeball controller will cost 60$ or more considering how much normal switch accessories cost- the actual game will most likely cost maybe 70 or 80$
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    7. Mr.Munchlax
      The graphics & concept look amazing for these games, but I’m not sure if I’ll get it since I can’t afford a Switch & I’m not that fond of how they replaced wild battles with Pokémon Go mechanics since I struggle with catching pokémon that way as it is.

      As far as the secret surprise pokémon from the end of the trailer, I’m kind of hoping they’ll make Pikachu a branched evolution & end up adding Gorochu to the game
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    8. Teapot
      More nuanced and critical analysis later, I'm sure, but for now:

      I need it.
    9. TheStargazer
      I am Really Hyped... The Let's GO pokemon Games look much better than the actual Pokemon GO (Which was absolute garbage) (Especially since they finally added battling and the Joy con two player will be very fun to play with my brother or younger relatives (Let's hope Let's GO actually does everything they do in the trailer unlike the original...)

      My only disappointment is that as usual, we're stuck with the 151 originals... Could we do this in another region like Unova or Hoenn?
      Last edited: May 30, 2018
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    10. vaultie
      opinion time: I'm not even gonna bother getting this. Hearing the leaks, I was going to give it a chance, but after looking at the actual trailer it just looks like a dumbed down FRLG with forced mechanics. I'm not a little kid, or a casual, or a Genwunner, so this definitely isnt the game for me.

      I'll wait patiently then until 2019 when the real games come out, sounding more similar to XY and SM with a more familiar formula. The only positive thing I'm taking from Let's Go are the better textures and shaders (not the models, they look like something from ORAS), and following Pokemon.
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    11. EtherealHaze
      Yuck. Definitely not getting this one.
      I'm really sick of all Gen 1 pandering in the recent years, so when I saw we were getting ANOTHER a Kanto remake I was immediately turned off the game.
      The Pokémon GO integration makes it even worse too. I strongly dislike Pokémon GO, so seeing it infect other games in the franchise is very disappointing tbh.
      And lastly, what the hell is with that artstyle? It looks horrid. The models look really low quality as well. In fact that I'm positive that they're the same models from XY/SM. Talk about lazy...
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    12. sSoul
      Even if it's not in a main series game, people have been asking for the following system to return ever since HGSS introduced it, and now it has. I am personally excited because it isn't a remake, but rather it's own thing, I would buy it.
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    13. Mechanist Gamma
      Mechanist Gamma
      When I initially heard this game would be using Pokemon GO mechanics... I'll be honest, I was severely saddened. I thought "this is gonna be terrible". But... Now that I look at it more? I see this game as what Pokemon GO could have been. A story (because we know Team Rocket's there) and actual battles (we saw trainer battles and THANK GOD) are lacked features from GO that caused me to drop the game after less than three hours of playing it. From what I can tell you don't NEED to play GO to get the best experience with it, since you'll be able to catch Pokemon in the wild in-game. I miss the wild battles, but I guess the new catching formula COULD be fun.

      I think I'll be picking up Pokemon Let's Go! Eevee to try it out. This take on the games has potential, so it's up to Gamefreak to make it a good game instead of just a pandering cash-grab. Oh, but you can bet I'll be bringing the Pokeball Plus with me in public.

      What? No shame.
      Last edited: May 30, 2018
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    14. Sniperipheral
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    15. FrostCrispz
      I mean, there is alot of hate already for this, only a few hours after the trailer. Why?
      Gen 1 isn't the worst place to start, and with the idea that this is based years after normal Kanto, Kanto seems to be the one that needs the most improvement. With each game, new stuff is added, since gen 1 is, welp, gen 1, it has nothing really special about it.
      Also, the new play style. Quite a few of you said you didn't like the pokemon go side, while I would say it would be fun. We don't know the exact way this stuff will work, but Pokemon is giving it a new and more interactive way to catch pokemon. (Also, I want to see a randomizer of this game...)
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    16. Mockingchu
      I have to say, these games look a lot of fun. Having never actually completed a run of Kanto (I get bored with the pixel-y graphics by the second gym), I'd love to run through with Pokemon being able to follow me. I would also be super hyped for another Eeveelution, because Eevees are kinda fantastic.
      But the greatest thing about these games is the fact that Lets Go! Pikachu/Eevee have co-op mode! I don't have a Switch, nor could I manage to get one. However, one of my best friends does, and he also loves Pokemon so... I may be in luck!
      As for Pokemon Quest, which no one seems to be talking about, I may have to snatch it up when it comes out on Mobile. Or maybe not, who knows. I need more information about it, which I'm sure there'll be by the time it's released for Mobile.
    17. Keleri
      I'm wary due to the PoGo implementation; I've put a lot of hours (and kilometers) into Pokemon Go and it's... just really not a very good game. That said I might end up putting on my hockey pads and getting ready to step on someone's throat for a Pokeball Plus at gamestop, so. I really like Buddy Pokemon.
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    18. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      As I watched the Let's Go trailer live last night, I was filled with increasing dread over how much nope this made me feel. The negatives far outweighed anything good about the games I could find. Then I found out this was not a main series game and a huge wave of relief washed over me. Pokemon hadn't completely jumped the Sharpedo! There was still a real main series game in development worthy of being called a Pokemon game. So I was able to rewatch the trailer with new eyes and lower expectations and determined maybe. I'm not fully sold on anything about Let's Go yet and as I don't own a Switch nor a smart phone to play Pokemon Go on, I have no reason to get this game. However if the trailers over the next six months catch my interest enough, then a Switch and Let's Go may just make worthy Christmas presents. Naturally I'll get Let's Go Eevee because I find it a hell of a lot easier to justify not evolving Eevee then I do not evolving Pikachu.
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    19. E.K.A.N.S.
      Aw, I knew it. I was watching something on YouTube speculating about the upcoming Switch games the other day and it said that Pokémon has always been a handheld franchise than emphasizes portability, which is why core-series games have never been brought to the console. And that hasn't changed as of now. I was expecting something big and beautiful like the Legend of Zelda but we got primitive cubes...
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    20. Mr Fishykarp
      Mr Fishykarp
      I might be a bit biased myself, but at 2:36 in the Let's Go trailer, it shows a Magikarp leaping really really high, and I'm hoping that's some kind of Magikarpium-Z move. It definitely looks like an attack, especially with the way it zooms really quickly down to earth near the end of that segment.
      Here's hoping for some Magikarp Jump integration at the very least, that'd be great
    21. Darth Binks
      Darth Binks
      This edit made my day
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    22. SageNeb
      I’ll take this right away. I’m hyped.
      Watch it just be new version of splash lmfao
    23. Mr Fishykarp
      Mr Fishykarp
    24. Darth Binks
      Darth Binks
      It should be an unavoidable OHKO move...
      And here's to hoping they bring all the magikarp patterns over too.
    25. SummerShaymin
      Opinion of mine:
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    26. E.K.A.N.S.
      Lmao I'm trippin, I posted before reading the stuff about the core-series game on the Switch coming in 2019. That looks absolutely amazing, can't say the same about Pokécraft though! Oh and just an observation, 0:59 to 1:30 of the first video sounds like a sped-up version of Cocona Village music from Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs, who agrees?
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    27. 13InHeaven
      I had never expected it, but thanks to the compatibility to pokemon go, my parents have started talking about the switch. If they get one, i’m going to explode.
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    28. Vaporeonn
      Gonna be honest, the only reason I'm glad it's Kanto is because every previous Kanto game didn't age well. (Gen 1 is fun bc of how broken it is, though). Frlg was always... Meh to me. I'm not too excited since I don't like the catching mechanism, but I like the way Kanto looks in 3D. The only thing I really care about is Pokemon following you, and if they implement that into the core series again I'll be over the moon happy. That's the only reason why I might buy a switch gahah. I'll see after actual gameplay, of course. If it's just same story Kanto then yikes. But if it's changed up a bit, I'm curious to see what it's like.
    29. domidink
      Man, people are being really harsh on these games. I, for one, am looking forward to Let's Go. Not as much as the mainline 2019 games of course, but these two look harmless and fun enough.
    30. Grand Master Koop
      Grand Master Koop
      *Looks at Pokémon Quest* They shut down Pixelmon for this?
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    31. Le Marsouin
      Le Marsouin
      *Chiral Charmander sits on his fireproof chair after lighting several candles with his tail*

      The graphics do look great, but my scale for this game is already broken off on the left side to begin with after realizing what GF had in store.

      As others have stated already, the fact that the game was amalgamated with Pokémon Go and taking place in Kanto had already destroyed my hope for grabbing this game.

      I already understand that the game is directed more towards the casual audience after realizing that over half of the core features were wiped out of this game.

      Honestly, I feel like the difficulty scale is like a Topegi fighting against the UB Stinger while having a special item granting capped damage capabilities.
    32. What Did You Do To Snoke?
      What Did You Do To Snoke?
      Okay, the hate for this game NEEDS to STOP. The games haven't been even released yet. You're just worried because it was in a rumour that you thought with your opinion that the rumour was wrong. Well guess what, I told you Pixelpar and Ruffledrowlit were right all along and this has been a thing for MONTHS, so why weren't you windging then? This is big. It's better for me since i dont know too many people who play pokemon and this is essentially a game that is being marketed to people who have only played the first games or just Pokemon Go-ordinary people, who aren't used to playing pokemon. Where I live in the UK, I dont even one person of my age who plays Pokemon, so this will be good for me.
    33. Aura
      @Glûk the Bard Uhhhhh so what rumour and opinion are you arguing against? I can't understand the point you're trying to make without it.
    34. What Did You Do To Snoke?
      What Did You Do To Snoke?
      Pixelpar hints, which are now 100% correct, some rumours people have circulated originally, Emily Rodgers etc.
    35. 007JamesCreeper
      I disagree that gen 1 has nothing really special about it, You know, It's the FIRST REGION, And I'm no gen wunner, In fact, I'm kind of anti-gen 1, I just wish they could give other regions some love, and the switch has TONS of power, so doing this in freakin JOHTO even, wouldn't be the worst thing, and even if that takes a long time, ATLEAST add a few pokemon from future generations. (Which they might do, seeing that you can transfer pokemon from GO to Lets go) I see why all the hate is coming, but I'm still gonna get this game, it looks pretty fun
      and no this isn't a hate comment just me saying WHY it's hated quite a bit. seeing as all the gen 1 pokemon already get shit loads of love.

      Actually, with the technic launcher, (And probably shit loads more launchers) You can still play pixelmon modpacks, but yes, they did (I love pokemon quest but they shut down pixelmon for it so. What the fuck?)

      MY opinion on these games: Pokemon let's GO!: I've never actually played HGSS, But I loved the idea of follow Pokemon, Them returning might just be the gifts from heaven on GF's part, I can't wait for lets go, And I'm probably getting lets go Pikachu, since Eevee gets so much love already.
      Pokemon Quest: Jesus Christ that game is ADDICTING, I hate how you have to purchase DLC to get multiple cooking pots, But thats just life, The game is fun, But it's not super easy, but not incredibly hard, Even if you get stuck, You can still get back into it by cooking, and getting more Pokemon to come, Every day you get free PM tickets, You're battery will be charged, and you get a free Pokemon, I think it's great because when you're stuck, You can eventually move on and progress in the game (I'm currently kinda stuck right now ;-; )

      Anyways, While I'm not a fan of the Gen 1 remakes for Lets Go, Since you know, I don't like the Pokemon go catching mechanics, And over all anti-gen 1 (I like some of the Pokemon) because most of the Pokemon are overrated, The games get way too much praise, and I can't play through that dull, pixely, boring, Gen 1 game known as red.

      tbh pokemon quest is probably better then lets go but I'm still hyped for both games (even tho quest is already out) Shit, I should go play that. James out.
      Last edited by a moderator: Jun 22, 2018
    36. FrostCrispz
      What I meant about 'nothing special' is that it was the baseline of pokemon. Ruby/Sapphire had their new region with contests. HGSS had pokemon FOLLOWING YOU. DPP had the underground along with a well made storyline. XY had some of the first 3d implements to it, along with AMAZING detail in small spots, not to mention Mega pokemon. SM had trials. USUM had ultra wormholes. They both had Alolan forms and Ultra Beasts. To those, Gen 1 had nothing. This revisit is giving Kanto the new catching mechanic, riding certain pokemon, in-game mutiplayer, battle revolution style battle graphics, and tons more including connecting with pokemon Go.
    37. 007JamesCreeper
      Oh, I see what you mean now.

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