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Private/Closed Premier Gym challenge!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Nebula-Newt, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. "Locke can you stop messing around over there and come help me greet the challenger?"

    The slightly agitated request rang out across Shoran city's harbour, originating from a young lady in a dark grey uniform, her sleek magenta hair pulled back into a ponytail. The uniform somewhat resembled that of an air stewardess, minus the hat and with the addition of beret. The odd choice of clothing did leave her standing out like a sore thumb against the rather unremarkable harbour but considering what she was here to do that was actually rather a good thing. As the logo on her lapel would tell you she worked for the Premier Gym challenge, and was in fact tasked with the job of welcoming each new challenger here on Cytabelle island. It was a role she actually greatly enjoyed, the variety in trainers who attempted to best those who have gathered on these islands was truly astounding.

    Locke, a Klefki who has previously been eyeing up a rather shiny looking set of keys dangling from the waist of a passing sailor had reluctantly given up on his chance to acquire them and re-joined his trainer floating dutifully above her shoulder, his keys jingling softly as the sea breeze blew past them. Now that the two were together again they were ready to accept the new challenger, the first to come this way in a while actually. And just in time as well. A sleekly designed white ferry had just docked beside them, the logo on its side a perfect, abet scaled up version of the ones they were both wearing. The boarding ramp slid open smoothly, controlled by state of the art mechanism and out strolled the captain of the ferry, a rather plump looking elderly man who's sun bronzed face was almost entirely taken up by a curly white beard. He nodded a greeting at the two of them before steeping aside, familiar with them after doing this job for years. It was then that a figure stepped off the boat, and considering that this vessel was only used for Premier challenge business it could only be one person.

    "Greetings challenger, my name is Katie and this here is Locke. We will be your guides to the Premier Gym challenge, here is your welcome package." Katie said with a smile, holding out a small bundle of papers to the trainer.

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  2. Klein arrived precisely thirty minutes before his embarking time, not wanting to miss out on a brief opportunity for breakfast first. He had done some brief research the night before and had found a nice cafe next to where the ship would be docked. After getting a quick bite to eat and grabbing a small disposable coffe cup in hand, he headed off to the pier to finally head off to his next great adventure.

    "I'm flattered by the amount of hospitality I'm already receiving, I'm nothing special really! Still, it's nice to meet you Katie, and of course you too Locke", as he graciously accepted the welcome package, balancing the pile of papers under his arm as he adjusted the coffee in his hand. "Well, shall we?"
  3. " Its no trouble at all Klein, we treat all of our challengers with the same level of respect and care no matter what background they come from. People come from all around the world to meet us after all so we have to make the trip worth your time. Although I'm sure after meeting our leaders you'll know that we mean business." Katie replied with a professional yet warm smile as she began to walk towards town and away from the hustle and bustle of the docks, pausing only to wave goodbye to the ship's captain.

    "So if you dont mind I'd like to just walk you through your welcome package. Enclosed you'll find map's for each of the 8 island's you'll be visiting, a rulebook to remind you of the terms and conditions you agreed to before coming here and your challenger ID card which you mustn't lose, it allows you free residency at a number of inns and hotels here as well as giving you a discount at every restaurant." Katie explained, mentally running through the contents of the welcome package in her mind as they walked, something she knew by heart at this point. Locke floated at eye level besides the pair as they made their way in to town, intrigued by the new trainer and the possibility of a foreign key to add to his collection. Sadly for the little fairy type he was yet to spot one.

    A red roofed building that any trainer would recognise suddenly came into view as Katie led the group through a back alley and into a wider area full of houses. This was the first and last stop of their tour guide, a familiar sight to calm any trainers nerves. Katie stopped just outside the doors of the structure, turning to Klein so that she could finish the remainder of her tour guide spiel in her usual calm demeanour.

    "This is Shoran city's Pokémon centre, and I'm afraid this is where I'll be leaving you for now. One of the Gym staff should be along soon enough to take you to your first battle. Best of luck, I'll be waiting outside the gym for you regardless if you win or lose."

    And with that the duo left, Locke jauntily waving one of his keys before they vanished into the crowds that were milling around the streets.
  4. "Huh, they disappeared quickly, ah well might as well go inside to wait for this gym staff person to come and summon me," Klein shrugged as he walked into the Pokémon Center, opting to chill out at one of the many non-occupied tables.

    "They kinda just threw me into this, not even on the island for a hour and I'm already am facing the first gym, what gym is it anyway?"

    Pulling out one of the many papers he received, he chuckled to himself as he found out he was facing Frey, an Ice type leader.

    "Well, it's Snowpoint Gym all over again!"
  5. Steven, a gym staff member charged with bringing people to Frey's island walked up soon enough to hear Klein's last comment. "It's not exactly that easy. When I faced him, I lost pretty badly." He said honestly. Holding a jacket in his left hand, Steven tossed it to Klein. "I'm Steven, and your gonna need that." Steven pointed outside to a ship. "Join me there when your ready."

    One of the few attendees on Frey's island walked down to the cavern Frey stayed at. "You have a battle later tonight." She said quite quietly. The low voice echoed around the cavern even though she spoke quietly. Frey slowly looked up from his chair in the center of a lake. "Thank you, we will be preparing." He said shooing her off. Nobody is supposed to be around when he trains. It was one of his rules, you only watch his battles if your against him. "Please leave us."
  6. While there was no need to be cocky, Klein personally believed that a little self confidence couldn't go wrong either. "I'll leave it to him to show me. Anyhow, I'm ready to go now, so I'll accompany you there."

    Klein stood up and put up the complementary jacket over his dress shirt before gesturing towards the boat. "I'm saying this way too often, but shall we head off?"
  7. Steven shrugged as he powered up his boat's engine. "Well, it would be around 6 when we reach the island, so it will be about 6 hours until prime battle time." He said looking at the sun's position. "Just a friendly tip, nothing important, but the night means nothing to the battle. Frey just wants to make sure every memory of the battle lives on in you. You'll see what I mean." The Staff member said. "Remember, once you make it there, you can't return until either you lost or won."
  8. Roughly Six Hours Later

    Finally, it was ten minutes before midnight, and he had finally arrived at the clearing before the cave. He had elected to allow his Pokémon (and himself) one final chance at the comfort of sleep before arriving, leaving him and his team energized and ready to get rolling.

    "No holding back now, no surrender, no retreat. Let's do this."


    Klein had been going roughly eight minutes in, taking a few wrong turns, before coming to the exit of the cave system. With only the moon to light what was to become his first battlefield in this intense challenge, he stopped as he took the time to appreciate the serene environment the moonlight and the ice created.

    "Definitely a bigger budget than Snowpoint, absolutely for sure. Wonder if they're still hiring... No matter, this is just a scare tactic, or a distraction. Naturally his team will hold the upper hand in this environment, and he seems to be at least capable of garnering enough respect for recognition... This might be slightly more of a challenge than I anticipated." Klein said with a smile as he began to charge the remaining distance, "Let's go."
  9. Frey sat down on a chair made of ice on the far side of the cavern. All around the cavern are these pale blue crystals mixed with ice hanging around the area. As the moon's light caught the crystals, a pale blue glow covered the battlefield of ice. To his left is a lake with water of the colour of the crystals. "So, your here?" He asked the person entering. "Let me introduce myself, I am Frey, your first battle." With that, Frey got out of his chair, waving his opponent over.
  10. Klein immediately began to analyze the situation at hand. If Frey was to be his first enemy on the battlefield, then it would be advantageous to know his opponent. The chair of ice was like a throne, and the glacier his kingdom. Combine this with the fact that Frey specifically requested him to come at night in order for it to be a more memorable experience, leading Klein to come to the assumption that Frey would be driven by pride into providing a specter of a battle, and that if Klein was correct, then he could use his assumed showmanship against him. Then again, the best way to find out a person's character is to interact with them, and in this case, battle them.

    "You claim yourself as my first opponent, and I get the fact that you are referencing this specific gym challenge, however - no offense - you're just one of the many first opponents I have faced. Hopefully though, you'll be one of the first people to surprise me. Now, for what seems like the millionth time in the last day, shall we begin?"
  11. Frey slowly began to grin at his opponents words. This guy might actually have some skill. He thought to himself. Refusing to let Klein have any recognition of that, Frey turned his slight grin back to a straight face. Uncliping one of his custom pokeballs, a light blue pokeball with a snowflake on it, a Frost ball, Frey tossed it out onto the natural field. The ball erupted into a bright ball of icy mist as Weavile, who landed on his feet and one claw, the other hung into the air. His claws caught the ice preventing any sliding on the slick surface.
    "Yes, I agree. Let's get this battle started!" Frey called across the field in a loud booming voice that had almost no similarities to his previous self. Keep his opponent guessing at all times, something he learned years ago.
  12. Excellent, Klein thought to himself as he grabbed his first Pokémon, even with a complete personality change, he was still dedicated to the spectacle of it all.

    "Garchomp, the time for action has come," Klein called out as he summoned his first Pokémon. "I'll take the liberty of taking the first move! Garchomp, use Sandstorm Alpha!"

    "Gar-Chooomp!" The dragon cried out as it sent out a massive wave of earthen particles across the battlefield, quickly covering the area and making it hard to see. Garchomp then shot into the maelstrom in the pattern his trainer directed, becoming near invisible.
  13. Frey slowly, but surely, began to understand his opponent's strategy. Use Sandstorm as a disguise. He just doesn't know about Weavile's extremely good vision. Frey pulled himself back into the world.

    "Weavile, watch yourself. Agility!" Frey called out while placing his right hand under his chin in a thinking position. Weavile started to skate from side to side in the sandstorm, taking a little damage from the sand, gaining speed as he does so. As he does so, Frey called out, "Eyes open!" Weavile started to watch the surrounding area for a shadow in the storm.
  14. Klein chuckled to himself as he processed what was happening. Weavile used agility and from the sound of it Frey expected a dead on attack; an attack that wouldn't necessarily come to take place. "Garchomp, abandon Alpha movement and launch Stealth Rock Proto!"

    Garchomp's eyes contained a light pink aura as he summoned eight levitating stones that would damage each new opponent that would be called out. Garchomp then began to move, going deeper into the sandstorm.
  15. Frey watched as his opponent began to set up on his team. So, that's two of four. He probably has Dragon Claw. Either that, or Dragon Rush. But Weavile can dodge that. Frey quickly scanned the battlefield. As he looked around, a sudden flaw came up to him. His eyes slowly trailed upwards to the cavern walls.

    "Weavile, dash to the wall!" Frey called out to his pokemon. Weavile understood exactly. She turned, using her claws to grip against the ice floor. Being speed enhanced, the ice type raced quickly across the battlefield to the cliff wall and scaled it quickly.

    Frey watched his pokemon's work admirably. Now we have the advantage. He has to come out of the heart of the sandstorm to come play now. Not much he can do, except for come on up to play. Frey slowly took on a grin. This might actually force him to think. Unless his Garchomp uses special...
  16. "Garchomp, they just made a critical mistake! Fly up there and use mud shot!"

    A rather interesting thing about Garchomps was their rather unknown ability to fly at sonic speeds, flying so fast that they could fell entire trees with a normal wing. While Weavile may be much faster with both Pokémon on the ground, when Garchomp was in the sky the tables would shift.
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  17. Frey crooked his head. Critical mistake? He thought to himself. Just cause it can fly, that thing can't beat Weavile.
    "Don't let up, Agility!" Frey called out, waiting for the now flying dragon to attack. Weavile lept from one part to another from the cave wall. "Ice Shard across the ground!" He called out, and Weavile launched out a series of ice shards across the ground so that if Garchomp ever landed on the ground, the shards would hurt it.
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