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Sun/Moon Singles Potential Sun/Moon Post-Bank Team?

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Shiny Pyxis, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

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    After looking at some of the new 'mons in Sun and Moon, I found a particular 'mon or two I thought I'd like to try out, and I tried to make a team centering around them. But... I'm having trouble figuring out the rest of the team.

    Toxapex @ Black Sludge
    252 HP / 252 Sp. Def / 4 Defense
    Calm Nature
    -Baneful Bunker
    -Toxic Spikes

    I just really like this thing's design okay. Also, Regenerator with Recover and defensive stats like that, with such a great typing... I just felt like this thing could be incredibly tiresome and annoying, if played right. Problem is, I'm not entirely sure if I'm playing it right; Toxic Spikes seems kinda repetitive after Baneful Bunk, though if I'm using it as a Special wall perhaps not as much so. Haze is also a good move I'd like to consider using, though I've never used it before myself. With a defensive stat like that, though, I might just replace Baneful Bunker with Haze.

    Gliscor @ Toxic Orb
    Toxic Heal
    252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Speed
    Impish Nature
    -Knock Off
    -Stealth Rock

    Forms the other half of my defensive core, Gliscor is immune to almost everything Toxapex is weak to (save for psychic, but I'mma come back to that) and Toxapex's own resistances cover for Gliscor's weaknesses. Knock Off is there to annoy my opponent, Earthquake for STAB, Roost for recovery, and Stealth Rock because entry hazards are cool.

    Umbreon @ Leftovers
    252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Speed
    Impish Nature
    Foul Play
    Heal Bell

    Cleric, with a pretty standard Umbreon cleric set. I don't have much else to say here, though I did specifically choose Umbreon for being a dark type to cover Toxapex's other weakness. Meanwhile, both Toxapex and Gliscor resist fighting and bug types, and Toxapex itself can also cover for its Fairy weakness.

    Mimikyu @ Life Orb
    252 Att / 252 Speed / 4 HP
    Jolly Nature
    -Play Rough
    -Shadow Sneak
    -Swords Dance

    Set-up physical sweeper? Sure, let's go with that. Disguise is a very handy ability and if I can get even two Swords Dance off, I don't think many would live to tell the tale. Except maybe Bisharps. And Poison/Dark types. But that's why I got myself a Gliscor~

    As you can see, it's only four 'mons so far and I'm not entirely sure who else I'd want to use. Obviously at the moment I'd likely need some sort of Special attacker, though I dunno who'd fit well on my team. I also feel like Umbreon and Toxapex could easily become Taunt bait, though that's kind of the life of a wall/cleric with the 4 moves limit and stuff.
  2. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Toxapex doesn't really need Baneful Bunker and Toxic Spikes, especially since the former can only ever apply normal poison, and really you want to be getting your opponents badly poisoned instead by double-layering Toxic Spikes. Haze is a good choice.

    Gliscor is fine. He can run a HP/Speed set with Taunt and U-Turn as well if you want.

    Umbreon can't really do much more than what you have there, so he's fine too.

    Mimikyu I've already discussed in another thread and I'm sure you've already seen it, so I'll just summarize it by saying Destiny Bond is a decent option over Will-O-Wisp especially when you're already likely to be poisoning everything, or Shadow Claw as well since it gives a stronger STAB attack against enemies resistant to Fairy, and Mimikyu's non-STAB attacks are resisted by everything that would resist Fairy bar Return, which isn't worth a moveslot over Shadow Claw.

    As for your last two team members, I'd go for things more offense-oriented that can provide an immediate pressure against an opponent, forcing unfavourable switches on the opponent and allowing you to catch and damage things as they switch in. You have quite a lot of entry hazards here so being able to force switches will work in your favour. If you want to stick with the stall-and-sweep theme then something with Roar, Whirlwind or Dragon Tail can work very well too.
  3. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

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    I'm having some trouble trying to figure out what you meant here. It's probably super obvious but for whatever reason your meaning is just somehow eluding me. :x Could you provide an example of what you meant? ^^;
  4. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    The best example I can think of that's been around recently would be something like Mega Charizard Y. As soon as it hits the board it triggers Drought to boost its already powerful Fire-type attacks, so dropping it in on anything slower than it that can't resist Fire is going to present an immediate threat to possibly KO whatever they have out as soon as Charizard hits the board. Of course, if you predict they'll switch, you can fire out something like Solarbeam, Dragon Pulse or a Hidden Power to catch and severely hurt or outright KO the switch-in for free. An older example would be Infernape mixed sets dropping in against Skarmory and Blissey to threaten instant KOs against them if they stay in.

    Hopefully that sheds some light on what you're looking for.

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