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Predictions/Hopes for evolved forms of existing Pokemon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Toastie, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. So, with Gen VI being announced recently, I thought it would be a good time to post this topic. The question is simple: as Gen VI has older Pokemon in its regional Pokedex, one would expect Game Freak to introduce evolutions or pre-evolutions of some of those Pokemon. You can list which Pokemon you think will get evolved forms, or which ones you'd like to get evolutions! Here are my thoughts.

    What I'd Like:

    Dunsparce [Normal]

    Out of every Pokemon discovered so far, Dunsparce perhaps deserves an evolution the most. Gen II and III were guilty of introducing a tonne of Pokemon that have weak stats and don't evolve. Dunsparce, despite having a cool design and a lot of potential, has been largely forgotten.

    I'd love to see a Normal/Dragon evolution that was a massive snake-dragon thing. Dunsparce seem to be dying off, what with their 1% encounter rate in Johto. It's time for this guy to finally get the recognition he craves.

    Corsola [Water/Rock]

    Similar to Dunsparce, Corsola is a Pokemon without any evolutions or good stats. There aren't really any Pokemon like it, and I think it has a lot of potential, particularly as the ocean often lacks variety in Pokemon games.

    Mawile [Steel]

    Yet another unevolved Pokemon with a 380 base stat total. Also another one that deserves an evolution. Mawile has a really cool concept, and something similar to Parasect where the attached part (in this case the maw) took over the actual Pokemon would be bloody creepy to encounter in a cave. Perhaps our first Steel/Ghost?

    Banette [Ghost]

    It always baffled me that Dusclops gained an evolution in Gen IV, but Banette didn't, as I'd always though of them as counterparts. Some sort of Marionette would be really cool, and I could see a Ghost/Normal typing working for it.

    Castform [Normal]

    Game Freak Employee: "Hey, I know. Let's introduce a Pokemon with a really cool concept which could be fantastic in any weather-orientated team, and then give it crappy stats and no evolutions."

    Other Game Freak Employee: "Sounds good."

    Castform has SO much potential to have a pure Flying type evolution it's ridiculous. It's pure cloud. I like Tornadus, but I want a non-Legendary pure Flying type.

    Farfetch'd, Delibird and Chatot (AKA The Novelty Birds) [Normal/Flying], [Ice/Flying] and [Normal/Flying]

    What do these three Pokemon all have in common? Answer: they're all based on birds and were introduced as part of a gimmick. Farfetch'd is there to be hunted nearly to extinction because it tastes nice, so the player is forced to trade for one with an NPC. Delibird is there to be Christmas-y. Chatot is there so that you can Mic-Spam. Also, all three deserve Evolutions.

    An evolution of Farfetch'd could easily pull of Fighting/Flying, bashing Pokemon over the heads with its leak. Delibird's evolution could be the first good Ice/Flying type since Articuno, and the first one that isn't Legendary. Chatot's evolution...well it could look nice, although I can't think of an interesting type combination that would suit it.

    What will actually happen:

    Stunfisk [Ground/Electric]

    Stunfisk is going to get an evolution. It's just biding its time. And when it does, it swears to God, it's going to kill you all.
  2. [​IMG]

    I think Lanturn definitely needs to evolve. I mean, he has a very unique typing, and I see a lot of potential for him if he would evolve.


    This guy too. Seriously, this guy could do some major damage with his typing if he were just given better stats.


    Personal preference, really, but I wish this guy got more attention.

    Now, what'll probably happen is this:




    Will probably get a connector evolution, similar to how Generation IV gave Roselia Budew as its pre evo and Roserade as its evolution. My reasoning? Just look at them. Those two are related in some way, I know it.
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  3. I agree with all of the above.

    I'd also like to see something involving Solrock and Lunatone... I'm biased, so what? :D
  4. Solrock and Lunatone should most definitely get evolutions. I also agree with Sandslash and Banette- that would probably look very nice ^^
  5. I think some Pokemon I would like to see that haven't been mentioned are

  6. Oh thats an interesting point.

    Asides Mystery Dungeon, I think Chimecho and Spinda are VERY underlooked Pokemon. Most definitely have potential for them to do evolutionary thingies!
  7. I would really like to see a girafarig evolution as I personally think the normal/psychic typing is awesome. Apart from that the ones I want to see evolutions for the most are farfetch'd, corsola, quilfish and of course dunsparce. In all honesty I would be happy to see evolutions of all pokemon mentioned in this thread as they are definitely deserving of them, however I would be pretty surprised if any more than couple actually make it into the new dex.
  8. I would just like to point out that Girafarig is a Psychic/Dark-type Pokemon.

    Also, I would like to see some pre-egos for some Pokemon such as Skarmory and Delibird. As for evos, you have already covered what I would've liked to see them for. I am hoping that Farfetch'd will get a Fighting/Flying evo, and that Castform will at the very least get a Ground-Type form for sandstorms, if not an evo.
  9. Actually Zekrom, SpaceLion is right it is Normal/Psychic I know because I've raised one and we haven't had a Psychic/Dark type
  10. False. Please check your facts ^^ SpaceLion is indeed correct.

    Edit: The only Psychic-Dark is actually an actor: Link
  11. This confused me immensely until I discovered that it is from BW2, which I haven't played.
  12. Although this could happen, it's important to remember that Game Freak deliberately reused a lot of animals for Gen V's Pokémon. That being said, few looked like evolutions, as most just seemed like different formes or something.
  13. I don't really see Alomomola and Luvdisc being related anymore. Their roles are too different from one another. Alomomola's a bulky support type while Luvdisc is a gimmicky sweeper. Their movepools are also massively different.

    I don't see a necessity for Luvdisc to evolve either. There are simply too many water type Pokemon out there already and most if not all of them are better at the role then it is.

    As for me, I'd like to see Durant getting an evolution. I would say the same for Heatmor, but I don't see how they can make it any weirder than it already is. On the other hand, it's kinda bugged me that Durant doesn't have a Queen Ant evolution like Vespiquen. Given what a monster Durant already is, it's evolution would make it even better, and possibly even a contender for Scizor.
  14. I still think they are related somehow :p Maybe not through evolution...perhaps DNA is involved? :D *shot* I know I may seem insane for thinking so, but the overall shape and color just bothers me that they aren't related in some way...

    And the other day I was looking at Aerodactyl. I know it's a pretty solid Pokemon already, but I still think that there's something...missing with it. I'm just saying, if they can give evolutions for Pokemon like Rhydon, I think this guy could get a dragon evolution, though that's just my opinion.

    Also another quick one to mention might be Audino. Since it is basically Unova's Chansey, I see no reason why it couldn't have an evolution, as a matter of fact I place my money that some day it will, even if it isn't this generation.
  15. Linkachu

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    My thoughts exactly, although considering that Lickitung, Rhydon, and others gained evolutions I'm sure that something like Heatmor could as well. It just doesn't lend itself to an additional form as easily as Durant does.

    Others I'd like to see evolve include Girafarig, Mawile, and maybe Torkoal. Torkoal is a harder sell than the other two because its stats really aren't that bad, but I feel that all three of them could use more love and lend themselves to potential evolutions - especially Mawile.
  16. Torkoal shares its base stats with only fully evolved Pokémon, so I find it unlikely that it would get an evolution. I'd really like to see an evolution of Girfarig though. It has a lot of potential to be the first Dark/Psychic type - perhaps if its tail 'took over' and the giraffe part became the tail instead?
  17. What about Electrode or Delcatty. Delcatty needs a boost to stop it from being probably one of the worst Pokemon in the game. I see Magnemite as the counterpart to Voltorb and that line got Magnezone. I think Electrode has always been in bigger need of an evolution than Magneton.
  18. What would an Electrode evo look like? An even bigger sphere with the left half white and the right half red? :?

    I think that Torkoal should have a pre-evo, because it's stats are decent already.

    As for others, I'd like some Gen II eves for Pokemon such as Stantler. I do not know about its stats, but I'm interested in how they would make Stantler into a more powerful form. All the others have been said, although I would like some pre-evos for Pokemon such as Lapras.
  19. I just had an idea how about an Electrode snowman and make it Electric/Ice xD
  20. Me, being the rodent nut, want a Watchog evolution that makes it more gerbilly.

    Now, with the selfish wishes aside, I think Girafarig could use a prevolution--well, two, one for each end. The evolution mechanic would have to do something with them leveling up whilst being in the same party, combining the two.

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