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Ask to Join Powerless (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by E.K.A.N.S., Jun 5, 2018.


What should the new name be?

  1. Demonkin

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  2. The wicked ones

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  3. Calderons

    0 vote(s)
  4. Aberrants

    10 vote(s)
  5. Obscrians

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  6. Kotonaru

    1 vote(s)
  7. Deviants

    2 vote(s)
  8. Elementals (keep as is)

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  1. @Spoiled Bread , good job getting your characters to interact with mine. I was thinking of bringing Neta to you by having her find Urias and Arisa while she tried to get closer to the fight scene. I kind of wanted to delete my last post altogether and do that instead of what I ended up doing, but you brought them to me and that works out fine. I'll have a post up later. :)

    Also what do you mean by "plant toys?" The children can produce actual plants from their bodies. They aren't toys.

    Edit: One more important thing, when you're fighting the children, be careful how you're RPing them, because each of the fifteen has control of only one plant except for the three Etherflower users that have the same one. It seems that Urias took out the one that uses cactus needles, but later on more cactus needles are fired at her, which could mean two things: other children fired needles at her (which can't happen because they use other plants) or the girl she hit on the head got back up and fired more needles at her (that can happen). It's just that I stated earlier in the RP that each child inherited only one of Neta's abilities and I want to eliminate any inconsistencies to that going forward. Not that there are, you probably meant that the girl got back up and fired more needles, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, I'm just reminding you to be careful.
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  2. Allright, I'll be more careful. But I think it would be better if you write a set of do and don'ts for the players who want to control the plant kid squad.

    As for the 'plant toys'. It's just Urias way of underestimating them. She doesn't like children.
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  3. Do's and don'ts huh? I'll have to think about that. Ok, here goes:

    - No killing them unless I condone it (obviously)
    - 3 of them have the same power, the others have unique ones
    - Can't make them move to your location if you're somewhere else, they go where I want or else they stay in the general area where they are
    - Pay attention to their genders. Of the 3 Etherflower users, 2 are boys and 1 is a girl. Vine user is a boy. Needle user is a girl. So is the pitcher plant user. Maple seed user is a boy.
    - If you're making my NPC's say things to you, limit them to brief quotes and not long ones that develop their personalities. The kids are extensions of my characters so I have control of who they are and how they're like.

    That's really it, I think. They're NPC's so you can force some hits (no confirmed knock-out blows), and if I want them to get back up or keep going, I'll just write that in myself.

    Also Urias doesn't like children which is no surprise, does she like anyone? XD
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  4. Well... She likes herself for being so cool??

    Urias: obviously, liking my cool persona is a must!
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  5. Claro: My rank is higher than yours so I'm cooler than you.

    And yes, Claro did just ship Magnus and Parker :p
  6. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    I probably should have clarified this, but the spikes are still attached to Parker's wing. I don't know if they could really be reversed they way Claro did.
  7. When you said "launched," I interpreted them as projectiles. Sorry!
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  8. So, I've finished editing my post because the spikes are still attached to Parker's wing. Please give it a second look.
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  9. Name: Sky

    Age: 17

    Gender: M

    Sky tends to be something of a loner. Although he makes much company, he very rarely sticks around; both from the nature of his abilities and his unwillingness to be restrained to staying with and looking after another person. Although he has made companions in the past, they were all either taken away by the people of the city, or one of such people that attempted to get him captured. Because of such, he has built general distrust for the civilians, along with a deep hatred for the "knights" that were sworn to hunt them down. As well as this, Sky has a similar hatred for most things earthen. Mostly due to his powers but for a variety of other reasons, he abhors places such as caves and churches, with such an abundance of stone, and places such as forests are pushing it.

    He is a fun-loving spirit, and an unpredictable one; most easily shown in his fighting style and mannerism. However, he tends to get quite cocky, and commonly can become overconfident (especially in combat). Sky hates people that simply harass others to boost their own ego, and isn't afraid to use his own powers to stand up for the weaker in a fight.

    (Blue hair? Sweet!) : Sky is around 5' 6", with sky-blue eyes and a short mess of hair of the same colour. Slightly tanned from flights above the clouds, he normally opts to wear a light brown tunic to conceal the blades strapped to a sheath on his back and a pair of sandles

    Sky has the ability to manipulate air. Though it is to a degree, there are a range of uses this has, from simply pulling the air from somebody's lungs to fully levitating himself and others with the wind. His main use for this, however, is his ability to fully transform into the wind. Although physical attacks are useless, nearly all nonphysical attacks become much more potent against him whilst his "Core" is so. As well as this, the mere act of going below ground would be enough to kill him, instantly, as the opposing energy would easily snuff out his.

    All of his power stems from a central "Core", although it could be compared to a soul, which is within his body alongside said soul. Sky can fully materialise it in a physical form if he must, but this is extremely dangerous, as the amount of shifts between air and human have made his body fully dependant on the energy given off by his Core, and fully disconnecting it would mean death. In a physical form, it appears as a perfect blue orb, small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. This dependency on his Core means that simply touching the ground causes a significant amount of discomfort, slowly intensifying the longer it goes unchecked. So Sky remains hovering around half an inch off the floor at all times to avoid this.

    Although exactly how is unknown to him, simply being high enough in the air (above cloud level) can regenerate most of his energy better than anything else, and so regular flights are about as essential as exercise to him.

    Sky uses two large curved swords, around an arm's length, for most of his "discreet" combat. They are similar to knives of the same shape, but can be uses as two normal broadswords at range, or held with the unsharpened edge to the arm (Sky has padding underneath his tunic to minimise discomfort whilst doing this) therefore using your two arms themselves as a sort of weapon at close quarters.

    Stargazing is pretty easy when there aren't any clouds in the way

    Backstory (optional):
    I'll leave this to the RP

    Right, that's the bio done. Would anybody mind giving me a run-down of what's happening right now, or at least where you guys are?
    #169 Sky_, Jun 30, 2018
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  10. The only problem I have with your bio is your mention of "magical energy." Aberrant powers aren't exactly magic, and if you read over the RP, you'll find that they originate from an unknown plant. They don't float in the air but awaken within humans. So when you say that there is magical energy in the air, you're crossing over into another world of magic, which is not what this RP is. Like I said before RPing is a collaborative process and I usually adapt whatever ideas you guys have (like the Blood Knights, they were something that @Spoiled Bread came up with and we ran with it), but I think this is stretching it. If you can find a way to edit your post and take magic out of it, then I'll accept you. For example, if you want to keep the general idea that Sky draws power from something in the air, maybe you could say that he replenishes his strength better when and where the winds are stronger, or where the air is less polluted (which allows you to keep the part where you say he's better at higher elevations). There's even a third suggestion that lets you draw something from the air to recover, provided that it's not magic. If you're interested, PM me and I'll tell you about it.

    It's a good thing that you gave Sky weaknesses, because the ability to manipulate air is a strong power. Wonder how a fight between him and Claro would play out, when your guy can control air and my guy can disrupt it.

    Also everyone, as of now mastery over thunder and lightning is banned, unless it's an advanced stage of your current power. Anything resembling a second power will simply be a creative use of your first power, as stated in the Info section of the sign-up post: "If you have the power to control fire, for example, don't also give yourself the second power to shapeshift. If you want to shapeshift and your power is fire, the shapeshifting has to be fire-based (has to be achieved through the use of your power)." If you're going to have these, develop them at a reasonable pace and don't give your characters crazy advancements all at once of course.

    To everyone who got accepted but hasn't jumped in yet, that's okay. This is one of those RP's that's hard to jump into, so look for the right opportunity. Tagging you guys to keep following along and receiving notifications when that time comes @IDKWhatUserNameToDo , @Mystic Zander .
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  11. @Sky5372 I made that post so long that I forgot to give you a rundown. Here's what I told Zander:

    Neta, a waitress and nurse (she gets fired), is kidnapped by children in the night who work for Claro. He's a Blood Knight with a secret mission directly from the king to capture Neta, codenamed the Seed, and bring pregnant women to her so she can release Plant X's juices into their wombs and turn their children into Aberrants. The kingdom will then raise them to be soulless pawns, killing machines, tools of war, and personal sex slaves for the nobles. Claro burned down the inn and is now trying to kill anyone close to Neta but take her alive.

    Urias is another Blood Knight who's trying to capture Arisa, so there are two fights going on right now.
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  12. I think I will conclude Urias battles soon. She's so chaotic that she can't stick on one opponent for more than three post and end up gathering most characters on one place.
  13. Hey, hows the story going?
  14. I am even more interested, considering the properties of his voice in a vacuum. We'll see, I guess
  15. You've edited the part about how he replenishes his strength, but there are other parts:
    When you say "most types of magical energy," you mean Aberrant powers, right? Please remove all mentions of magic from your bio, not just the one part. Also, when you say he can pull air from someone's lungs, how far away does he have to be to do that? And what happens when you lose all the air in your lungs? Are you insta-dead (OP) or do you choke up for a moment before you breathe in and recover lost air? I suck at science and don't know how these things work, so you'll all have to help me out with that. Google is my friend too but sometimes I don't get the results I want.
    It's going, I guess. I remember you joined but I don't know what happened to you. Right now I think we're waiting on @Semper Iuvenis to respond but he's been gone for like 2 days. I didn't put this as a rule but @everyone if you're going to be gone for a while, please let me know, though a lot of you have been doing that already.
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  16. Should be no mentions of magic left now ^^

    As for pulling air from somebody's lungs, it would be the same as choking them. All he does is stops air reaching somebody's lungs, so they would suffocate. So he could use it to simply cause somebody to choke up as a sort of warning shot, bring them to unconsciousness, or kill them. As for range, they have to be pretty close. If you really must, imagine a sort of "Force-Choke" from Star Wars kind of range, just minus the hand movements.
  17. And it's all good on the science front. If there's any questions, just ask. And just for reference, soundwaves have to be travelling through some sort of medium, which is normally air. No air, no sound
  18. Lol a star wars reference. Sky is accepted, but I hope the air-pulling doesn't get OP

    Yeah about that, sound waves bounce between particles in air that much I know, so in the case of Claro and Sky, even if the latter removes the air there are still particles present. I mean, no one can hear you scream in space as the saying goes, so maybe you wouldn't be able to hear my character but you would still feel the force of his sound waves because of what's present in the medium if I'm right?

    Lol I'm not trying to make this RP 100% scientifically accurate (it is just an RP after all) but I try at least to give explanations that are consistent with the governing principles of our real world (since that's what we're used to). There have been little science-y moments earlier in the RP like when one of the plant kids snuffed out Parker's chains with Etherflower gas because fire needs oxygen to burn
  19. Pfft, I just needed to find a good comparison. I never even thought of the star wars stuff before now. And I've always used the choking sparingly, and mostly in place of the standard chokehold. So don't worry about that

    Sound waves are the particles bouncing off of each other in sequence, so Sky wouldn't feel it either. But hey, they aren't exactly normal soundwaves, so I guess the rules don't really apply to them. Sky'll just have to shift into air form to avoid being disorientated.
    And I'll start typing up my initial response. Would you be okay with me simply sliding straight into the fight?
  20. Go for it. 3 on 1, Claro is fucked. Unless you're sliding into the other fight, in which case Urias is.

    Basically, the Blood Knights are fucked. But the bad guys never win
  21. 3 things:
    1. Yes, I have joined. My character is Chase, the werewolf abberant on the bad side
    2. Sorry for leaving, I was so caught up in other RP's
    3. Is there a way you can explain what's going on? I need to know how I join back in.
  22. Hmm? In that case, I may actually wait until after the fight is over. Sky could spot the smoke, or something like that. There isn't much point joining a fight where the bad guy is getting beaten up already
  23. Yeah it'll be over soon, he's holding his own for now though. Urias just dipped though.

    @Spoiled Bread In my last post Neta sent her vines out at you to restrain you. I guess you ignored that because you took it as a forced hit which are against the rules, but it wasn't that. It was forced restraint. The difference is that when people force hits, you take damage. When you force restraint there are ways to get out of that without taking any damage, like cutting the vines with Oriana and moving on.

    I'll edit my post so I'm not forcing anything on you, but I'll ask
    @StellarWind Elsydeon whether the "forced hit" rule applies just to hits or also to restraint, throws, etc.
    #183 E.K.A.N.S., Jun 30, 2018
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  24. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    It certainly does. Can't control another person's character without their permission - and forcing an action - any action - on someone without asking them first is strictly verboten. It's not necessarily about inflicting damage.
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  25. Thanks, I won't do anything like that going forward. Post edited and sorry @Spoiled Bread

    This was the offending phrase:
    Which I changed to:
  26. Um here's a summary:

    Neta, a waitress and nurse (she gets fired), is kidnapped by children in the night who work for Claro. He's a Blood Knight with a secret mission directly from the king to capture Neta, codenamed the Seed, and bring pregnant women to her so she can release Plant X's juices into their wombs and turn their children into Aberrants. The kingdom will then raise them to be soulless pawns, killing machines, tools of war, and personal sex slaves for the nobles. Claro burned down the inn and is right now trying to kill anyone close to Neta but take her alive.

    If you don't see one I'll tag you when there's a good chance to jump back in, for now there's a fight going on
  27. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    By the way, sorry for not responding for a while. I could post, but I don't want @Semper Iuvenis to get left behind.
  28. Yeah I feel ya. If he's gone for much longer though I'll have to edit my last post a second time and make it less demanding of a response from him, so we can continue the RP, or you could reply and get out of Magnus's way or something idk

    I edited my do's and don'ts for controlling my NPC's so give that a second look please. I realized I forgot to touch on the issue of speaking to them.

    NPC's are hard. I think of them as characters, just without bios, belonging to the person who made them (Lady Genova is @Semper Iuvenis 's NPC for example), so I avoid autoing them and stuff like that like I would with any other character. But I made some concessions with what you can do with the plant kids
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  29. Sorry, I missed the vines. Added response to Neta's vines. Also added introduction, so now everyone except Magnus and Parker know her name.

    She almost kill the kids, do you allow this or do I need to change it?
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  30. Eh I'll allow it, almost killing them wasn't necessary though because they were still recovering from your last attack which is why I didn't follow up on how they were doing. I purposely left it ambiguous so I can focus on Neta.
  31. Yo @Sky5372 , how will we know where Sky is when he turns into air? (Or will we at all?)

    I'm assuming he's invisible when he does that, unless we can detect his Core somehow or see swirling winds where he is
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  32. Nope, you can't. He's completely invisible.
  33. What is to this core if we can't see it anyways? Pure wind? If so....what's that even mean? Just speculation.
  34. I thought he turned into some kind of gastly... now I'm not too sure.
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  35. You can think of it as a sort of second soul, but it can be forced into a physical form
  36. Soo... Correct me if my conclusions are wrong

    1. Sky's wind form is invisible

    2. Sky's wind form also invulnerable to physical attack and can only be damaged by aberrant's power (which is supposed to be rare since this is not a world of sword & magic). I think this is OP though.

    3. The 'core' can be forced to materialize for some reason.
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  37. Nope. He can't keep the wind form for very long, and can't attack in said form. You can think of it as a prolonged teleportation if you have to, he might as well not exist at all apart from being able to observe. And, for example, that special sword that the blood knight has could easily suck out all of his strength in his incorporeal form and leave him physical and lying unconscious on the floor.
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  38. Thanks for the summary. Also, for now while I wait for a good chance to jump back in, I might just read the posts that I was gone for. 1 more thing: Did Claro burn down the inn that Chase was in?
  39. Ok. Then after you tell me a good time to jump in, I will put Chase getting out of the inn at the beginning (little does Claro know, he almost killed one of his enemies, but one of his allies).

    2 more questions:
    1. Then does that mean Claro is king of the evil people? Because it seems like it.
    2. Will there be a specific person/specific people who will find out about Chase's secret. If so, how will they find out.

    !F ¥0|_| ¢@n ®3@D TH!$, ¥0|_| @®3 63N!U$
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