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Post game for sun and moon?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by ngalili, May 2, 2017.

  1. I just finished Pokemon Sun, and I need a checklist for the post game. As many fans know, I've heard this has a huge post game that takes more than 2 hours. Thankfully, I have time. So I have no idea where the battle tree is, and why to get to the hotel, but hau also said he wants to challange me. Should I quickly re-battle the elite four? If I don't, will he become the champion? So many questions. Please, I need quick answers, hau may have destroyed the E4 by now.
  2. 1) The Battle Tree is on Poni Island, near Poni Canyon. Have you seen the place where a guy guards the place, and he tells you that only Champions/strong Trainers are allowed through? That's where it is. Talk to him again and he'll let you pass.
    2) You have to go to the hotel for the actual post-game story to begin.
    3) You can re-challenge the E4 any time. It doesn't matter at what time; even after one year of waiting, you can re-challenge it, and BOOM! Once you beat the E4, Hau will appear to challenge you for the role of champion.
  3. I beat hau. Will he come back to re-challange me? I like to challange him, because it good for my lvl 1 egg hatches exp farming.
    Also, I managed to beat him before the hotel. (I mean, I beat anabel but I haven't tried to find the ultra beasts.)
  4. Well, I challenged Plumeria once, and when I re-challenged the E4, she came back again. I'm guessing it's the same cause for Hau.
  5. How did you challange plumeria without challanging hau? does he come and there's a chance others battle you before him?
  6. I already defeated Hau. I've beaten the E4 about 5 times.
  7. So you must know if it does actually happen, rebattling hau. I heard a youngster can be battled at the league...
  8. Yes, Youngster Tristan, the Youngster which asked Professor Kukui about recommending a move for him, can be battled at the League.

    Also, yes, they can be rematched.
  9. I bet youngster tristan has a level 100 shiny bidoof
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