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Ask to Join Power

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Kawaii Unicorn, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. So this is an RP about a land where everyone has some type of power, when a group of people lead by evil villan Foundatore (comes from writing Foundation but my N looked like an R) the group is taking over the land by powers generated from a power-sucker machine, so they capture people and take their powers. Here are the types of powers

    Fire- Can create fire and such, sometimes goes out of control
    Water- Can create water
    Bubbles- Can do anything with bubbles
    Creators- Can create nature and other things
    Destoryers- Can destroy anything they want to, by touching it
    Summoners- Can summon 10 animals and command them
    Shapeshifters- Can shapeshift into 10 different animals by will

    Current Powered People:
    Fire- OPEN
    Water- OPEN
    Bubbles- OPEN
    Creators- OPEN
    Destoryers- OPEN
    Summoners- OPEN
    Shapeshifters- @MissPinkRebelle

    Members of Foundatore's Group:
    Grunts: OPEN
    Admins: OPEN


    Rank (only for Foundatore's group):
    Pet (a little floating animal, can be anything):
    Ten Animals (shapeshifters and summoners only):

    My Form:
    Name: Dove
    Power: Shapeshifter
    Personality: Dove is quirky and especially clumsy, she often gets herself into bad situations but sometimes she can get out b using her powers, other times she is not so lucky...
    Looks: Long blonde hair, blue eyes, blue and white japanese schoolgirl outfit, huge pink bow in hair
    Pet: Glitz the rainbow unicorn kitten
    Ten Animals:
    Silver Dragon
    Weakness: When in her different forms all of them have a huge pink bow on them, making it hard for her to blend in

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