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Open Praying for Food

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Blotch'd, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    "You hungry for another one? To bad...There is no seconds for YOU on the Maw. In fact...You ARE our second course! Here. Lye down and enjoy yourself on the maw. On a meat skewer, that is...And enjoy that meat I have given you...

    Welcome to a Little Nightmares roleplay! Here are a few ground rules.

    -Pokecharm rules.
    -Stick to your characters personality: Most character personality's are set in stone.
    -You can't just DODGE everything. You can narrowly escape or die, based on if you have one or more people.
    -If your a Maw employee there's one thing to do: NEVER SPARE THE HUMANS. The employee's and passengers don't let the little children go.
    -if your easily disturbed, or underage, I wouldn't put in a application or character choice request.
    -Have some fun! Even if you will get out of the Maw one way or another.

    Nickname (Optional):
    Race: (Passenger 'Basically the species people on the Maw are', Leech, Human, ect)
    Job (If 'Passenger' species):
    Backstory (Optional. But it would be a wonder to know a characters backstory.):
    Other: (Info that doesn't fit anywhere else? Put it heeeeerrreeee!):

    Janitor: @Ghostly Jazz Hand's
    'Unknown Child' (Named Seven by fans):
    The Ferryman (From Comic):
    The Lady:
    Five (From Comic):

    Fan characters:
    Maw passengers:

    The janitor had started to drag the dead kid around the Maw, and slid it under the door of the Kitchen. He then quickly retreated to his lair, waiting for the other kids to arrive. He had to admit, being blind had disadvantages. At least he wasn't death, however. He heard perfectly fine, making it slightly easier to catch the little rascals before they escaped. "'At least this job's paying." he thought, looking at a old doll. he sighed and then started mopping the floor.

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