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Pokken Tournament Championship joins Pokemon National Championships around the world

  1. Doctor Oak

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    The schedule for this year's Pokemon National Championships - the qualifiers for the World Championships being held later this year in San Francisco - has been announced and it's finally been confirmed that the Pokken Tournament Championship Series will be joining the Video Game Championships (OR/AS) and the Pokemon TCG at Nationals across the world. This means that the winners of the Nationals tournaments will be eligible for Worlds - joining the winners of the EVO and CEO championships later this summer.

    This is how the schedule for the Pokken Tournament Championship Series works out for this year, with the Nationals and World championships obviously also featuring the standard VGC and TCG tournaments:

    May 14-15: Pokemon UK National Championships (Masters [Major] and Seniors) - Liverpool, UK (Exhibition Centre Liverpool)
    May 21-22: Pokemon Germany National Championships (Masters [Minor]) - Kassel, Germany (Kongress Palais Kassel)
    June 11-12: Pokemon Italy National Championships (Masters [Minor]) - Milan, Italy (Mediolanum Forum, Assago MI)
    June 24-26: CEO 2016 (Masters [Minor]) - Orlando, Florida
    July 1-3: Pokemon US National Championships (Masters [Major] and Seniors) - Columbus, Ohio
    July 15-17: EVO 2016 (Masters [Major]) - Las Vegas, Nevada
    August 19: Pokemon World Championships Last Chance Qualifier (Masters and Seniors) - San Francisco, California
    August 20: Pokemon World Championships (Masters and Seniors) - San Francisco, California

    For Pokken Tournament, there will only be a Masters and a Seniors competition, with only Masters being available in certain areas. Masters will be divided up into two types - Major and Minor - depending on the location. These are the general rules regarding that setup:

    64 Players in the Masters Division will qualify for Worlds - 16 from Europe and 16 from the US qualifying via event placing and championship points (so you can build championship points up by competing in Nationals, CEO and EVO, for example). The remaining 32 places will be awarded to invited Japanese players and via the Last Chance Qualifiers the day before Worlds.

    The Seniors division will only feature 16 players competing at Worlds, with 4 players from Europe, 4 from America and the remaining from Japan/Last Chance Qualifying.

    Prizes have yet to be fully announced for Europe, but in America they include monetary prizes for the winners and best players for the Masters division, or consoles, Pokken Controllers and TCG Booster packs for the winners and best players in the Seniors, as well as paid travel to Worlds for the winners and immediate runners up. We'll let you know what the European prizes will be once they're announced.

    The winner of the Worlds Championship in August will win a trip for four to Hawaii worth $10,000, a Pokken Tournament prize pack featuring a copy of the game, 2 Pokken controllers 'and more' as well as a commemorative trophy.
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