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Ask to Join Powerless (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by E.K.A.N.S., Jun 5, 2018.


What should the new name be?

  1. Demonkin

    1 vote(s)
  2. The wicked ones

    1 vote(s)
  3. Calderons

    0 vote(s)
  4. Aberrants

    10 vote(s)
  5. Obscrians

    0 vote(s)
  6. Kotonaru

    1 vote(s)
  7. Deviants

    2 vote(s)
  8. Elementals (keep as is)

    2 vote(s)
  1. I’m soooooo sorry, I’ve been traveling to see different colleges and I wasn’t able to add anything. Please forgive me!

    Also, if this happens for more then a day again, feel free to designate someone to auto Magnus.

    Another thing, thanks Top Smug for waiting for me, I’m going to wait until your next post to respond though, as there wasn’t a direct action taken towards Magnus.
    #201 Semper Iuvenis, Jul 1, 2018
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  2. @E.K.A.N.S.
    I've been following the RP and I've been just kinda waiting for a good opportunity to get my char into the RP or waiting for the fight to calm down...
    Sorry for not being so active in this RP:'|
  3. You already put Chase getting out of the inn, remember? Right here:
    Claro isn't the king of the evil people lol. He's just one of their knights and burning down the inn is his method of luring out Neta. @Mystic Zander is RPing Osiris who leads the Blood Knights and is waiting to introduce him.

    As for your second question, maybe Neta or Claro? They're the only characters I'm controlling at the moment. Or, a group of people I'll introduce later in the RP. Not telling you who they are yet because I like to keep you guys guessing. As for how they'll find out, I can't even answer that because it's impossible to know specific plot details like this when your RP has barely started.

    "Code this: If you can read this, you are genius"
    That's your choice dude, but Claro did kinda send Parker flying at you (though I wrote it so it's not a confirmed hit or else I'd be forcing it) like a giant projectile so that could be interpreted as a direct attack. I know calling Parker a projectile is dehumanizing; I like Parker a lot and so does Neta but... I don't even know how to finish this sentence.

    And hey don't worry about it, we've all got lives.
    Don't worry too. That's what you're supposed to do and I'll tag you if there's a good opportunity, or feel free to jump in when you see one yourself.
    #203 E.K.A.N.S., Jul 1, 2018
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  4. I was going to end the fight but Parker just went Super Saiyan 2 so I'll keep it up for a post or two. I also just noticed that Claro and Parker are polar opposites; my guy screams, but yours almost never does even if he opens his mouth in the most excruciating pain.

    Claro: No Urias, I'M the Demon Slayer and I will slay this demon!
  5. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    I went Super Saiyan 2 in an attempt to end the fight, but sure a couple more posts won't hurt.
  6. It will hurt... for our characters that is
  7. Thanks for the update on Easen @Spoiled Bread , also thanks for responding and bringing this back to the top of the board so it stays hot, though poor Urias gets hit in the head a lot
    #207 E.K.A.N.S., Jul 4, 2018
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  8. Urias need to learn things the hard way. I still have Urias'(the last post is not hers) and Harmonia's conclusion post. But i intentionally separate it so I can bump the thread.
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  9. I auto Magnus for a split second in my recent post @Semper Iuvenis but you've been gone for over 2 days and you gave permission.

    Also @Top_Smug_ , just out of curiosity, is Parker, um, shirtless when he reverts back to his original self?
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  10. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Ohohoho~ Why do you wanna know?
  11. Well, this should be a good time for Sky to slide in. I'll get a post up once I figure out wtf I'm gonna write
  12. Ok.. so I'll be away for about 4 days and not hop in during that time. I'll post here something when I get back.
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  13. @Sky5372 From this post it sounds like you think the fight scene with Parker and the one with Neta and the kids are in the same place, but Neta is actually a bit farther off because Magnus moved her to another building when she was hit with an arrow. Pay attention to distance in this RP. They're two different places so unless Sky has eyes like a frog and can see really far on both sides he wouldn't spot Neta and Parker from one location (he could if he were in the air, but you said he sprinted over)

    That aside welcome to Pless.
    Neta's gonna bury her head in Parker's chest either way <.>

    Even if he's shirtless or still in demon form and hurts her
  14. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    I wouldn't say shirtless, torn up a bit probably.
  15. @Sky5372 Got a question. Sky can hold his broadswords to the children's throats but produce constant air currents at the same time? Where do the currents come out of? Parker's Shadow Fire is limited to his hands. Does Sky produce air currents just by concentrating? Or do they come out of his ass Dx

    Also you're gonna have to fill me in on Sky's previous encounter with the children cause I'm lost

    I know these are just weird coincidences but I noticed that a lot of our characters have similar names. Neta's name comes from "nettle," a plant, and the name Parker means "park keeper," both plant-related. Sky's name comes from, well, the sky, and Claro is "clear" in Spanish so if you put those two together you get "clear sky."
    #215 E.K.A.N.S., Jul 5, 2018
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  16. Yeah, Sky uses his abilities without any gestures or spells or anything like that. So these currents aren't coming from him in particular
    And no, they do not come out of any other suggested orifices

    As for the encounter, I'll mention it later. Sky just got spotted by one of the kids whilst travelling, which is what happened just before my first post
  17. I had Neta take care of the kids because, why draw it out any further? Although I purposely left it ambiguous by saying that Neta couldn't see through the gas and confirm they were defeated, in case you wanted some of them to survive so Sky gets more action. Also I'm glad you keep me guessing because that's what I like doing to all of you. :)
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  18. Nah, I'll just leave them knocked out
  19. Let's make Magnus disappeared from the scene using his power for now.
  20. I autoed Magnus to the max just now. You could even say I RPed as him. Usually autoing is controlling actions, but here I'm controlling his thoughts and speech too. My guy's been gone for 5 days though and gave permission so when you come back tell me if I did ok @Semper Iuvenis

    Also I wonder what Mallory and Harmonia's relationship is now. Can't be a brother-sister thing, right? That's Zaryu and Harmonia's made-up story. So what is it hmm :?

    Don't have to answer that, I'm just wondering things about my own RP which means I'm interested
    #220 E.K.A.N.S., Jul 7, 2018
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  21. Well, one can always have more than one brothers XD
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  22. Oh by the way, a bounty of 50,000 gold is the equivalent of a 5-million-dollar bounty, basically. Convert appropriately if you use the Euro or British pound. There's more currency info in this discussion somewhere if you need a refresher on Pless conversions
  23. Well, I'm gonna guess Neta's going to go into hiding if that's the case
    Or I just have to kill a lot of civilians
  24. The former please
    #224 E.K.A.N.S., Jul 7, 2018
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  25. Sigh
    If I must
    I guess I'll just wait a few more messages, maybe for you to speak with Parker a bit, then Sky goes and gives them the heads-up about the posters. Once we've gone into hiding, we get some downtime to discuss stuff (and for new peeps to join)
  26. Yo do what you wanna do, I don't control your character and I'm not making it a rule, if you wanna kill civilians that's your thing but Neta will be absolutely horrified and probably close herself off to you, just sayin

    The posters should be up in the town by morning, so there'll be a timeskip to sleep it off somewhere safe and sure maybe some time to discuss things before that. As many of you know throughout this RP I'm not afraid of timeskips and I don't think everything should happen all at once continuously without a pause here and there. If anyone thinks that idea is balls you let me know

    And I'm closing this soon because I've got three people already waiting to jump in and if too many join, then I have to draw it out more so everyone gets enough time to RP, when this thing is a lot shorter than you might think. When I say close I think I'll keep the tag yellow but require new people to PM me with a bio and what they can contribute to the development of the story if they really want to join
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  27. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Hey, you guys can do whatever you want to do. Parker's gonna be out for a while after that fight, so post whatever you want. Don't wait for me, lol.
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  28. Wait what he's unconscious?
  29. Oh, now I feel bad. Taking an unconscious Urias somewhere safe when you wanted Easen to take care of her
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  30. Lol, no need. Easen is kinda a pacifist so he won't go killing people easily, even if they're supposed to be enemy.

    Actually I planned for Urias to be picked up by my next villain, but unpredictabilty is one of the thing I like from a roleplay. So, everything is okay. Wonder what is it Claro want to say to her.
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  31. He wants to confess his love Keep wondering till she wakes up :p
  32. Nah, I'm kidding. I'll only kill civilians if I really feel like it

    And I'm all on board with a timeskip
  33. I could've made my post as short as that one quote honestly. Anyway @AssassinGallade , you hold the torch now so lead us to the tree, though I could skip there assuming Davina did just that so I can move the plot along instead of shitposting but then it would be autoing kinda
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  34. Sry guys, I didn't expect to have a packed weekend so I couldn’t reply......
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  35. It's totally cool long as you don't fall off the face of the earth lmao, welcome back :)
    #235 E.K.A.N.S., Jul 9, 2018
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  36. Let's plan a bit for the transition to the next arc. Any suggestion to where we should go?
  37. Mhm. We sleep it off, go into town the next morning with our wanted posters up (perfect time for @AnimeTail the bounty hunter and @IDKWhatUserNameToDo the Blood Knight to jump in by the way), instantly get attacked, Neta has nowhere to go and her only option is to join Parker and steal with him (he gets to live out his fantasy of stealing with a cute girl). I don't know if Sky, Easen, Arisa, Mallory, and Marybelle have a place to go but if they don't we become a band of thieves to survive, though someone really needs to slap Neta and bring her back to her senses because there's no way she's prostituting herself, maybe @Sky5372 or Marybelle can do it, or Parker if he's still conscious (from his last post he fell to the ground with a shuddering breath but never made clear if he lost consciousness.) If we're outlaws now, this allows Magnus to jump back in anytime he wants if @Semper Iuvenis comes back because the Raven goes after rogue Aberrants, and if that's what we are, he'll have more than enough reason to see us again. It really is a shame that he left because I like his character a lot. Ass-kissing aside, life as thieves will go on without any problems for about a week, because our characters are super close and all but really they only met each other a couple days ago, so there needs to be a timeskip so that we've known each other longer and our closeness is more realistic.

    Now if this is the route we'll go, there are Neta, Parker, Mallory, Harmonia, Zaryu, Sky, and Marybelle which makes seven people. Quite a large group for a band of thieves, enough to wreak some serious havoc and get the attention of the Resistance @Mystic Zander . Now I know you said you'd introduce Victor later and haven't put up his bio yet, but this may have to come sooner than later. I was actually hoping Magnus could take us all to his mansion following the burning of the inn, we could stay there without any problems for a week (there's the timeskip in this alternate storyline), before Claro discovers their location by enlisting the help of the government's tracking Aberrants and a showdown at Everard Keep ensues. Or Lady Genova could have seen Magnus with a beautiful girl and misunderstood his relationship with Neta, becoming jealous and ratting her out to the government. They would flee the keep as it would no longer be safe and encounter the Resistance, but unfortunately Magnus has disappeared so I'm scrapping this plotline.

    But those two plots aren't mutually exclusive. Maybe the next arc will be the first encounter with the Resistance and the organization sets us up with a place to stay for now (maybe they have secret benefactors or nobles who fund them, who knows? I wouldn't think it's the Everard family, as they mostly take care of themselves.) Claro doesn't know their location but finds them with the help of tracking Aberrants. This part is crucial. There needs to be a second encounter with Claro where he's stronger and has developed new abilities (Everyone's characters can develop their skills during the timeskip or gradually discover them throughout each of their posts). After all, he needs a second chance before Osiris can conclude that he has failed and step in to assist in the capture of the Seed. The Resistance is an underground organization with many meeting places, but their headquarters will be currently unknown and I want this encounter with Claro to happen before we reach it eventually. That's all I say for now. The rest is secret and I'm still keeping you guessing despite everything I've revealed here.

    If anyone has ideas, or thinks that those above are balls and wants to smooth them out or scrap them entirely, let me know and we'll work it out.
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  38. From my side. I can offer for the group to come to the Galilei's residence. Zaryu and Harmonia now has two choice: to continue traveling or go home since their disguise had been tracked anyway. Guinard(Harmonia's father) is a muscle lover so he build some nice training facilities.

    Though, I think if we go to a noble house then it will be hard for the newcomers to jump in.
  39. Of course we won't go to the noble house now. It's night already so we'll sleep in a tree tonight, then wake up in the morning and go into town (thinking that everything's sunshine and rainbows until we realize that there are wanted posters everywhere.) @AnimeTail the hunter and @IDKWhatUserNameToDo the Blood Knight see us in broad daylight. At the end of whatever goes down, we flee the scene and go to the Galilei residence as you offered. There's time to go into town during the 1-week timeskip that follows, unless anyone objects. Claro can fully recover during that time and develop his skills, maybe interact with @IDKWhatUserNameToDo 's character while he's back training at the garrison because they're both Blood Knights. Enlisting and being approved the help of a tracking Aberrant should take a week, so a timeskip will allow my character to do just that in addition to treating and strengthening himself. Claro discovers that the group has taken shelter at the Galilei residence, and perhaps @IDKWhatUserNameToDo can tag along and aid him in capturing the Seed. @AnimeTail can join them if Myla Emory refers him to Claro as a good bounty hunter who can aid in the mission, but Myla and Chase will have had to interact and become acquainted prior to that. The group is no longer safe at the Galilei residence, so they must flee and live on the streets. Sorry Parker, but you'll have to wait until then to live out your fantasy. The Resistance will then come in, having noticed their actions.

    How does that sound? If you have entirely new ideas, please don't hesitate to add.
  40. Sounds good to me. I've been waiting for that kind of a situation to introduce Myla to the RP

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