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Ports, remakes, and just plain duplicates

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Linkachu, Feb 21, 2010.

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    I was discussing purchasing the WiiWare versions of the Phoenix Wright games with my brother yesterday, who already owns all of them on DS and loves them to pieces. He said that when he had the cash handy he probably would to rebuy them all off WiiWare, just for the hell of it.

    How many of you are like this? You see your favourite games ported to multiple platforms, pulled through the generations, and just have to have them - even if it's literally the exact same game all over again. Maybe you're a bit stricter on it. You'll only buy properly done remakes, or updated ports that cross the console/PC-to-handheld bridge. Or maybe you won't rebuy anything - even remakes - on principle. Whichever it is, tell us your thoughts, which games you've bought over and over again, and why you've done so/will continue to do so in the future.


    For me, I'm all for ports, updated ports, and remakes. I've bought MANY over the years, and will probably continue to do so - especially with all the digital distribution going on these days. Some people consider it a waste of money, but I figure if I love the games/will replay them then it's worth it (especially if they were originally released on an older console/handheld that I no longer have, barely functions, or am honestly too lazy to hook back up XP). It basically comes down to how much I loved the games (biggest factor), but I also consider the console to handheld thing and the additions in the updated ports/remakes. I'll generally give every remake of beloved games a try, even if only through rental.

    Now, what I've actually bought... I've been gaming since the NES era and have owned - either shared with family or personally - a majority of the major consoles/handhelds since, so it's given me lots of port/remake options. The majority of mine are RPGs, but stuff like Sonic and Kirby get some love, too. Off the top of my head: FF I (GBA), FF IV (PSX/GBA/DS), FF VI (PSX/GBA), FF Tactics (PSP), Chrono Trigger (PSX, DS), Kirby Super Star Ultra (DS), Breath of Fire II (GBA), Sonic and Knuckles Collection (PC), Sonic Mega Collection (GCN), hordes of games from the Virtual Console, and a few off the PSN. Then I have remakes like Pokemon FR/LG, Wild Arms Alter Code: F, Lunar Legend, and Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland (soon to add Lunar: Silver Star Harmony and Pokemon HG/SS). I'm sure there's handfuls I'm missing, but gives you an idea of the consumerwhore I am :p

    I've outright rebought a few games (same platform), but it's not something I've done often. Wouldn't even rebuy SSB: Melee when my original copy was stolen because I knew Brawl was coming and Melee was still going for over $40 >>
  2. It is an interesting topic There are games out there that like final fantasy seven that I'd like to redone in today's gaming formats and standards. I But there are certain games like the old arcade games like pac-man, centipede, asteroids and Galatica should stay the same.
  3. I buy games over again if they're remade. HeartGold/SoulSilver and FireRed/LeafGreen are great examples of it. I love getting games again that I've loved when they are upgraded. The new graphics and updated play makes them more enjoyable.

    Another game(s) I plan on buying again (when I get the money x_x) is Metroid Prime Trilogy. I love those games to death! I want to buy them again even though they're the exact same game because of the new controls added to Prime and Prime 2 Echoes. The graphics are updated and the bugs are fixed. There is no real reason to buy them if you already own the trilogy for Gamecube and Wii (for Corruption), but I'm going to anyway because I loved them.
  4. Ooohh boy, I can go all day with this. :D

    Pokemon Snap Remake: it just NEEDS to be done! I was happy they put it on Virtual Console, but I would love longer gameplay and more pokemon to take pics of. (not to mention stickers they had at Blockbusters they had during the time of the release.)

    Metal Gear Solid trilogy game (+#4): Having all four games remade for the PS3 (and possibly the Xbox) would be a dream come true!...when i get the money to ACTUALLY buy a PS3. :p

    God of War Trilogy: Again, for when i get a PS3, having all 3 games in one disc in lush HD graphics.
  5. Doctor Oak

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    A) That God of War trilogy re-release already exists.
    B) You've rather missed the point of the topic - it's about remakes/re-releases/ports you have bought not those you would like to exist....

    Personally, I think I own the original MegaDrive Sonic games about 6+ times over by now. Some more than others, primarily because I never actually owned S3&K, but between collections, VC/XBLA releases, etc, etc, I'm certain I've managed to accumulate far more versions of these 3 and a half games than any normal mortal really should.
  6. Oh...sorry about that. ._.

    Well, I got the Sonic Mega Collection (or it was something like that) for the gamecube, which i think included the best Sonic game EVA!(Sonic CD) I also have both FR/LG. (my brother gave me his LG, so I got both versions now.) I actually bought the Pheonix Wright WiiWare game becuase I never played the original DS ones.

    And now that I know that there IS a God of War trilogy game, I'm gonna start saving for that PS3.

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