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Open Pop-Culture Death-Match

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Frontier Master, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. With Exams almost over I thought this would be a fun to just mess around and have some fun with a simple yet interesting concept such as this

    Exactly what it says on the tin, a death match tournament with OC’s from all aspects of Pop-culture
    Battles will take place in a location where neither fighter has any substantial advantage
    The winner will be the fighter who defeats and kills their opponent

    No Godmod
    OC’s ONLY
    Your character can be from just about any Pop-Culture Franchise though more widely known franchisees are recommended
    No immortal or ridiculous healing characters, ie Deadpool level regeneration

    Additional details:
    The victor will either be decided upon by combatants or if they cannot decide the other rpers will vote. Primarily regarding who has the better writing and logical reasons for victory
    The death of your opponent is not necessary as mercy can be granted if it fits your OC’s character motivations
    I will try to pair OC’s with thoseof similar abilities, equipment and training. Though by the end this will be difficult if say a Jedi is fighting a dragon from GOT. In such cases I will work with the rpers to try and balance characters in order to ensure as fair a fight as possible.
    I would really really prefer if we didn’t double up on franchises so if someone is already using your franchise then unfortunately you’ll have to choose another

    Character profile:
    Special powers or abilities(?):
    Weapons or equipment(?):
    Brief backstory:

    Here’s mine
    Name: Avatar Rion
    Age: 27
    Franchise: Avatar (TLA & LOK)
    Special powers or abilities(?): mastery and control over the four traditional Greek elements, Earth Fire, Water and Air. As well as advanced derivatives of these elements such as lava or lightning
    Weapons or equipment(?): None
    Clothing and Armor(?): strong bracers on his fore arms and shins made of Lonsdaleite. Over robes weaved from Spider-snake silk
    Training(?): trained from an early age by the Order of the White Lotus in both bending as well as more traditional martial arts and non-bending fighting styles.
    Physique: very muscular due to his rigorous daily training
    Brief backstory: the reincarnation of Avatar Korra, he was born to the Earth Kingdom in the giant walled City of Ba Sing Se before being taken to the White Lotus Compound in order to master the elements. Mastering each before opening his seven chakras.
    Other: cannot blood bend or chi-block
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  2. Seems like a cool idea. Im interested. Might post later.
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  3. Still interested?
  4. Yeah, sorry, I'm just a bit of a mess right now, I may make a form some time to night may not. Just don't get your hopes up
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  5. I'll try to throw one up. I'm thinking a Predator OC...
  6. Now that's awesome, I like binge watched the alien series (expect 4 cause I ran out of time) and I was thinking xenomorph sooo
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  7. I really would prefer if everyone used characters from different franchises
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  8. Name: Pliopterotyranoraptor or PPTV-063
    Age: Several million years old... Oh, you mean after it got spliced and born? 3 years.
    Franchise: Jurassic Park series (specifically right after or sometime during the end of Jurassic World)
    Special powers or abilities: Has the swimming capabilities of a Pliosaurus, the strength and endurance of a T-Rex, the wings of a Pterodactyl (but it can only glide as it is quite large), and the smarts and some quickness of the Velociraptor (it would normally have more, but.... It's basically frankenstein's monster at this point).
    Weapons or equipment: It's sharp teeth and claws, long tail and flippers to bludgeon, got a pointy beak for stabbing.
    Armor: Its hard and rough hide. That's it.
    Training: It's instincts and surviving in its enclosure has been enough. The scientists wanted to test how smart and adaptable it could be, so they allowed it to eat live and large food that can fight back, so it's been.. Having fun in its enclosure.
    Physique: Very strong and buff, and hardly any fat. The only fat it has would be from the blubber it got from the Pliosaurus side of it. It has two arms with sharp claws, and large legs with sharp claws and one that juts down like a Velociraptor. The arms have a flipper-like shape to them, so grasping objects would be difficult, and there are some fins on the back and tail to aid in reducing water drag. It has large wings, but it still can't hold up its 2-ton weight, which includes the dense bones. Basically, the wings are vestigial and only aid in attacking creatures at its sides and gliding short distances (but then it'll fall quite quickly), and they aid in swimming. It has a long tail and its slightly elongated snout has a point to it, and it has rows of razor sharp teeth. It also has ridges on along its spine like a T-Rex with membrane attaching themselves from the spines to the back.
    Brief backstory: It was created by some overambitious scientists that wanted to create the ultimate dinosaur. One that was strong, smart, quick, and adaptable. They found it after years of horrible trials and gruesome errors. Their newest addition has been living happily within its enclosure for 3 years, and it has grown quite quickly, reaching its max height of 15 feet (4.6 m) and length of 25 feet (7.6 m). Although, there have been some structural damage to the enclosure, but the scientists have overlooked it. It would only be a matter of time before the experiment leaves its enclosure to find better prey, since its voracious hunger just seems to keep growing.
    Other: It doesn't understand any kind of language, and its drive to eat keeps the draw of pheromones and their meaning pointless to the beast. This beast will fight with all of its might to eat any kind of meat it can find, even if it would end up killing it. Although, just because it is ravenous, doesn't mean it isn't smart and won't do the same stupid thing twice. Its weakness would be its stomach, but it is covered in a thick layer of blubber. Although, it shouldn't be too hard to slice through. Combined with the T-Rex's and Pliosaurus' horrible eyesight, with that of the average Velociraptor's eyesight and Pterodactyl's awesome eyesight, it's vision is sup-par, but it has amazing hearing. It can get easily confused from loud noises coming from seemingly everywhere, and will try to destroy the source (if it can even walk towards the perceived source, since it will even have problems standing).

    I was gonna have my strange Xenomorph, but I might as well use something more Jurassic. XD Let others have fun with the Alien/Predator franchise (even though they technically arose from different beginnings, they do seem to tie together in the AVP series. Although, wouldn't they still be different? Even though they are somehow tied together, the Xenomorphs origins are completely away from the origins of the Predators, who only came around the galaxy to get rid of them all).
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  9. Love the Dino accepted 100%

    I’m not sure about the AVP conundrum cause like I would count it as one franchise because of the shared universe but that would also be a little unfair given how broad the franchises are
    On the other hand if I count them as two then technically the predator has a massive innate natural advantage making it sort of unfair for the Xeno. So I’ll hold off judgement for AVP OC’s until I decide
  10. i was just thinking I could make the xeno like as op as I can with our being outrageous, like a re-enforced exoskeleton, basically a queen alien, just even better
  11. Because Xeno’s weren’t already op and broken characters. (Canon wise, not prejudging your OC)
  12. Yeah, in cannon the xenos are sorta squishy when it come to being killed, by some means anyway
  13. That was sarcasm,
  14. Sorry, it's 2 in the morning and my brain is fried, I should probably sleep
  15. Here are the pros and cons of Aliens from what I gathered:

    • Can take on the creature's abilities/physiology if they were laid within that creature (i.e.: if an alien was put into a bird, it can have wings)
    • Are EXTREMELY agile and flexible and FAST
    • Blood is highly caustic acid, which can melt right through metal and most other materials and substances except for its own exoskeleton
    • Unaffected by its own acid
    • Tough exoskeleton
    • Very sneaky
    • Very sensitive to touch and noise
    • Sharp, six-fingered claws
    • Very sharp curved tail tip and the tail is longer than its body
    • Sharp teeth and two mouths
    • Medium-heavy body to ram
    • Very intelligent; usually follows the queen's orders unless rogue
    • Some of them can spit acid
    • Are skilled climbers
    • Has a fear of its brood dying
    • Blind af
    • Once you get through their exoskeleton, their flesh is squishy and can easily be shred to pieces
    • Isn't too heavy and can still be knocked around
    Contrary to popular belief, Aliens are not afraid of fire. The drones usually run from fire, but they have never shown to be outright afraid of fire in the movies, so they are not afraid of fire.
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  16. Now, here are the pros and cons of Predators:

    • Extremely intelligent
    • Pretty tough and bulky and strong physically (can take down an Alien with brute strength alone and can sustain from several bullet wounds with no medical attention)
    • Has armor and weapons it has created to particularly take down the Alien
    • Can become invisible
    • Has thermal vision
    • Helmet can cycle through different spectrums of light and vision, being able to see high ultraviolet rays and filter out thermal signatures to get a clear more focused target
    • Energy weapons that can punch through the exoskeleton of an Alien and some metals. They come in the forms of traditional hunting weapons, like nets, spears, and blades
    • Very heavy and can very easily slam someone to the ground with little force
    • Can survive in radiation
    • Can jump 3x their own height (the smaller ones are 7+ ft or 2.1+ m)
    • Can land from high places
    • Are skilled climbers
    • Their blood can stop the Alien's blood from being acidic
    • They have a lot of weapons and can heal themselves with a Medicomp
    • Isn't as fast, nor as quick as an Alien
    • Lone wolves
    • Their blood is fluorescent green
    • Can't see a creature if their body heat matches their surroundings
    Also, I think the Aliens have a resilience or immunity to radiation.
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  17. so by that information a single drone would have no chance against a single predator
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  18. that's a drone, but yes.

    There are many different kinds of classes of Alien. There are the spitters, that spit acid, the Runners, that have the anatomy of a canine, Predaliens, Warriors (stronger and faster than drones and usually protect the nest, while drones take care of the eggs), Deacons, that have sharp teeth with one jaw, Neomorph from the movie Alien: Covenant, Protomorph in the same movies, the Queen (which is even stronger and faster than the Warriors), the Swimmer in the video game Alien: Colonial Marines, and some more

    Wikipedia is helpful :3

    A Warrior and Predator have equal ground in a fight, but Predators were evolved to take down Aliens. That doesn't mean that the Aliens haven't evolved to stop that threat.
  19. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    @Frontier Master does the OC have to have a specific pop culture franchise? I made an OC of the real me as an RPG/FPS video game character, but there are some things we’d have to work out. I already saw no Deadpool regen, so I already scrapped his regen factor, and he has abilities, but he has counters to said abilities. Just let me know if I can post his bio and if we can work out the kinks from there.
  20. Sure post his bio, is love to see it
  21. I will make a judgement regarding AVP OC’s once someone posts an application
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  22. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    Ok, so I deleted the post from the other character because he felt too overpowered. As for the new character...

    Name: Justin Hardin
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Franchise: Fallout

    Perks( Special Powers and Abilities):
    Tough Body: Takes a bit less damage
    Medic: Able to heal faster
    Scrounger: Able to find lots of ammo
    Heavy Gunner: Does more damage with heavy weapons
    Gunslinger: Does more damage with pistols and revolvers
    Nuclear Physicist: Fusion Cores last longer
    Lock picking: picks locks with ease

    Weapons and Equipment:
    The Justin Buster-A minigun that is modded to shoot laser and bullets
    Big Boy: A Mini-Nuke launcher that fires two at once
    Big Iron: a powerful revolver that has a song named after it
    Battery-Powered: Modded laser pistol, with a red dot sight, and does more damage
    Nuka-Squirt Gun: Why the hell not?

    Stimpaks and Rad-Away
    Smoke Gernades
    Fusion Cores(ammo)
    Heavy Bullets(ammo)
    Fusion Cells(ammo)

    Armor: a full suit of X-01 power armor with a jet pack upgrade(higher jump, not flight)

    Training: Trained for heavy combat, and very intelligent. Has good S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats in Intelligence and Charisma. Also good with mechanical things and gun mods.

    Physique: under the giant mech suit of terror lies an average man wearing a grey zipper hoodie, black sweatpants, and red shoes. He’s 5’11, and weighs 195.0 lbs.

    Brief backstory: wandering the wastelands of his Boston home ever since he left vault 111, he’s come to rebuild his society. He will do about anything to do it, working with his Minutemen, and helping the commonwealth. He’s not a force to be reckoned with.

    Other: Is the General of the Minutemen, as well as being very charismatic and persuasive. Moves slow inside his power armor, but he’ll beat you either way.

    @Pretty Pichu I beg to differ. In Alien Isolation, the aliens clearly do everything they can to stay away from fire, indicating fear of the stuff. Officer Waits even hints at this, stating “It’s an animal, right? All animals are afraid of fire.”
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  23. I feel like he would be a good match against a Predator.
  24. The flare gun is a little pointless because it’s a 1v1 fight meaning that the Minutemen won’t be able to help but other than that accepted
  25. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    (Rip Preston Garvey, 2287)
    By the way, why would he do good against the Predator? They can survive several bullet wounds, or are you hinting at the mini nukes?
  26. Just about those can you refrain from over using them or maybe swap to a missile launcher against some opponents cause radiation
  27. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    Well, duh. His main weapon is the Justin Buster, and he only uses his Mini-Nuke launcher when he NEEDS to. (EX: fighting a Predator) I’m 100% not gonna spam it, that’s why I refrained from putting M.I.R.V on it.(MIRV with the Big Boy in Fallout 4 allows it to shoot 12 at a time.) Plus, the Nuke-Launcher in game doesn’t cause actual radiation damage.
  28. Ahh, well it has "nuke" in the name, which is referring to nuclear. There's probably so much ambient nuclear radiation in the air already that the small amount of radiation from the blast of the nuke missile won't do much. I was think it would do well against a Predator because of your mech-suit.
  29. Alrighty, here we go! Everyone, say hello to Spear.

    : Spear
    Age: Blooded
    Franchise: Predator
    Special powers or abilities: He's a Yautja (a Predator), so he is much faster, stronger and much more durable than even highly-trained humans. Spear is quite good at mimicking human speech as well.
    Weapons or equipment:
    Shoulder-mounted Plasmacaster- A plasma cannon mounted on Spear's shoulder. It's controlled by Spear's bio-mask, but in the case his Bio-Mask should be damaged the Plasmacaster can be detached and used like a gun.
    Cloaking Device- A device that causes Spear to become invisible when not moving, and nearly invisible while he moves. It short-circuits when in contact with water or if Spear's arm gauntlet gets damaged.
    Bio-Mask- A mask worn by most Predators. It enhances Spear's infared vision, and switches to other spectrums of vison as well. The Bio-Mask also allows Spear to zoom in, and a red laser sight for the Plasmacaster.
    Wrist Gauntlet: A device on Spear's left wrist. It controls Spear's Cloak, and contains a Self-Detonator Device that causes a large explosion. The Wrist Gauntlet also fires energy Fletchettes, a small plasma projectile. But these are only used for last resort.
    Wristblades: Sharp, claw like blades on Spear's wrists, used for close combat fighting.
    Combistick: An extendable spear.
    Smart Disks: Shuriken-like weapons that track and home in on enemies.
    Mines: Grenade-like explosives.
    Armor: Spear wears silver plate armor, on his chest, forearms, and legs. The armor is an alien metal that is immune to high levels of acidity, and is very tough.
    Training: Spear has gone on a large multitude of hunts to various different planets, hunting many, many different types of powerful and dangerous game. Spear even managed to kill a Xenomorph, however it was because it was old and already slightly injured. Even then, Spear still received a few scars from the fight. Spear has had extensive training in hunting, stealth, and other forms of guerilla warfare.
    Physique: Spear is over 7 foot tall, and is very muscular, even more than the average Predator. This was from constant training and hunts, as well as wrestling with powerful prey.
    Brief backstory: Throughout Spear's many hunts, the Yautja only spared his prey twice. The first time was on Earth, sparing the life of a 19 year old boy named Drake Bennet. Even though the human was young, he managed to match Spear in tactics. This impressed the Predator enough that he decided to spare Drake, and allow the human to come with him on hunts. The second time was on another planet called MR-18, a forest planet. The prey was a wolf-like being Drake called "Wolfie". The creature withstood a multitude of plasma blasts, and nearly matched Spear in strength. While both were weak from the fight, they were attacked by a group of Predators wanting to kill Spear and Wolfie. Both Spear and Wolfie managed to work together to kill the other Predators, and the two reached an unspoken agreement.
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  30. I've got a question
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  31. Yes?...
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  32. What the heck could I name a xeno if I where to submit one?
  33. Just name it as its species, class, or power/body it inherited. Most don't have names except for that one alien that fought the Predator in the first AVP movie. That one was named Grid Alien because of the grid marks it received from the energy net fired from the Predator.
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  34. I was going to say the same thing
  35. Sooo... We just waiting for more people or something?
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  36. Just waiting for @It’s *that* guy! And one more person Then I’ll upload the draw and we can begin
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  37. Sorry! I've had tons of stuff happen! You know life happens sometimes
  38. Name: Cloaker alien (it comes from a cuttlefish . It's dumb I know but a alien that can camouflage is cool)
    Age: 7 days old
    Franchise: Alien
    Special powers or abilities: can blend into surroundings if stationary for a brief period of time, amazing at swimming
    Weapons or equipment: Sharp tail, claws mouth and second mouth.
    Armor: thick exoskeleton and acidic blood
    Training: Steath tactics hardwired in its brain. Like most aliens the cloaked (or cloaky mc-cloaker) is amazing at sneaking around and grabbing people with little to no sound
    Physique: The cloaked is much like any other alien, slim, fast and silent. It's tough exoskeleton is able to withstand most ballistics and cuts but it is extremely squishy once you get through the exoskeleton. That's where the acidic blood enters in a attempt to fend of the attacker
    Brief backstory: one day a alien queen laid a egg. A few days later said egg hatched a face hugger which knew only one thing. Empregnate for the survival game f the queen. It quickly evolved and became able to swim. It eventually stumbled upon a suitable host. A cuttlefish. It empregnated it and a week later the little cloaked burst out and started its rapid growth process
    Other: it knows nothing. Only hunger. Now that's a scary thought
  39. We just need one more person then I’ll upload the draw

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