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Open Possible Destiny 2 RP: Venom Of Malus Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Generation Sect, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. Minor spoilers for the plot of Destiny 2, as this Rp takes place at the same time but is about something different.

    I'm putting this up here in case anyone would want to join (I'm working on the bios right now). The basic plot is that after the City falls, some guardians who managed to find the Farm form a ragtag fireteam, and attempt to chase down a traitorous Warlock called Malus.

    Edit: Bios!



    Subclass: (I will be allowing previous subclasses from Destiny 1 to be used. No need to list abilities from it, as it's less like the game in progression, so you just use which subclass abilities you need to.)

    Appearance: (Just what your character looks like, not counting gear)


    Bio: (Backstory and stuff)

    Gear: (So, this is complicated. I will allow previous weapons and armour from Destiny 1, but even though this is less like the game I'm thinking of keeping the Exotic rule. These Exotics are important, as in this Rp Exotic weapons and armour are unique, there is only 1 of each. I'll address what gear you start with at the start of the RP later.)
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  2. My Bio-

    Name: Vrill-9

    Class: Warlock

    Subclass: Radiance

    Appearance: Yellow Exo with glowing orange eyes, and two antennae protruding backwards from each side of his head.

    Personality: Vrill tries his best to make others think he is human, often with disastrous consequences. He is very cold, likes to study organic lifeforms, and was one of the City's top scholars. He takes a personal interest in the Vex.

    Bio: Vrill Unit-9 was created like all other Exo, on a conveyor belt. Revived by the power of the light, his eccentricity and enthusiasm for investigating ancient technology made him excellent help for the Warlocks of the citadel, spending most of his time investigating the Vex. He was close friends with another Warlock by the name of Malus, and was one of the few unconcerned by his obsession with the Warminds. When the tower fell, he managed to survive, and is stranded in the wilds of the EDZ.

    Weapons: Vex Mythoclast, The Rattler, Deadpan Delivery

    Helmet - Ego Talon IV
    Gauntlets - Sunbreakers
    Chest - Ego Talon IV
    Legs - Ego Talon IV
    Bond - Ego Talon Bond
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